IPCFS: Chapter 96 Part 2

Qin Yue didn’t object and motioned for his assistant to follow.

Captain Zhou nodded.

It was already past midnight. If Chen Yanjun was brought back to the bureau for interrogation, then it would probably take until morning to complete the questioning. If there was really a part where Ji Li needed to appear in person, then it wouldn’t be too late to come in the next morning.

The hotel manager interjected, “Mr. Ji, this unfortunate event happened and it is indeed due to the negligence of our hotel.”

“You definitely will not be able to stay in this room for any longer. Allow me to open another separate room for you. Two security guards will guard the corridor outside your room. Do you think this would be acceptable?”

Ji Li rubbed his swollen temples and said weakly, “Yes, let’s do this first.”

Due to the awards ceremony, he had been freezing in a suit for most of the day. He originally thought he could shower and rest when he returned to the hotel, but he suddenly encountered this kind of situation.

At this instant of time, he just had a headache.

Qin Yue originally wanted to refuse on Ji Li’s behalf, but it indeed wasn’t suitable to temporarily change hotels this late at night.

He saw his lover’s obviously pale face and felt distressed for a while.

Ji Li didn’t notice Qin Yue’s eyes and looked at his friend. “Yifei, I’m fine. You should go back and rest early. Didn’t you say that you have a magazine scheduled?”

“Okay.” Yuan Yifei glanced over at Qin Yue and understood that this person could take care of Ji Li. “You too. Pay attention to resting well.”


Everyone reached a consensus and soon dispersed.

Once the perverted Chen Yanjun was taken away by the police, he suddenly seemed to regain some of his sanity. He felt a sharp pain in his body and fear and remorse finally rose within him.


He couldn’t go to jail!

He hadn’t done anything yet!

He struggled to reach Ji Li and tears came out as soon as he spoke. He looked embarrassing and useless.

It was a pity that his behavior couldn’t arouse the pity of others. It only increased their disgust.

Ji Li refused to even give him a glance. He remained indifferent the entire time until the man’s voice completely disappeared.

Not long after—

The hotel staff quickly sent over the new room number and electronic key card while apologizing.

As for the hotel manager just now, he took the hotel’s surveillance data to the police station at Captain Zhou’s request.

Qin Yue casually threw the received room card on the bed and took advantage of the fact that no one was present to hold Ji Li’s hand.

The palm of Ji Li’s hand was cold.

“Let’s go.”

Ji Li stared at the room card that had been thrown to the side like garbage and was stunned. “Why aren’t you going?”

“If something like this happens, do you think I can rest assured and leave you alone?” Qin Yue’s tone wasn’t relaxed. He squeezed his lover’s hand, trying to convey some warmth.

Ji Li saw the urgency and worry in his eyes and his heart moved slightly. “Qin Yue, I’m fine.”

Qin Yue kissed the back of his hand, leaned down, and pleaded gently, “Ji Li, can you go to my room tonight and rest? At this point, no one will pay attention.”

Otherwise, he really couldn’t rest assured.

Ji Li felt the strength and warmth of the other person’s hand, and his psychological defense line had long been reduced to a minimum.

He didn’t pretend to resist and responded in a low voice, “Okay.”


Ji Li was disgusted by Chen Yanjun. The first thing he did in Qin Yue’s room was to run to the bathroom to take a shower.

“Baby, I’ve left a change of clothes for you. Don’t shower for too long.”

Qin Yue heard the sound of dripping water in the bathroom and felt uneasy.

Ji Li heard his lover nagging a bit like a ‘wife’, but the haze in his heart dissipated a lot.

He didn’t stay in the bathroom for too long. Once he came out, he found that Snow Cake had returned.

The cat’s left paw was wrapped with a small circle of gauze, which seemed to be covering ointment.

“Baozi just sent him back. Snow Cake doesn’t have any serious injuries. His paw is just a bit swollen. As long as he is well looked after, he will be fine in a few days.”


Major General, who was closely following Snow Cake, raised his head and made a soft sound.

Snow Cake sensed Ji Li’s presence and his call changed back to a soft, milky sound.

Ji Li remembered Snow Cake’s behavior of ‘protecting his master’ and his heart softened.

He quickly hugged the immobile Snow Cake and gently soothed him. “Snow Cake, you are so good. I didn’t protect you well.”

“It is because I didn’t protect you.” Qin Yue took a hair dryer and walked out of the bathroom.

He pulled Ji Li to sit on the edge of the bed. He first wiped Ji Li’s wet hair with a towel before preparing to blow it with a hair dryer.

“It’s okay. Just do it naturally.” Ji Li didn’t want to trouble him too much and stopped him in a low voice.

Just as he finished speaking, he involuntarily sniffed.

“Your nasal voice has become so heavy like this, and you still say you are okay?” Qin Yue frowned while not following his words. “Stay still and just wait a while.”

Then the sound of the hair dryer was heard.

The warm air dissipated. Ji Li could feel Qin Yue’s slender fingers brushing through his hair, gently and meticulously taking away every trace of water.

Snow Cake obediently nestled in his arms. Major General crouched beside his master, resting his head on the edge of the bed and looking at Snow Cake.

Ji Li silently felt the warmth of this scene and his heart became hot.

