IPCFS: Chapter 99 Part 2

Lin Jia was a fresh graduate majoring in drama, movie, and television literature.

Since high school, she had loved watching dramas with palace fighting themes. She regarded Shen Yanda, the leader in this field, as her object of worship.

After graduation, she didn’t rush to find a job. Instead, she regarded ‘entering Shen Yanda’s studio’ as the goal to pursue.

Lin Jia devoted herself to writing for five months before finding Shen Yanda’s studio with her script. In this way, she became an intern there.

Half a month ago, Shen Yanda made a rare trip back to the studio and made Lin Jia his work assistant.

This made Lin Jia very happy. She didn’t expect that—

Shen Yanda, who was clean and upright on the surface, was actually such a womanizer in private!

During this period of time, the other person repeatedly made moves on her and it was simply disgusting!

Who cared if she lost her job?!

In any case, she couldn’t stay in this place for a second longer!


Lin Jia left very suddenly and didn’t leave any face for Shen Yanda at all.

The smile on Shen Yanda’s face instantly froze, and the wine amplified the anger in his heart. “Young people are very proud these days! Her wings haven’t even grown yet. Does she still want to be in the screenwriting circle?”

Wait and see.

She was just a mere graduate. He had many ways to make her unable to mix into the screenwriting circle.

Sun Changjiang and his assistant glanced at each other. The latter cleverly said, “Teacher Shen, I know of a few sensible girls. Do you want them to come and meet you?”

“Are you sure they are sensible?” Shen Yanda narrowed his eyes and showed some interest.

“Of course, I am sure. They are good girls, but they are short of money. We let them go east, and they definitely wouldn’t dare to go west.” The assistant assured him.

He was able to get to where he was today due to these ‘special’ connections in his hands.

“Call them over. Let’s have fun together.” Shen Yanda nodded while hinting. “They should be younger and have more tricks.”

The assistant hadn’t expected Shen Yanda to play so wildly. He was stunned for a few seconds before running outside to call people.


Early the next morning.

Two hot women picked up their clothes and looked at Shen Yanda sleeping on the bed, showing contempt in unison.

“Too boring. He is almost a 50 year old cucumber.”

“He isn’t just old. He is also soft and small. If it wasn’t for the sake of money, who would want to serve him?”

She had to fake a shout at the top of her lungs. She almost vomited when she heard herself.

The two women complained in low voices before leaving the room one after another.

By the time Shen Yanda woke up in the hotel, it was already 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

He endured his hangover and looked at the messy sheets. The soft screams of the women in the early morning seemed to echo in his mind.

Shen Yanda’s face was full of smugness. It seemed that his sword wasn’t too old. He could clean up both of them in one go.

He leaned against the headboard and smoked contentedly. “These two women knew the situation well enough. They left cleanly.”

Suddenly, his phone on the bedside table lit up with a WeChat call.

Shen Yanda swallowed the smoke and slowly picked up. “Hey, Yiren, what’s wrong?”

The other person was his life assistant in name, but she was actually his mistress.

Ever since Shen Yanda and his ex-wife Song Fangmei divorced, the external chores of the studio were handled by Qian Yiren.

“Brother Da! You finally answered the phone! It is 2 o’clock in the afternoon. What have you been doing?”

Shen Yanda recalled last night’s romantic affair and didn’t answer directly. “What do you want with me?”

“Hurry back to the studio! The plot of ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ has been accused of plagiarism and it has risen to the top of the hot search!”

Shen Yanda’s heart thumped. “What?!”


When Shen Yanda rushed back to the studio, all the employees were in their seats. There was a trace of doubt in their eyes when they looked at him.

The assistant Qian Yiren saw his figure and approached quickly on high heels. “Brother Da, you…”

Before she could express her words of concern, she glimpsed the red marks on the side of Shen Yanda’s neck and the unique smell of perfume mixed with the smell of alcohol on his clothes.

Qian Yiren’s expression instantly became cold.

To put it bluntly, she had relied on some means to approach Shen Yanda in the past. At this time, how could she not guess what dirty things Shen Yanda had done last night?

However, in front of the five or six screenwriting staff, Qian Yiren couldn’t ‘explode.’

“What are you looking at? Go and get to work!” Shen Yanda yelled at the staff members before walking to his office on the second floor.

Qian Yiren quickly followed him.

The screenwriting staff members were uncomfortable when they were suddenly yelled at for no reason.

There was a lot of noise on the Internet. How could they still be in the mood to work? They were secretly using WeChat to communicate on their phones.

To be honest, these people already sensed that something was wrong with Shen Yanda!

Shen Yanda’s private conduct was so bad and was far from the ‘strength of character’ revealed in his previous original scripts.

It was just that Shen Yanda’s script for ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ never allowed these small screenwriters to intervene. The only senior screenwriters who had read the script had resigned and left half a year ago.

They were stunned for a long time when the news suddenly broke out this morning.

“I didn’t expect Teacher Shen to be like this?”

“I want to quit my job and leave.”

“Let’s go together! We will probably only get dirty together if we stay with this type of boss.”


The discussion of the employees continued, and public opinion on the Internet didn’t stop at all.

The bloggers who accused ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ weren’t ordinary netizens but seven authors of online novels.

At 9 o’clock this morning, the authors jointly issued a statement of complaint and pointed the arrow directly at Shen Yanda, the ‘screenwriter.’

