IPCFS: Chapter 92 Part 2

Netizens erupted in anger and some actors even stood up to support Song Qingfeng.

Adding scenes? Unacceptable!

Changing the script? Unacceptable!

The producer isn’t human? Unacceptable!

Now the popularity had exploded, and the producer couldn’t control the backlash even if he wanted to. In desperation, the roadshow publicity event scheduled for the day of the release could only be temporarily canceled.

As netizens attacked and abused the producer, they also stripped Cai Yishu and Wang Yongwei clean of their ‘previous convictions.’

The first movie and television work that Cai Yishu starred in after his debut was as the second male lead in an IP drama. As a result, the drama aired, and the second male lead had as many scenes as the male protagonist.

The second male lead actually rushed in before the male protagonist and had a relationship with the female protagonist?

Cai Yishu’s first movie that he used to enter the big screen movie industry was when he temporarily replaced another actor in the crew.

The crew once had an old veteran actor release some news that there was an actor in the same crew who didn’t act well but had quite a lot of scenes. He was referring to Cai Yishu.

His first role as a male protagonist was in the movie ‘Time Lobbyist’, which also had the original script changed. However, the investor and producer saw through his careful thinking and were so angry that they directly terminated his contract. This allowed them to survive.

Then the next movie to suffer became ‘Night Detective.’

Absolutely! Added scenes!

Absolutely! Magical changes!

Fortunately, he was overturned this time. Otherwise, how many crews and excellent scripts would suffer in the future?!

Not only did netizens scold Cai Yishu and Wang Yongwei, but they also criticized Jincheng Pictures behind them.

First, there was the ‘car shaking protagonist’ Zhu Xusheng, and now there was the ‘add drama maniac’ Cai Yishu. What type of demons and monsters were the artists under Jincheng Pictures?

Cai Yishu’s team couldn’t stop the common hatred of netizens, so they could only lie down and ignore it.

On various ticket buying apps, the refund rate of ‘Night Detective’ surged. For several hours in a row, it actually experienced the miraculous situation of a negative growth.

The book fans and netizens who couldn’t refund their tickets took the opportunity to leave all types of bad reviews about the trash producer, trash male protagonist, trash plot…

The overall score of the movie plummeted in a short period of time. It became less than 6 points in a short period of time, and it was estimated that the subsequent score could still break through the minimum score.

All in all, ‘Night Detective’ relied on its strength to persuade passersby to retreat.

Then according to the previous schedule, this was a huge loss!

The major theater companies saw that the situation was wrong and contacted their theaters to reduce the number of screenings for ‘Night Detective.’

What about the theaters that were freed up? They could only fill it up with a movie scheduled to be released at the same time!

The original scheduling rate of ‘Flower Demon’ and ‘Great Lost Wealth in the World’ wasn’t low. Therefore, ‘Time Lobbyist’ with an overall score of 9.3 became the one to profit the most in this silent competition.

The movie screening rate on the first day of release rose directly from 9% during the day to 12% at night.

The increase in the movie’s scheduling rate was an excellent weapon to drive the box office.

Compared to the extremely long run time of ‘Great Lost Wealth in the World’ and ‘Flower Demon’, ‘Time Lobbyist’ had a short length of 80 minutes, making it particularly suitable to fill in the vacancy.

The most important thing was that there weren’t only handsome men and beautiful women in the movie. There were also many big stars who made cameo appearances!

That’s right. Once the publicity rights of ‘Time Lobbyist’ fell into the hands of Yuexing, in the afternoon, their crazy bombardment publicity campaign started.

The veteran actor Wei Guofu, the actress Song Shenxing, the powerful Xu Manman… even the actors who played the grandparents of the male protagonist were old actors at the level of national treasures.

In other words, the actors in this movie weren’t inferior to ‘Flower Demon’ at all!

It was also just an ordinary 2D movie. The ticket price wasn’t expensive!

“I am rushing to buy tickets. You can do whatever you want!”

“I have bought a ticket and am waiting to enter. This is the crew who can kick out Cai Yishu. I believe their pursuit of high-quality works is true!

“I just finished watching it! It is absolutely amazing!”

“Friends who haven’t watched the movie and have low tear points, please prepare tissues!”

“Dear, I sincerely recommend watching the movie without makeup so as to not waste your makeup~”

On the first day of its release, the box office of ‘Time Lobbyist’ finally broke through the 50 million mark and stayed at 65 million.

In comparison to the early release stage when there was a low screening rate and poor publicity, now the box office on the first day had already reached the peak.

Most importantly, the word of mouth of ‘Time Lobbyist’ completely exploded overnight!

Topics about the movie went on the hot search one after another. Driven by the movie’s official Weibo, the discussion in the topics kept rising.

-Director Wang Zhang is amazing! The time-space switches are handled very well! Ji Li earned a lot of tears from me again!

-I swear! This is definitely the best youth group portrait that I have seen in recent years. The characters of everyone in the group of five are so clear! The image of each elder is also portrayed differently. The actors and teachers are too strong!

-I watched it with my friends and everyone found similar shadows to themselves in the movie. After watching the movie, each one cried worse than the other.

-Everyone should go and take a look! The ticket price isn’t high and the plot and actors are worth it!

Netizens tried their best to promote it and ‘natural’ praise rolled in. The movie’s reputation spread to countless people.

