IPCFS: Chapter 96 Part 1

15 minutes later.

Many acquaintances gathered in the room. Their faces turned ugly as they heard about what happened to Ji Li.

Yu Fuya almost couldn’t hold herself back. She wanted to raise her high heels and smash the pervert’s head. “For this type of dog bastard, it is a waste of social resources for him to live.”

The consequences would’ve been unimaginable if Qin Yue hadn’t come back in time.

The lower body of the man in the plaid shirt was kicked twice by Qin Yue. The severe pain had made him faint, and he had already lost his ability to move.

Yuan Yifei walked over to Ji Li’s side and took the initiative to hand over some brewed ginger tea. “Ji Li, are you okay? Your face doesn’t look good.”

“…I’m okay.” Ji Li received his friend’s care.

In fact, when he thought about what just happened, he felt so sick that he couldn’t even drink water.

Yuan Yifei added, “Don’t worry about Snow Cake. Cheng Zi and the others will notify us as soon as the examination is finished.”

The man in the shirt kicked the front paws of Snow Cake and they looked a bit swollen.

Ji Li and Baozi were both worried.

The latter saw that there was a lot of trouble and took the initiative to take Snow Cake to the pet hospital.

Yuan Yifei heard this and asked his assistant to go with Baozi. The two people could take care of each other at night.

In the corridor outside the room, Qin Yue stood with a cold face. The chill emanating from his body seemed to be able to freeze people.

The hotel manager looked at him with evasive eyes and his back was covered with sweat. “Mr Qin, this matter is indeed the negligence of our hotel. You can rest assured, I will definitely cooperate with the police to fully investigate.”

He couldn’t remember exactly how many times he had said similar words.

There was Qin Yue’s identity to worry about, and Ji Li was a popular star who had risen in the entertainment industry. If the news of this incident got out, it wasn’t just their hotel that would suffer from the fans. He, the hotel manager, would suffer as well.

The moment these words came out, Qin Yue’s assistant walked over with the cleaning staff member of the floor.

“Brother Yue, after the preliminary investigation of the corridor’s surveillance, we found that this man was hiding in the safe passage. He snuck into the room in the afternoon when it was being cleaned.

Then the cleaning staff left, and the man in the shirt never left the room.

Thinking about it, he must’ve been hiding in the hotel room to ‘wait for the rabbit’ since then.

“Mr. Qin, Manager Sun, I really didn’t know about this!” The cleaning staff member quickly defended. She was so nervous that her hands twisted together.

She had just learned about the incident and was afraid that the blame would fall on her.

“This afternoon, I received a notice to clean the guest’s room. I entered the room to clean it according to the usual process.”

Ji Li had brought his own bed linen and quilt cover and was staying for only one night. The room wasn’t dirty, so the steps to clean the room weren’t too complicated.

“I had only been cleaning for a few minutes when this person came into the room in a swaggering manner. I thought he was a guest of the room,” The cleaning staff member said while holding back tears that were about to fall out.

She had to clean so many rooms a day, and she always listened to the instructions of the guests and the front desk. How could she remember the appearance of the guests on each floor?

“I heard that there was a celebrity living in this room. I didn’t think he looked like one, so I asked him a few questions. He said he was the celebrity’s partner and accused me of asking questions. He said he would complain about me.”

The hotel had a rule that once a cleaning staff member received a complaint, they would have 50 yuan deducted from their salary.

In addition, it wasn’t unheard of for celebrities to privately find partners to stay with in the hotel. After thinking about it, the staff member didn’t dare to ask any more questions and just regarded this man as a tenant of the room.

Qin Yue heard this and the gloom in his eyes became heavier again.


Where did this bas*ard come from?

Just then, the hotel manager received a call from the front desk.

The moment this incident happened, they asked to check the surveillance records of the front desk lobby and side entrance hall. However, they had gone back nearly three days and the man in the shirt hadn’t appeared in the video surveillance.

In other words, this person most likely came in through an employee-only entrance.

Qin Yue heard this and the chill from his body increased rather than decreased.

In the entertainment industry in recent years, leaks of a celebrity’s schedule, flights, and room numbers had become a secret industrial chain for scalpers. This type of private information could be exchanged as long as there was money.

The inaction of the hotel’s internal staff and the messy security management almost caused a disaster.

This matter couldn’t just end here. He had to thoroughly investigate and obtain a meaningful result!

Suddenly, Yu Fuya called out anxiously from inside the room. “Qin Yue, the man seems to be waking up.”

Everyone heard this and their eyes immediately shifted to the room.

The man in the shirt curled up on the ground and vague pain came out from his mouth. He opened his eyes, trying to get up from the ground.

Yuan Yifei frowned and took half a step forward, blocking his friend who was still in a recovering state.

Anger appeared in Qin Yue’s eyes again. He approached quickly and kicked the man’s back with lightning speed.


The man in the shirt was kicked to the ground in an instant and the pain of his body became even more intense, making his face turn white.

However, he was currently very tenacious and didn’t faint again.

The man in the shirt fell sideways on the ground and recognized Qin Yue’s face. He recalled the scene where Qin Yue protected Ji Li just now and quickly understood. “So it was you…’

That blurred figure in the parking lot was probably Qin Yue?

These two people actually had this type of relationship?

Qin Yue snatched Ji Li from him?

