IWBL: Chapter 10

Once Xiao Li opened his eyes again, he had already returned to the door of his classroom with the letter of help in his hand. The moonlight outside the classroom was no longer as big as Nandu Girls’ High School. It was far away from the earth and everything was as usual.

The black-haired teenager looked down at the letter and saw that the original line of text had two more curved words below: Thank you.

He smiled slightly as he pulled out the little yellow book from his pocket and slipped the letter inside. Then he took out his phone and looked at the time before walking out the school. It was almost 10 in the evening and Xiao Li had woken up in the classroom at 7 o’clock. It was two hours apart, with a slightly shorter time flow inside the instance. At this time, the campus didn’t have many people and the school gates seemed to be deserted. The driver who came to pick up Xiao Li wasn’t at the door.

Just as Xiao Li pulled out his phone and was ready to contact the driver, a high-end sports car stopped in front of him. The window rolled down, revealing a familiar yet strange face to Xiao Li. The bangs over the forehead were a bit long and covered Shen Chenzhi’s eyes. “Should I send you?”

Xiao Li raised his eyebrows but didn’t refuse. He directly got on the car. “You haven’t gone back yet?”

This car was obviously very new and Shen Chenzhi didn’t usually drive it around. The slender hand of the most handsome boy in school pressed on the steering wheel as he started the car. “I was working around here and saw you coming out when I passed by.”

Since the sports car was heading in the right direction, Xiao Li leaned his forehead against the window and looked at the side profile reflection in it. “Do you know where my house is?”

“The Xiao family.” Shen Chenzhi chuckled.

Xiao Li didn’t speak. In the eyes of outsiders, he was still the second master of the Xiao family and he couldn’t be angry with outsiders.

In the comfortable car, the black-haired teenager was almost drowsy. The person driving the car had to devote a part of his energy to watch Xiao Li for fear Xiao Li would slide straight down. Fortunately, the Xiao family’s home wasn’t far from the school. After a while, Shen Chenzhi parked the car at the entrance of the Xiao family.

Xiao Li covered his mouth with a hand and yawned lazily. There were a few physiological tears in the corner of his eyes as he grabbed his bag and got out of the car. “Thank you.”

This attitude treated Shen Chenzhi as a driver and he didn’t invite Shen Chenzhi inside.

However, the other person didn’t become angry. He pulled away while looking back at the teenager entering the Xiao home. It wasn’t until Xiao Li entered the villa door that Shen Chenzhi retracted his gaze and slowly placed his hand on the seat where Xiao Li had been sitting.

It still contained some of the body temperature of the other person. Shen Chenzhi placed the other person’s body temperature against his lips as if kissing Xiao Li. This idea made a hint of a smile appear in his eyes. He wanted to do something more special.


The Xiao home.

Xiao Li opened the door and saw his cheap stepmother Xu Mei sitting on the soft sofa and looking at the computer. She saw him and raised a hand to caress her hair. “Xiao Li, how did you just come back? Did you go out to play?”

The Xiao family’s second master didn’t speak or look at her.

Xu Mei picked up the coffee to the side. “Right, I just remembered that I forgot to tell you. The driver was used by me to pick up some friends and didn’t go to pick you up. In any case, you are already back.”

“How did you get back?” She seemed used to being ignored by Xiao Li and was performing happily. “Did you walk back? Or did you ask someone to send you—”

The crystal light on top of her head swayed.

Xu Mei’s fabricated voice stopped at the sound of the door clicking. The lady’s face twisted as she looked at the room on the second floor that belonged to Xiao Li, placing the coffee back on the table heavily. “Sooner or later, you won’t be able to covet other people’s things!”

On the other side, Xiao Li entered his room, turned on the light, threw his bag to the ground, placed the little yellow book onto the desk and then strode into the bathroom. He didn’t find today’s instance as thrilling as Zheng Yi but he was a bit tired. Now he just wanted to take a hot bath and feel comfortable.

The bathroom door was closed and lit up with a warm yellow light.

