IWBL: Chapter 11

Xiao Ming, Tan Li and the bathroom formed a rather strange picture. Tan Li didn’t speak or move as she stared straight at the bathroom. Xiao Ming was collapsed softly against the door, his face containing great fear. They formed a strong equilateral triangle.

Xiao Ming didn’t watch horror moves. Xu Mei made him put all his time into school and studying finances. Thus, he wasn’t used to a horror movie and his heart was beating wildly. The room was lit up yet Xiao Ming experienced a fear he had never felt before in his life. This was a real ghost! In addition, it was looking at the bathroom with hatred. What did Xiao Li do to provoke this ghost?

It seemed like… ghoss were dead and they all died miserably.

Xiao Ming’s mind desperately searched for information on ghosts while he didn’t dare to blink. He was afraid that if he blinked, the female ghost in the room would remove a part of his body. In this extreme fear, Xiao Ming felt more sweat covering his body and the clothes behind him were soaked. He had never experienced such a feeling in his life.

They were all waiting for an opportunity to break the balance. This was Xiao Li in the bathroom.

Xiao Li in the bathroom was completely ignorant about what was happening outside. He emerged from the bathtub and wiped his hair and the water drops with a bath towel. Then he simply wrapped his lower body with a towel and left the bathroom.

His slender fingers touched the golden door handle, pressing it down and opening the door. Once Xiao Li walked out of the bathroom and returned to his room, there was no one inside—no Tan Li and no Xiao Ming. The room was empty as usual. The water droplets on his hair dripped down his neck, over his chest and into the flexible abs.

Xiao Li didn’t intend to blow dry his hair. He just sat in his chair and looked at the little yellow book on the table. He had just sat down when a drop of water dripped from his wet hair onto the little yellow book and the book immediately showed a line. 【 No clothes, your body is good. 】

Perhaps the scene of this beauty bathing had brought great shock to it. It seemed a bit shy because the colour of the little book changed. It was originally a pale yellow like the colour of parchment, simple and low-key. Now the entire page was a bit red. The yellow with a bit of redness seemed a bit strange.

Xiao Li, “…”

The little yellow book was excited, like the door of a new world had opened. 【 …We are naked. Shall we chat? 】

Xiao Li, “???”

Wasn’t this the time when the little yellow book was feeling hurt? What a tenacious little yellow book!

【 You are so exciting. 】 Perhaps the beauty who just came out of the bath had healed the little yellow book. Its current reply was full of vitality. 【 No clothes are good but you must blow-dry your hair first. 】

Xiao Li immediately remembered that this was a female ghost who was interested in his body. He looked down at the book in a strange way and then pulled the bathrobe off the hanger and wore it. The little yellow book immediately showed: 【 How unfortunate. 】

Unfortunate my ass.

Xiao Li didn’t listen to the little yellow book’s words about drying his hair and wanted to turn over to the front page. In fact, if he could see the cover then he would find that the image of Tan Li had disappeared, which mean the other person had come out of the imprisonment. It was just that the little yellow book didn’t cooperate and kept shaking. 【 Blow dry your hair. 】

Every time the teenager wanted to turn a page, he would be shocked by the vibration. 【 You will catch a cold. 】

【 Now. 】

Xiao Li, “………”

Annoying, what an annoying little yellow book! Would it keep shaking?

Once something was repeated by others, even if it was a good thing, most people would have a rebellious mentality. Therefore, Xiao Li didn’t intend to listen to the little yellow book’s words. He stopped caring about the little yellow book and looked through his final.

His WeChat showed that he had received several friends applications. 【 I am Zheng Yi. 】

【 Xiao Li, Sherlock, it was very hard to find your contact information. I beg you to add me. I want to say thank you! Please give me a chance to express my sincere gratitude QAQ. 】

【 Bigshot—】

【 Father! 】

Xiao Li, “…”

The little yellow book on the desk suddenly vibrated at this time. The startled Xiao Li put down the phone and saw the sentence: 【 …Disobedient. 】

【 Sigh. 】

Xiao Li was surprised. It sighed and even wrote the word ‘sigh’. This female ghost simply had a strange style! Xiao Li suddenly felt this style was a bit cute but the next second, he felt it must be his illusion because the next sentence was: 【 Then I can only help you blow-dry your hair. 】

Xiao Li, “………”

He suddenly felt a bit startled. This girl was going to help him blow dry his hair? How? The black-haired teenager imagined a pale woman appearing behind him and holding a hairdryer. He wasn’t afraid, he just thought this image was a bit unsightly…

He rarely felt that something was cute. Why bother to tear down this truth on its own? The ghost was hard to tear down. Thus, he also sighed as he grabbed a hairdryer and blew it on his scattered wet hair. He missed many areas but didn’t care as he put down the hairdryer and wrote in the little yellow book, “Is it okay?”

Little yellow book: 【 Chaotic. 】

【 But cute. 】

Xiao Li didn’t care and made an effort to turn to the front pages of the book. He had just turned over two pages when he felt a little sleepy. This was why it was better not to blow-dry his hair. He was blown by the warm wind of the hair dryer and became sleepy.

Thus, he closed the little yellow book and lay down on his bed, entering the bed made by the servant. It was a large bed but the teenager’s collarbone was still generously exposed. It was slender and delicate like a butterfly spreading its wings.

Before Xiao Li fell asleep, he vaguely felt someone leaning over and kissing his collarbone. It was a bit itchy but seemed to just be an illusion. Then the light kiss moved along his collarbone to his chest before finally moving up to his forehead.

Xiao Li was really sleepy and almost disoriented. He had a lot of thoughts about the future as he sank into sleep. On the desk, the bright moonlight outside the window illuminated a line of words in the little yellow book on the table. 【 Goodnight. 】


Another unknown space.

The moment that Xiao Li came out, Tan Li and Xiao Ming were moved here.

It was a place without any windows and doors, like a square chamber.

Being able to teleport here was no longer in the realm of a human’s power. Therefore, Xiao Ming became more desperate. He thought this was done by the female ghost who wanted to torture him before killing him!

Xiao Ming shouted, “Is there anyone who can help me? Ahhh there is a ghost here!”

However, no one cared about him. He called out until his throat was sore and no one came to save him. Finally, he could only watch the female ghost and try to lower his sense of existence.

That night, Xiao Ming regretted that he entered Xiao Li’s room out of impulse. If he hadn’t entered Xiao Li’s room then he wouldn’t see the ghost. If he hadn’t seen the ghost then he wouldn’t fall into such a situation…

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: I am now yellow and red (shy).

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This becoming funny with how pervert the “yellow book” was, cuz yellow book not only mean literally but have other meaning too 🌚

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omg no way thx XAALM for telling me this otherwise I will never know
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