IPCFS: Chapter 95 Part 1

The ceremony of the One Hundred Images Awards had always been straightforward, and there were no fancy shows planned for the audience.

After starting with the Best Newcomer Award, the following awards were given out one by one.

The movie ‘Country and the World’ won three awards for Best Arrangement, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Picture.

An hour later, the much anticipated core awards were presented.

Just as the outside world guessed, the title of Best Actress still fell to Sun Li this year.

The other person wore a long dark blue dress that fully displayed her curvy figure. She showed femininity with every gesture.

This was the first time that Sun Li had won a Best Actress Award from the One Hundred Images Awards. Adding the Best Actress Awards she won from the other award ceremonies in the past, she had now collected trophies from all major award ceremonies.

On the live barrage, a new round of discussion began.

-Sister Sun Li is so beautiful! Goddess, goddess!

-Is she the first actress in the Chinese entertainment industry to win a Best Actress grand slam? Her prize winning ability is too strong.

-I have to say that the vision of the director of ‘The Awakening’ is really poisonous. He found two newcomers as the male and female protagonists. Unexpectedly, one was Qin Yue and the other was Sun Li.

-Ahhh my original CP! Can Brother Yue and Sister Li cooperate again in my lifetime? I heard that they are a couple in private. Is this true or not?

-Impossible. Don’t take Brother Yue away without an appointment.

-What is so impossible about being an unmarried man and woman in the industry? If those two were together, they would be the top match in the entire entertainment industry!

The barrage started to quarrel while on the stage, Sun Li finished her acceptance speech.

“Let me once again congratulate Sun Li on winning Best Actress. Please stay on stage.” The host let her stay behind according to the script process and asked teasingly, “I want to ask you a question on behalf of the audience.”

“Who do you think will receive the Best Actor trophy next?”

Sun Li held the trophy and smiled. “This question seems like it would easily offend people?”

The host was very good at invigorating the atmosphere and continued to ask with a smile, “We are just casually discussing the question. Which actor do you privately hope will win?”

Sun Li looked down and her smile widened when she saw Qin Yue. “If I am being selfish, I naturally hope that my old partner Qin Yue will win the award.”

The moment these words came out, high decibel screams were heard from the audience.

No matter what the reason was for Sun Li’s answer, it could be regarded as the desire of the people.

After all, if Qin Yue could really win the Best Actor trophy, then it would be his ‘fourth consecutive championship victory’ that no one could shake.

Qin Yue smiled politely and looked away without a trace.

It didn’t matter if he got a trophy or not.

He didn’t want to have any unwarranted involvement with other female stars.

The cheers at the scene were still intermittent, and some people inexplicably shouted ‘Qin Yue and Sun Li are well matched.’ It wasn’t known where these old CP fans came from.

Ji Li took a sip of the red wine on the table and hid the glimmer in his eyes. “A man of talent and a good looking woman are a good match.”

Yuan Yifei heard this extremely low murmur and looked at Qin Yue silently. There was a sentence obviously printed in big words over his face:

Qin Yue, you are finished.

Once Sun Li received the award and stepped down, the ceremony soon entered the awards presentation for the Best Actor award. The thing that surprised everyone was—

The victor wasn’t Qin Yue, who had won three consecutive times, or Jiang Wenda, who had been a person in the circle for many years.

The winner of the Best Actor Award at the 24th One Hundred Images Awards was Wu Cheng, who starred in the literary movie ‘I Love You in the Future.’

This result that was an ‘upset’ made the audience sigh and feel puzzled.

Even Wu Cheng, the winner, was shocked. To be honest, why did it feel like a pie had fallen from the sky? He thought he wouldn’t be able to win this award and hadn’t prepared an acceptance speech at all!

However, the award results had been announced, so the established award collecting process was inevitable.

The director obviously understood the people’s hearts and turned the camera in Qin Yue’s direction.

Facing the camera lens, Qin Yue looked up in an indifferent manner. His innately strong demeanor made people inwardly sigh.

There was another burst of sound from the audience and many of Qin Yue’s fans felt distressed.


Wasn’t Brother Yue’s acting skills in the movie worthy of an award?

Director Zheng Anxing was an insider and he obviously understood the intention behind this award.

He patted Qin Yue’s shoulder beside him and shook his head regretfully. “It is a pity. In fact, the problem does not lie with you.”

Before this year, Qin Yue had won the Best Actor Award three times in a row. Such an achievement already went against the sky in the history of the movie industry.

Everyone who understood knew that Qin Yue’s chances of winning the award this time were very slim from the beginning.

Having the same winner every time? In industry terms, this was called an ‘award imbalance.’ If they didn’t give other movies and actors a chance at all, it would be better to just change the name to the ‘Qin Yue Award.’

The organizing committee must’ve made such a decision after careful consideration in order to avoid such a situation.

Qin Yue couldn’t win this award so Yuan Yifei, who was in the same group, naturally had no hope.

Jiang Wenda’s acting skills were good, but his image in this shortlisted movie hadn’t broken through as much as it had in the past.

After going back and forth, the crew of ‘I Will Love You in the Future’, which regarded ‘literature and art’ as its best selling point, and Wu Cheng became the most suitable winners.

Qin Yue raised his glass and gently touched it against Zheng Anxing’s glass in thanks. “In any case, I would like to thank Director Zheng for your teachings.”

“You are welcome. With your strength, did you need me to teach you? I hope there will be opportunities to cooperate again in the future.”

“Of course.”

Before coming, Qin Yue had already expected this result.

Over the years, he had won many awards and trophies, and titles were no longer things he pursued. Facing this result, he could calmly accept it in his heart.

Ji Li watched Wu Cheng, who was so excited that his voice was trembling, and suppressed his disappointment.

