IPCFS: Chapter 83 Part 2

The following plot was very simple. There was an undercurrent of emotion in its simplicity.

On the first night when Wen Qiong and Lu Yao met, they shared a kiss under the influence of alcohol.

Without any so-called emotion, it was more like two scarred hearts leaning together and warming each other. Kissing released the pressure in their hearts.

The next day, Lu Yao woke up and found Wen Qiong packing a simple backpack. He hurriedly questioned him, only to realize that the other person wasn’t planning on leaving. He was just planning to go out and watch the wind.

Lu Yao temporarily decided to come here on a whim, and he originally planned to stay in a hotel for half a month. At most, he would visit the bar and never go out to visit the attractions.

As a result, on the first night here, he had such a wonderful encounter.

He hurriedly followed Wen Qiong out in a slightly clingy manner.

Wen Qiong went from showing verbal resistance in the beginning to acquiescence in his words and deeds. Then he took the initiative to take the lead.

In the twilight of October, the two of them walked through the beehive-like concert hall and stepped on the crystal glacier lagoon.

They wandered through the empty street corners, teasing the cats that passed by the intersection. They stood on the noisiest pier and watched the waves like the other couples living there.

Two hearts healed each other and got closer to each other.

The crew followed the steps of the two people and walked around, filming each location.

Cameron was a director who pursued the ultimate aesthetics. The composition of each scene was unbelievably beautiful.

Ji Li and Qin Yue’s sense of the role reached its peak with this cooperation.

20 days later, the grand aurora the crew was waiting for had finally arrived. Everyone who had already made preparations immediately started a new round of filming.

The blue-green light scattered in the night, which was breathtakingly beautiful.

A black car came from a distance and stopped on the deserted road. It was flanked by empty clearings, and everything around them presented an endless sense of emptiness.

The door opened.

Lu Yao, played by Ji Li, ran out of the car and trotted a few steps along the magnificent scenery of the night. He spun around twice, his eyes full of surprise.

“This is the first time I’ve seen an aurora.”

Wen Qiong, played by Qin Yue, leaned against the door of the car. He looked intently at the young man under the aurora and affection flashed in his eyes.

“If you get lost, I won’t be responsible for finding you.”

Ji Li trotted into his arms with a bit of force like a punishment. “Don’t forget, I rented this car.”

Qin Yue hugged him and smiled. “Then you can drive back by yourself. Don’t worry about me.”

The moment these words came out, Ji Li pinched his Adam’s apple and pretended to be angry. “Do you want to try saying that again?”

The man was always like this.

He used the most careless reasons to say things that Ji Li ‘hated.’

Obviously, he had already moved out of the luxurious and comfortable hotel he was staying at and chased this man to a small hotel, but the relationship between the two of them seemed to be forever stuck at this ambiguous level.

It wasn’t enough.

This wasn’t enough.

Ji Li hooked the man’s arm, leaned closer, and rubbed against the tip of the man’s slightly cold nose. Then he softly pleaded, “Wen Qiong, can you like me more?”

For the first time in his 25 years of emptiness, he was so eager to grab someone.

Lu Yao knew that his dependence and affection for Wen Qiong came too suddenly.

However, Lu Yao couldn’t control it. He wanted to pull this warmth into his world forever.

Qin Yue quietly looked at the person in his arms and felt the surging love of the other person. His inner world that was as quiet as a pool of clear water finally had a set of ripples.

Wen Qiong was very glad that he bought the plane ticket that almost exhausted all his money and that he hesitated for a moment in front of the bar due to the high price of the alcohol…

After he fell into the abyss, someone finally came toward him.

However, Wen Qiong didn’t dare to easily take this step. He didn’t dare to ‘tie’ the other person to his side.

The gap between the rich and the poor was like the gap between the two of them. He had been repelled by reality again and again and didn’t have full confidence to guarantee the future of the two of them.

These days, he wasn’t only tussling with Lu Yao, but also with his own heart.

The more he retreated, the more the other person pursued. The more the other person chased, the deeper he sank.

Love was hard to control, and it was hard to extricate himself.

Since he couldn’t hide, perhaps he could be willful again?

The lens froze at this time.

Qin Yue’s fingers gently caressed those anxious eyes. Finally, he lowered his head and kissed Ji Li gently. “Who said I don’t like you?”

Ji Li saw the answer in the other person’s eyes, and his heart was filled with great joy.

He directly wrapped around Qin Yue with his hands and feet and vowed, “Wen Qiong, you are finished.”


“I have confidence. You can’t lose me!”

Qin Yue saw the love in Ji Li’s eyes and couldn’t tell the difference between the inside and outside of the act for a while. He wanted to chase after Ji Li for a kiss and reply with a double affirmation in his heart and mouth.

“Yes, I was finished a long time ago.”

The real-time images from the monitor made the surrounding staff smile knowingly.

The subtle flow of love was so touching.

The moment the two of them exchanged hearts, they couldn’t wait to directly applaud.

Cameron shook his head and sighed. As the director, he obviously had more things to consider.

