IPCFS: Chapter 97 Part 1

Ji Li fell asleep drowsily. He didn’t know when it started, but the severe headache returned. His body was hot and cold at times and made him particularly uncomfortable.

He was so tired that he didn’t have the strength to open his eyes, let alone the mind to deal with the discomfort.

Ji Li subconsciously approached the heat source by his side, as if seeking some stability.

Half asleep and half awake, there was slight movement on the side of the bed. The familiar smell that was originally wrapped around him was withdrawn.

Ji Li snorted uneasily, his voice so dry and hoarse it was like he had been smoking.

The physical and psychological torture forced him to curl up in a ball, humming in a nasal voice with a hint of a cry that hadn’t been seen before.

“…Qin Yue.”

The hurried footsteps turned back and the familiar voice entered his ears. “Yes, I’m here.”

“Drink some water first. I’ve already asked people to send some anti-fever medicine.”

Ji Li didn’t even open his eyes as he followed the other person’s instructions.

Warm water poured into his throat, saving the throat that had been dried up.

Not long after, the bitter medicinal taste filled his mouth again, clearing his chaotic thoughts.

Ji Li looked up, his eyes sore from the heat. “What time is it?”

“It is still early and you don’t have any jobs. Don’t be nervous.”

Qin Yue kissed his lover’s hot forehead and lay down with him again. “You can sleep. I will always be with you.”

The bedside lights went out and the whole room fell into absolute darkness again.

Ji Li really didn’t have the strength to speak. His temples twitched and even the small movement of his body caused a strong feeling of dizziness.

He nestled quietly in Qin Yue’s arms and it wasn’t known how long it took before he fell into a new round of drowsiness.

The heat rose slowly, unknowingly taking away the pain in his body.

Upon waking up, Ji Li felt extremely relaxed. Only the occasional dizziness proved the torture of last night’s illness.

Qin Yue, who had woken up, heard his lover’s cry and couldn’t help giving a low laugh. “It seems you are no longer uncomfortable?”

He stroked the other person’s forehead.

Fortunately, the abnormal heat had disappeared. It seemed that the fever had subsided.

Ji Li grabbed his wrist, too lazy to move for a while. “What time is it?”

“3 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Ji Li was shocked. “I slept for so long?”

“Yes, it is good to sleep more when you are sick.” Qin Yue picked up the soft pillow on one side and took the initiative to move it behind his lover’s neck.

“Regarding the matter of the police station, I have spoken to Sister Yu on the phone. There is nothing important for the time being, so let’s talk about it later.”

Ji Li let out a low sound of agreement while vaguely recalling what happened last night.

Qin Yue personally gave him medicine, folded the quilt to prevent him from catching a cold, measured his body temperature every once in a while, and hugged him tightly, soothing him in a gentle voice.

Ji Li had always been used to being independent.

As a public figure, he had to rely on himself every time he got sick. At most, he would have his assistant run to buy him medicine.

Such careful care made Ji Li feel particularly cherished.

He rubbed the side of his lover’s neck, his hoarse voice full of pleasure. “Qin Yue, thank you.”

Qin Yue squeezed his Adam’s apple. “Baby, what I want isn’t your verbal thanks.”

Ji Li met Qin Yue’s affectionate and focused eyes and kissed his thin lips.

In a flash—

“Be careful of being infected by me.”

He felt that he was in good health now, but he still had to be careful.

“No.” Qin Yue took his ‘warning’ as nothing and intermittently chased after more kisses. “I also insist on exercising and my physique isn’t bad.”

The second half of the sentence completely ridiculed Ji Li’s ‘big words’ he said before he went to bed last night.

Ji Li was rarely slapped in the face, and his cheeks turned red for a moment.

The next second, Qin Yue decisively clasped the back of his head and deepened the kiss, forcefully and gently.

Ji Li opened his lips cooperatively. The entanglement of their lips and teeth drove the heat, and numbness rushed straight to his limbs.


Subtle whimpers came out, continuing to impact his chaotic brain.

Ji Li instinctively wrapped his arms around Qin Yue. He didn’t expect that Qin Yue would hold him directly in his arms.

The kiss intensified.

The scorching breaths blended together, and Ji Li seemed to be surrounded by a familiar smell.

The surrounding air seemed to be burning, and the suffocation washed away the empty space in his brain. “Um… Q-Qin Yue…”

The intermittent sound of begging for mercy overflowed from Ji Li’s lips, but it failed to arouse ‘pity’ from Qin Yue.

Perhaps it was due to his unique psychological fragility after being sick, but at the end of the kiss, Ji Li’s eyes were covered with a thin layer of fog.

Finally, their lips parted.

Qin Yue briefly let him go.

The air he longed for rushed into his mouth and nose, and Ji Li coughed several times. The flush at the end of his eyes was the most attractive color.

Qin Yue kissed the mist in the corner of his eyes, half pampering and half helpless. “I haven’t even started bullying you yet. Why do you look wronged like this?”

“Who is wronged? I am fine.” Ji Li sniffed softly and an inexplicable expectation rose to the tip of his heart. “How else do you want to bully me?”

“What do you think?”

The ending sound fell back into a kiss.





In the end, Qin Yue was worried about Ji Li’s body after the fever and therefore didn’t ‘bully’ him to the last step.

The two of them ‘explained’ to each other, hugged tightly, and didn’t want to move.

