IPCFS: Chapter 93 Part 2

After Mu Wang left, Ji Li opened his Weibo and uploaded a stick figure he had already drawn with the text attached:

“An An, the future is still long. I wish you happiness.”

The chibi version of Xiang Suian wore a clean school uniform, and the smile on his face was warm and healing.

In fact, this was exactly what all the audience members expected from the role of ‘Xiang Suian.’

There wasn’t the haze brought about by his original family or the pain caused by the rebirth. His simple smile was enough.

Ji Li exhausted his sincerity for every character and the fans who accompanied him until now knew this very well. They immediately filled the comments area with the same warm comments.

-Thank you, Baby Ji Li for bringing us such a good character!

-An An should be happy and Ji Li should be happy too!

-I want to say goodbye to An An and will continue to accompany actor Ji Li!

-Continue to work hard, Baby Ji Li. I look forward to more characters in the future, okay?

While reading through the warm comments of the fans, Ji Li followed Baozi to the elevator to head to the second underground floor.

They had just left the elevator when a crazy figure rushed up to them, so excited that he trembled when he spoke.

“Ji Li! I didn’t expect to actually see you here today!”

“I’m your fan and I’ve liked you for a long time! Can you please sign an autograph and take a photo with me?”

The other person was a short and chubby boy with thick glasses. His acne-prone face was filled with unstoppable excitement.

Baozi immediately became alarmed and stepped between Ji Li and the stranger.

“What is wrong with you? You can’t disturb Brother Ji on private occasions! Hasn’t this matter been repeated several times to you fans?”

How did this person get down here?

This was a relatively private VIP parking lot. They needed an access card to enter and exit the elevator. The entrances and exits of the parking lot were also guarded by security guards and face recognition.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to sneak in unless they were the owner of a car registered in advance.

The man was sweating excitedly. He quickly wiped his sweaty hands on his clothes before handing over a pen and paper.

“Ji Li, I’ve escaped from the hospital!”

“I’m seriously ill and time is running out. Can you give me an autograph and take a photo with me?”

The man in the shirt had a dark complexion. His forehead was sweating crazily, and his mental state wasn’t quite right.

“I’ve liked you very much since the early days of Xie Yan. I…” The man in the shirt chattered, trying to take a step forward. However, he was stopped by Baozi.

Ji Li frowned. He forced down the disgust in his heart to look at the ‘fan’ in front of him. If nothing else, the shabby plaid shirt that the other person was wearing made him feel very familiar.

“I remember you. You visited my set in Hengcheng.” Ji Li thought back and frowned even more.

It was because that so-called visit had a bit of a ‘sasaeng fan’ attribute.

The moment the man in the shirt heard this, his face showed ecstasy. He stuffed the paper and pen forward indiscriminately. “You remember me! Ji Li, you remember me! That’s great!”

In fact, it wasn’t just Hengcheng. He had quietly followed Ji Li when he was filming his other two works. He also applied several times to be an extra.

Then there was trouble with the other sasaeng fans and he tried to control his behavior.

Then after the movie ‘Time Lobbyist’ was released, the impulse in his heart came out again. He really liked Ji Li too much, he liked this person uncontrollably!

“Ji Li, please grant my wish!”

The man’s face was so bad that for a moment, Ji Li couldn’t judge the truth of his ‘serious illness’.

However, he still firmly refused. “Sorry, this is my personal time, and I don’t want to be disturbed.”

“If you are really sick, cooperate with your doctor for treatment.” He shoved back the paper and pen that had been stuffed into his hand. “I hope you get well soon.”

The man in the shirt lowered his eyes and looked at the fingertips that inadvertently touched Ji Li. His mouth suddenly became dry and he pulled at Baozi vigorously, approaching fiercely, “Ji Li, take a photo! Just one!”

Before he could finish this excessive request, he was stopped by the driver who rushed in. “What are you doing? Stop it!”

Qin Yue, dressed in plain clothes, suddenly appeared. He wrapped his lover in his arms and quickly left the other person’s range of entanglement.

The man in the shirt started shouting from behind them, but they couldn’t tell what he was howling indiscriminately.

Qin Yue closed the car door neatly and blocked out all the noise. He took off his sunglasses and mask while gloomy displeasure flashed in his eyes.

The moment his eyes met Ji Li’s, his gaze softened. “Baby, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Ji Li shook his head and his tense heartstrings completely relaxed. “Where did he come from?”

Qin Yue squeezed his hand. “I’ll get people to check. Don’t take it to heart.”

The man in the shirt had an unknown origin and was definitely a hidden danger. He would thoroughly investigate him and prevent Ji Li from being in danger.

Ji Li regained his usual composure. “Qin Yue, you shouldn’t have come down just now. In case he discovers your identity…”

“Could I just watch as he got closer to my lover?” Qin Yue interrupted, his eyes faintly heavy.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the relationship between the two of them couldn’t be exposed, he would’ve definitely beat that person down to the ground.

The moment he finished speaking, the driver and Baozi got into the car one after another.

Qin Yue asked, “Where is that man?”

The driver gasped. “Boss Qin, he slipped away quickly when he heard we were going to call the police.”

The space in the parking lot wasn’t small. The man in the shirt seemed to be familiar with the terrain, and after turning around, they couldn’t find him at all.

Qin Yue heard this and quickly wrote down the person’s appearance, clothing, location etc. into a text message. He sent it to a friend and said concisely: Help me check.

In the front seat, Baozi turned his body sideways and was indignant. “I think he was deliberately trying to get Brother Ji’s sympathy! He ran away like he was flying. Where did he look seriously ill?”

Ji Li frowned but said nothing.

The driver in the front asked, “Boss Qin, shall we leave first?”

