IPCFS: Chapter 83 Part 1

The kiss scene lasted for a minute or two before Cameron’s ‘cut’ was heard.

Qin Yue reluctantly let go of the person in his arms, but his body hidden under his clothes and the quilt quietly tensed.

Ji Li nestled in his arms, and his mind was blank due to the lack of oxygen. He opened his mouth slightly and panted heavily. The fog in his eyes hadn’t completely dissipated.

Qin Yue rubbed the tip of his nose indiscriminately and asked with a low laugh, “Have you recovered?”


Ji Li got stuck at this question and was silent for a long time before his mind returned.

His hand had already unknowingly gripped Qin Yue’s clothes. He used too much force, so the corners of the man’s clothes were crumpled by him.

Ji Li hurriedly leaned back a few inches. He was just about to get up and finish when he heard Cameron speak.

“Qin, Ji, let’s take another shot. The two of you shouldn’t get up in order to maintain this state.”

Maintain this state?

What was the state now?

Before Ji Li could react, Qin Yue directly hugged him again.

The ambiguous atmosphere belonging to the two of them rose again.

Qin Yue stared into his eyes and whispered in Chinese, “It seems like our performance today is quite good. We can pass with two formal shots.”

Just pass the scene after filming two times?

Why did Ji Li always feel like the second half of the sentence sounded a bit regretful?

Ji Li thought secretly.

His throat moved, and the alcohol started to rise to his head again. His entire body was unbelievably hot.

Ji Li didn’t dare look directly at Qin Yue’s overly hot eyes. He muttered in a low voice, “It proves I have good kissing skills.”

After all, this scene was focused on Lu Yao.

If he didn’t kiss well, then he would experience dozens of NGs.

Qin Yue was amused by the other person’s inexplicable confidence. It wasn’t until Cameron’s voice called out for them to get ready that he controlled his expression and resumed Wen Qiong’s soft expression hidden under the indifference.

With the first successful scene and the influence of alcohol, he obviously relaxed a bit more.

The kiss between the two people showed a unique beauty under the camera. The burning heat generated from it almost burned everyone present.

Lanlinta sat beside her father and held her flushed cheeks in an excited manner.

Oh my god, oh my god! Why was Qin and Ji’s kiss scene so seductive!

The atmosphere created was exactly the same as a real couple. Even their intertwined fingers were full of affection.

It wasn’t just the foreign staff members. Even Baozi in the corner looked dumbfounded.

He had never seen Brother Ji like this before! Was the bubbling shyness when he previously faced Teacher Qin Yue just an act?

It was no wonder why the two of them had such a large amount of CP fans. They had such a high degree of compatibility, who wouldn’t want to fall into the pit?

Fortunately, there was no plan for this movie to be launched in China for the time being, or the domestic CP fans might go crazy.

The short but extraordinarily long kiss scene finally ended. Cameron shouted “Okay” with satisfaction. Tonight’s filming was over.

Ji Li and Qin Yue got up from the bed and took a short rest.

Qin Yue put on the coat that the assistant handed over and hurriedly walked out.

For the first time, Ji Li didn’t dare go back to review what he filmed. He heard Cameron and the others say there were no problems and took it as a direct pass.

He put on his coat, but his eyes instinctively searched for Qin Yue’s figure in the crowd.

“Sister Yu, where is Qin Yue?”

Yu Fuya heard the question and couldn’t help sighing.

What was this called? The child was too old to stay, but it was worrying if he didn’t stay.

She asked Qin Yue’s assistant and inquired about Qin Yue’s location.

The assistant said, “Teacher Qin Yue went to the bathroom.”

JI Li thought about it and couldn’t control his pace. “I am going to the bathroom as well. I just drank alcohol and want to relax.”

Then he went out alone.

Baozi felt there was something wrong with Ji Li. He approached Yu Fuya quietly and concluded with his extremely professional eyes, “Sister Yu, I don’t think this is right.”

“It has only been two days and Brother Ji is already following Teacher Qin Yue. By the time this movie is finished, this fake act won’t become real between them, right?”

After all, there were a few celebrity couples who fell in love with each other due to acting together in the entertainment circle.

If Brother Ji really got together with Teacher Qin Yue, they wouldn’t be able to stop him as staff members, but…

Baozi was very tolerant of this type of thing and he thought in the long-term. “However, our public relations should be prepared in advance.”

There was no doubt that Yu Fuya hit him in the back of the head right after he said this.

Yu Fuya snorted and was full of depression. “He snatched our Chaoying’s little lamb and still wants our PR? Let Yuexing set it up if they want it!”

Yu Fuya had already figured it out herself.

She was Ji Li’s agent, and it was naturally impossible to separate them if they really fell in love.

However, she wouldn’t let go if Qin Yue dared to influence Ji Li’s future star path!


Inside the cramped bathroom.

Qin Yue poured cold water on his face for a while before he finally managed to suppress the fire in his body.

He propped his hands on the sink and silently looked at himself in the mirror.

In the depths of his eyes, the small ripples that appeared after seeing Ji Li on the first day now developed into a deeper and deeper whirlpool.

He was afraid that sooner or later, this crazy momentum would swallow up his sanity.

The kiss scene just now lingered in his mind. It was as if he could even remember the warmth of the other person’s breath.

Qin Yue turned on the faucet again and poured cold water on his face and hands several times. It was October and the weather was cold, but he was unbearably hot.

Suddenly, Qin Yue thought of a few words: sweet torture.

In the past, he always felt that such words were too exaggerated and superficial. It was only now that he understood that these words might be really appropriate.

He hadn’t expected that the one to be most ‘tortured’ after receiving this script was himself, and that the ‘culprit’ wouldn’t know anything about it.