In fact, this wasn’t the first time Ji Li had encountered the crazy stalking of a sasaeng fan.

In his previous world, he had encountered similar incidents.

However, his tough attitude toward his sasaeng fans had been opposed by his entire team, including his agent.

He had backed down once. The result was that the sasaeng fans committed increasingly intense acts.

Following his car, blocking his way, sneaking into his home…

Ji Li chose to call the police. As a result, a sasaeng fan lost his mind and threatened him with the live broadcast his suicide.

Speaking of which, one of the reasons why Ji Li withdrew from the circle in his prime was inseparable from this matter.

No one knew how much pressure their crazy behavior had put on his psychological state.

Of course, the management team would only help him turn big things into smaller things and small things even smaller. They didn’t solve the fundamental problem.

Ji Li had always been used to being independent. Every time he encountered this type of thing, he would never take the initiative to tell someone.

Since coming into this world, all the people around him such as Qin Yue, Yu Fuya, and Baozi had unconditionally supported his tough stance against these sasaeng fans.

Even when the farce was over, he was no longer alone.

This sense of stability was unprecedented for the previous Ji Li.

The sound of the hair dryer stopped.

Qin Yue rubbed Ji Li’s head. “What are you thinking about?”

“It’s nothing.” Ji Li avoided talking about his past encounters and his lips curled up. “I’m just a bit sleepy.”

“I’ll let you sleep right away, but you have to wait a bit,” Qin Yue replied.

He picked up a cup from the table and walked back.

Once he got closer, Ji Li naturally smelled the faint medicinal smell emanating from the cup.

However, Qin Yue didn’t hand him the cup directly. He first took a small sip from the medicinal liquid and confirmed the temperature. Then he handed over the warm medicine cup.

“I prepared it when you were taking a shower. It isn’t hot. Drink it quickly and go to sleep.”

Ji Li lowered his eyes. He looked at the cold medicine that was obviously bitter and retreated without a trace. “…I’m fine.”

He really hated everything with a bitter taste, including medicine.

There was a group of people who would rather go for injections than take medicine when they were sick, including Ji Li.

Qin Yue sat beside him and coaxed, “It isn’t bitter. It is just that the smell is stronger.”

“Your nasal voice sounds abnormal. I’m afraid that your cold at night will aggravate your fever.”

“No, I have insisted on exercising and my physique isn’t bad.” Ji Li forcibly endured his temples that were about to explode and pretended it didn’t matter.

“I call you little friend every day. Are you really going to be like a child now and not take your medicine?” Qin Yue looked at him with a smile. “Do you want me to learn from dramas and feed it to you with a kiss?”

Ji Li easily understood the other person’s ridicule, as well as the hint of restlessness in the ridicule.


Forget it.

He couldn’t really learn to roll around like a child. If he continued to refuse, then his mature image would no longer exist.

Ji Li held up the water cup and gulped down the bitter medicine. Bitterness filled his mouth in an instant. “Teacher Qin Yue, are you satisfied now?”

“I’m satisfied.”

Qin Yue wiped the medicine stains on Ji Li’s lips with his finger and then gripped his chin. “I will give the good little friend a piece of candy.”

The magnetic, low voice hit his eardrums. Before Ji Li could recover, the kiss fell down.

This kiss with a cherished meaning really seemed to take away the bitter taste in his mouth.

Ji Li was dizzy and hot from the kiss. Even when the kiss stopped, he just silently looked at his lover in front of him.

Qin Yue took Snow Cake off Ji Li’s knees and placed him directly on Major General’s back. “You guys, go to sleep on the blanket in the living room.”


Major General pricked up his ears. He seemed accustomed to the weight on his back as he slowly dragged the well-behaved Snow Cake away.

“Go to sleep first. I’ll take a shower and come back.” Qin Yue took the initiative to lift the quilt and straighten it out.

No matter how big or small, he handled every detail.

It wasn’t until he heard the sound of the bathroom door closing that Ji Li came back to his senses. He pulled up his quilt and habitually buried his face in it.

There was the faint smell of Qin Yue.

Yes, the other person took off the shining aura of a ‘Best Actor’ and the meticulousness and gentleness of a boyfriend made people unable to resist him.

Ji Li never thought that he, who always had a strong personality, would be spoiled like a child by Qin Yue.

It was a unique feeling, and it also made him feel very greedy.


He didn’t know how long it took but Ji Li felt the corner of the quilt being gently lifted. The slight coolness on the edge only lasted for a moment before he was wrapped in a warmer existence.

He was extremely tired and didn’t even open his eyes. He just let Qin Yue approach and lie down.

The lights in the dimly lit room went out completely.

In the darkness, Ji Li felt himself being embraced by someone. A loving kiss fell on his forehead, slipped down the tip of his nose, and pressed against his lips.

“Baby, good night.”

Ji Li couldn’t hold back. He reached out to wrap his arms around Qin Yue. A steady stream of heat came and even the demon-like headache was relieved a lot.

Ji Li suddenly felt a bit reluctant to part with this warmth. For the first time, he had a strong thought.

It wouldn’t be bad to live like this with Qin Yue for a lifetime.

“Qin Yue.”

Ji Li arched into his arms again, his low and hoarse voice filled with a trace of subconscious dependence.

“I like you so much.”

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