IPCFS: Chapter 98 Part 2


The guess in his heart was suddenly verified.

Ji Li had lived for so many years, and now, for the first time, he was completely tense from his head to his toes.

Before Qin Yue could take him back to meet the parents, his mother had come to the door herself.

It was too sudden!

Ji Li wasn’t sure about Gu Wen’s attitude and could only vaguely offer a reason for his stay. “Hello, Ma’am. I am Qin Yue’s friend, and I came to stay here for a few days.”

“How many days will you be staying? It seems that Xiao Yue’s ability isn’t very good if he can’t keep you here.” Gu Wen joked.

Her eyes fell on Ji Li’s body and she smiled. “I personally bought the dressing gown on your body for Xiao Yue, and he gave you his intimate clothes to wear. Is it still possible that you are ordinary friends?”

Ji Li followed the other person’s gaze, and his face was so red that it could have been dripping blood.

Perhaps it was due to Snow Cake in his arms, but the neckline of his dressing gown was mostly open and wrinkled, and ambiguous red marks were faintly visible on his collarbone.


Gu Wen found the reaction of the young man in front of her to be so cute that she covered her mouth and laughed.

“Sorry, I was rude.” Ji Li quickly put Snow Cake on the ground, sorted out the collar of his clothes, and bowed to Gu Wen.

“Please have a seat. I’ll go and change my clothes first.”

Then he hurried back to his room.

Gu Wen stared at Ji Li’s flustered and cute back, not feeling that the other person’s temporary retreat was rude. After all, she was the one who came back to China without telling her son.

Now it seemed that she had received a good surprise? 

“This kid is promising,” Gu Wen sighed secretly.

Ever since Qin Yue had confessed his sexual orientation to her, he never brought a boyfriend home.

To be honest, Gu Wen had secretly been worried a few years ago.

Was her son’s part down there working? Perhaps this was why he deliberately made up the excuse of liking the same sex to avoid her urging him to marry.

Now it seemed that her son was not only capable, but also had a good eye for picking people.


Ji Li changed into neat and tidy clothes and went back downstairs.

He glanced at his phone on the coffee table and secretly sighed.

He wanted to take the opportunity when he was changing his clothes to send a ‘distress text message’ to Qin Yue. However, he was in such a rush to return to his room that he forgot to bring his phone upstairs with him.

At this time, he definitely couldn’t send a text message in front of Gu Wen. He could only endure the embarrassment and wait for Qin Yue to return.

Gu Wen was sitting on the sofa and using a cat stick to tease Snow Cake.

She saw Ji Li and said calmly, “Come and sit. Now, in this house, you are the master and I am the guest.”

Ji Li smiled at Gu Wen and took the initiative to pour her a glass of warm water. “Ma’am, I’m sorry, I just let you see a joke.”

“Thank you.” Gu Wen took the cup of water and took the initiative to say, “Don’t call me Ma’am or Mrs, Aunt is fine.”

She stopped the topic and hid the unfinished words in her stomach.

If you want to, it isn’t impossible for you to call me Mom.

Ji Li wasn’t sure of Gu Wen’s attitude and was afraid to say something that was wrong.

After all, not all parents were able to accept that their son was gay.

“You don’t have to be so restrained. In fact, Xiao Yue confessed his sexuality to me a long time ago.”’

Gu Wen seemed to see Ji Li’s underlying concern and said in a straightforward manner.

“If you are his boyfriend, then I already like you very much.”

She didn’t know Ji Li very well, but as a mother, she believed in, supported, and respected her child’s choice.

Ji Li hadn’t expected Gu Wen to be so open-minded and was flattered for a while.

“How long have you been dating Xiao Yue? Does he treat you well?”

“…He is very good.”

“That’s good. If he bullies you then you can tell me at any time. Auntie will punish him for you.”

Gu Wen was accustomed to seeing her son’s face, so she liked Ji Li the more and more she looked at him.

