IPCFS: Chapter 97 Part 2

“Ji Li’s itinerary for participating in the 100 Images Awards is public information. However, the flight and hotel information was publicly sold on the scalper’s side.”

Yu Fuya couldn’t help frowning when she said this.

In fact, the rampant offline sasaeng industry was inseparable from the industrial chain of scalpers who sold personal information. This matter was fundamentally difficult to control.

Once Chen Yanjun learned about the hotel where Ji Li would be staying, he started to think up his ‘harassment’ plan.

In order to not expose his flaws, he didn’t directly book a hotel room and leave his personal information. Instead, he spent money to buy off the hotel’s employees.

Yesterday afternoon, he tricked the cleaning staff away, left the room door open, and rushed to the red carpet venue without pause.

Once it was over, he went back to the hotel, hid in the room, and waited for Ji Li to return. His time was well arranged.

Ji Li headed straight into the bathroom when he returned into the room and didn’t notice the abnormality. This almost allowed the other person to take advantage of him.

Fortunately, Snow Cake called out in time and he was safe.

“The hotel employee has been arrested and dismissed. I told Old Tao about the situation, and Chaoying will sue the hotel for you and hold the employee accountable.”

No matter what the final judgment was, their attitude must be made clear.

Ji Li nodded, but his expression didn’t relax. “This would just be considered attempted harassment. Wouldn’t this mean that he won’t be sentenced for a long time?”

Qin Yue heard this and gave him a reminder, “Don’t forget about the needle marks on his arms. Have the results been found?”

Qin Yue’s assistant hurriedly nodded. “After finding the suspicious needle marks on his arms, he was taken back to the police station by the police and forcibly tested.”

The result was self-evident.

The capital’s police immediately contacted the Shanghai narcotics bureau and conducted a raid on Chen Yanjun’s residence. The result was an unexpected discovery.

“I listened to Officer Zhou’s words. According to the amount of drugs he has hidden in his residence, he will be sentenced to over seven years in prison.”

Yu Fuya sneered with disgust in her eyes. “That’s fine. He will suffer on his own.We don’t need to do anything.”

Moreover, Chen Yanjun was severely taught a lesson by Qin Yue last night and seriously injured in a certain place. He directly lost control of his bladder when he arrived at the police station.

However, all witnesses, including the hotel manager, unanimously insisted that Qin Yue acted in self-defense. Qi An also hired a lawyer after hearing about this.

After everything he had done, Chen Yanjun would only suffer hardships.

“He couldn’t use his phone to deliver any messages, but I still explained the situation to Captain Zhou and deleted some of the contents in his phone’s photo album.”

Yu Fuya still had the sensitivity of an agent.

She turned around, took out a phone from her bag, and handed it to Ji Li. “I’ve completely disinfected the phone that I retrieved from him.”

Ji Li’s phone had a password. Adding the fact that Chen Yanjun only had it for a short period of time, he probably didn’t have time to see the contents on the phone.

“Thank you, Sister Yu.” Ji Li smiled and took the phone.

His mood had been highly tense since last night, and now it finally relaxed completely.

“Xiao Yao, go back to the police station later and ask which scalper Chen Yanjun got the flight and room information from. There must be an industrial chain hidden underneath. See if you can take the opportunity to dig something up.”

Qin Yue’s assistant responded affirmatively after hearing this.

Yu Fuya was a bit surprised when she understood Qin Yue’s meaning. “Qin Yue, are you sure you want to continue digging deeper?”

If they really wanted to dig deeper, they could, at most, just dig up the scalper who sold the information to Chen Yanjun and hand out a small fine. This industrial chain involved a large number of people and it was difficult to uproot all of them.

It was a thankless effort.

This was the best way to describe how hard it was for stars to deal with scalpers.

“Ji Li was tossed by these ‘pests’ this time. It is impossible for me to do nothing.” Qin Yue was very insistent on his thoughts.

“I will ask the people in the company’s legal department to collect enough evidence, unite with the wishes of other stars, and try to start a lawsuit.”

It didn’t matter if he spent time or money.

Even if the final result was just temporarily suppressing these scalper groups, at least Ji Li would be free from the intrusion of scalpers in the near future and would be stable for a while.

Ji Li understood that Qin Yue was doing this for him and his heart warmed up again.

Yu Fuya naturally saw Ji Li’s eyes and couldn’t help chuckling. “Okay, I have a lot of celebrity connections. Since you are determined to do this, I will also participate in the effort.”

The problem of scalpers selling out information about a celebrities’ private itinerary really needed someone to stand up and work with others in the entertainment industry to rectify it.

“Thank you, Sister Yu.” Qin Yue nodded.

“You’re welcome. Who made Ji Li the most precious artist in my hands?” Yu Fuya raised an eyebrow and demanded, “Just remember what you promised to me in the United States.”

Be good to Ji Li.

However, judging from the current situation, Qin Yue was indeed not bad toward her artist.

“Okay, I’m tired after a day of so much struggling. Let’s go and rest first.” Yu Fuya looked at the time and took the initiative to stop the topic. “I won’t go to the movie’s celebration banquet.’

Qin Yue and Baozi would be there and they would definitely take care of Ji Li.


For the convenience of the cast and crew, Director Zheng Anxing’s celebration banquet was set at a nearby hotel.