‘”Drive to the hospital first. Are you hungry?’ Qin Yue took his lover’s hand and temporarily suppressed the anger in his heart.

Ji Li pursed his lips. “Yes, a little bit.”

The car started.

Ji Li glanced out the car window. For some reason, a sense of unease suddenly jumped in his heart.


The car quickly left the underground parking lot.

The man in the shirt came out from around the corner and flipped through the photos in his phone’s photo album.

He was busy escaping just now so he could only press it at will. The photos taken were quite blurry, but he could vaguely see the figures of two men.

One figure was Ji Li, then what about the other one? Who was it?

The man in the shirt felt a pang in his heart. He pushed up his glasses and there was a hint of hatred in the eyes hidden behind the thick glasses.

I like you so much! Why did you reject me a few times? Why reject me?! Is it because of this person?

“No, Ji Li said he remembered me!”

The man in the shirt thought about it again and the look of hate immediately disappeared. It turned into a crazy and sick love. “There are so many fans, but he said he remembered me!”

He raised his right hand. His fingertips seemed to still have the residual warmth of Ji Li.

Just now, their fingertips had touched like this, making him dizzy.

The man brought his finger to his lips and kissed it carefully.

Then after a while, a lot of hot sweat broke out on his forehead and his mouth became drier.

He hid in a corner and sat on the ground. His body showed a strange trembling and words emerged from his mouth.

The security guard of the parking lot turned on the light source and walked over.

Every two hours, they had to patrol in shifts to ensure the safety of the luxury cars that were the property of the VIP owners.

The security guard walked to a place and suddenly found a piece of paper and pen on the ground. In addition, there was a puddle of filthy liquid.

The security guard immediately guessed what this dirty thing was and looked away in disdain. “Tsk, there are really all sorts of animals.”


Inside the private box of the restaurant.

Qin Yue piled up all the peeled prawns in his lover’s bowl and said with a smile, “Eat slowly.”

Ji Li smiled at him and praised the food. “This restaurant tastes pretty good.”

“The restaurant was opened by a friend in the circle and they are very  confidential.” Qin Yue gave his lover a glass of red wine.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken out Ji Li, who was on the rise, to casually eat out.

He picked up a wet wipe and wiped his hands. “Has Sister Yu booked you a ticket to the capital?”

Ji Li was surprised. “To the capital?”

Seeing his confused appearance, Qin Yue couldn’t help smiling and reminding him, “Have you forgotten that ‘Country and the World’ was shortlisted for the One Hundred Images Awards?”

The One Hundred Images Awards was held every three years in mid-January. All of the outstanding works during those three years would be exhibited.

‘Country and the World’ was scheduled for New Year’s Day last year and missed the last awards. But among the shortlisted names this year, the movie crew was shortlisted with nine nominations.

Among them were Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei’s nominations for Best Actor and Ji Li for Best Newcomer.

“Qin Yue, you’ve already been shortlisted three times, right?” Ji Li raised an eyebrow.

“I heard Baozi say it before. If you win the Best Actor Award again this year, it will be a consecutive win?”

If this was the case, Qin Yue’s legendary status could be raised to another level.

Qin Yue walked to the side of his lover and sat down. “It doesn’t matter if I win the award. I want to see you win the award.”

Based on the other person’s excellent performance in the movie, the Best Newcomer Award was already in his pocket.

Ji Li hummed twice with a strong confidence that hooked people. “Don’t worry, I can get it.”

“Of course.”

Qin Yue smiled and changed the subject. “I’ll ask the organizer to arrange the rooms of the two of us to be next to each other, okay?”

Then it would be easy to walk through the door and spend the night together.

Qin Yue’s burning breath fell on his ears, causing them to turn hot. “Aren’t you afraid of being discovered by others?”

“Then I’ll take it as you are agreeing tacitly.”

They were all insiders and everyone had their own secrets. Who would easily tell other people’s affairs?

Qin Yue had long been unmotivated to eat. He said in a deep voice, “Baby, it has been so long since I’ve returned to China. Shouldn’t you let me taste some sweetness?”

“My current treatment isn’t as good as Wen Qiong’s in the last movie.”

He could see and get it, but he couldn’t eat it.

In addition, Ji Li had been busy with movie promotions as soon as he returned to China so there was little space for the two of them to be alone.

It was more tortuous than before the two of them got together.

Ji Li took a sip of red wine. He looked at the lover in front of him with a smile and teased, “Major General couldn’t see Snow Cake at the beginning. It is just like you now.”

Qin Yue didn’t deny it. “Major General lives more happily than me now. At the very least, he can sleep with Snow Cake every day.”

Ji Li chuckled. “Once I arrive in the capital, I will take the initiative to go to your room. That’s okay, right?”

“Okay, Baby.”

“Sit back and eat. I’m still hungry.”

“Eat more. Once you are full, it will be my turn to eat.”

Ji Li glared at Qin Yue and felt his face becoming hotter.

Ever since the two of them had gotten together, he had unlocked an unknown side of the other person.

The dignified actor was very outwardly cold but inwardly passionate.

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Thank you for the chapter ❤️

Some Kind Of Disaster
Some Kind Of Disaster
8 months ago

«The security guard walked to a place and suddenly found a piece of paper and pen on the ground. In addition, there was a puddle of filthy liquid.»

ahhhh noooooo!!! that just made my skin crawl!!! ((ΩДΩ))

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Right, there’s a question:
Isn’t those cars for celebrities usually have Car privacy glasses’?? And parking lot isn’t completely dark,yes? So how that pervert managed to take pictures from inside of the car?! thinking hardly

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They do have the black tinted glass but usually it’s not completely cover glass, so its only 80% tinted. Idk if they have the same law about it, but in my country you can’t use a completely black glass and from what i know thats why those expensive big car will use curtain for privacy. So i assume it’s like that