IWBL: Chapter 100

The demon acted like nothing happened. He turned around the simple ring on his finger and his face was inscrutable. “What would you like to gain from me by breaking my array?”

Xiao Li asked, “Tell me your name?”

“Okay.” The demon narrowed his blood-red eyes. Apart from the colour of his eyes, he looked like a normal human. Then he made an elegant gesture, “You can complete the task first. This is my courtesy to people like you.”

The tip of the scalpel was aimed at the sacrificial array. It repeatedly wandered around the edge but didn’t stab down.

Hao Ge’s heart was both relaxed and tense. He wanted to hold the other person’s hand directly and stab down, so that they could complete the task and return early. After all, the demon was always moody and someone that reincarnators didn’t want to deal with.

“Sherlock?” Zou Hanyi didn’t dare to breathe in this atmosphere. She reached out to pull at Xiao Li’s clothes and whispered.

The demon’s mouth curved and he spoke meaningfully, “Should I call you Moriarty or Sherlock?”

“It is just a code name and isn’t important.” Xiao Li completely put away the scalpel. “The important thing now is… the truth.”

Hao Ge was surprised. “The truth?”

No one paid attention to him.

Xiao Li helplessly spoke to the demon, “We have known each other for so long and know each other’s roots. Can’t we go straight to the topic without so many bells and whistles?”

The demon, “……”

When did he know the roots of this human?

Xiao Li continued, “Then I’ll say it straight. Save or destroy is a false proposition. How can a demon look so calm when his sacrificial array is going to be destroyed?”

“Maybe… because I found something more interesting than the array.” The demon interjected. To me, this array is nothing more than a small offering and losing it won’t harm me.”

“I can only listen to 1% of your words.” Xiao Li sneered. “The truth is very simple. “As the letter wrote, there is no choice.”

Zou Hanyi wondered, “What do you mean? Weren’t the choices written on the task book?”

“What if the phased tasks we received were false?” Xiao Li put forward a hypothesis. “What if there is a force that can tamper with our task? The person with this force has very bad taste. He gave us two options, to save or destroy, but the final result will be the same thing.”

The demon listening quietly interrupted Xiao Li’s words, pointing to himself. “Are you saying this person is me?”

Xiao Li ignored him. “My guess is very simple. From the moment we entered this world, the tasks have been tempered with. At first, I thought the forbidden area had a ‘spirit’ and the dream girl and shadows outside were the embodiment of its consciousness. Then after seeing the surveillance video, I found out that my thoughts were wrong. They are afraid of the demon.”

“In fact, there was a hint from the envelope to the method to leave the haunted house. The answer is in our eyes and the ‘choices’ we see aren’t real.”

“The entire forbidden zone is a playground for the demon.”

“The demon has tampered with our task and added a layer of illusion to the real task, confusing us with the false tasks he created. Then he watched the reincarnators turn around and around, finally appearing in front of us and watching us fall into his trap with his pompous performance. No matter whether we chose to save or destroy, the result is that we can’t finish the real task and will be left in this world until we are killed or the time runs out since we don’t know what the real task is.”

Xiao Li spoke up to here and smiled. “However, I guess that the real task is related to the truth here… maybe it’ll come up when I’m done?”

The flamboyant performer listened quite seriously. “Then I want to ask Mr Sherlock, how was my performance flamboyant?”

“Eyes.” Xiao Li pointed to the other side’s eyes. “Your mood is too exaggerated.”

He originally wanted to change his words but he couldn’t think of anything to change it to. The moment Xiao Li finished speaking, the little yellow book vibrated. On top of the original ‘Phase 3 Task: Save the forbidden area’, a line of bold writing in red pen emerged. [True Task: Guess the truth of the forbidden area.]

The original task handwriting slowly faded until it completely disappeared and new lines of handwriting replaced it.

【 The reincarnator Xiao Li has completed the real task, evaluation level S. The task completion is 95% and 1,000 survivor coins have been obtained.  】

【 You have destroyed the game of the God of Lies, Pseudo-Logoi twice and your hatred in his heart is the highest. Extra tip: Once the hatred value reaches its peak, even if he meets a life-or-death enemy, his first desire will still be to kill you. 】

Xiao Li was silent for two seconds before looking up innocently to ask the man he didn’t know was an evil god or a demon. “…Is that necessary?”

Pseudo-Logoi replied with a polite, fake laugh.

“Then my hatred for you has also increased.” Xiao Li sighed and looked at him. “The reason is that in this world, you didn’t let me sleep.”

He also sent the little girl to interfere in his dreams.

Pseudo-Logoi, “……?”

The famous god of lies suddenly felt cold.

【 Scenario conversion. 】

【 3, 2, 1—】

Xiao Li’s eyes shook as he returned to reality, his feet touching the cruise ship. The earlier fireworks were over and the night sky was silent. He put the little yellow book in his pocket, relaxed his tense mind and returned to the lounge. He must have a good night’s sleep.

