IWBL: Chapter 108

Xiao Li held up the little yellow book for the steering wheel to see. [I am in another world and these are my teammates.]

Captain Sturt said, “Oh, I thought they were the gifts you brought me.”

The reincarnators who were gifts: ???

This group of reincarnators were usually calm people but the moment they heard the rambling of the steering wheel, they felt the impulse to scream…

Shimizu understood Chinese and particularly felt this impulse. The reincarnator known for his calmness listened to Captain Sturt’s words and then the words written in Xiao Li’s book before showing a puzzled expression.

Xiao Li ignored Captain Sturt’s rubbish and wrote: [I need you to help me catch a monster in the sea. It looks like this.]

Beneath these sentences, Xiao Li roughly drew the monster’s appearance. It was originally tall and powerful with a mysterious shape. However, its appearance in the image was strange and its body hair looked like it generated electricity.

Captain Sturt was silent when he saw the image. Then the face on the steering wheel laughed loudly and mercilessly sneered, “What did you draw? Is that a piece of kelp? The great Captain Sturt with a pen in his mouth can draw better than you.”

Xiao Li: […Is it?]

Captain Sturt’s eyebrows jumped as he instinctively recalled the fear of being dominated by Xiao Li. He coughed and changed the topic. “Don’t worry, the sea is Captain Sturt’s field. I’ll give the command and they’ll all surrender to you!”

He hit the steering wheel and the ghost ship disappeared steadily into the sea, heading deep into the sea.

There was silence in the cabin of the ghost ship for a long time but Captain Sturt wasn’t a quiet man, no a quiet face. His eyeballs moved as he looked at Xiao Li and the others. “Why aren’t you speaking? I haven’t heard your voice for a while and it’s lonely.”

Xiao Li, “…”

Was this person an M?

He wrote a sentence in the little yellow book: [It is a mission requirement, we can’t speak.]

Once he finished writing, Xiao Li looked at the vivid face on the steering wheel and thought, ‘I don’t know if Sturt can speak freely because he is from an outside world or because this sea area isn’t part of the small town.’

It should be the former. It was the same in the previous world of the ghost call. From the haunted house to the hospital, the ghost ship was a foreign visit and thus isolated from the mission world. In theory, the reincarnators could speak but Xiao Li didn’t intend to do so. Once the reincarnators went from a place where they could speak freely to the silent town, it was easy to fall into danger due to a slowness of thoughts.

Captain Sturt wondered, “Why can’t you talk? Who won’t let you talk?”

He looked menacing but his next sentence was, “Why don’t you come out against my momentum?”

Xiao Li, “…”

He picked up the wine glass and poured a few drops of wine. [Shut up.]

Captain Sturt opened his mouth to taste the wine and didn’t say anything. The ghost ship captain might speak a lot of nonsense but it didn’t affect his efficiency. He was quite familiar with the sea. The spirit manipulated the ghost ship and it was easy to find a monster in the sea.

The ghost ship suddenly stopped moving forward. It stopped above a certain point of the sea, allowing the sea breeze to blow through its sails. Through the glass window of the captain’s room, they could see a fuzzy figure in the dark sea.

A strand of hair belonging to Tan Li gradually extended. It drilled out through a gap and firmly tied up the monster like a fishing net. Then the monster was pulled into the captain’s room. The monster wanted to struggle but Tan Li’s hair was flexible, smooth and shiny. It locked in the monster, making it immobile.

The steering wheel face let out a strange, excited smile. “Finally, it is my turn to watch! Quickly boy, abuse it like you abused me!”

Xiao Li, “………”

When the hell did he abuse Sturt?

Captain Sturt let out an excited pig’s cry. He was so excited that if he hadn’t been bound to the steering wheel, he would probably go forward personally. “It is amazing to watch, cool!”

Shimizu to the side was stunned. What did Sherlock do to this face? Why did the face look so resentful?

Xiao Li glanced around and couldn’t find anything to block Sturt’s mouth. He patted his pocket and Tan Li cocked her head. Then she used another strand of hair to pull a pile of seafood out of the sea.

He wanted to grab an oyster and stuff it into Captain Sturt’s mouth but looking at the shiny eyes on the steering wheel, Xiao Li’s heart somewhat softened. He gave up on his original idea and squatted down to look at the monster.

He had only seen it before from a distance. Now he found that the monster resembled a human.

The face was twisted into a strange and quirky mask, making it look like a ferocious version of a river child, while its hair looked a bit like a sea monkey.

Xiao Li held the monster’s face and tentatively reached for the edge of the mask, trying to lift it. However, the mask seemed to be stuck on the monster’s face. The moment Xiao Li tried to pull it, the monster struggled violently and panic appeared in its eyes.

Xiao Li took out the little yellow book. [I don’t know if you can understand my words. If you can understand, nod.]