He was good-looking and a good actor.

It was really great to have an extra son for no reason. She could be a mother without any pain.

After all, Ji Li was a person who was used to big scenes. The moment he saw that Gu Wen accepted his relationship with Qin Yue well, he quickly relaxed.

The two of them slowly started talking, and Ji Li found that Gu Wen knew a lot about filming.

The other person knew more than him about excellent directors and movies at home and abroad.

It turned out that Qin Yue’s internal enlightenment in the movie and television industry came from his mother.

Ji Li was thinking about this when he heard Gu Wen sigh emotionally.

“Speaking of which, Xiao Yue first entered this circle due to my unfulfilled wish.”

Ji Li’s eyes flickered slightly. He was about to continue asking along this topic when the sound of the electronic door opening was heard again.

Snow Cake flicked his eyes and ran out.

Major General rushed in like a gust of wind and stopped abruptly before Snow Cake, his tail wagging hard.

“Baby, is someone here?” Qin Yue walked in quickly while carrying a packaged hot meal and milk tea in his hand.

He saw Gu Wei sitting on the sofa and raised an eyebrow slightly. “Mom, why are you here?”

Qin Yue approached Ji Li while asking, his body language showing a subconscious dependence and protection.

Gu Wen saw his actions clearly and said with a smile, “You were reluctant to go back to the United States for the Spring Festival, so I came to find you.”

“What about Dad? Did he come too?”

Gu Wen’s face turned awkward for a moment when she heard this. “Why are you asking about him?”

It seemed that there was another quarrel.

Qin Yue decided on the answer in his heart and simply switched the topic. “How long have you been here? Why didn’t you send me a text message?”

As he spoke, he shifted his gaze to Ji Li with silent concern.

-Are you okay?

Ji Li smiled and also responded with his eyes.

-I’m fine.

Gu Wen saw the secret eye contact between the two of them and felt happiness from the depths of her heart. Nevertheless, she pretended to be angry on the surface. “Can I still bully him?”

Seeing this, Qin Yue simply took Ji Li’s hand and formally introduced him. “Mom, this is my lover, Ji Li.”

Ji Li felt the strength of this palm and instinctively gripped it back.

“I saw him earlier,” Gu Wen replied, pleased by her son’s formal attitude.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you out to eat.” Qin Yue glanced at the time and suggested.

“No need. You little lovers can stay at home and eat slowly.” Gu Wen waved her hands, obviously not planning on staying any longer. “I booked a hotel and made an appointment to meet with old friends in the evening.”

Gu Wen stepped forward and looked at Qin Yue. “A few days ago, you said you were celebrating the Spring Festival in the capital, so I just came to check up on you.”

“It is fine now that I’ve seen you. The driver is still waiting at the gate of the villa area.”

Gu Wen was a person with a strong ability to take action. The things she planned well didn’t need to be disrupted by others.

Qin Yue knew his mother’s nature and didn’t stop her. “Then I will see you in two days.”

“Okay,” Gu Wen agreed. Then she remembered something else.

She looked at Ji Li again, as friendly as ever. “This time, our meeting was too sudden, and Auntie didn’t prepare any gifts for you.”

Halfway through speaking, she took out a traditional red envelope from her pocket and stuffed it into Ji Li’s hand.

“This is the red envelope I prepare for Qin Yue every year, but he’s never  liked receiving it ever since he was young. This time, you can take it as a little gift from me.”

Ji Li was about to refuse when Qin Yue answered for him, “Thank you, Mom.”

Gu Wen was looking forward to Ji Li’s reaction when he opened the red envelope so she urged him, “Do you want to open it and take a look?”

“This…” Ji Li lowered his eyes in an embarrassed manner.

“This can be regarded as meeting the parents, and it is normal to accept my mother’s red envelope,” Qin Yue persuaded him with a smile. “Open it and take a look? My mother is a wealthy lady and has always been generous.”

