IPCFS: Chapter 95 Part 2

The late-night meal place was booked by Ji Yunqi. He chose a restaurant that integrated barbecue and hot pot.

The team’s assistants and the others sat around the hall for a lively dinner. Meanwhile, Ji Li’s group of three opened a private box and chatted alone.

“Come, let’s have a drink first! We haven’t been together for at least four months!” Ji Yunqi waved his hand and suddenly took on the role of a host.

The silly yet imposing momentum was well controlled.

Yuan Yifei glanced at him in a disgusted manner. “Clinking glasses with Coke? Don’t you think that is embarrassing?”

Ji Li smiled and cooperated by touching their glasses together. “Just drink Coke. If the two of you drink here, my late-night meal will end before it begins.”

The three of them drank from a small cup of Coke. Then Yuan Yifei elbowed Ji Li. “Why don’t you share your relationship status with us?”

The moment these words came out, Ji Yunqi shouted from the side, “What relationship status? Ji Li, are you in a relationship?”

Ji Li simply nodded without hiding the status of his relationship from him.

Before he could specifically explain, Ji Yunqi showed an expression of ‘heartache.’

“What about striving for our career side by side? I was filming hard in Hengcheng, but you were actually secretly falling in love?”

As Ji Li’s career fan, Ji Yunqi felt that he had been hit hard.

He took a deep breath and asked, “Say, which beautiful young lady is it?”

“Lady?” Yuan Yifei took a bite of beef and retorted with a smile, “You made a mistake in terms of gender.”


Ji Yunqi was stunned for three seconds before understanding the meaning of these words.

Fortunately, they were all in the entertainment industry, which had always been open to this type of thing.

Ji Yunqi stared at Ji Li and put on a rare serious posture. “Ji Li, let me tell you, apart from us and my older brother, the words of other men aren’t credible!”

“Tell me, which dog man tricked you? Is he inside or outside the circle? What about his personality?”

If his personality was unreliable and the relationship between the two of them was unilaterally exposed in the future, a fatal blow would be dealt to Ji Li’s career.

The more Ji Yunqi thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong and the more worried he became. “Ji Li, tell me quickly! Let me and Fei Fei check him out for you.”

“If, I mean if—If Ji Li’s other half is a complete scum, what are you going to do?” Yuan Yifei secretly stopped Ji Li and deliberately set Ji Yunqi up for a trap.

“What nonsense? I will hit him!” Ji Yunqi blurted out. “Beat him to death.”

Yuan Yifei nodded and took another bite of his beef skewer. “You’ll go to beat up Qin Yue? That isn’t quite right, is it?”

The bombshell was casually dropped.


Ji Yunqi’s bold words got stuck in his throat and even the aura of his ‘desire to fight’ was extinguished.

He almost felt like he was hallucinating. “T-Teacher Qin Yue?”

“Don’t tease him.” Ji Li glanced at Yuan Yifei in an amused manner.

Instead, he explained seriously to Ji Yunqi, “Qin Yue and I went abroad to film some time ago and we logically got together after the filming finished.”

Ji Yunqi pursed his mouth and wanted to cry without tears.

Was it too late for him to take back what he just said?

If Qin Yue knew what he had said, would the other person delete all his scenes in ‘Special Operations’?

Ji Yunqi grabbed a handful of skewers and stuffed them into his mouth one by one. “I was just speaking casually.”

Qin Yue’s character was recognized in the entertainment industry. How dare he question it?

Yuan Yifei teased him. “Third Young Lady, now do you understand why Qin Yue ‘targeted’ you? Who made you stick to Ji Li all day on the set?”

Ji Yunqi suddenly realized his mistake and immediately threw a skewer over at him. “You shut up! It turns out that you have been waiting to see me make a fool of myself a long time ago!”

“You were too slow to react and didn’t discover the truth. Why didn’t you realize it before I told you just now?”

Ji Li was accustomed to the bickering between the two of them and changed the topic. “What is going on between you and that newcomer actor Qi Heng?”

Ji Yunqi hurriedly nodded. “That’s right. Ever since your variety show started, I have seen the two of you on the hot search several times.”

“Is his company promoting a newcomer? Did they talk about a binding cooperation with your studio?”

Yuan Yifei heard the name ‘Qi Heng’ and his smile froze slightly. His always calm eyes suddenly became a bit unnatural. “…Why are you talking about him?”

“There was no binding cooperation. The hot searches were all done by the fans and the program team. In any case, I only have to record another episode and I will say goodbye to him completely. “ Yuan Yifei drank the Coke that had just been filled up, as if to hide something.

“The entertainment industry is very big. As long as I want, we will never meet again.”

Ji Li’s eyes sharply found Yuan Yifei’s reddened earlobe and his expression became subtle for a moment.

Then the party involved quickly changed the subject.

“Yunqi, what is going on with your drama? I seem to have received news that it was set two days ago.”

“It will be released soon. The first part has passed the review and it will start airing at the end of the month. Help me publicize it well at that time.”

Ji Yunqi couldn’t hold back his words when it came to his movie and television works. “Do you know what drama is competing with me at the same time?”

He paused and looked at Ji Li. “You must have a guess. It had something to do with you before.”

Ji Li realized it when he heard these words. “Shen Yanda’s ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’?”


