IWBL: Chapter 106

The coffin ghost’s prophecy was overturned, causing the scene to be very awkward. In addition, it seemed the spirit of the mirror was deterred because of Pseudo-Logoi. The coffin ghost hid and didn’t move.

The coffin ghost seemed to worry about the prophecy. He held his mirror and moved extremely rapidly and quietly back inside the coffin. He also didn’t forget to reach out and put the lid back on the coffin.

Xiao Li, “………”

Why run so fast? He was still interested in that mirror. He reached out to open the coffin lid. It was unknown what the coffin ghost had done underneath but the lid became extremely strong like it was glued on. Xiao Li couldn’t open it no matter how much he fiddled.

Thus, Xiao Li took out his phone and was about to turn on the alarm clock. He wanted to use this coffin to test the sound volume allowed but the next second, the coffin shook. It was unknown what he coffin ghost did but the coffin disappeared in front of the reincarnators’ eyes.

…Was this really slipping away?

Xiao Li turned back to the rest of the reincarnators. It would be hard to find the coffin ghost again without making a sound.

Xiao Li had been thinking about how to extract clues from the coffin ghost but the other reincarnators weren’t as big-hearted as him, especially those whose deaths had been predicted. This prophecy seemed to be true, otherwise the coffin ghost wouldn’t escape with the coffin in panic after predicting Xiao Li’s future. Did this mean they would die miserably later?!

Due to the prophecy of death, Park Soojin’s hands were already slightly shaking. Lance was still surprised by the god of lies. He was wondering if he should report this matter to the Church while the others were silent with their heads lowered.

Shimizu was the first to recover from his image of death. He pulled out his task book, turned to a blank page and carefully wrote down the scenes and details of everyone’s death. Finally, he wrote about Xiao Li and Shimizu looked up at him carefully.

Xiao Li’s eyes were half-closed and his long and thick lashes cast a shadow over his eyelids. His facial lines were a bit too delicate for an Asian and the dark eyes were like the starry sky. There was something contradictory about him. He was cold and alienated. He seemed to care about nothing but also everything.

Sherlock… this name wasn’t on the reincarnators leaderboard in China. Was he new? Could a new person do this?

Shimizu paused and wrote a few more words in his task book. Then he turned over the page and wrote on new white paper. [The prophecy is something that hasn’t happened. We can change the future without being too rigid about the prediction scenes just now.]

He smiled and handed the piece of paper to his other teammates. Fortunately, the others weren’t low-quality reincarnators. They knew they weren’t dead yet and it was enough. They were quick to cheer up from the shock of the predictions but now their eyes were different as they gazed at Xiao Li.

Based on the scenes in the mirror, it was obvious that this person was a big man.

Xiao Li saw the others passing around Shimizu’s piece of paper and came over to take a look. Then he used his pen to add: [Yes, a real prophecy would never be like this. It should be unknown and invisible. The coffin ghost just wants to scare us or provide the scene for the next fierce ghost.]

Shimizu analyzed: [There are many mysteries about the prediction ghost. It might have some relationship with the house. Unfortunately, it was scared back to the coffin.]

The moment he wrote this sentence, he looked at Xiao Li in a complicated manner. Xiao Li looked back with innocent eyes. He had been standing by the door and the blame was on the coffin.

He obviously hadn’t done anything. The prophecy mirror tried to threaten him but scared the coffin ghost away.

The most low-key of the reincarnators, Thai came over and showed a piece of paper. [Since the clues here are broken, we should look for other clues.]

Xiao Li nodded and walked out of the mourning hall first.


As they were leaving, another room in the old house.

The plot characters from the CG were staying here but they were divided into two camps. One was Luo Junchao, who broke the taboo and had his voice taken away from him. He and the girl in the floral skirt were deeply attached to each other. The rest were looking at Luo Junchao with frightened eyes and didn’t dare to approach.

The sky outside the window had completely dimmed.

Dark clouds covered the moon and made the entire town, including the sea, look extremely depressed and gloomy. The dark clouds hung low in the sky and the air was moist and cold. The wind was strong and there were obvious signs of falling rain. It looked like heavy rain.

The chilly air blowing in front outside made the characters more afraid.