A trace of resentment erupted in the man in the shirt’s eyes. He picked up the iron ornament that had fallen to the ground and got up fiercely.

Qin Yue had already sensed the other person’s intentions. The moment the man was about to strike, he directly snatched the iron ornament and struck the opponent’s head in return.

The iron ornament fell in response. The man in the shirt fell to the ground with a muffled sound and blood flowed from his forehead.

He was holding his head in a half-dead manner. He no longer had the strength to struggle.

This scene happened so quickly that Ji Li was startled. “Qin Yue, are you okay?”

Before he could go to his lover, three uniformed police officers appeared at the door of the room.

The first person knocked on the door and showed his ID to the people inside. “Hello, we are police officers from the Qingu District Public Security Bureau of the capital. My surname is Zhou.”

Qin Yue turned sideways to meet the eyes of the three police officers. His face didn’t soften at all.

He nodded slightly and his voice was cold. “We called the police.”

Captain Zhou, who was the leader, recognized Qin Yue. He quickly looked at the other faces in the room and the surprise in his heart rose to another level.

Unexpectedly, the police responded to a call late at night and they ended up meeting public figures?

A police officer caught a glimpse of the man on the ground and was startled. “This is…”

In just one minute, the other person’s face was covered with a lot of blood.

“I’m sorry, I did that.” Qin Yue took the initiative to admit it.

He looked around and didn’t show any panic from being attacked. “It was just out of self-defense. Everyone present can testify to it.”

The hotel manager immediately nodded like he was pounding garlic. “Comrade police, I can testify to it.”

“This person appeared out of nowhere, sneaked into our guest’s room, and after being subdued by Mr Qin once, he tried to smash Mr Qin with the iron ornament.”

Captain Zhou bowed his head and immediately beckoned to his two subordinates to check. “The two of you, go first.”

According to past experience, such matters involving public figures had to be handled properly. Otherwise, once the news was leaked, the pressure of public opinion would be huge.

Two police officers quickly understood. One was in charge of suppressing the man in the shirt to prevent him from escaping in the chaos, while the other was responsible for wiping the blood so they could clearly see the man’s face.

“What is your name?”

“Where is your ID card?”

“Be honest with me!”

They were a few short words full of coercion.

As the ‘party’ involved, Ji Li took the initiative to walk to Captain Zhou’s side and describe what had happened tonight. “Hello, Officer Zhou. This person considers himself one of my fans and has followed my schedule for a long time.”

At first, it was the crew in Hengcheng. Three days ago, it was the parking lot in Shanghai, and this evening, it was the red carpet fan area of the One Hundred Images Awards. Then he snuck in tonight and wanted to do something terrible.

Qin Yue said in a deep voice, “It is no longer possible to use the word ‘fan’ to cover up bad behavior.”

The behavior was clearly stalking and even had elements of disgusting same-sex harassment.

After that type of thing happened in the Shanghai parking lot, Qin Yue had immediately asked his friend to help him investigate this person.

However, this person deliberately avoided the surveillance cameras in the parking lot and there was no detailed image of him. It would take some time to find his identity.

Qin Yue hadn’t expected that this man would take action before his friend could investigate the man for specific information.

The man followed in a ghostly manner and dared to sneak into his lover’s room.

The more Qin Yue thought about it, the more he blamed himself. If he had done his best and protected his lover better, Ji Li would’ve completely avoided this shock tonight.

“Mr. Ji, thank you for your cooperation.” Captain Zhou roughly understood the situation and replied. “Don’t worry, we will definitely investigate this matter clearly and give you an explanation.”

The moment these words came out, one of the police officers walked over. “Captain Zhou, we have found out this person’s identity document. His name is Chen Yanjun and he is from Shanghai.”

“His current answers are a bit vague, but he spent money to buy off the hotel’s kitchen…”

He spent money to use the employee channel to avoid being reviewed by the front desk where an ID card was needed to enter.

“No matter whether this person snuck in or your hotel staff collected money to let him in, we can’t let him go,” Yu Fuya said.

As a man, Ji Li had the ability to protect himself. However, what if Chen Yanjun shifted his target in the future and had such dirty ideas against a woman?

In any case, such bad behavior couldn’t be tolerated!

The officer nodded in understanding.

Immediately afterward, he made a major discovery, “I saw that Chen Yanjun’s complexion wasn’t normal, so I pulled up the sleeve of his clothes to take a look. There were many needle marks on his arms.”

The faces of the listeners changed in unison when they heard these words.

The police officer continued speaking, “For the time being, it can’t be ruled out that the ingestion of toxic agents led to a mental disorder.”

This person would probably have to be brought back to the bureau for a good examination and interrogation.

If his condition was really related to drug use, then he would have committed an extra crime.

“Take him back first,” Captain Zhou immediately said. “Mr. Ji, if it is convenient for you, your team should send someone to accompany us to the police station.”

Yu Fuya heard this and took the initiative to stand up. “I’ll go. Ji Li’s face doesn’t look very good. It has been a tiring day for him, so he needs to rest first.”

Ji Li coughed. “Sister Yu, I will have to trouble you again.”

“What are you saying to me? Get a good night’s sleep first. If there is anything at the police station that you are personally needed for, it can wait until tomorrow morning,” Yu Fuya replied.

She could rest assured with Qin Yue at the hotel.

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