In just three days, the movie’s scheduling rate caught up to ‘Great Lost Wealth in the World’ and soared to 20%!

Of course, the actor that netizens mentioned most frequently was Ji Li, the third male lead.

-Xiang Suian made me cry! Why are Ji Li’s crying scenes so powerful? I could bear it a bit before, but I burst into tears when I saw the end!

-The acting skills of the other leading actors are good, but Ji Li’s acting skills are amazing! The scenes of the family of three were so cool to watch! He is a young actor, but he wasn’t suppressed at all.

-I am a passerby, but I dare to say directly that Ji Li is definitely the TOP in terms of acting skills among the new generation of young actors!

-Ji Li doesn’t have many works now, but has his character ever collapsed? Song Zhao, Xie Yan, and Xiang Suian… I can completely distinguish the images of the three roles.

Under this type of enthusiasm, there was a marketing account who took advantage of the popularity to release some news.

“I heard that when Ji Li was in Dream Media, he took a fancy to this script and was the first actor to sign a filming contract with the crew.

He let go of the male protagonist and second male lead roles that he didn’t like and chose a third male lead. This offended his original agent, and he was sent to be a stand-in in the crew of ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’.”


Was it like this?

The netizens were shocked again!

These days, which young actor didn’t want to fight for leading roles? Who didn’t want to fight for higher exposure?

Yet Ji Li actually let go of the male lead and chose the third male lead?

Netizens thought about it and couldn’t wait to applaud Ji Li.

It was because after watching the movie, everyone agreed that the third male lead, Xiang Suian, was the most touching and deeply rooted character.

From another point of view, the third male lead ran through the movie as a hidden core.

This eye for selecting scripts was really amazing!

The most interesting thing was that Ji Li’s former agent looked down on him due to this choice and sent him to a drama crew to be a stand-in.

Unexpectedly, he relied on his strength to rise up and Xie Yan was created as a perfect character.

Ji Li was handsome, had good acting skills, excellent vision, and his luck wasn’t bad.

Fans of such an actor were too worry-free!

Ji Li’s fans saw the flood of comments on the Internet, and the little person in their hearts was jumping up and down with joy.


He wasn’t only worry-free, but also cool!

Every time their Baby Ji Li filmed, his role would explode in popularity and he would attract a wave of fans.

There might be black fans jumping up and down and scolding him, but Ji Li could rely on his strength to slap them fiercely in the face. There was no need for the fans to worry.

Do you want to enter the pit?

It isn’t too late to enter the pit!


Speaking of which, the ‘box office fate’ was quite metaphysical, but it did exist.

In the next week or so, word of mouth of ‘Time Lobbyist’ continued to ferment and its screening rate rose to 22%, which was almost on the same level as ‘Flower Demon.’

The box office of the movie soared from 50 million to over 100 million in a single day, or even more!

So far, the total box office of the movie had exceeded one billion!

From the least expected ‘bottom of the box office’ with a small investment, it counterattacked and surpassed Director Song Yonghui’s comedy movie ‘Great Lost Wealth in the World.’ The single day box office actually got close to ‘Godslayer Flower Demon’ directed by Xu Cheng.

The total box office of ‘Flower Demon’ by Xu Cheng was still ahead, but ‘Time Lobbyist’ had become a well-deserved box office dark horse!

As for the originally popular movie, ‘Night Detective’, it only received 130 million at the box office in the following days. It hadn’t even earned back the original costs when it was hastily announced that it would be removed from theaters.

In the comprehensive rating on professional websites, ‘Time Lobbyist’ actually soared another 0.2 points on the basis of its original high score of 9.3!

It had to be known that due to the broad and diverse audience base, there were very few movie and television works that could achieve an increase in their rating rather than a decrease.

But ‘Time Lobbyist’ did it!

Not only had it become the highest-rated movie during the New Year’s Day holiday, but it also achieved an absolutely high score over the past five years!

There was such an excellent foundation, and the popularity and resources of the five leading actors had soared.

Feng Cheng got a high box office the first time he acted as a male lead. Yuexing helped him take the opportunity to ‘pick up after the mistake’. All of Cai Yishu’s endorsements that were lost due to the ‘adding scenes’ scandal ended up belonging to Feng Cheng!

Feng Cheng’s fans were overjoyed. They had been ridiculed by the Cai fans for so long. Now they could finally stand up and fight back!

Wei Lai, who had always been known as the ‘idol who can’t be supported by Chaoying’, finally became popular with this movie. His stagnant Weibo fans received a big increase.

The popularity of the two actresses wasn’t as high as the men, but they also gained new fans and many affirmations.

Of course, the actor with the loudest voice and highest momentum was still Ji Li.

He topped the list of ‘Artist Network Data’ for five consecutive days, and the number of Weibo fans rose rapidly with exaggerated words every day.

A media magazine commented:

“Ever since his debut, Ji Li has either been filming and accumulating works or relying on his works to accumulate actual achievements!”

“From a stand-in to a villain and then from a villain to a third male lead. In the absence of a ‘positive male protagonist’, he has surpassed 80% of the actors on the same level.”

“So far, every step Ji Li has taken on the path of being an actor follows a textbook progression!”

“Ji Li has fully met the conditions to become a top actor in the entertainment industry!”

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