IPCFS: Chapter 94 Part 1

The previous One Hundred Images Awards had been held in the capital.

As the oldest movie festival in the Chinese movie and television industry, the One Hundred Images Awards definitely held the heaviest weight. It was held at an interval of every three years so the competition was very fierce.

This time ‘Country and the World’ was shortlisted for the movie awards with an impressive result of ‘nine nominations.’ Fans were excited and crazy and launched various support activities early in the morning.

Half an hour before the red carpet started, they occupied favorable terrain on both sides of the carpet and waited for the crew to appear.

The cast of ‘Country and the World’ had invited Qin Yue, Yuan Yifei, and Ji Li to the red carpet, the actors who were shortlisted for ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Newcomer’ respectively.

According to common sense, a big star like Qin Yue should have a separate dressing room. Yet with ‘Country and the World’, the three actors were staying in the same dressing room.

Once Qin Yue and the others finished their makeup, they ‘rushed’ all the staff members to the lounge next door.

Yuan Yifei took a sip of coffee, looked at the two friends in front of him, and laughed. “Am I just a tool man? The two of you want to stay together so you pulled me in for cover?”

Qin Yue smiled and didn’t refute his guess.

Ji Li covered his lips, a bit guilty. “Yifei, you already saw through it?”

Recently, Yuan Yifei had been busy with the variety show and preparing for a new drama. Ji Yunqi’s drama had also progressed to the second half of filming. It just so happened that Ji Li was busy with the movie promotions so the three of them rarely chatted in their WeChat group.

Therefore, Ji Li had never found an opportunity to explain to his two friends that ‘Qin Yue and I are in love.’

“My CP eyes have always been very accurate.” Yuan Yifei raised an eyebrow.

Ever since he saw that Qin Yue was serious about this relationship, he guessed that the two of them would get together sooner or later.

Ji Li and Qin Yue exchanged looks before simply sitting down opposite him.

“I heard that the outside world is betting on who can win the title of Best Actor this time.” Yuan Yifei looked at Weibo on his phone while casually bringing up this topic.

Ji Li told him, “Our crew has the highest chance of winning, and it is possible for you or Qin Yue.”

There were four nominees for Best Actor, and the crew of ‘Country and the World’ occupied two spots.

Yuan Yifei chuckled. “Don’t say anything. If the competition is against Qin Yue, then I am just a companion. How can it be possible to win?”

Yuan Yifei had been nominated for Best Actor for all three major movie awards, but his success was limited to just the nomination.

Every time, he was overwhelmed by Qin Yue or other old veterans and those with an acting school background. Due to this, Yuan Yifei was ridiculed by black fans many times.

A top actor?

He had never even touched the top movie performance trophy.

Yuan Yifei thought about this and showed a self-deprecating smile.

Qin Yue knew that Yuan Yifei wasn’t in the same award-winning situation as he was in the past and said quietly, “Don’t underestimate yourself. Your acting skills have always been very good.”

Awards were just that and didn’t prove everything.

“You don’t need to comfort me. I know it well,” Yuan Yifei replied.

He shifted the topic away from himself. “The biggest attraction of this awards ceremony is actually Qin Yue and Teacher Jiang Wenda.”

Needless to say, Qin Yue had won ‘Best Actor’ in three consecutive One Hundred Images Awards.

Meanwhile, Teacher Jiang Wenda had been in the circle for 22 years and had won ‘Best Actor’ at the One Hundred Images Award twice already.

Tonight, was it Qin Yue who could continue to win the title of Best Actor or would the latter block him and successfully equalize the number of trophies?

Netizens opened a ‘betting game’ on major websites and it had become a hotly discussed topic.

At this time, the red carpet hadn’t even started and the One Hundred Images Awards had already rushed to the hot search.

“Who said that?” Qin Yue looked at his lover beside him, tone relaxed. “It is an honor to get it or my destiny to lose it.”

This sentence was originally said by Ji Li at the China Television Awards.

Ji Li met this person’s eyes and couldn’t help chuckling. “Yes, just wait for the result.”

It had come to this point. No matter how nervous they were, they couldn’t go back and make the movie again.

The two of them looked at each other and the sense of atmosphere inadvertently revealed could simply kill people.

Yuan Yifei quickly poured himself a cup of coffee, indicating that he wasn’t going to look. “Come on, can the two of you stop? Are you  bullying me for being single?”

The three of them chatted freely for a while before a staff member came over.

“Teachers, it is almost time. Can you please follow me to get in the car early and get ready?”


Qin Yue and the others went out and met Cheng Ling, who was in the next room. The other person played the empress in their movie.

As the ‘emperor’ in the movie, Yuan Yifei raised his arm in a gentlemanly manner. This made it convenient for the high-heeled and gorgeous Cheng Ling to use his support to walk.

“Thank you.”

Cheng Ling’s dress tonight was very beautiful. After all, the red carpet had always been the main battlefield for actresses.

“You’re welcome.” Yuan Yifei sent her to the shuttle car.

Cheng Ling was very measured and took the initiative to sit opposite the three men. She didn’t have excessive contact with them.

“How are you feeling? Are you confident about getting the Best Actress trophy?” Yuan Yifei asked.

The two of them had many scenes together and established a friendly relationship when the movie was filmed.

Cheng Ling looked at the other person and spoke in a modest and sincere manner.

“It is good that I can represent the crew and be shortlisted this time. I don’t even dare to think about Best Actress for the time being. My guess is that it will enter the pocket of Sister Sun Li.”

Sun Li?

Ji Li felt that the name of this actress was very familiar, but for a while, he couldn’t remember where he had seen it.