Footsteps were heard.

Qin Yue quickly controlled his emotional state. He took out a tissue from one side to wipe himself clean. He didn’t expect that as soon as he turned around, he would see the face he had been thinking about just now.

In an instant, the temperature around them rose and burned their hearts.

The emotions in the act were quickly extended to outside the act.

Ji Li covered his lips and greeted him calmly, “Brother Yue, what a coincidence.”

Qin Yue’s lips curved and he was able to respond. “Yes, it is indeed quite a coincidence that we met in the bathroom through fate.”


Ji Li heard his joke and immediately stopped in place.

He couldn’t even figure out why he had to rush to the bathroom impulsively.

Drunkenness harmed people. This was a really wise saying.

Qin Yue’s gaze lowered slightly. His burning eyes lingered on Ji Li’s face, sliding from his eyebrows all the way to his lips.

The crimson color left over after the kiss didn’t have time to completely fade away. The red was really tempting him to lean in and taste it again.

Qin Yue leaned forward slowly, instantly closing the distance between the two of them. He caught the other person’s flash of panic and smiled, “I forgot to tell you.”


“Your kissing skills are quite good.” Qin Yue deliberately teased him before saying with sincerity, “It is quite sweet.”

Ji Li couldn’t control his expression.

No matter how mature an ‘old’ actor was and no matter how thick his skin, he couldn’t resist this type of teasing.

“Qin Yue!”


“You go outside!” Ji Li bypassed him and walked to the sink, speaking to Qin Yue in the mirror, “…Stay away from here.”

He had to calm down.

“Yes, I’ll listen to you.” Qin Yue knew that this person was embarrassed and ‘angry’, so he cooperated.

The agitation provoked by the kiss scene was suppressed by this simple and intimate interaction. Qin Yue smiled with satisfaction and temporarily agreed to Ji Li’s request to exit the bathroom.

Ji Li checked the other person’s departure through the mirror before quickly turning on the faucet.

Cold water came out.

Ji Li didn’t want to think about things so he splashed a handful of water, trying to dispel the heat rising on his face.

His fingertips couldn’t help brushing over his lips. Ji Li was stunned for a few seconds before a strange thought popped into his mind.

Qin Yue’s kissing skills seemed to be quite good.


By the time Ji Li left the bathroom, the crew was already busy finishing up their work.

The real owner of this attic was an old man over 70 years old. He was afraid that the crew would be cold in the attic, so he spent time and effort to boil a large bucket of hot tea and delivered it himself.

One of the leading actors, Qin Yue, was currently sitting and talking with the old man.

The old man noticed Ji Li’s gaze and waved at him kindly.

Qin Yue looked over and handed Ji Li the untouched cup of hot tea in his hand. “Warm yourself up.”

He knew that the other person was afraid of the cold.

Ji Li took it with a smile. Then he sat down in the vacant seat next to Qin Yue. “Brother Yue, who is this?”

“He is Old Mr. Myer, the real owner of the attic. He lives on the next floor.”

Ji Li heard this simple introduction and took the initiative to greet the old man.

Myer was very kind. He looked at the two of them with a smiling gaze and asked curiously, “Are the two of you real lovers?”

The moment this sentence came out, both Qin Yue and Ji Li were startled.

The staff members on the side smiled and explained that they were just currently co-filming colleagues.

However, the simple action of ‘passing tea and receiving tea’ made people feel a subtle aura between them.

How could these two people not be a couple?

Myer was puzzled and shook his head regretfully. “I’ve seen over a hundred couples in my life, and this is the first time I’ve guessed incorrectly. You guys look… very loving.”

The straightforwardness of foreigners was in their bones, and they didn’t become less restrained due to age.

Very loving?

If these words were used to praise couples, then it was indeed the highest level of praise.

Ji Li took a sip of tea somewhat unnaturally, and his mood, which had been hard to calm down, was affected again by these words.

Qin Yue caught a glimpse of his expression from the corner of his eyes and tactfully explained to the old man, “Indeed, we are very affectionate in this movie.”

Everyone laughed softly when they heard this.

Yes, Wen Qiong and Lu Yao had been a very loving couple from the depths of their souls ever since they first met.

The short chat ended with this statement, and Qin Yue personally sent Mr Myer out the attic door.

Myer stopped his slow pace, turned around, and asked persistently, “Young man, are you really not a couple? I think you love him a lot, and he cares about you.”

Qin Yue heard the second half of this sentence and he smiled slightly. “Mr, I will chase him.”

Myer heard his answer and gave a look of ‘sure enough.’

He gave his blessing in a low voice, “Then I wish you a lifetime together, just like my husband and me.”

Qin Yue met his clear gaze and replied sincerely, “Thank you.”

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1 year ago

I think either Baozi underestimates CP fans’ willingness to use VPN to watch the movie or the author thought it was too dangerous to talk about circumventing the wall in her story. 🤔 I don’t know much about the situation in China, but my dad who’s visited many times pre-pandemic made it seem like using VPN wasn’t a big deal. But maybe that was because he’s a foreigner?

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Twitter is blocked in China, right, but there are lots of Chinese people who use it so perhaps it was something everyone knows but no one talked about?

1 year ago
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Pretty much. It isn’t impossible or even terribly difficult to bypass the great firewall, but it isn’t mentioned overmuch in any detail in these stories because they don’t want the government to spend even more effort to lock down those gaps. Also because it’s difficult to get a good recording of the film to stream or download through a VPN before the film gets a DVD or Blu-Ray release and can be ripped directly, which usually takes six months to two years after release depending on market demand for theatrical viewing.

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Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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