IPCFS: Chapter 88

It was already past 5 o’clock when the two of them were ready to go out.

Ever since the crew moved to the United States for filming, Yu Fuya had lived in the hotel room next door to Ji Li. She rushed out as soon as she heard the door open.

Coincidentally, she met the ‘guilty’ eyes of her artist.

“Sister Yu.”

Yu Fuya stared at Ji Li’s ridiculously red lips and then his and Qin Yue’s clasped hands. She almost couldn’t resist the idea of taking off her high heels and beating Qin Yue.

She knew it!

Her baby had been abducted by this big-tailed wolf from the moment Baozi handed over Ji Li’s room key card to Qin Yue.

Yu Fuya forced down the depression in her heart and told Ji Li softly, “Go to your room and find a mask to cover yourself. Don’t think that no one knows you abroad.”

Ji Li glanced at Qin Yue secretly. After receiving the other person’s affirmative look, he smiled, took out his key card, and walked back to the room.

Yu Fuya saw the interaction between the two of them and became even more depressed.

Even if he was abducted, why did it seem like Ji Li was more obedient to this person?

“Sister Yu, I know you feel sorry for Ji Li, but you should know who I am. I’m not interested in him on a whim,” Qin Yue said calmly without any panic in his expression.

“Ji Li actually cares about your feelings very much. He said he promised you that he wouldn’t fall in love before he won the Best Actor trophy.”

Yu Fuya took out the electronic cigarette she carried with her, thought about it, and eventually held back. “His career is still on the rise.”

“I know, so we won’t make it public for the time being. I will do everything I can to protect him and I won’t let outside public opinion affect him in the slightest.”

Yu Fuya might have a strong temperament, but her heart was still soft.

“Ji Li grew up without a father or a mother. His remaining few relatives are those types of people. You should know that I protect him like my own child.”

Qin Yue nodded, and a trace of distress flashed in his eyes.

“Qin Yue, be nice to him. Chaoying will naturally find a way to deal with the relationship between the two of you.”

Yu Fuya had suffered so much due to love and men. Thus, she was worried about Ji Li’s relationships. However, Qin Yue was brought into the circle by her, and his character was naturally trustworthy.

After all, it was impossible for her to use her own view of feelings to harshly judge Ji Li’s mate selection criteria. She wasn’t qualified, nor did she have the position to do so.

“Thank you, Sister Yu.”

Yu Fuya sighed and inexplicably had a ‘marrying off her son’ mentality. It was too unpleasant. “Quickly disappear from my eyes.”

Qin Yue gave a low laugh. He said a few more words before leaving first.

The moment Ji Li came out of his room, he saw Yu Fuya standing there alone. He opened his mouth and asked, “Sister Yu, where is Qin Yue?”

“This child, can I eat him?” Yu Fuya didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She asked, “Are you in a better mood? Have you emerged from the act?”

“Yes.” Ji Li nodded while his heart burned with embarrassment. He had just been kissed by Qin Yue, and the despair from the movie had long disappeared.

The young man’s appearance was tightly blocked by his hat and mask. He only showed a pair of smiling eyes. There was an indescribable sense of obedience and…

A sense of shyness after entering a relationship.

Yu Fuya saw it clearly, so she had to explain, “Qin Yue is waiting for you in the parking lot. Just go and find him.”

“Sister Yu, you don’t object to us dating?” Ji Li asked uncertainly after hearing this.

“Is it useful for me to object?” Yu Fuya slightly raised an eyebrow and made an accurate guess. “I’m afraid you have already been abducted by the other person. You probably still think you have made a profit?”


Ji Li laughed unnaturally twice. He really had this thought just now.

After all, Qin Yue was so good.

“Okay, I’ve booked a return ticket to China for the day after tomorrow. You and Qin Yue should take advantage of the next two days to have fun. The domestic environment won’t be so relaxed.”

“I understand, Sister Yu. Then, I’ll go first. You and Baozi should remember to eat.”

Ji Li responded positively. He was afraid that Qin Yue would be in a hurry, so he turned around and walked toward the elevator.

Yu Fuya leaned against the door. She saw his cheerful back and smiled helplessly.

This child, she thought he was so mature before.

As a result, he became a fool soaked in a honey pot when it came to love.

Oh, it was nice to be young.


Half an hour later.

Qin Yue braved the cold and returned to the car from the convenience store. He handed over the ice cream that was hard to find.

“You can only eat one-third of the amount so that your stomach doesn’t become upset from the cold.”

Then he casually raised the temperature of the heater in the car.

“It was originally a mini-cup, and now I can only eat one-third of the amount?” Ji Li glanced at him in an unconvinced manner and muttered, “Then why didn’t you just not buy it for me?”

Who was the one who tasted sweetness all afternoon? Now he was restraining Ji Li from eating ice cream?

What a double standard.

Ji Li took the ice cream from Qin Yue’s hand and ignored his request. “It will just be a little bit. I know it in my heart.”

Before the other person could answer, Ji Li scooped up the ice cream.

Ji Li glimpsed the other person’s gaze, which never moved away, and increased his eating speed.

Everything else was easy to say.

Digging at the ice cream cup to the bottom was the greatest respect for ice cream.

Qin Yue had no way to control Ji Li. He saw the other person’s careful thinking and asked with a smile.

“Little friend, is it delicious?”

Ji Li just happened to put the last bite of ice cream into his mouth. He saw Qin Yue’s ridiculing eyes, and a trace of unconvinced interest welled up.

The next second, he unbuckled his seat belt, leaned over, and kissed this person.

It was a light kiss.

