IPCFS: Chapter 82 Part 1

The next scene to be filmed was the scene of Wen Qiong and Lu Yao drinking and chatting in the bar.

Under Lu Yao’s repeated questioning, the slightly drunk Wen Qiong explained his intentions behind coming to Iceland.

He said he was here to escape, but also to redeem himself.

He wanted to escape the pressure brought to him by his parents and money over the years, and he wanted to redeem himself from his long dried up inspiration.

It was said that Iceland was a paradise for artists. Wen Qiong hoped to find his artistic muse here.

He used to be a proud son of heaven. Now he had been hit by reality so hard that even the last trace of his self-esteem had disappeared. After the defeat of his family, Wen Qiong fought tenaciously, but it seemed like the world isolated him and abandoned him.

The huge gap blocked Wen Qiong’s heart, making him less willing to communicate with the outside world.

Due to this half cup of Long Island Iced Tea, Wen Qiong poured his backstory all out on a stranger in a foreign country.

Perhaps this person would treat it as a joke after sobering up and tell it to other people.

Forget it, his story was meant to pay for the glass of alcohol.

Wen Qiong’s confession touched Lu Yao.

Isolated by the world? Abandoned by the world?

Lu Yao thought of his mother who had passed away. On the night before his death, she told him, “Your father abandoned me. Now it is my turn to abandon him.”

However, the other person would never know.

The one she abandoned this time wasn’t the scumbag husband who ‘abandoned his wife and child and cheated on her with his lover’, but her own son who ‘didn’t understand anything and was forced to understand everything.’

Mother Lu passed away, and the pregnant lover became the mistress of the Lu family.

She didn’t like Lu Yao and wanted to win everything in the Lu family for her own child, so she coaxed Father Lu with a few soft words.

Lu Yao was sent to a year-round boarding school. He had an ‘out of place’ Chinese face, so campus bullying and violence became commonplace.

He had no parents, so Lu Yao had no one to complain to. He could only suppress his gloom and allow it to destroy his own inner world.

The second wife gave birth to two daughters for Father Lu.

Later, due to this, Father Lu started to accept him again and used money to try and win him over. This was the so-called mentality for an ‘offspring to continue the family lineage’ for the older generation.

There were no common topics between the father and son. There was just the cold indifference between the ATM machine and the one withdrawing money.

Lu Yao started to spend money lavishly in order to make friends. After the hustle and bustle, he had to face an even longer, lonely night.

Everyone came due to his ‘good temper’ and because he was a ‘stupid man with a lot of money.’ No one cared about his true emotions at all.

The more Lu Yao thought about it, the more painful it became. He drank glass after glass of alcohol before finally passing out on Wen Qiong’s body.


Ji Li and Qin Yue repeated the lines of this scene through a voice call before the filming officially started.

Therefore, tonight’s official filming went very smoothly.

Four shots were filmed, and each shot passed smoothly. The hard battle that was originally planned to last four or five hours was shortened by two or so hours.

Their natural tacit understanding and harmonious aura made Cameron feel overjoyed. He was even more certain that he had found the right actors this time!

The crew originally paid for five hours worth of bar expenses. Now they had finished the work early, and the rent couldn’t be recovered.

After negotiating with the boss, the crew simply exchanged the remaining rent payment for alcohol. This undoubtedly made the crew applaud and cheer.

Ji Li had already drunk alcohol during filming. He negotiated with Director Cameron and returned to the hotel normally. At the same time, there was also Qin Yue and his assistant team.

The word ‘Cameron’ was a well-known golden signboard in the movie and television industry.

The crew’s accommodations were very favorable. In the top hotel venue, the two starring actors lived opposite each other.

According to Director Cameron’s words, it was easier to cultivate the emotions of the characters in the script.

Ji Li always had a ‘role first’ filming concept and felt there was nothing wrong with this arrangement. Yet in Yu Fuya’s eyes, she felt like someone was using his position as leading actor to ‘take advantage of public matters for private gains.’

At 10 o’clock in the evening, Ji Li had just come out of the bathroom when the doorbell rang.

He opened the door wearing only a bathrobe and found it was Yu Fuya standing outside the door of the room with a bag of food in her hand.

“Sister Yu?”

“Here is a light salad. If you are hungry, fill your stomach. You drank a bit of alcohol during filming tonight, and I’m afraid that your stomach will feel uncomfortable.” Yu Fuya handed the bag over and took the opportunity to enter the room and look around.

“Okay.” Ji Li looked down at the food in his hand and smiled.

Yu Fuya saw that the room was empty and slightly let go of her worry.

It was good that her baby didn’t bring the strange man back into his room.