“Sister Sun Li? Her acting skills are indeed powerful,” Yuan Yifei said with a smile.

He caught a glimpse of his friend’s expression and brought up a past incident.

“When she and Qin Yue partnered up in ‘The Awakening’, they were known in the industry as the ‘strongest newcomer’ partners.”

‘The Awakening’ was the first movie and television work for Qin Yue and Sun Li.

At the movie awards that year, the two of them won trophies for Best Actor and Best Actress, becoming the youngest actor and actress to win these awards in the history of the entertainment industry.

Ji Li’s eyes flickered slightly when he heard this.

Qi An, who was sitting in the front row, turned sideways and continued the topic with Yuan Yifei.

“Yes, Qin Yue has never had any scandals. I remember that the only time there was a small scandal was with Sun Li.”

This paragraph was deliberately said to Ji Li in order to tease Qin Yue.


Qin Yue was dumbfounded.

Before he could question his friend, who was the culprit, he ended up meeting the eyes of his lover.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of this.” The corners of Ji Li’s lips curved slightly and it was hard to tell if he was jealous or not. “Is that so, Brother Yue?”

Qin Yue shook his head helplessly. “Don’t listen to their nonsense.”

Yuan Yifei and Qi An exchanged looks, revealing eyes of watching the excitement.

In this world, there weren’t many opportunities to see Qin Yue deflated.

In fact, this was a false revelation made by the unscrupulous media.

Before the fake news spread, Qin Yue personally forwarded it and directly released a lawyer’s letter requesting the deletion of the fake news.

Qin Yue’s approach dissatisfied Sun Li’s team, who had intended to hype the ‘Sweethearts CP.’ It even ruined acquiring movie resources for the subsequent cooperation of the two sides.

After that, the two of them lost contact.

The next second, the shuttle car stopped.

A huge curtain covered the red carpet area ahead, but the cheers of the fans could already be heard.

Qin Yue’s party got out of the car and met with Director Zheng Anxing and the supporting actors Chen Shengnan and Lin Xiaoge, who arrived ahead of them.

The One Hundred Images Awards was the oldest and most authoritative movie festival. The main creators and crew collectively walked the red carpet every time.

The order of appearance was even based on the timing of the movie’s release.

If the cast or crew disagreed?

Sorry, please directly leave the awards ceremony.

The organizers of the awards ceremony had always been tough. They didn’t give into the demands of the so-called ‘big names’ and ‘top class’, let alone set aside individual red carpet time.

The red carpet sequence of ‘Country and the World’ was relatively late. It would be their turn after two more sets of movie crews.

Director Zheng Anxing counted the number of people with a smile like a ‘big parent.’

In the end, he encouraged them. “Everyone, don’t feel pressure. If you win an award, then go on stage. If you don’t win, it doesn’t matter.”

“In any case, I have already booked a celebration party for tomorrow night. Let’s take this rare opportunity for our crew to gather properly.”

Everyone nodded and waited patiently in the red carpet waiting area.

The cold wind in the capital in January was so bitter that it couldn’t be resisted even with a hand warmer.

Ji Li was afraid of the cold. After waiting a long time, he shivered uncontrollably.

Qin Yue was always paying attention to his reaction. After seeing this, he leaned in and asked, “Is it cold?”

“Yes, a little bit.” Ji Li took a breath and his body instinctively approached the familiar heat source of his lover.

Outdoors in the north was much colder than in the south.

There were many people in the backstage preparatory area of the red carpet so the two of them naturally couldn’t do anything intimate.

Qin Yue sensed the direction of the wind and carefully moved his body. “I’ll help you block the wind.”

It seemed that the red carpet interview session would have to be done quickly to enter the heated indoor awards hall and let his lover have a good time.

The tip of Ji Li’s nose was a bit red from the cold, showing an indescribable cuteness as he muttered softly, “If only I could wear a cotton coat on the red carpet.”

What style was needed?

Wasn’t a cotton coat warm enough?

Qin Yue smiled and replied in a doting manner, “Okay, next time we go on the red carpet, I will accompany you to wear a cotton coat.”

Ji Li heard this answer and suddenly felt that the conversation between the two of them was a bit childish. He couldn’t help laughing.

Sister Yu said that people in love would become fools.

Thinking about it now, it really made sense.

“What are you muttering about? Get ready to go on.” Yuan Yifei approached and reminded them.

“Yes, I got it.”

The two of them tacitly controlled their expressions as if they were just ordinary actor friends.

There was an overwhelming cheer at the scene the moment the crew appeared on camera.

“Ahhhhh Brother Yue!”

“Ahhhhh Yuan Bao!”

“Ahhhhh Ji Li!”

The star chasers were all ‘illiterate people.’

The scene erupted with high decibel screams. Even the barrage of the online live broadcast was occupied by exaggerated ‘ahhhhhs’. It took a while for normal comments to return.

‘Country and the World’ was the well-deserved champion last year. The box office results were higher than the champion the year before it and the year before that.

This type of achievement naturally had a popularity base.

-The Song brothers are back! Song family, let me see your hands!

-Wu wu wu, the Song brothers must win the prizes today!

-Help, it is so hard to make a choice. I want Brother Yue and Yuan Bao to both win the award, but it is destined that only one person will get the trophy for Best Actor.

-It is good no matter who gets it. Our goal should be the same to the outside world. The crew of ‘Country and the World’ must be the best!

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Thank you for the chapter! Ahh, I want Yifei to win Best Actor; I feel like that newcomer Qi Heng might have belittled Yifei because eventhough he’s an excellent actor, he has never won Best Actor at any award events before other than not coming from any professional acting schools. However I also want the Song Brothers to win the awards they were nominated for. 😣😣