The monster’s eyes were chaotic and it was struggling like it didn’t see the words on the paper. It also bared its teeth to Xiao Li from time to time.

…It seemed that real intelligence hadn’t been opened. Then it came to the old house to look for something and provoke humans out of instinct? What would a monster living in the sea need?

Xiao Li stopped moving his hand and thought about it.

Only Captain Sturt spoke in a disgruntled manner. “How did you only do it half way? Do you remember what you did to me?”

Not only did Xiao Li drop wine into Captain Sturt’s nose, he also stuck a playing card to the face. Shouldn’t Xiao Li act crazier against the monster?

Captain Sturt was a bit aggrieved as he spoke. In any case, it was really wrong.

Xiao Li silently glanced at him, pulled a live shrimp from the pile of seafood and placed it in Captain Sturt’s mouth, succeeding in getting him to shut up.

Apart from the face, the other reincarnators couldn’t help being stunned for a moment. AK47 placed a fist in his mouth and once he saw Xiao Li watching the monster, he bypassed Captain Sturt and came to Xiao Li, writing: [Do you need my help?]

Xiao Li: [What are you going to do?]

AK47: [Directly lift it.]

He thought that Xiao Li was soft-hearted and couldn’t do something to this monster.

Xiao Li shook his head. He wasn’t being soft-hearted. He was just thinking about the monster’s relationship with the quiet town. It lived in the sea, wore a mask and was obviously afraid of the power that created the silence. Yet it risked going into the old house out of instincts…

Would it be a resident of the town?

He hadn’t finished thinking when the monster showed signs of dehydration. Its body lay on the ground and twitched, the entire body turning over. It clawed at the floor of the captain’s room, leaving a clear line of water with its flexible fingers, writing: S, I, L, E, N, C, E…


Then it died.

AK47 frowned deeply as he thought of the hit to his nose.

Xiao Li leaned over and was no longer soft. He directly took off the monster’s mask. Once the mask fell off, the monster’s face was revealed. Then Xiao Li understood why the mask was so hard to take off.

It was because the monster had no face. Rather, it had only half a face. The other half of the face was bloody, just like the two plot characters who had died.

Half a face…

In addition, its life didn’t last long.

The reincarnators in the captain’s room were trapped in a heavy atmosphere for a time. They shut up and didn’t say anything. There was only the sound of Captain Sturt chewing on the live shrimp. He spat out half the shrimp and hummed, “Love is the heart that doesn’t talk.”

Xiao Li, “………”

Why was he singing?

Xiao Li clapped his hands, reluctantly picked up a piece of seafood, peeled the shell and stuffed it into Captain Sturt’s mouth. Then he waved to the other reincarnators. [Time is running out. Eat and then go back.]

Dinner was quiet except for the sound of the reincarnators eating the peaches.



They were on Captain Sturt’s ship for a full hour.

The reincarnators disembarked an hour later, went back to their rooms and slept for a while before waking up the next morning. Today’s sunshine was very good. It was different from yesterday’s heavy rain and a rainbow even appeared in a few places.

Xiao Li covered his mouth, stretched and walked out of his room. Before going out, he carefully searched the room and didn’t find anything that could be what the monster was searching for. Was it the wrong place? By the time Xiao Li came out, the other reincarnators had already got up. They were all standing in a hall and using a pen and paper to discuss countermeasures.

Xiao Li took a rough look and saw many things on the paper. There was a suggestion to go and question the town’s residents, find the remaining plot characters or thoroughly explore the old house. There was no unified opinion.

Lance and AK47 were reincarnators from the West and had chosen to supervise each other. They were afraid the other would violate a taboo in their sleep so took turns standing guard. Once one person opened his mouth and was about to snore, the other person directly woke him up.

Standing in the sun, Xiao Li hit his neck. He chose to explore the ancient house first.

Last night’s event had given him a lot of prestige. Shimuzu hesitated for a moment before agreeing to this chose. Thus, they walked through the backyard together and moved to places they didn’t explore yesterday.

It was a clear sky after the rain and added a lot of warm colours to the old house. The backyard had many leaves piled up under the peach tree. In the morning, Park Soojin had picked some peaches and placed them on the table in the hall for breakfast. The rest were shining between the leaves.

Once Xiao Li came to a corridor near the south, the teenager stopped moving. It was because a row of footprints appeared at the end of the corridor. They were wet with dirt on the edges. The shape belonged to a human but they suddenly just appeared while the room door at the end was closed.

Shimizu’s breathing slowed down while AK47 pulled out his gun. Xiao Li raised his eyebrows and walked to the end of the corridor. Just as he reached out to open the door, a transparent white shadow flashed in front of him and nearly collided with him!

The author has something to say:

Captain Sturt: Xiao Li fed me food.

Little black book on standby in the background: Your ship is gone.

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