IPCFS: Chapter 94 Part 2

In addition to the active interaction between online movie fans and actor fans, the CP group was even crazier.

-Brother Yue and Ji Li are on the same stage! Standing together! Shoulder to shoulder!

-Hurry up and stare at the media photos. The moment the red carpet photos of the two of them come out, take a headshot. Isn’t this material for a marriage certificate?

-Didn’t Ms Ah Yue go to the scene to film? Let’s sit back and wait for her to come out!

-I have already said that Chinese Rose is the realest! The house next door has been complaining for days.

The ‘next door’ mentioned by the Chinese Rose CP fans was naturally Qin Yue X Yuan Yifei, the Full Moon CP.

It was a pity that the two of them had no ‘sweet’ interactions on the surface for a long time. For example, the red carpet ceremony right in front of them.

Ji Li and Qin Yue stood on the director’s left while Yuan Yifei and Cheng Ling stood on the director’s right.

Yuan Yifei extended his arm out to Cheng Ling in a gentlemanly manner. In front of the camera, the man and woman were handsome and beautiful. Their clothes were the same color and they looked very suitable together.

It was over.

It was all over.

Even the ‘Empress CP’ in the movie was giving out sugar while the ‘Full Moon CP’ had no interaction.

Look at the new candies piled up in the Chinese Rose house next door and look at the old candy that they kept searching for. The Full Moon CP fans almost directly cried.

Fans had their own thoughts while looking forward to the next interview session.

There were so many people in the crew, so this red carpet interview should take over 10 minutes!

Unexpectedly, the interview only lasted less than three minutes and ended under Qin Yue’s polite refusal.

“Let’s not let the two ladies of our crew freeze. If you have any other questions, we can continue the indoor interview later. All of our reporter friends have surely worked hard. Thank you.”

Qin Yue’s reason was very gentlemanly. He was being considerate of the actresses and people couldn’t fault him at all.

Under the arrangement of their management team, Cheng Ling and Lin Xiaoge wore less than the others.

In just a few minutes, the smiles of the two of them had almost frozen. After hearing Qin Yue’s suggestion, they couldn’t wait to agree.

In fact, the interview on the red carpet was nothing more than a few meaningless questions. No matter how it was answered, it wouldn’t affect the established award results.

The crew reached an agreement and quickly left the red carpet.

Before leaving, Ji Li bowed deeply to the fans who were far away in the fan zone. As he got up, he glimpsed a familiar face and became stunned.

Beside him, Qin Yue reminded him in a low voice, “What’s wrong? Let’s go.”

“It’s nothing. I’m going.”

Ji Li suppressed the inexplicable discomfort in his heart. He maintained a decent smile and walked into the indoor awards hall.

It was only when the main creators of the crew disappeared completely that the fans dispersed.

There would be a live broadcast of the awards ceremony later and the schedule announcement said it would take place in an hour. They could take the opportunity to do something else first.


Fang Yue was originally a big fan of the Full Moon CP. She was about to edit, shoot, draw, and write. At the beginning, she single-handedly made the Full Moon CP a popular CP.

Then, ever since she entered the ‘Chinese Rose’ super talk, she abandoned the old CP like a ‘scumbag’ and rolled in the sugar pile of her new CP all day long.

Due to Fang Yue’s effects, her Weibo side account ‘Ah Yue Yue Yue’ finally became the number one sugar producer in this circle.

She heard that today’s One Hundred Images Awards would welcome Brother Yue and Ji Li on the same stage after so long. Therefore, Fang Yue, who was on the front line of candy making, booked a plane ticket and arrived at the scene with her own camera.

Fang Yue originally thought she would only be able to take photos of the red carpet at best. She didn’t expect to encounter great gains.

Through a gap in the curtain, she took a unique photo!

Ji Li was almost stuck to Qin Yue’s body while Qin Yue dotingly blocked out the wind for one.

One was looking up while the other was looking down. The affection in their eyes almost knocked Fang Yue to the ground.

This photo had it all!

Who cared about the similar red carpet photos?

Fang Yue took advantage of the crew being on the red carpet to find a nearby coffee store. She quickly processed the photos and immediately sent them to the CP group to share with her sisters.

“There isn’t much to say. Chinese Rose is real.”

Other celebrity fan bases temporarily suppressed their excitement, but the official group of the Chinese Rose CP completely exploded!

-Ahhhhh, immortal sister!

-Help! A shocking giant candy has fallen. Brother Yue and Ji Li are real!

-I announce it! Our group’s main image has appeared! The way they are looking at each other. Ji Li is so dependent on Brother Yue! Brother Yue spoils him so much!

-On the red carpet live broadcast just now, both of them were more serious than the other. Yet, they were actually sweet like this before the red carpet? These two husbands are worthy of being excellent actors. I admire them.

-This sister’s tongue is sweet!

The Weibo group was immediately flooded with 999+ messages.

Either there was no candy for a few months in a row, or the candy could knock people out in one go.

The Chinese Rose CP group ushered in an unprecedented celebration. Everyone was immersed in this immortal photo and was looking forward to the awards ceremony in the evening.

At 7 o’clock, the offline awards ceremony of the One Hundred Images Awards started on time. The online live broadcast also started simultaneously.

According to the usual process, the first acting award was for ‘Best Newcomer’. The host started the actor introduction session.

The crew of ‘Country and the World’ were sitting together, but Qin Yue’s seat was empty.