Xiao Li’s obsession with cleanliness broke out. He forced himself to take a quick shower and finally lay down on the bed, closing his eyes. Moonlight shone into the house through the window and frost fell. The young man in the bed had very white skin and his hair was black, creating an amazing contrast. He previously had a hard time sleeping so deep exhaustion overflowed from his brow.

Then a figure appeared at his bedside. The man leaned over and adjusted the youth’s sleeping posture. Then he saw the brow of the young man relaxed and slowly sat down beside the bed. Xiao Li slept all night and the other side also watched him all night.


Since the world of the forbidden zone, Xiao Li had a good rest for a while. He felt that all the bones in his body were relaxed and his physical strength had been adequately replenished. The next instance task hadn’t arrived yet. Xiao Li took a holiday and it was quite pleasant at first. Then after a long time, he started to feel bored.

Xie Zeqing was very concerned about him. After getting Xiao Li’s number, he often sent WeChat messages to Xiao Li.

Xie Zeqing: Is your next instance soon? Do you want to fill in the team formation in advance?

Xiao Li sat in the classroom after a long time. He used a textbook to cover himself up and replied to Xie Zeqing. “I just got back three days ago from a new instance. Perhaps it won’t be so fast.”

Xie Zeqing’s reply was very fast. He seemed to have been holding his mobile phone. “Wait, hasn’t it only been a few days since we came out of the phone ghost instance? You got another instance?”

Xiao Li replied, “En.”

“…You are a big guy. Even your instance speed is faster than us.”

Ordinary reincarnators wanted a new instance to appear after 10 years. How could they look forward to a new instance like Xiao Li?

Xiao Li casually sat in the chair to talk to him. Then after a moment, he thought of the waiter he encountered on the cruise ship and asked Xie Zeqing, “By the way, do you know the Judges?”

“I know.” Xie Zeqing really had a better understanding of these things. “They are a notorious organization. All of them are ruthless reincarnators and also know how to resist ghosts in reality. The organization’s most famous incident is that one of the senior members killed all the reincarnators doing the same task to please the boss.”

“Why are you asking this?”

Xiao Li told him about what had happened on the cruise ship.

Xie Zeqing heard the story. “…I was about to say that you shouldn’t offend them. After all, these are fearless and evil thieves.”

Xiao Li was very open-minded. “It’s fine, there are numerous debts and it isn’t itchy.”

His attitude infected Xie Zeqing. “Right, you are a strong person and won’t be afraid of anyone’s challenge. However, listening to your words, have you offended a lot of people?”

Xiao Li thought carefully before answering, “Well, there was also an evil god.”

Xie Zeqing, “……”

“Wait, evil god? Is it the evil god I am thinking of? The one that is several dimensions higher than us and relies on faith, that evil god?”

Xiao Li gave a positive answer. Xie Zeqing was silent for a long time before filling Xiao Li’s screen with exclamation points. This made Xiao Li block Xie Zeqing, who suddenly went crazy. He casually put his phone on the table and watched the teacher’s Mediterranean hairstyle for a while.

In addition to Xie Zeqing, there was another person concerned about Xiao Li and it was Xiao Yuzheng. Perhaps it was because Xiao Yuzheng became old but he started to care for future generations. In addition to Xiao Ming, his youngest son, he started to care about Xiao Li after the birthday party. This was something Xiao Li was unaccustomed to.

Xiao Yuzheng would not only ask about Xiao Li’s daily life but also look at Xiao Li with eyes that showed he owed Xiao Li a debt, as if he felt pain for Xiao Li’s previous life. Xiao Li would rather Xiao Yuzheng go back to being busy with work and ignoring him. This way Xiao Li would have freedom again.

Xiao Li wasn’t used to accepting the love of others, especially Xiao Yuzheng’s belated compensation. He felt that he was out of tune with everything in the Xiao house. Or… should he argue with Xiao Yuzheng more before moving out of the house?

Xiao Li thought about it. The problem was how to persuade Xiao Yuzheng. A tough attitude was fine but Xiao Li wouldn’t know how to react if Xiao Yuzheng started crying…

The young man sitting next to Xiao Li’s desk whispered, “Xiao Li?”

Xiao Li paused for a moment before slowly raising his head. “Hmm?”

Shen Chenzhi moved closer and his tone was almost gentle. “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Li stated, “I want to move.”

His answer surprised Shen Chenzhi. The young man was silent for a moment before tentatively asking, “You don’t want to live in the Xiao house?”

Xiao Li’s impression of Shen Chenzhi was good and he answered honestly. “I will have more freedom when I move out.”

“Have you found a good place?” Shen Chenzhi hesitated for a moment. “I have a friend with an apartment on hand. He is looking for a tenant if you need…”

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: Can I arrange the same home?

Xiao Li: You can dream.

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