They cut out clips from the drama that had aired and compared them with the content of the novels these authors had written before.

A total of 16 episodes had been aired, and there were as many as 14 similar plots!

In addition, even the next week’s preview released last night carried the stench of ‘plagiarism.’

It was the Spring Festival holiday, and the Internet traffic was very heavy. Once this accusation was issued on Weibo, it attracted countless of melon-eating people.

The content compiled by the authors was very detailed, and the audience could understand it with one glance.

The most important thing was that they had evidence to prove their novel was published before the drama aired and the script was written.

Due to the hot search, the number of comments exceeded 10,000!

-Warm reminder from the front row, the script issues have nothing to do with the actors! Please don’t take this opportunity to insult the actors!

-Teacher Shen Yanda plagiarized? No way!

-F*k! I am disgusted early in the morning. @The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty drama @ Shen Yanda, come out and apologize!

-Small Internet writers, don’t try to take advantage of the popularity, okay? How could Teacher Shen Yanda plagiarize? He has written so many classics!

-Take a look at what you are calling ‘taking advantage of the popularity.’ There are several small plots that can’t just be called similar. They are exactly the same! How is this not plagiarism?

-If it was just in two or three places, then it could be called having similar plot and ideas. However, there are 14 places that are exactly the same. It is too exaggerated!

-I will say, ever since Shen Yanda led many screenwriters to boycott Ji Li half a year ago, I felt he wasn’t a good person. Now he has finally revealed his true colors.


The production crew and Shen Yanda didn’t reply in person so netizens became even angrier. They didn’t only shout in the Weibo comments area but also used the Weibo private messages to send insults.

Shen Yanda saw thousands of malicious insults, and his face became extremely ugly.

“The news broke out at 9 o’clock in the morning. I have contacted the publicity department of the crew. It must have been someone who secretly bought the hot search and intended to spread this matter.

“The crew hopes that you will come forward to explain. They will cooperate with you to see these authors.”

Qian Yiren told him everything she had learned so far.

Shen Yanda rubbed his eyebrows, and the panic in his heart quickly disappeared.

The core content of the story was his original idea. As for the side plots of ‘plagiarism’, he would never admit to it!

In any case, netizens only paid attention to things for three minutes. As long as the drama was good, they wouldn’t care about the content of the plot.

As for these little authors outside the 18th tier? No matter how many of them they were combined, there would be no splashes.

“Yiren, help me contact the water army…” Shen Yanda already had an idea in his heart.

Once he published the late statement, he would find someone to suppress the bad comments and lead the rhythm in time. It wouldn’t even take two days to pass over this matter.

Qian Yiren nodded.

Shen Yanda was her most valuable golden bag. Once public opinion was dealt with, she would settle her private accounts with the other person!

Going out to find a woman behind her back?

She wouldn’t let go of the matter so easily unless she received ten designer bags.


20 minutes later, Shen Yanda posted on Weibo.

“Absurd! It is complete nonsense!”

“I am not a screenwriter who has just entered the circle. My previous works have been loved by everyone and I am very grateful. ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ is my new work after five years, but the core idea came as early as seven or eight years ago when I wrote ‘Exquisite Bones’. It is my story!”

“I hope all text creators can keep their feet on the ground! The popularity that you received doesn’t belong to you at all!”

The comments area under this Weibo post quickly gathered many comments.

-Teacher Shen, I believe in you. ‘Exquisite Bones’ is a work that I have re-watched! I believe that a teacher who can write such a work must have a strong heart and a sense of integrity!

-Shen Yanda, plagiarism! Shen Yanda, apologize!

-It must be that his peers saw that ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ was too popular and wanted to pull Teacher Shen down. Don’t be fooled, everyone!

-The core point of ‘revenge’ in ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ is very exciting. Teacher Shen is the best when he makes a move!

-This year, plagiarism is always mentioned. Who cares? Isn’t it a good drama?

-As expected of a big screenwriter. It has reached this point, and you can still say such words righteously?

-Is there a problem with my three views? Just because the screenwriter who plagiarized is a big shot? Does this mean that the small unknown authors have no human rights?

After Shen Yanda spoke, the crew of ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ also gave a relevant response.

“First of all, I would like to thank all netizens for their attention to the crew of ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’. The script was personally crafted by Teacher Shen Yanda and it is absolutely original.”

“All the creators of ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ respect original works and would never do ‘plagiarism’ or any other wrong things that destroy the bottom line of the industry! In addition, we will take tough legal measures against rumormongers.”

In the end, the words ‘rumormongers’ completely set the image of these unknown authors.

-Okay, the official voice has spoken. There were two ‘plagiarism points’ that just aired last night. As a result, many authors suddenly appeared this morning to accuse the crew. It seems that someone is deliberately acting against the crew! Supporting their rights protection!

-Birds of a feather flock together! The content and time of publication of these novels are true. How can they be faked? I wish ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ to hit the streets! Shen Yanda is disgusting!

Just as the netizens on both sides were arguing, a newly registered account suddenly parachuted into the hot search’s comments area.

@Song Fangmei: Hello everyone, I am Shen Yanda’s ex-wife, Song Fangmei.

This short self-introduction immediately made the many netizens active on Weibo’s hot search smell a ‘big melon.’

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