The actors of the crew were invited to come. After three or four hours of excitement, most of them were drunk and had to be taken back by their assistants.

Meanwhile, Ji Li and Qin Yue both remained absolutely sober.

The former was prevented from drinking due to his fever, and the latter used the grounds of ‘driving later’ to avoid drinking.

Ji Li thought Qin Yue’s excuse was a bit strange at first. Then once the party was over and he was dragged to the parking lot, he finally understood what was going on.

In the black private car, Major General and Snow Cake were lying obediently in the back seats when they should have been at the hotel.

“Your suitcase is already in the trunk. Get in the car first.” Qin Yue opened the front passenger seat for him while looking around.

Ji Li nodded cooperatively and got into the car, not forgetting to pull down the brim of his down jacket.

Qin Yue quickly got into the car and started the engine.

“Where are we going? Changing hotels?” Ji Li thought of the most reasonable explanation.

Qin Yue glanced at him before continuing to focus on driving, “We aren’t changing hotels. You are going home with me.”

Major General whimpered enthusiastically when he heard this, and his tail hit the seat.

Ji Li was stunned for a moment. “…Go home?”

He had thought about staying in the capital for the new year. However, he just wanted to stay in a hotel to take advantage of his annual vacation and have fun… How did it end up with him going home with Qin Yue?

Qin Yue took advantage of the stop at the traffic light to hold his lover’s hand and pleaded in a low voice, “From today onward, apart from our necessary work schedules, live with me for the rest of the time, okay?”

“Ji Li, I know this matter of cohabitation is a bit sudden, but don’t worry, I won’t force you to do anything.”

Qin Yue hardly slept at all after Ji Li got the fever last night.

He thought about it and his whole heart was still anxious. He was deeply afraid that there would be a second ‘Chen Yanjun’ who would do bad things to his lover when he couldn’t see it.

“I can’t help worrying when you are alone.”

Ji Li heard the slight tremor in this person’s voice and didn’t hesitate at all. “Okay.”

They were lovers. Since they had already identified with each other, it naturally didn’t matter how fast or slow the progress was.

Was it bad to live together?

He could see the person he liked every day.

Ji Li had been spinning around for so long. He could take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to experience a ‘lazy life.’

Qin Yue had a clear smile in his eyes after hearing Ji Li’s casual answer.

Ji Li couldn’t help asking when he saw Major General and Snow Cake in the back, “Tell me, when did you decide on this? You didn’t even reveal a word to me.”

“This morning when you were still sleeping.”

He had already arranged everything and was waiting for the opportunity to abduct his little friend home.

Qin Yue’s house was bought in the villa area in the center of the capital. It might have had a high price, but it could greatly ensure a person’s privacy and security.

Qin Yue had asked the cleaning aunt to clean it regularly, and the room was quite clean.

Perhaps it was because he had returned to this familiar environment, but Major General was very excited. He immediately took Snow Cake back to his kennel.

Seeing this scene, Ji Li couldn’t help laughing. Then in the next second, Qin Yue pulled him toward the second floor.

“Qin Yue?”

“I have to learn from Major General and quickly bring my little friend back to the bedroom.”

Ji Li’s eyes shone and he was suddenly looking forward to the next period of time.


The next day, in a rare situation, Ji Li slept until he naturally woke up.

After arriving at the villa last night, his body temperature fluctuated again. He drank medicine, was watched by Qin Yue, and fell asleep.

Ji Li didn’t see Qin Yue, so he checked the time on his phone, only to discover that Baozi had sent him several WeChat messages half an hour ago.

-Brother Ji! Watch the news [Webpage link.]

-As expected of my Brother Ji! There is nothing that can stop you from attracting fans!

Ji Li didn’t know what Baozi was talking about, so he opened the link in a confused manner.

The link came from the official Shanghai narcotics unit. Their official Weibo released a report two hours ago, and the general statement was:

“Actor Ji Li arrested a suspect who followed him into his room and tried to harass him. After handing this person over to the police, it was discovered that Suspect Chen had a certain history of drug use. Through this clue, the police successfully found a large number of hidden drugs at the suspect’s residence…”

The text of the report was very concise and official.

In the final summary, the official media also praised Ji Li for living up to the important task of being ‘China’s anti-drugs image ambassador’ and contributing to social stability!


Ji Li’s fans immediately discovered this ‘extremely positive’ Weibo report and spread the word.

Weibo officials always promoted topics about celebrities being positive, and it didn’t take long for this topic to go on the hot search. Then it was passed on and eventually evolved into the brief summary of ‘Actor Ji Li helping the police solve a drug concealment case.’

In the real-time comments area of the hot search, Ji Li’s fans were so proud that they praised their baby fiercely!

Did you see? My family is awesome!

Did you see? My family is full of positive energy!

Of course, regarding that Chen person’s behavior of sneaking into the room, they already scolded him in private. They just didn’t want to post it on a public platform in case it affected Ji Li.

Passersby and netizens also praised Ji Li’s righteous behavior and their favorability toward him increased. In addition, someone mentioned Ji Li’s anti-drugs movie ‘Special Operations’ and expressed their hope that the movie would be released as soon as possible!

Ji Li returned to his Weibo homepage and found that the number of Weibo fans was increasing rapidly every time he refreshed.

Fans were overjoyed, but Ji Li himself was at a loss.


He obviously didn’t do anything? How did he pick up this benefit?

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