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IPCFS: Chapter 90 Part 2

The plot slowly unfolded.

The male and female protagonists met and fell in love. They were so sweet that people couldn’t help smiling.

When they were young, they agreed to work hard for each other. But in the end, they couldn’t resist their repeated fate. They separated in the vast sea of people, and once they met again, they were already separated.

Everyone finally understood that the funeral at the beginning was actually that of the female lead’s.

Meanwhile, the core character hidden in the script was actually the third male lead, Suian.

In each of his rebirths , he tried to change everyone’s misfortune again and again . The tragedies arranged by fate came one after another, and he refused to let them happen so easily.

In the end, Xiang Suian still watched his friends suffer misfortune one by one. Nevertheless, he failed to save the male protagonist from being imprisoned in jail.

At the end, the movie returned to its opening scene.

The male protagonist Cheng Yu was taken away by the police, and it seemed like everyone’s tragedy had come to an end.

“I am like a lobbyist out of time, trying to make them whole in each round of reincarnation.”

“In the end, I can’t save others, let alone myself.”

After Ji Li’s deep narration, the big screen went dark.

The movie seemed to end like this.

“There is no rebirth this time? What is going on?”

“Why has An An always refused to let go? In fact, after being reborn so many times, he should already know that he can’t change the ending.”

The sobbing of the audience wouldn’t stop, and many people were still asking questions.

Yes, why?

Xiang Suian was clearly hit by reality. Why did he still insist on going his own way?

Was there any possibility to end this cycle?

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, the big screen unexpectedly lit up again.

The sound of sirens pierced the sky.

Xiang Suian watched the police car that was going away, and Cheng Yu’s advice before he was taken away lingered.

“Suian, leave me alone and live your own life.”

The movie screen suddenly rewound rapidly. The scenes between the two of them, who used to get along day and night, flashed.

The look in Xiang Suian’s eyes when Cheng Yu excitedly rushed away on his bicycle;

The look in Xiang Suian’s eyes when Cheng Yu knelt in front of two old tablets and wept bitterly;

The look in Xiang Suian’s eyes when Cheng Yu proudly announced that he was in love;

The look in Xiang Suian’s eyes when Cheng Yu was in the rental house after breaking up;

The look in Xiang Suian’s eyes when Cheng Yu raised a knife and seriously injured someone at the funeral;


His hidden, unspeakable feelings were revealed at this moment and finally fell back onto Xiang Suian’s words.

“Ah Yu, it is time for me to live my own life.”

The movie came to an end. Everyone was immersed in the final reversal and was completely unable to recover.

Was it like this?

Were Xiang Suian’s feelings for Cheng Yu actually like this? Wasn’t this hidden too deeply? If it wasn’t for the scenes focused on his eyes at the end, they wouldn’t have noticed at all!

It wasn’t just the audience. Even Feng Cheng, who played Cheng Yu, was dumbfounded.

He suddenly looked at Ji Li, who was separated from him by two seats, and asked in a low voice, “Ji Li, did you know about this final plot twist? Why wasn’t it written in the script?”

Ji Li’s lips curved, and he smiled without saying anything.

This was the deepest level of foreshadowing that had been planted from the first day of filming after he discussed it with Director Wang Zhang.

Feng Cheng always liked joking around. Now he raised his eyebrow and teased, “Ji Li, did you really fall in love with me while we were filming? If so, I can consider giving dating a try.”

The moment these words emerged, Feng Cheng felt a sharp gaze. “Male lead, you seem to be acting very leisurely?”


Feng Cheng lost half his soul in fright when he recognized the other person. “T-Teacher Qin Yue?”

It was over. When did his boss come? In addition, his boss was actually sitting next to Ji Li!

He was talking nonsense just now. Teacher Qin Yue didn’t really think there was something wrong with his orientation, right? He was just joking with Ji Li. He was completely straight!

Feng Cheng thought uneasily, and a strange thought came up.

Was this right?

Why did Teacher Qin Yue look at him like he was wary of a rival in love?

Fortunately, Qin Yue’s death stare didn’t last long. He left the venue quickly before the lights in the movie theater turned back on.

The ending song finished playing, and the lights turned back on.

It wasn’t known who shouted first. “Good movie!”

This brief but true evaluation received applause from everyone.

The level of editing under Wang Zhang’s personal supervision was excellent. The camera rhythm and movie soundtrack were arranged seamlessly.

None of the five-member group of leading actors lacked acting skills.

Feng Cheng and Wei Lai were evenly matched, and their respective emotional outbursts were very good.

The crying scenes of the two actresses touched people’s hearts, causing many audience members to cry. They were unable to stop at all, and the tissues they brought were about to run out!

For a movie like this, if it wasn’t 100 points, it was at least 95 points!

Wang Peng, who watched the movie with colored glasses, was having a hard time. To be honest, he was already convinced by this movie. It was the first time he felt that receiving ‘rotten money’ went against his conscience.

The creators were once again invited to the stage to be interviewed by the media.

It was only at this time that the media understood the purpose of the premiere arrangement.

It was because it was only after they watched the movie that they could admit that ‘Time Lobbyist’ was a movie that completely surpassed the passing line.

It was different from ordinary youth movies. The storyline was more novel than the typical youth movie, and there were no obvious shortcomings in the friendship plotline and love plotline.

It had to be mentioned that the foreshadowing arrangements in the movie were truly wonderful. It was worth watching several times!

The lowest among the pre-sales results?

No, it was the outside world who misjudged and completely underestimated the movie!

The follow-up word of mouth just had to spread, and they would still be in competition for the box office champion during the New Year’s Day period.

Some fans cried in their audience seats, “Ji Li, you are the best! Your character interpretation is great!”