Gu Wen snorted at her son while continuing to stare at Ji Li expectantly.

Should he open it and take a look? In any case, he could just return it to Qin Yue later.

Ji Li didn’t want to directly reject Gu Wen’s wishes, so he carefully opened the seal of the red envelope.

He thought it would contain a bit of money for good luck. He was caught off guard when a black gold card fell into his palm.

“The password of the card is Qin Yue’s birthday and it has 50 million. Just swipe it casually.”

“If it is maxed out, I will give you another one the next time we meet!”

Gu Wen was very happy. After so many years, a junior was finally willing to accept her red envelope.


Ji Li didn’t show it on the surface, but he was shocked in his heart.

He knew that Qin Yue’s family background was good, but he hadn’t realized it was exaggerated to this extent.

50 million as pocket money?

It was given to him just because of his identity as Qin Yue’s boyfriend?

Could this be the extravagance of a wealthy family in the legends? He couldn’t stand it, he really couldn’t stand it.

Qin Yue saw the shock that Ji Li was hiding under his calm appearance and couldn’t help laughing.

He leaned close to his lover’s ear and joked, “Do you want to try entering into a rich family?”

“Don’t speak nonsense,” Ji Li replied in a low voice.

He looked at the elated Gu Wen. “Auntie, this red envelope is too much. I…”

“What is given is yours. Ji Li, I’ll see you next time,” Gu Wen interrupted bluntly. She picked up her brand name bag and walked out.

Qin Yue patted his lover’s shoulder and followed her. “Mom, I’ll see you off.”



It took 10 minutes before Ji Li barely recovered from the shock of the huge red envelope.

Qin Yue set out the bought meal in turn and asked with a smile, “Have you been scared off by my mother?”

“I’m not scared by Auntie but by her red envelope.” Ji Li told the truth.

My god.

A single card was worth almost half the salary of a young actor.

No wonder why there were so many female stars in the entertainment industry who wanted to marry into a wealthy family. This was much faster than filming.

Ji Li thought silently while not really intending to use this money.

“Just leave it for now. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to use it.” Qin Yue obviously knew his personality very well.

Ji Li nodded while still feeling a bit of curiosity in his heart that he couldn’t suppress. “Qin Yue, Auntie said that you entered the entertainment industry to fulfill her wish?”

“Sort of.” Qin Yue didn’t hide it. “My mother was also an actress previously, and she was nominated for a Best Actress Award.”

“She met my father when her career was on the rise.”

Speaking of which, it was an ‘actress who married into a wealthy family for love.’

“After she married my father, she realized that life wasn’t as good as she imagined.”

Gu Wen gradually lost the idea of coming back to the industry after she gave birth to Qin Yue, but she had a bit of regret in her heart.

She always thought, ‘What if I had insisted on keeping my career? Would my life be brighter now?’

“My interest in filming was indeed sparked by her, but it was my own choice to enter the circle.”

Qin Yue looked at Ji Li and threw out another truth. “Now I am willing to stay in the circle after reaching the peak because of you.”

Ji Li was surprised. “Because of me?”

Light flashed in Qin Yue’s eyes. “I just want to stay in the circle, use all sorts of conveniences to get close to you, accompany you, and watch you walk toward a high position.”

The moment this idea emerged, Qin Yue had taken practical action.

The seemingly difficult coincidences in the past were actually deliberately organized by him.

There was a hint of sweetness on the tip of Ji Li’s heart. He was just about to speak when his phone vibrated again and again.

Ji Li stopped his words and picked it up casually to take a look. He found that it was Ji Yunqi complaining in their WeChat group.

“Ahhhh, Brothers!”

“I’m going to go crazy out of disgust toward Shen Yanda!”

“Does he understand fair competition in the drama industry?”

“He actually bought a water army to lower the ratings of my drama. Does he still have any sense of shame?”

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