IPCFS: Chapter 93 Part 1

Many marketing accounts and movie critics took advantage of the popularity of ‘Time Lobbyist’ to send out long movie analyses.

A comprehensive analysis of the plot, actors’ acting skills, picture composition, etc. were carried out.

One of the most popular acting analysis posts came from Ji Li’s fan circle: ‘On Ji Li’s detailed acting skills in the movie, have you really found them all?’

The title was long, ordinary, and straightforward.

However, the text was as long as 1,000 words, and it was accompanied by screenshots of the movie, making it very vivid.

The author of this acting analysis post was a Weibo user called ‘Every Day I want to Kiss and Make Ji Li Cry.’

There was no doubt that this person was a big shot who had long been recognized by Ji Li’s fans.

The ‘true emotional essay’, which should’ve been popular only in the fan circle, was forwarded 30,000 times in just five days. The accumulated comments and likes were countless.

It was because the big shot’s analysis post was really amazing.

The whole article was a professional analysis of acting skills and some of the subtleties were seen with a magnifying glass. If it wasn’t pointed out, few ordinary audience members would’ve noticed it.

The most important thing was that the big shot listed practical acting principles through Ji Li’s acting skills in the movie.

In the fan circle, Ji Li’s fans took this post and went to watch the movie in theaters a second and third time.

Outside the fan circle, many teachers and students of movie and television schools followed suit. They apparently thought that this post could be used as a reference for movie and television professional courses.

Even Wang Zhang, the director of ‘Time Lobbyist’, forwarded it with a comment.

“This friend isn’t an ordinary fan, right? The analysis is accurate, and there is no exaggeration at all. Not only does Ji Li have good acting skills, but unexpectedly, his fans are also talented people.”

It only took a day or two after Wang Zhang forwarded it for it to be liked by the directors he had a close relationship with in the circle.

After being affirmed by a director in the circle, the popularity of the post rose again, and the comments area was lively and interesting.

-Worship the big boss! We are all from Earth. Why am I the only one like an illiterate person?

-Which bookstore can I buy your book from? I will line up overnight to buy it!

-Good man! @One Hundred Images Awards @China Entertainment Awards @Peak Movie Awards, the three major movie festivals should hurry up and show me the results! If there is no big boss as a new judge next time, I definitely won’t watch it!

-As a fan of another family, I envy Ji Li and his fan circle! I looked at the big shot’s Weibo in admiration. Not only are they wealthy, but they provide analyses. It is a double guarantee of intelligence and financial resources!

-Wu wu, I’m sour. Fans rely on their strength to help their master go on the hot search? So awesome!

-It is okay for other fans to be envious, but don’t come to pry at our family’s big shot! See the ID? This big shot is attached to Baby Ji Li. Don’t try to pry him from his corner.


Ji Li sat in the lounge. Under Baozi’s recommendation, he clicked on this acting analysis post that caused a sensation in the fan circle.

It took him a while to read the post and joy burned in his heart.

This fan blogger not only realized the detailed change in his acting skills but also analyzed everywhere with vigor… Unexpectedly, there was such a powerful person among his fans?

Even if this person wasn’t a big shot in the industry, they should be related to the movie and television industry, right?

Of course, this Weibo ID looked a bit indecent.

What did they mean by crying?

Qin Yue would probably be jealous if he saw this ID.

Ji Li found it interesting, so he simply forwarded this Weibo post to his lover.

“Qin Yue, let me tell you something and don’t be jealous.”

“I think this fan friend is very good. They can understand all my acting skills. If possible, I want to be friends with them.”

The moment this WeChat message was sent, Baozi handed over a cup of warm water.

“Brother Ji, don’t you think this post is very powerful?”

“It is such a long and professional analysis. I think this big shot must’ve put in a lot of effort.”

Ji Li nodded while feeling quite moved.

As a public figure, it was naturally impossible for him to ‘hook up’ publicly on Weibo. He thought about it for a moment before taking the initiative to send a private message to this fan friend.

“I’ve read the analysis post on the home page. Thank you for your affirmation.”

The moment this Weibo private message was sent, Qin Yue’s reply was received.

“It is very well written. It is like it was done by a professional.”

“But Baby, did you chat with this person in a private message without telling me?”

Ji Li was stunned. He hadn’t expected that his lover could guess so accurately.

It was nothing, but why did he suddenly feel guilty?

However, lovers had to be honest with each other.

Ji Li thought about it before taking a screenshot of the private message and sending it to Qin Yue. “Look, they haven’t replied to me yet. I have nothing to hide from you.”

Qin Yue sent a voice message back. “Yes, be good, little friend.”

The volume of his phone wasn’t adjusted in time, allowing Baozi to clearly hear him.

Baozi blushed so much that he almost drilled down into a hole in the ground.


Teacher Qin Yue actually called Brother Ji ‘little friend?’ This was too sweet!

