IPCFS: Chapter 85 Part 2

Ji Li finished his psychological construction. He rolled up the quilt and curled up in a corner of the sofa to observe.

Cameron’s vision was still good. The movie he found didn’t have any messy, disgusting pictures. The figure and composition of the two actors were pleasing to the eye.

After his initial blushing, Ji Li showed some appreciation and chucked. “The figure of that short-haired man is quite good.”

A good figure?

The curve of Qin Yue’s lips immediately froze. He touched the remote control on the edge of the sofa and immediately pressed the ‘off’ button.

The screen suddenly went black halfway through.

Ji Li didn’t notice Qin Yue’s small movements and asked abruptly, “Why did it stop suddenly?”

Qin Yue casually answered, “It short-circuited.”

I am angry.

“Then I’ll turn on the light.” Ji Li was about to get up in the darkness, but was pulled back by Qin Yue.

Ji Li fell back on the soft sofa. The center of gravity of his body was pushed back.

Before he could react, Qin Yue had suppressed him. “Have you learned it yet?”


The aura that belonged to Qin Yue rushed toward him.

Ji Li looked up and stared at the other person in the faint light. This gave him the illusion of the other person’s stoic and affectionate feelings.

Qin Yue lowered his head and rubbed against the tip of Ji Li’s nose as if he was in the act. He muttered, “If you have learned it, I don’t mind if we try it out directly.”

The extremely bewitching words entered his ears and inexplicably made Ji Li a bit nervous.

The hand that rested on Qin Yue’s arm relaxed slightly. Then it suddenly tightened. The only remaining sense of reason pulled him back as he was walking on the edge.

Just before the warm lips touched his, Ji Li suddenly widened the distance between the two of them. The aura that was on the verge of losing control suddenly dissipated.

“I…” Ji Li was dumbfounded.

Qin Yue sighed imperceptibly. He took the initiative to turn on the lights in the private theater. “Rest early. I’ll go back to the room first.”

Ji Li watched Qin Yue’s rapidly departing back, and his heart seemed to suddenly be empty.

Lu Yao seemed to have taken root in his soul. The boundary between on-screen and off-screen seemed to have blurred.

In fact, Ji Li never liked to be impulsive. He felt that after the impulse, it was more harmful to the two of them.

On the day when he confirmed his intentions, perhaps he would be the one who took the initiative to run forward, just like Lu Yao.


It was almost 8 o’clock by the time Qin Yue came out of the bathroom. He picked up the cool glass of water on one side and took a few sips. The restlessness in his heart had completely calmed down.

He didn’t leave Ji Li on purpose just now. He was just afraid that if he stayed any longer, he would completely lose control.

Qin Yue didn’t know how long his self-control could last. He verbally said that he was unwilling to force Ji Li, but deep down, he wanted to firmly possess the other person.

Such an inconsistent appearance made even him feel ashamed.

Qin Yue casually picked up the phone on the side. Then he found that his friend Qi An had called him on WeChat earlier.

He calmed down a bit and called him back. It was quickly picked up.

“Hello, Qi An. I was just in the bathroom and didn’t hear the phone ring.”

Teasing was immediately heard from the other end of the phone.

“Tsk tsk, it has been almost an hour. Were you taking a shower? Or were you committing a self-crime? I heard Xiao Yao say that the last two days have been intimate scenes between you and Ji Li. Our Movie King Qin, you are holding back, right?”

If he was asked, Qin Yue accepted this movie and was completely looking for suffering. The pain of seeing but not being able to eat would be quite exhausting in the long run.

Qin Yue didn’t deny it. “Okay, let’s get down to business.”

“Auntie said she couldn’t contact you. She wanted me to tell you that Elder Qin’s birthday is in one month. Don’t forget to go back home.”

Qin Yue’s expression was indifferent. “Yes, I know. I should’ve been busy when she called me, and then I forgot to pay attention to it.”

Qi An replied, “I guessed that would be the case. Do I need to find someone to book the ticket for you in advance?”

“Yes, I will have Xiao Yao book it directly when the time comes.” Qin Yue poured a small glass of whiskey. Then he remembered something. “By the way, I asked you to take a video of Snow Cake and Major General. Did you film it?”

“I filmed it. I will send it to you in a moment.”

Qin Yue responded. Then he quietly walked to the French windows and shifted the topic to the company’s business.

It was November in Iceland and snow had already started to fall.

In the opposite room, Ji Li admired the snow scenery outside the window. Then he fell back on the warm bed and flipped through webpages as usual.

Before going to sleep, he received a video from Qin Yue.

In the video, Snow Cake was on all fours. He lay on Major General’s back and slept very sweetly.

Pity the usually active dog. In this video, he could only obediently lie on the carpet out of fear of waking up the cat on his back.

Ji Li was provoked by this pair of cat and dog and sent Qin Yue a WeChat message. “I’m afraid that Snow Cake will stick to Major General when I return to China and will not want to come back to me.”

Qin Yue’s reply came quickly. “Then I will give you Major General.”

“Don’t regret it.”

Using a cat to get a dog. The life of both cats and dogs were too simple.

Ji Li restrained himself from smiling when he thought of this. “I’m going to sleep. Good night.”

“Good night.”

Winter nights always easily made people sleepy. Not long after Ji Li lay down, his hazy drowsiness started to shake.

In his drowsy state, Ji Li felt someone touch his face before moving smoothly to his lips.

A strong and domineering kiss fell.


Warm fingertips lingered on his face and ignited a fire inch by inch.