Since Luo Junchao lost his voice, they couldn’t escape this town. No one in the residential area responded to their request for help. Finally, they stumbled on the peach tree and found the old house with its door open and unlocked. Thus, they decided to settle down here.

In the process, Luo Junchao had tried many times to speak but he could never make a sound. Time passed and a creepy feeling gradually entered his head. Once his lost his voice, his ‘spiritual sense’ seemed to increase and he could clearly feel unknown eyes on him.

It was a feeling that couldn’t be said in words but he just knew! There was something staring at him. This feeling made Luo Junchao shiver. He had lost his energy when he broke the taboo and now he was huddling in a corner, hands holding his head as he constantly trembled.

The woman next to him was very kind to him. They had been friends and classmates for many years. At this moment, she saw Luo Junchao’s appearance and couldn’t bear it. She reached out to hug him. Luo Junchao seemed to drill into the girl’s arms like he found a home. The other person couldn’t adapt and pushed him but Luo Junchao still held on. The girl hesitated for a long time and finally didn’t push him away.

Luo Junchao was shaking. As time went by, his body’s trembling became more and more severe. There was the loud sound of thunder mixed with heavy rain. The sound of the thunderstorm covered the silence of the town.

The people in the room were startled. Their hearts beat violently but their reactions weren’t as violent as Luo Junchao.

Luo Junchao covered his ears with his hands. He pulled his head out of the girl’s arms and he stared out the window like he lost his intelligence. Suddenly, he reached out in the direction of the window and stood up.

He turned his head, his face confused. He tried to move further towards the window but fell straight to the ground. Luo Junchao lay on the ground, ignored the pain in his chest from the fall and frantically scratched at his face. The strength he used was so great that his entire face became flesh and blood.

The girl didn’t understand what was going on. She bent down towards Luo Junchao but the other person didn’t respond. Suddenly, her back was cold as she felt something behind her. She slowly looked in the direction that Luo Junchao had been indicating. There was a face attached to the window, looking into the room. The face was white and lifeless.


A scream broke through the clouds. It actually went over the sound of the storm and passed through the old house the reincarnators were also staying in. The reincarnators looked around the curved promenade of the old house, ready to move into the next room.

Xiao Li turned his head. He was thinking that it wasn’t the right time for the rain to come. He was looking regretfully at the peach tree in the backyard when a sad cry was heard.

Shimizu looked at the source of the sound and pulled out a pen to write: [It is the group of plot characters from the previous CG.]

Park Soojin: [The scream is so miserable. It seems a teammate broke a taboo and they met a ghost.]

Shimizu turned to Xiao Li. [Then go and see. Sherlock, what do you think?]

At this cue, Xiao Li turned back. He watched the raindrops falling from the eaves and splashing on the ground. Xiao Li estimated the distance from their current location to the source of the sound.

If this was a new person or an ordinary reincarnator, they would subconsciously want to stay away from the source of the sound. After all, it meant that a ghost was present. However, all the reincarnators in this world were outstanding. Everyone had no objection to the suggestion.

This time, AK47 was at the end. The Westerner was a sniper. His hands were calm and he was used to observing from a distance. He was very patient. It was only when he walked out onto the promenade with the reincarnators in front of him that a tile fell down from the roof.

AK47 heard the movement and raised his head, causing the tile to hit his high nose! The nose was one of the most vulnerable places on a human body. Most ordinary people would have red eyes and cover their nose when it was accidentally hit, let alone have an object fall on it.

However, in this world, there was absolutely no sound. Or else they would die. AK47 was worthy of being AK47. He gritted his teeth and endured the sharp pain. Not only that, he also bent down and reached for the tile that was about to fall to the ground, avoiding the sound of the tile breaking.

[How are you?] Lance wrote.

AK47 raised his head, covering his nose with his hands. In the dim lighting, the blood flowing from his nose could be seen. The blond youth took a deep breath, pulled a spray out of his pocket and pressed it twice against his nose. This was a special item. It was a medical spray that could heal injuries as long as there wasn’t serious trauma. Once the pain in his nose subsided, AK47 casually wiped the remaining blood on his face and lowered his hands.

Xiao Li turned on the flashlight and looked at the roof where the tile had fallen. He saw no traces of an animal.