This TV series had been filmed and produced. In order to capture the traffic of the Spring Festival season, it was divided into two parts. Yet coincidentally, it collided with Ji Yunqi’s crew.

During this period of time, the fans of the two dramas had already started to target each other both openly and secretly.

Playful calculation flashed in Ji Li’s eyes and he asked actively, “Yunqi, can you give me the contact information of the person in charge of your crew’s production?”

“What’s going on?”

Ji Li raised an eyebrow. “I have some information about Shen Yanda. I will give it to you for free.”

This tone sounded understatedk but there was a cold and hard strength that killed with one hit.

Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei exchanged looks and understood.

Back then, Shen Yanda blatantly used public opinion to smear Ji Li’s reputation. They always remembered this account for their friend.

To deal with the wicked, they had to use even worse methods.


Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei still had work the next day so the three of them didn’t talk too late.

It wasn’t even 11 o’clock by the time Ji Li followed the group back to the hotel.

Perhaps it was due to a certain level of tacit understanding, but Ji Li had just picked up his phone when he saw the WeChat message sent by Qin Yue.

-Have you returned to the hotel yet? Don’t stay out too late.

Ji Li smiled and typed quickly.

-I’ve just arrived at the hotel lobby and I’m ready to go back to my room to take a shower. How about you?

Qin Yue replied.

-I took Major General for a walk in the back garden of the hotel. I’ll go find you later.

Qi An was a local and had returned to the capital from Shanghai last month to do business. He also brought back his friend’s cat and dog that were being fostered at his house.

The moment Qin Yue and Ji Li arrived at the capital yesterday, he had brought over the cat and dog that hadn’t been seen for a long time.

Major General had spent the day in the hotel room, so Qin Yue took advantage of the lack of people to take him around for a stroll.

Ji Li returned to his room and released Snow Cake from the cat cage. He touched the cat’s fur in a soothing manner and hurried into the bathroom.

It was unbelievably cold in the north and he had to take a hot shower to relax.

Not long after Ji Li entered the bathroom, he heard continuous cries from Snow Cake.

There was no softness of the past. It sounded more like vigilance.

“Snow Cake? What’s wrong?” Ji Li felt that something was wrong and quickly changed into a bathrobe. The moment he opened the door, he bumped head-on into a person standing at the bathroom door.

It was the familiar plaid shirt again. The person who came showed a frenzied and crazy look as he tried to hug Ji Li tightly.

This scene made Ji Li’s hair stand on end.

“Ji Li! Ji Li, I really like you!” The man in the shirt rushed up instantly.

Ji Li quickly dodged and slipped out of the bathroom.

He stared at the other person coldly and ordered in disgust, “Get out.”

Seeing that he couldn’t pounce at once, the man in the shirt ran forward again. “Ji Li, I really like you. Give me a chance.”

Ji Li caught a glimpse of this person’s expression and felt physiologically nauseated. At this moment, he didn’t want to have any physical contact with this person, not even for self-defense combat.

However, the man in the shirt was too crazy and kept trying to get close enough to push him into the bedroom.

“Ji Li, I have secretly unplugged the landline in the room. Your mobile phone and key card have also been quietly put away by me…”

The man in the shirt swallowed greedily and couldn’t wait to hold his long-desired person.

He finally got his chance!


Suddenly, Snow Cake, who had been vigilant for a long time, jumped up. His claws were unprecedentedly sharp at this moment.

In the blink of an eye, Snow Cake had scratched the right side of the man’s face and his neck, leaving deep, bloody marks.

The stinging sensation made the man furious and he kicked hard at the cat that had fallen to his feet.

“Snow Cake!” Ji Li’s expression suddenly darkened.

He picked up the iron frame decoration of the cabinet door and smashed it quickly and accurately toward the other person.

Then the next second, the door opened with a bang.

Major General, who had already heard the movement, rushed in instantly and jumped on the man in the shirt.


Before the name could completely emerge, Ji Li was forcefully hugged by Qin Yue, who rushed over in time.

His lover’s familiar smell enveloped him and Ji Li’s tense heartstrings loosened instantly. “…Qin Yue, I don’t know how he got in.”

The incident happened too suddenly. Ji Li’s exposed skin had a reddish wetness and it was too late to dry his hair. His wet hair stuck to his forehead, adding a sense of fragility.

Qin Yue thought about how his lover had become a target for perverts to covet and even had the heart to kill.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” He kissed Ji Li’s forehead and soothed in a hoarse voice, “Wait for me.”

“Growl!” A suppressed, threatening sound came from Major General’s throat.

As a large dog with a strong physique, Major General was very intimidating to strangers.

The man in the shirt was pinned to the ground by Major General. Combine this with the pain from being scratched by a cat just now and he couldn’t react for a while.

He instinctively raised his head and ended up meeting Qin Yue’s gloomy, demon-like eyes.


His voice seemed to be sealed and the man in the shirt felt an overwhelming fear.

Major General sensed his master approaching and moved out of the way.

Qin Yue didn’t give the man a chance to slip away at all. The haze accumulated in his heart exploded at this moment. He tensed his jaw, as if secretly exerting force.

The next second, he aimed at a place that was extremely dirty and kicked it.


The heart-piercing scream immediately alarmed the entire floor.

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