10 minutes after Xiao Li entered the bathroom, the little yellow book lying quietly on the table suddenly turned a page. 【 Bath… 】

【 Nervous. 】

Then it closed automatically without the presence of any wind and a few golden lights shot out from the inside. A girl wearing very thick clothes like a bear appeared in the room. She looked a bit sluggish as she gazed at the bathroom before looking at the door, then turning back again.

She was like a curious little animal that didn’t know what was going on.

Tan Li stood still for a long time, not moving. She thoroughly stared in all four directions when after a long time, the movement of others was heard from outside the door. The door was opened from the outside and Tan Li stiffly glanced over.

The one who opened the door was Xiao Li’s younger brother and Xu Mei’s son, Xiao Ming.

Xiao Ming was two years younger than Xiao Li and compared to his mother, his own feelings for Xiao Li were very complicated. When Xiao Li was just picked up, Xiao Ming was actually very happy.

The eldest son of the Xiao family was never seen like a dragon’s head and tail and Xiao Ming didn’t like this older brother. Compared with the eldest son, he preferred the second son Xiao Li. He was happy at first when Xiao Li came because Xiao Li looked very good.

Unlike the eldest son, Xiao Li was a beautiful and cold young boy. Once he stood there like a painting, who didn’t want to play with him?

However, this painting came with a boundary. Xiao Li completely didn’t want any contact with his brother Xiao Ming.

Xiao Li was always alone. He even treated the children who lived in the street better than his younger brother Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming still remembered a time when he was unhappy because he had been refused by Xiao Li. The result was that he went to find the other party. A servant told him that Xiao Li had gone out and Xiao Ming followed. Then he found Xiao Li chatting with the children in the building where Xiao Li used to live.

Xiao Li’s appearance at the time was very gentle and focused. The sun shone on his side and he looked exactly like Xiao Ming’s favourite brother.

It was just that this was directed towards other children. Xiao Ming had always been loved by his parents and hated this. He rushed up and drove away the outsiders who took away his second brother’s attention. He pulled at Xiao Li’s sleeve and wanted to talk to him, only to be pushed away. Xiao Li didn’t like Xiao Ming.

From that day on, Xiao Ming became Xiao Li’s black fan.

In recent years, he had Xu Mei adding vinegar in his ears, saying that Xiao Li had learned badly in recent years. Xiao Li came to the Xiao family and started to make trouble with the Xiao family’s wealth and even associated with several wealthy children with a rotten reputation. This led Xiao Ming to have mixed feelings of love and hate towards his second brother.

Today, Xiao Li came back very late and Xu Mei said that he was playing with the infamous Qian family’s hedonistic son. If this was revealed, the reputation of the Xiao family would receive a huge blow. Xu Mei might be able to bear this but Xiao Ming with his young temper couldn’t. He went to find Xiao Li to have a good chat.

With this idea in mind, XIao Ming directly opened the door of Xiao Li’s bedroom. He first heard the sound of running water from the bathroom and it turned out that Xiao Li was washing up. Then he would come back later.

He just wanted to turn around when he saw a girl standing by the window, looking at him for who knew how long! Xiao Ming’s first impression was that Xiao Li actually brought a woman back! The second impression was why was this woman… wearing such thick clothes? Wasn’t she uncomfortable? In addition, his face was white and she stared at him stiffly with nothing in her eyes, just like… like a ghost!

“You… who are you?” Xiao Ming didn’t know why but the more he looked at the girl, the more he felt like he was seeing something that didn’t belong to human cognition. This naturally produced fear.

Tan Li naturally wouldn’t answer him. She just stared at Xiao Ming with an unknown expression until the other person’s legs were soft and ready to go back. The girl blinked and a gust of wind slammed shut the door, trapping Xiao Ming in the room.

Then she turned back to the bathroom, no longer paying attention to Xiao Ming.

Xiao Ming saw that his escape route was revealed. His back hit the hard door and he started to believe that this girl wasn’t a human. He looked at the other person’s empty eyes without feeling the softness of his legs and being unable to think, until he finally screamed, “…Ahhhhh! Help!”

The author has something to say:

Tan Li (slow and difficult to think): Why did this person come to my (master) room and is making a lot of noise. Forget it, I will leave it to Master to think about it.

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