If the majority of CP fans knew about this, wouldn’t they directly faint on the spot?

“Cough.” Ji Li glanced at his little assistant in an embarrassed manner. He quickly adjusted the volume before continuing to chat with Qin Yue.

“Once the promotion event at the theater is over, I will ask someone to pick you up. I’ve already discussed it with Sister Yu, so you don’t have to worry.”


Not long after, a staff member knocked on the door from outside.

“Teacher Ji, the audience has almost all entered. Please get ready to go on stage.”


It had been ten days since ‘Time Lobbyist’ was released and the box office performance was still good.

The total box office lagged behind ‘Flower Demon’ by Xu Cheng, but it had opened a box office gap of nearly 300 million with the third place ‘Great Lost Wealth in the World.’ They could be considered as the runner-up in the New Year’s Day competition.

It was undoubtedly a successful result for a movie with such a small investment.

Once the original producers saw the situation of the movie becoming a big hit, they were so regretful that their intestines turned green. They hadn’t expected that the small script no one cared about at the beginning could develop to today’s situation!

If they had known this was the case, they would’ve never signed a contract with Yuexing that transferred over the various rights and interests of the movie. Now it seemed that they simply picked up sesame seeds and lost the watermelon!

They had to admit that Qin Yue’s title of ‘Golden Hand in the Entertainment Industry’ was well-deserved. The scripts he liked never missed.

The box office of the movie had continued until now, and Qin Yue had become the biggest winner in this game of interests, making a lot of money.

Today was the last publicity event for the movie, and the venue had changed from the small hall that could only contain 100 people to one that could contain 300 people.

The response from fans who came from all over the country was enthusiastic and the main creative team was encouraged. They were very open in the interview and games.

Once the movie was played, there were sobs from the audience.

Good movies like this.

Regardless of how many times they had seen it, they could be fully moved by different details.


Baozi had just packed up his belongings when Ji Li returned to the lounge. “Brother Ji, Teacher Qin Yue’s car is already waiting in the VIP parking lot on the 2nd underground floor. We can go down at any time.”

The theater was located in a comprehensive building and the second underground floor was a private VIP parking lot. It was very convenient for Qin Yue and Ji Li to meet.

Before Ji Li could answer, there was a knock on the door.

Screenwriter Mu, who hadn’t been seen for a long time, stood at the door with his usual shy smile. “Ji Li, can I come in? I want to talk to you.”

“Of course.” Ji Li was pleasantly surprised and invited the other person into the room. “Screenwriter Mu, long time no see.”

Ever since the movie was completed, Ji Li hadn’t seen Mu Wang in a long time.

The other person wasn’t one who was obsessed with fame and fortune. After the movie exploded in popularity, he never took out the title of ‘original screenwriter’ to swagger around. The previous promotional activities of the crew were also rejected by him.

Baozi was a perceptive person and walked out with a backpack without saying a word. He also closed the door of the lounge behind him, giving enough space for the two of them to talk.

Ji Li took the initiative to ask, “Screenwriter Mu, you came to the scene today?”

Mu Wang nodded. “Yes, I heard it was the last publicity event, so I took a look.”

Compared to his uneasy and introverted self a year ago, the current Mu Wang was obviously much more relaxed. He exuded a fresh feeling of freedom.

Mu Wang was afraid of delaying the other person’s time and directly got to the point. “Ji Li, I came to say goodbye to you.”

Ji Li was puzzled. “Goodbye? Where are you going?”

Mu Wang’s eyes shone with expectations. “I am going back to my hometown and meeting two friends I haven’t seen for a long time.”

Ji Li immediately perked up when he heard these words. “Screenwriter Mu, do you mean?”

Mu Wang nodded slightly.

Even if some things weren’t thoroughly said, he believed Ji Li could understand them.

Reality had left him a bit of sweetness after all.

After the movie was released, the ‘Fang Huai’ who had disappeared for a long time finally took the initiative to contact ‘An An’ in the real world.

Reality wasn’t as cruel as the script.

The two of them agreed to meet in their hometown and visit ‘Ah Yu’ together in prison.

“Ji Li, I really appreciate you,” Mu Wang spoke sincerely.

Back then, if Ji Li and Qin Yue hadn’t stopped Cai Yishu and allowed this script to be filmed and released in its entirety, perhaps today’s luck might not have happened.

The moment Ji Li heard the real ending of the movie, the big stone in his heart disappeared and he sighed with relief. “You don’t need to thank me. I’m also happy for you.”

Ji Li pulled up his sleeves and untied the bracelet worn on his wrist. “I have always kept the ‘amulet’ you gave me. Now this should be returned to its original owner.”

Mu Wang lowered his eyes and stared at the bracelet that contained a warm temperature. Slight tears appeared in his eyes. “Thank you.”

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