The two people’s control over the characters was completely fine and detailed.

It was from Lu Yao’s dissatisfaction and arrogance to the subtle apprehension when waiting for an answer. After he received the affirmation from the other person, it was like receiving the satisfaction of the entire world.

Ji Li’s emotions progressed layer by layer, allowing the audience to stand in his perspective and experience their emotions rising and falling with him.

There was no need to mention Qin Yue’s acting skills. Wen Qiong’s inner entanglements were clearly shown with just a few glances.

There was no doubt that this scene passed.


Five minutes later, Ji Li and Qin Yue finished their short break and sat back in the car. The crew had to take a panoramic shot of the two of them driving away.

The surrounding area was cleared very neatly, and it seemed like only the two of them were left alone under the huge curtain of stars.

Filming hadn’t officially started yet.

Ji Li buckled his seat belt, opened the car window to the bottom, and looked up at the aurora in the sky that hadn’t dissipated yet.

“I watched a documentary before and many people said they wanted to drive to the end of the aurora.”

Chasing the light was extremely romantic.

If they weren’t filming, then he really would have wanted to try it tonight.

Qin Yue looked at Ji Li and focused on admiring his side profile in the night, his mind moving slightly.

Soon, Cameron’s voice telling them to get ready came through the loudspeaker.

Ji Li closed the window, relaxed his mind, and leaned back against the car seat.

There was no camera equipment installed in the car. There was only a camera on the side of the road a few meters away and a drone flying above the back of their car.

The driving scene of more than 10 seconds could only be attributed to the hard work of the driver ‘Wen Qiong.’

The ‘start’ sound was heard indistinctly.

Qin Yue started the car, stepped on the accelerator, and drove out.

After around half a minute, Ji Li’s expression that belonged to Lu Yao faded away. He looked at the crew, who had completely become a ‘dot’ in the rearview mirror, and reminded Qin Yue.

“Brother Yue, isn’t the filming material almost done? We can stop now.”

“Filming is over so we can relax a bit.”

Qin Yue glanced at him and asked with a smile, “Didn’t you want to try chasing after the end of the aurora? I will take you to try it.”

“Now?” Ji Li felt a long-lost sense of excitement when he heard this.

“Sit down.” Qin Yue naturally saw his willingness and stepped on the accelerator to drive out at full speed.

The drone photographer looked at the vehicle that completely disappeared and looked at Cameron with a confused face, “Director, Qin and Ji are gone?”

Cameron reacted quickly and laughed heartily, “Let them go. In any case, filming is already over.”

Both Qin Yue and Ji Li were adults and should be able to guarantee their own safety.


Half an hour later, the car stopped in the deserted wilderness.

The brilliant aurora in the sky finally came to an end here.

Ji Li looked at the gorgeous night in the distance through the car’s front glass and laughed a little bit. “This is crazy.”

-Go chasing after the aurora with my lover.

This was something that Ji Li had put on his bucket list once he withdrew from the circle. He hadn’t expected to tick it off so easily now?

The thing that surprised him the most was that the person who accompanied him to chase the aurora was actually Qin Yue.

Ji Li thought of this and involuntarily glanced at the other person.

Qin Yue was watching him quietly, eyes deeper than that of Wen Qiong when filming. It made people want to indulge for a moment.

“I suddenly completed an item on my bucket list. Thank you, Brother Yue,” Ji Li said to himself, wanting to ease the ambiguous atmosphere.

Qin Yue loosened his seat belt and asked an unexpected question, “Since you want to thank me, why don’t you fulfill a wish for me?”

“What?” Ji Li’s heart started beating faster and he instinctively looked back.

His body was leaning against the closed car door and there was no way out.

Qin Yue chased after him relentlessly, gentle with a hint of a domineering strength. “Ji Li, do you want to try…”

Liking me?

Before he could say these important words, he was interrupted by a phone call.

There was a rare flash of annoyance in Qin Yue’s eyes. He was forced to sit up to answer this annoying phone call.

It was the crew who called.

The car was rented temporarily, and the return time was 12 o’clock.

Obviously, the set producer was worried about the overdue rent payment. Behind Director Cameron’s back, he was secretly urging them to go back.

Ji Li took the opportunity to adjust his posture and emotions. He waited until Qin Yue hung up to say solemnly, “Brother Yue, it is almost time. Let’s go back.”

He was afraid the other person would detect something and deliberately added a temporary excuse, “I still have to study the content of the script to be filmed tomorrow.”

Once Qin Yue heard this, a bit of helplessness appeared in his eyes. Then he remembered something again and couldn’t help giving a low laugh.

“Why are you laughing?”

This time, it was Qin Yue’s turn to reply in a serious manner. “The script’s content to be filmed tomorrow is indeed worth studying.”

Ji Li heard something in his words and was stunned for a few seconds. Then he reacted and his ears burned red.

What was he talking about just now?

The content of the script to be filmed tomorrow night was the intimate scene in the hotel room after Wen Qiong and Lu Yao exchanged their feelings. How could he study it alone?

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