Yuan Yifei approached and asked in a voice that only they could hear, “Ji Li, where is your family? How come he isn’t here at the beginning of the ceremony?”

Your family.

A touch of pleasure filled Ji Li’s heart when he heard this extremely intimate title. “He told me he was going for an interview.”

“Why does he have to be interviewed at the beginning of the ceremony? You are going to receive the award, but he isn’t watching from the audience?”

The two of them were halfway through their whispered words when the main camera in the venue swept over the two of them.

Yuan Yifei immediately activated the ‘business’ mode. He immediately picked up his wine glass and touched it against Ji Li’s.

The two of them tacitly greeted the camera, causing cheers among fans.

-Yuan Bao and Ji Li are so handsome! Looking forward to Special Operations!

-Yuan Bao and Ji Li lost Qin Yue together. The two of them can also form a CP.

-Hahaha, Brother Yue’s CP harem on fire series.

The two CPs of ‘emperor and minister’ and Brothers’ from the movie had fought openly and secretly for a while. Now the existence of Qin Yue’s Song Yi had suddenly disappeared and netizens found that Yuan Yifei was a good match with Ji Li.

Sure enough, if handsome guys were matched together, then it was pleasing to the eye.

Qin Yue’s fans watched the CP talk and were too lazy to care about it. What they were most concerned about today was—

Could Brother Yue win the Best Actor trophy again?

They were just thinking this when intense screams erupted at the scene.

The cameras of the live broadcast and the screen all returned to the awards stage. Then the fans discovered that the guest of honor for the Best Newcomer Award was actually Qin Yue.

Soon, a huge barrage that smelled of money floated by.

-Ji Li’s victory is secured! Congratulations to the crew for winning the first award.

In fact, fans had long guessed that Ji Li would win this award. Now that they saw Brother Yue as the award presenter, they understood that the result of this award was completely secured!

The result had been confirmed, but they still needed to go through the process.

The host approached Qin Yue with a smile and asked according to the content of the script, “Teacher Qin Yue, can you guess why the organizers asked you to present the Best Newcomer Award?”

Qin Yue pretended to be puzzled. “Actually, I’m also curious. Why did the organizers ask me to present this award?”

As he spoke, he looked down below the stage with a smile.

Ji Li accurately met his lover’s gaze and had to smile.

The two of them had agreed that they wouldn’t announce their relationship to the public for the time being, but Qin Yue was too bold when taking advantage of this public award opportunity. Ji Li couldn’t resist.

It was such an unconditional preference that made Ji Li feel at ease at all times.

The on-site director obviously understood the routine very well and quickly switched the camera to Ji Li’s body.

The cheers at the scene became even livelier.

There was a strange logic in the entertainment industry.

Openness and frankness were friendship, hesitancy was love. The more generously they interacted, the more normal the audience and fans felt.

Of course, those who could eat sugar were the CP fans with their own love brains.

-Brother Yue is smiling so well.

-Hahaha Brother Yue asked the question knowingly. Why look for him for this award? Of course, they are asking him to present an award to Ji Li!

-Thank you, organizers! Thank you, Brother Yue! Thank you, Ji Li! The regrets from the movie have been completely made up! The Song brothers are the best!

-I have been in the Yue fan circle for ten years, and I have discovered several times that Brother Yue’s aura is completely different when facing Ji Li. The two of them must have a good relationship in private.

-The sisters in front should wait for me. In fact, I think it doesn’t matter if they are a CP or not. Brother Yue and Ji Li are willing to get along. Us fans shouldn’t care about the private dealings between celebrities.

-Wu wu wu, the career fans are so warm. You can rest assured. Us CP fans will definitely enclose ourselves and not cause trouble for the main masters.


In the midst of the rare harmony, the winner of the Best Newcomer Award was announced.

Ji Li’s name undoubtedly emerged from Qin Yue’s mouth.

There was thunderous applause.

Ji Li’s outstanding performance in the movie with the role of ‘Song Zhao’ was obvious to all. This newcomer award was well deserved.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were too few scenes in the movie, everyone thought Ji Li would be able to compete for Best Supporting Actor.


“Ji Li, jiayou.”

Ji Li hugged the crew at the same table one by one. Then he confidently and calmly stepped onto the awards stage.

Qin Yue looked at Ji Li for a moment before taking the initiative to greet him, giving him a hug in front of everyone.

The two of them acted as brothers in the movie. Now that the ‘younger brother’ had won an award, it was normal for the ‘older brother’ to give a warm hug.

The staff member delivered the trophy.

Qin Yue took it and handed the heavy trophy to Ji Li, taking the opportunity to whisper more words.

It was ephemeral and secretive.

It was a whisper that only they knew.

Ji Li raised his eyes to meet this person’s gaze and the smile on his face widened.

They stared at each other for just one second, but it once again became a shocking huge candy for the CP fans.

-Am I crazy about eating sugar? I think that the eyes of the two of them are really very interesting!

-You aren’t crazy. I am the one who is crazy wu wu wu.

-What did Brother Yue say to Ji Li? At the last awards ceremony, he also whispered something to Ji Li.

-Sister upstairs +1. Ahhhhh my lungs are so itchy!

-It is too sweet and too real. So much so that it is making my heart thump.

Tonight was doomed to be a sleepless night.

Were they watching an awards ceremony? They were clearly watching a love variety show being aired live!

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