Park Soojin: [Was it an accident or was it man-made?]

Shimizu: [It is possible.]

Xiao Li thought about it. [It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. It looks like some type of obstacle that exists to make our voices heard.]

After writing this, Xiao Li put away his pen and pressed his fingers together. Since entering this silent instance, he thought of the days when he had to write a 1,000 word Chinese composition. Now his fingers were very sore.

In fact, it was relatively simple to use their mobile phones to type but this world had no charger. In order to save electricity, the reincarnators would still try to communicate through writing most of the time.

AK47 read Xiao Li’s words in a gloomy manner. If this was the case, they would face all sorts of emergencies that would motivate them to make a noise.

Shimizu: [AK, are you okay?]

AK47 shook his head to show this injury was harmless.

Shimizu wrote: [Then let’s go to the plot characters.]


The rain was becoming bigger and bigger. Even if the rain didn’t get in, they just had to walk in the promenade and the water vapor still wet the hair and clothes of the reincarnators.

There were only two people left in the room when the reincarnators came. Several other plot characters were missing. There were only the dead Luo Junchao and the screaming girl in the dress.

Luo Junchao was lying with his back on the ground. His face was torn apart by himself and it didn’t look like him at all. The young girl was sitting on the ground, away from Luo Junchao’s body.

Lance was the first one to enter the room. He looked at Luo Junchao’s tragic death and thought of the way AK47 died in the mirror, causing his pupils to shrink. The Western exorcist took a small bottle from his backpack and poured the transparent water next to Luo Junchao’s body.

[What is this?] Xiao Li mouthed and asked.

He put a drop of water on his hand and sniffed it. It was colourless and odourless.

[Holy water.] Lance wrote briefly. [I’m an exorcist and afraid something will be done to the body. I once encountered an instance where anyone who died would become a ghost after a while. I suffered losses in this place and paid attention to it in the future.]

A very cautious person.

Xiao Li turned and looked closely at Luo Junchao. After breaking the silence, the first to be taken away was their voice and then their face?

He followed the direction Luo Junchao’s head was turned in and walked to the window. The window was closed. He pushed open the window and faced the peach tree in the corner of the backyard. The heavy rain hit the leaves and splashed.

Xiao Li’s gaze moved to the outside world. Then he seemed to get a glimpse of something—a small figure. He looked left and right before putting his hands directly on the window, trying to jump out of the wide window.

…It was a pity that he failed.

Xiao Li pretended that nothing happened. He walked out through the door and towards the shadowy figure under the tree. As he got closer, Xiao Li gradually saw the man. It was the man opposite the hotel, who warned them that the hotel owner was dead! It was also the person that the hotel owner said was a lonely old man who passed away.

The old man was dressed in quaint clothing and stood in the rain. He was short but stood up straight, raindrops falling down his face. The old man’s eyes were murky with no focus. He looked like a corpse that just climbed out of the ground.

The young man with black-haired stood under the eaves, separated by the heavy rain curtain. One hand was holding his phone for lighting while the other hand held the little yellow book as he wrote: [What are you doing here, Uncle?]

The old man was illuminated by the mobile phone light and his eyes narrowed. He didn’t answer Xiao Li and just turned to stumble outside the old house. If Xiao Li could make a sound then he would ask one more question. However, now he could only write another sentence on the paper. It had no meaning so Xiao Li didn’t move.

Xiao Li looked at the old man’s back gradually hidden in the darkness until the view wasn’t clear. Shortly afterwards, someone patted him on the shoulder. Shimizu held up his phone to type and asked: [What did you see?]

Xiao Li: [The old man opposite the hotel just stood here but now he’s gone.]

[You didn’t chase him?] Shimizu wondered.

Xiao Li reached out a finger and stick it outside the rain curtain. Then he took back his hand and felt the moisture on his hand.

He wiped off the rain and casually wrote: [The rain is too heavy to chase.]

Shimizu looked at the outside rain and felt that Sherlock’s words were a bit reasonable.

Xiao Li saw he wasn’t speaking and added: [Rest assured, we know where his house is. He can’t run from us.]

Shimizu: [……]

The author has something to say:

Shimizu: I think that finding the house that might contain the ghost of an old man isn’t a good idea.

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