The slightly cool lips still had a trace of sweetness that went all the way to the depths of Qin Yue’s heart.

Ji Li saw the usually calm man show a rare absent-minded expression and snorted proudly, “Do you think it is delicious?”

Qin Yue’s mind returned and he stretched out his hand to stop Ji Li’s posture of retreat. He smiled and admitted it. “Yes, my little friend is more delicious than ice cream.”

In an instant, the desire in his eyes burst out.

They were both men and Ji Li naturally knew what Qin Yue’s expression represented at this moment.

His Adam’s apple moved and he stammered, “I-I was just joking.”

“Baby, I’m not joking. You provoked me first.”

Qin Yue bullied him again with a possessive kiss.

After an unknown amount of time, there was only one thought left in Ji Li’s dizzy mind.

If this continued, his kissing skills would definitely improve by leaps and bounds.


During this time, Ji Li’s fans were really bored.

It had been almost a month since their baby Ji Li shared the photo of the aurora, and there was nothing else posted on Weibo!

What type of human suffering was this?

Bored fans visited the solo clips of ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ and ‘Country and the World’ while waiting on Weibo all the time, waiting for him to post!

As a result, before their main master posted on Weibo, his wealthy fan appeared after a long time.

@Every Day I want to Kill and Make Ji Li Cry: It is pretty sweet.

Attached was a photo of an ice cream cup that looked like a foreign brand.

Bored fans immediately poured into this Weibo post to actively leave messages.

-Ahhh, long time no see, big shot! It turns out that you are still a fan! So good, so good!

-Big shot, do you actually like ice cream? I am stunned!

-The text and photo of this Weibo post are very similar to a person in love? Is this an illusion?

-Sister upstairs +1. Look at the ID of the big shot. Baby Ji Li, if you don’t appear, your wealthy fan will be pried away by others~

-@Ji Li, come and see, Baby!

The top comments were occupied by the jokes of fans, but there were more fans who had the same question after seeing the post.

If the big shot was showing affection, why was it posted on this Weibo?

It was too strange.


Two days later, the plane landed at Shanghai Airport.

Ji Li’s flight back to China had been booked in advance while Qin Yue still had some business matters to deal with in the United States.

Therefore, the two of them didn’t return home together.

This time, it was considered a private itinerary, and Chaoying didn’t release the flight information to the outside world. Still, in order to avoid the sasaeng fans, Yu Fuya still applied for VIP passage in advance.

Ji Li and his party were walking in the VIP passage when there were overwhelming screams from the distance.

It was extremely obvious that fans of a certain celebrity were picking up someone.

Yu Fuya looked around. “Whose fans are they? I can only hear their voice, but I can’t see the person.”

“The voice should be from the domestic pick-up terminal next door, right? It seems to be Yuan Yifei and Qi Heng?” A staff member said.

The person in charge of booking flight tickets needed to know in advance the possible stars appearing at the corresponding airport just in case they were needed.

“Yifei is here?” Ji Li heard his friend’s name and couldn’t help smiling.

If it was him, a top actor, this fan battle could be possible.

“Qi Heng?” Yu Fuya noticed the name of the other person. She was a bit unfamiliar with the name.

Ji Li shook his head. He had no impression of the name.

Baozi, who was known as the ‘Entertainment Industry’s Encyclopedia’, went online in time.

“Brother Ji, Sister Yu, it is normal if you don’t know Qi Heng. He is a newcomer actor who just made his debut recently. He became popular by relying on the actor selection variety show of Shanghai TV.”

Ji Li was thoughtful. “The actor selection variety show? Is it the one where Yifei is a mentor?”

Yuan Yifei seemed to have mentioned this job when they were chatting on WeChat before.

Baozi nodded. “Brother Ji, do you know? I thought you only focused on filming and didn’t pay attention to the domestic entertainment news.”

“Continue,” Ji Li said.

“That Qi Heng is quite handsome. I heard that his family’s ancestors have been rich in Beijing for several generations. He was admitted into the Beijing Movie and Television Academy with the first place score in his professional courses that year.”

In the program, ‘A New Generation of Actors’, Qi Heng joined Yuan Yifei’s mentor team in the first episode. However, the two of them had a brief confrontation with the strong smell of gunpowder.

In order to preserve the highlights, the program didn’t cut this. It immediately attracted a lot of attention after it was aired.

In the second and third episodes that were later aired, Ji Heng’s performance among the newcomers was brilliant.

“Is that so? He has acting skills, strength, and exposure so it is hard for him not to be popular in the entertainment industry.”

As Baozi said this, there were two female staff members next to him nodding like they pounded garlic. Their faces were full of joy, and it was obvious with one glance what was going on.

“Okay, let’s not talk about anyone else.” Yu Fuya interrupted suddenly.

She sent a temporary news notification to the team’s group chat and asked, “Go back and take a three day holiday. Report to the company on Monday.”

Some staff members were stunned. “Huh? Brother Ji, aren’t you going to rest for a while?”

They were Ji Li’s exclusive management team. Their vacation and rest time were in line with Ji Li’s work rhythm.

Ji Li had just returned home after filming. Why did he have to go work again after three days?

“It isn’t that I don’t want to give him a holiday. It is just that I received a temporary schedule and we have to cooperate.”

Yu Fuya looked at Ji Li in a half-joyful and half-helpless manner. “Maybe you will have to work hard for a while again.”

Ji Li slightly raised an eyebrow. “What’s going on?”

“Brother Ji!” Baozi was the first to see the news in the group. He excitedly exclaimed and read the important news from the WeChat group.

“Time Lobbyist has been scheduled for the New Year’s holiday!”

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