Ji Li smelled the strong smell from the quilt, and his cheeks were hotter than when he had a fever. He didn’t dare to move, but he didn’t want to get up and wash himself.

He suddenly felt that it was quite good to snuggle together.

Qin Yue saw through his thoughts and hugged him tightly. “Baby, let’s stay here until dinner and then get up, okay?”


The two of them took another nap in a satisfied manner. But in the end, they couldn’t stand the sticky feeling and both got up early and washed.

There was last night’s experience, and Ji Li adapted well to Qin Yue’s intimate service that was like taking care of a child.

“If you continue like this, I will not want to do trivial things in life by myself in the future.”

Qin Yue did up his lover’s coat tightly. “With me, you won’t have to deal with these trivial matters.”

Ji Li smiled and took the initiative to hold Qin Yue’s warm hand.

“It is after 4 o’clock. Let’s go and meet with Sister Yu and the others. We will go to the movie’s celebration party later.”


The two of them walked out of the room and found that Major General and Snow Cake were nestled on the blanket in the small living room.

After one night, Snow Cake, who had limited mobility, had suffered another disaster. His originally bright white fur was stuck together and formed ‘small lumps.’

He was apparently licked like this by Major General with ‘deep love.’


Snow Cake saw his owner and quickly limped over to act in a spoiled manner.

His voice was soft and sticky. Ji Li’s ‘cat slave’ attribute was immediately stimulated and he directly hugged Snow Cake.

“Qin Yue, bring me a towel. I will wipe Snow Cake for a bit.”

“Okay,” Qin Yue replied and glanced at Major General.

The silly dog stood up tall and proud, obviously looking embarrassed.

Qin Yue brought over a towel and suddenly felt that the dog and cat were interesting. “Baby, do you think Major General and Snow cake are like us?”

Ji Li glanced at him. “What type of metaphor is this?”

“Just like when Major General picked up the dirty Snow Cake, wasn’t that similar to when I first saw you?”

At the filming scene, Ji Li was dressed as a ‘dirty beggar’ and was also ‘picked up’ by Qin Yue on the way.

Ji Li remembered this and agreed with a smile. “It seems to be a bit like that.’

It was a hidden coincidence like a predestined fate.

The two of them settled the cat and dog. Then they made an appointment to meet with Yu Fuya and the others in another room.

There weren’t the crooked actions shown when they got along in private. In front of outsiders, Qin Yue and Ji Li were used to maintaining a serious appearance.

Yu Fuya had learned about Ji Li’s physical condition from Qin Yue, and she was immediately concerned when she saw her artist. “How is it? Has the fever gone down?”

Ji Li replied with a smile, “Sister Yu, I’m fine.”

Yu Fuya saw that he looked good and let go of the worries in her heart.

Qin Yue released a serious aura and got to business. “What did the police say?”

“Brother Ji, do you know, this Chen Yanjun is really bold.” Qin Yue had followed this matter throughout the entire process and immediately explained the detailed information that was learned.

“He is a native of Shanghai and his parents remarried. They hardly cared about him, but they gave him a lot of living expenses every month.”

Chen Yanjun’s high school grades weren’t satisfactory, and he bought a university diploma from a diploma mill. However, he failed too many subjects by the time he graduated that he couldn’t even get his graduation certificate.

It could be said that he was a person with low cultural literacy.

Chen Yanjun was addicted to the ‘staying at home’ lifestyle from high school. After spending a lot of money on it, he somehow turned his attention to internal entertainment.

He was a member of a group who chased after idol circle actors and actresses in the movie and television industry. It could be said that he was a person with the attribute of star chasing.

Not long after Ji Li debuted, Chen Yanjun noticed him on the hot search and skillfully joined Ji Li’s offline fan group.

Chen Yanjun admitted that he generally only paid attention to small stars who weren’t famous.

In his original words, it was better to chase after these little stars. In many cases, he just had to spend more money on supporting them, and then he could logically ask for the contact information of the little star.

The most exaggerated thing was that in exchange for more money and gifts, these little-known artists often did a half-push and half-pull to cooperate with these ‘flirting chats.’

Ji Li and Qin Yue glanced at each other, their eyes flashing with understanding.

The competition at the bottom of every industry was fierce, let alone a place as glamorous as the entertainment industry.

In order to make a living, the unknown little stars would indeed use such seemingly ‘intimate’ contact in exchange for more gifts and money. This was a tacit ‘transaction’ between the two parties.

Of course, apart from the fans, they could also have wealthy backers who gave them resources. The little stars would strive to hug a wealthy backer’s thigh.

“Ji Li was an exception to him.”

Ji Li’s popularity was indeed not that great when Chen Yanjun first became Ji Li’s fan.

However, Ji Li’s popularity rose too fast. In the year and a half after his debut, he jumped to the top position of ‘attention’ with his own strength.

Perhaps Ji Li’s personality was too strong. Chen Yanjun no longer had a ‘three minute fever’ but became more eager for close contact.

What was the saying?

If you can’t get it, you want it more.

It was just that Ji Li’s attitude toward sasaeng fans was very tough and resistant. Adding the blessing of his company, works, and popularity, and Chen Yanjun’s past routine of chasing the confused little stars’ didn’t work on him at all.

However, Chen Yanjun’s desire for possession became more and more intense. It was only then that he walked on the edge of the law after taking drugs.

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