It was very unlikely that such a heavyweight trophy could be won four times in a row, but he still privately hoped that Qin Yue would win the award.

Speaking of which, Ji Li had never witnessed the proud gesture of his lover winning the trophy.

Ji Li shifted his gaze back to Qin Yue, who was talking to the director in a low voice.

He secretly typed a few words under the table and sent a message.

Qin Yue felt the vibration from the phone in his pocket and opened the message sent by Ji Li. A short sentence appeared on the screen.

-You will always be my best actor.

The words were boiling hot and moved him.

Qin Yue looked over for the first time and met the silent yet affirmative gaze.

In the huge award presentation venue, the surroundings were noisy and full of cheers. The two of them were separated by a seat and there was no intimate contact at all, but love flowed in their eyes, secretive and firm.

How could such eye contact avoid the eagle eyes of the CP fans who had their own ‘microscope’?

In the group of ‘Chinese Rose is Real’, there were sugar eating girls who quickly cut out a short video of the live broadcast screen just now, enlarged and slowed down.

“Ahhh don’t be sad, everyone. I’ve been staring at the live broadcast of the guest seats and finally ate a big candy!”

“First, Baby Ji Li quietly took out his mobile phone and fiddled with it for a short time under the table. Then, within a few seconds, Brother Yue lowered his head.”

“When he looked up again, his eyes were on Ji Li! In addition, Brother Yue’s smile obviously widened!”

-I sat up on the spot and said ‘oh my god guys!’ Are the two of them communicating privately on their phones?

-Definitely yes! Brother Yue didn’t win the award, so Ji Li must have been comforting him. I ship it!

-Haha I originally thought Yuan Bao was in between Chinese Rose and there would be very few sugar points as a result. Unexpectedly, Yuan Bao is just being used as a tool for them to deceive others!

-Haha, sorry Yuan Bao. Thank you, Yuan Bao.


At this moment, the ‘tool man’ Yuan Yifei leaned forward and blocked off the sight of the two actors who couldn’t take their eyes off each other. He whispered, “Both of you, stop it.”

The heat of this gaze was even hotter than his large ‘light bulb.’

Ji Li smiled and moved his gaze back to his friend’s face. He asked with concern, “Are you okay?”

Qin Yue hadn’t won the award, but his previous achievements wouldn’t be erased. On the contrary, it was Yuan Yifei who accompanied the winner again. The black fans would probably be mocking him.

“Me? I’m naturally fine.” Yuan Yifei replied nonchalantly, but loneliness flashed in his eyes when he drank the wine.

This wasn’t the first time this happened to him, and it might not be the last.

The award ceremony continued.

Director Zheng Anxing missed out on the Best Director award, but the Audience’s Favorite Movie smoothly went to ‘Country and the World.’

The last Most Popular Male Star trophy went to Yuan Yifei without any surprise.

This year’s Best Actor award caused a lot of controversy on the Internet and the popularity of the topic was becoming higher.

On the hot search topic, before the Yue fans could express their grievances, ordinary netizens were already shouting.

-Qin Yue didn’t win? I don’t understand this year’s One Hundred Images Awards.

-I don’t think the other actors are bad, but Qin Yue’s performance in ‘Country and the World’ can’t be criticized at all! In the scene where he blackened and killed people, I was really terrified and screamed in my heart.

-Teacher Qin Yue, jiayou! In two months, there will be the Peak Movie Awards. You will definitely win the Best Actor there!

-There is no need! Brother Yue’s acting skills no longer need to be proven with awards! Awesome people are always awesome!

Such remarks were enough to show how vast Qin Yue’s popularity was. Everyone’s affirmation of him from their hearts was much heavier than any trophy.


The awards ceremony ended and the celebrity guests left with their teams.

In the artists’ lounge backstage, Yuan Yifei hugged Ji Li’s shoulders. The two brothers shook their phones happily. “Did you see the message in the group? The Third Young Lady happens to be shooting for a magazine in the capital today. Shall we get together after work? He has already found a location.”

Ji Li nodded without thinking too much.

The movie ‘Time Lobbyist’ was still in theaters, but there were no follow-up publicity tasks. The awards ceremony was over, plus his accompanying annual leave…

Ji Li had a lot of rest time. This time, he had returned to the capital and he wasn’t in a hurry to leave.

The door to the lounge opened.

Qin Yue obtained a thick down jacket from an unknown place and draped it over Ji Li’s body, both forcefully and gently. “The night wind is cold. Be careful not to catch a cold. The car is already parked outside. We…”

“Hey, I’m sorry Teacher Qin Yue, your baby and I just made an appointment with Ji Yunqi for a late-night snack. You should go back by yourself first.” Yuan Yifei pushed up his glasses, showing off in an ostentatious manner.

Qin Yue was stunned. “Where are you going?”

“Don’t even think about coming. Family members can’t be brought to this dinner.” Yuan Yifei understood the intentions behind Qin Yue’s words and simply refused him.

“It was the first time Ji Yunqi was filming and you left a deep ‘psychological shadow’ on him. If he sees you coming over, then forget a late-night snack. I’m afraid he wouldn’t even be able to digest dinner.”

Ji Li chuckled. “Qin Yue, go back first. I’ll come back with Fei Fei after we finish eating.”

Qin Yue recalled the stalker he saw a few days ago and couldn’t relax.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let my team follow and we’ll take the car back to the hotel later.” Yuan Yifei was already overwhelmed by the stickiness of this pair of ‘dog men’ and continued to persuade him. “I won’t lose Ji Li. I promise to send him back to you intact.”

Even if the two of them were dating, Qin Yue knew he had to give Ji Li some space for personal friends.

“Go ahead and don’t stay out too late.”


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