Ji Li hummed a name with some difficulty, and the line of defense in his heart suddenly loosened.

One night was lingering and charming.


Early the next morning, filming resumed. It was the scene where there had been many NGs.

Ji Li finished his makeup and shrank back on the bed. He looked at Qin Yue, who was still touching up his makeup by the door. His mood was complicated.

The unexpected situation after waking up this morning almost made him roll over and disappear.

He shouldn’t have watched that type of movie at night. Why else would he dream that he was doing that type of thing with Qin Yue all night?

Fortunately, before Baozi came to the door, he cleaned himself up properly. Otherwise, the only way he would be able to wash himself clean was to jump into the Yellow River.

Ji Li’s thoughts drifted and he couldn’t help coughing.

Cameron caught his small movements and asked, “Ji, do you have an uncomfortable throat? Did you catch a cold?”

“Director, I’m fine.”

The moment he finished speaking, Qin Yue finished touching up his makeup and also sat on the bed.

“Ji, Qin, listen to me. You can act freely in this scene to find your feelings as long as you find a way to arrange the lines in it. As for whether you pass in the end, I have the final say.”

Cameron gave them room to act to the highest degree.

His eyes fell on the faces of the two people in turn, and he keenly detected some indescribable and unclear differences. “Store more pictures from last night in your mind, and you will definitely be able to do so.”

“…I got it, Director.”

Ji Li didn’t dare to tell the truth.

They hadn’t finished watching last night’s movie at all. It was the images from the dream that he remembered clearly.

Cameron didn’t know his true thoughts and was busy urging unrelated staff members to clear the field. He sat next to the monitor in the corner. Then after the two leading actors lay down again, he decisively called out, “Action.”

Three cameras were activated at the same time.

Qin Yue decisively hugged Ji Li. According to the script setting, the two of them originally woke up in each other’s arms.

The pictures in reality and the dream suddenly coincided. Ji Li barely suppressed the shame that surged in his heart, closed his eyes, and gathered his emotions.

After around five or six seconds, he slowly opened his eyes. The fog in his eyes hadn’t dissipated yet. He looked completely dazed, like he had just woken up.

“You woke up?”

Qin Yue spoke, his hoarse voice full of laziness after a full sleep.

Cameron saw this scene and had to admit with satisfaction that both Qin and Ji were actors who were quick to enter the scene. In other words, they could pass as long as they could grasp the next atmosphere.

Qin Yue said, “Good morning, Baby.”

Ji Li met Qin Yue’s eyes full of love and burrowed into his arms like a puppy. “Wen Qiong, good morning.”

The shy sense of joy instantly made Cameron’s eyes brighten.

This was right!

This was how it should be!

On the one hand, Lu Yao was happy that the relationship between the two of them had changed in a practical manner. On the other hand, he was shy from the intensity of last night. This type of attachment from inside out was the root to catching people’s attention!

Wasn’t Ji inexperienced? How did he realize it overnight?

Cameron thought in surprise. Then he continued to watch the next act.

Ji Li boldly let go and his fingers started to restlessly pinch at the other person’s sexy Adam’s apple. “Wen Qiong, guess what I dreamed about last night?”

Before his lover could even guess, he couldn’t wait to give an answer.

“I dreamed that you painted me a picture and said I was your muse.”

Lu Yao once secretly searched on the Internet. Wen Qiong used to be able to fetch a sky-high price for a painting at the auction. He was deeply fascinated by his lover’s appearance at the exchange meeting.

He hoped that one day, Wen Qiong would be able to pick up his brush again and regain his pride and confidence.

“Are you trying to cheat a painting from me?” Qin Yue gave a low laugh and kissed his forehead.

“How can you say I am cheating you?” Ji Li snorted. The sense of arrogance that belonged to Lu Yao came out again. “I’m not bad looking. If you want to paint me, I will waive the cost of the portrait for you.”

Qin Yue grabbed his restless hand and said, “I don’t think you dreamed about this last night.”

This sentence was a line that wandered outside the script.

Ji Li reacted. At the same time, he quickly answered, “Then what do you think I dreamed about?”

As the partner in the act, how could Qin Yue not feel the change in Ji Li’s aura?

He bit the other person’s ear, blurring the line between the inside and outside of the act again. “You dreamed of me, dreamed of us…”

People shouldn’t mention other people’s private matters!

The tips of Ji Li’s ears were so red that it seemed able to drip blood. Before Qin Yue finished speaking, he raised his head and kissed this person.

This kiss was also beyond the script.

The cameramen familiar with the storyboard script had eyes wide with amazement. One of them quickly captured it with a close-up.

Cameron saw the continuous stream of images and rubbed his hands excitedly.


This was the feeling he wanted!

This type of emotion that was difficult to separate, that was broken and reconnected, as well as the urge to ignite a fire at any time and any place, didn’t seem like an act at all!

There was such a sense of atmosphere that he was reluctant to delete any frames!

Cameron even had a reasonable suspicion that Qin and Ji slept together last night!

Qin Yue hadn’t expected that his casual temptation would provoke such a big reaction from Ji Li. He suddenly realized something and hugged the person in his arms.

The kiss stopped and Ji Li felt like his face was unbearably hot.

This was the end.

The difference between the inside and outside of the act wasn’t clear and he was ashamed.

Just as Ji Li was about to retreat, he didn’t expect Qin Yue to approach him suddenly. The burning breaths of the two of them were mixed together. Qin Yue chased after him with a kiss that was meant to claim him.

“Baby, stop seducing me.”

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