Due to the movie’s weak pre-sales for the box office, black fans had been jumping up and down on Weibo.

“The success of the little beggar Song Zhao is due to the two leading actors, Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei. The success of the villain Xie Yan is due to the perfection of the character in the script.”

“Ji Li has facial paralysis and can’t act. This movie has had no help from the public and therefore it must be a mess.”

“Tsk tsk, look at the pre-sales. It is already not acknowledged by anyone even before its release.”

Now the facts were in front of them. Ji Li had the fewest scenes in ‘Time Lobbyist’ in exchange for the most brilliant and eye-catching performance.

The big stone in the hearts of the fans fell. They were looking forward to the official release midnight tomorrow even more.

Just wait and see.

Using this role, Ji Li would definitely gain praise and recognition from the outside world! He would crazily slap people in the face!


The media interview lasted nearly half an hour before Ji Li returned to his one-person lounge. The moment he entered through the door, he was forcefully yet gently pressed against the wall.

Qin Yue clasped the back of his lover’s head and kissed him silently.

“Qin Yue… wu…”

Ji Li could only mumble. As a result, Qin Yue grasped the opportunity to pry open his lips and teeth. His flexible tongue licked every place, stirring up bursts of numbness.

Ji Li didn’t struggle any longer. He actively wrapped an arm around Qin Yue and took the initiative for a deep kiss.

The hot breathing of the two of them blended together. The sound of their heartbeat was like a drum, and their desire for each other exploded in an unabashed manner.

There was a tide of emotion in Ji Li’s eyes and he let out an unbearable moan. He always felt that Qin Yue’s kiss was somewhat fierce and tough.

Fortunately, the other person quickly discovered his discomfort and withdrew slightly to give him some room to breathe.

Qin Yue turned to kiss his hot earlobe and asked clearly, “Did you like Feng Cheng very much when you first filmed this movie?”


Ji Li was stunned and his remaining trace of reason pulled him back to reality. “What?”

Qin Yue met his eyes and there was a vaguely sour taste when he spoke again. “On the first day of filming, you posted a picture with him on Weibo.”

“You ate hot pot with him, and he also wrapped an arm around you when he was taking the photo.”

The sour smell in the air became stronger with each word.

Ji Li had long forgotten this trivial thing. Now he saw that Qin Yue remembered it so clearly and immediately snorted triumphantly. “How old are you that you are still eating the vinegar of this child?”

Qin Yue obviously wasn’t satisfied with this answer and bit his lower lip in punishment. “Then who do you like?”

“You ask even though you know the answer.” Ji Li stroked Qin Yue’s Adam’s apple and replied with a smile, “I like you.”

Then he suddenly leaned forward with bad intentions. As expected, Qin Yue let out an uncomfortable and suppressed sound.

Qin Yue saw his lover’s ‘provocative’ and triumphant eyes and kissed his lips with enthusiasm. “Baby, don’t torture me on purpose. Be careful of asking for trouble.”

Ji Li glanced down and secretly thought to himself.

‘If lovers confirm their feelings, isn’t it normal for them to have a relationship? In any case, I have been hungry for Qin Yue’s body for a long time. It isn’t a loss.’

Qin Yue saw through his gaze, hugged him tightly, and asked with a smile, “Where are you looking at? Do you want to try it?”

Ji Li’s cheeks burned.

In a lounge backstage at a movie theater? It wasn’t suitable.

Yet thinking about it carefully, why did it feel a bit exciting?

“What’s wrong?” Qin Yue noticed the look in his eyes.

Ji Li put away his inexplicable thoughts and shifted his gaze. “I have nothing to do with Feng Cheng and I’m not interested in him.”

Those eyes were the natural expression of his character after entering the act.

Rather than saying that the feelings were toward Feng Cheng, these were the feelings of the screenwriter Mu Suian to his ‘Ah Yu’ in real life.

It was said that there were a thousand Hamlets for a thousand readers.

It was the audience’s own business whether they understood it as a friendship of sharing hardships or a one-sided love.

Ji Li pulled him to sit down on the sofa and asked about business.

“Your Yuexing should have a say in the promotion of the movie, right? What is going on with the movie now?”

The movie was temporarily scheduled, but the early publicity was too weak. In addition to the starring roles, there were obviously many big name actors making cameos. Why not take them out for publicity?

“The producer is unreliable, so I had Yuexing take back the right to announce and distribute the movie two days ago.”

The producer said that Yuexing’s investment funds were almost used up during the early stage of filming. They really had no money for follow-up publicity.

At first glance, it was an excuse for them not to do anything.

Qin Yue didn’t want to be involved with them, so he asked Yuexing to sign a supplementary contract with the producer. He took over the rights to the movie’s publicity and distribution.

Of course, if the movie became a big hit, then it was Qin Yue and Yuexing who would make a big profit.

Qin Yue couldn’t help playing with his lover’s fingertips as he asked, “Baby, between an 80 points movie and a 50 points movie, which one will look better when counterattacking?”

Ji Li raised an eyebrow and immediately understood what the other person meant. “Are you going to use the ‘dark horse counterattack’ marketing method?”

The quality of their movie wasn’t bad. They just needed word of mouth to spread, and this could drive the subsequent box office…

Such a good marketing method was completely applicable.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already made arrangements.” Qin Yue squeezed his lover’s ear and calmly reassured him, “I will make sure that every work of yours will get the applause it deserves.”

Qin Yue couldn’t wait to let everyone know what an excellent actor his lover was.

Ji Li let out a low laugh. He lay lazily in Qin Yue’s arms and seemed to enjoy this moment of warmth.

Suddenly, a dark light flashed in Ji Li’s eyes like he remembered something important.

“Qin Yue, behind the scenes, some of my peers secretly splashed dirty water. Now I want to splash it back.”

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