She looked sideways at Ji Li and tentatively asked, “Ji Li, have you read tomorrow’s schedule? I sent it to you on your phone.”

“Not yet. I will look at it later.” Ji Li placed the food on the table beside him. “But if filming is done according to the sequence in the script, it should be Wen Qiong taking Lu Yao back to the hotel, right?”

“Yes, you have a kiss scene with Qin Yue tomorrow night,” Yu Fuya tried to speak as calmly as possible.


Ji Li’s hand that was undoing the food bag paused imperceptibly.

He almost forgot about it.

Ji Li quickly controlled his expression and said calmly, “Yes, we will film whatever is written in the script, and the actors should match the role.”

Before taking on this script, he had been ready for all intimate scenes between the two protagonists.

Ji Li added while hinting to himself, “Besides, Brother Yue and I are two big men. Neither of us can suffer a loss.”

Can’t suffer a loss?

I think you are losing a lot!

Yu Fuya took a deep breath and didn’t dare to say what she was thinking in her heart. “It is good that you can accept it. Since you have accepted this script, you should complete it well.”

After all, filming was filming. It was a very serious matter.

Director Cameron thought it was okay, and Ji Li accepted his role well as the leading actor. How could she say ‘no’ as an agent?

Yu Fuya scanned the young man’s slightly loosened bathrobe neckline. His skin soaked in hot water was still a bit white and a tender pink.

Yu Fuya endured the sight again and again. Finally, she stepped forward to tighten the neckline of his bathrobe like an ‘old mother.’ “Be careful of the cold. Boys should learn to protect themselves when they go out, understood?”

Most importantly, don’t let the person in the opposite room stare at you! Don’t let him in through the door!

The more Yu Fuya thought about it, the uneasier she became. She continued to explain, “I will leave immediately. You should lock the door for me. If there isn’t a knock on the door tomorrow morning, then don’t open the door.”

Ji Li didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Sister Yu, I’m already an adult. Besides, the hotel booked by the crew is very safe. Recently, you have been treating me as if I were a three year old child. Are you afraid I will get lost after going abroad?”

Was it just getting lost?

It was because she was afraid he would be abducted by others.

Yu Fuya forcibly suppressed the complaints in her heart and hurriedly nodded. “Okay. I won’t talk too much. You are tired from filming today. You should rest early.”

“Yes, good night, Sister Yu,” Ji Li chuckled. Baozi was right. Sister Yu was about to be upgraded to Mother Yu.

“Good night.”

Ji Li picked up the script after Yu Fuya left.

Just like each time in the past, the Chinese script was full of notes written by him.

Lu Yao fell drunk into Wen Qiong’s arms. Under his drunkenness, from angry accusations to crying grievances, he vented the depression in his heart for over 10 years.

Wen Qiong roughly understood the other person’s past pain from Lu Yao’s chaotic words.

A strange stabbing pain rose in his heart, and he couldn’t bear to leave Lu Yao in the bar.

Wen Qiong asked for Lu Yao’s address but still couldn’t find it. In desperation, he finally had to bring the other person to his small and dilapidated hotel room.

There was only one bed.

The two of them inevitably slept together.

The hard bed was cramped, and there was no way to turn over. Under such circumstances, Lu Yao actually felt the warmth and stability that he had lost for a long time.

Perhaps it was due to drunkenness, but Lu Yao moved to the warmth beside him and kissed it.

This scene was written by the screenwriter to be very ambiguous and gentle.

Lu Yao seemed to be the active party, but he was actually asking for Wen Qiong’s warmth.

There was no so-called kissing technique. It was purely two hearts involuntarily approaching.

It was a bit seductive and a bit pure.


When an actor read the script, they always substituted themselves into the scene.

It was especially so after tonight’s filming. Ji Li automatically put Qin Yue’s face over Wen Qiong.

He imagined this scene and heat involuntarily filled his heart.

Ji Li couldn’t help gulping. Then he came back to his senses and was startled by his subconscious movements.

He actually had a dry mouth when thinking about Qin Yue’s face?

Ji Li was so frightened by his own thoughts that he quickly poured himself two mouthfuls of warm water to try and regain his calm. In the next second, a WeChat message arrived.

[Have you slept?]

It was sent by Qin Yue.

Ji Li was a bit hesitant. As a result, he saw the next long message sent by the other person.

[If you aren’t sleepy, do you want to read the script? Lu Yao’s drunken accusation is an emotional flashpoint for the character, and we will be filming it tomorrow. Shall I help you control it?]

The reason was too valid.

If he didn’t agree at this time, wouldn’t he be like a thief with a guilty conscience?

The moment Ji Li sent the message of ‘okay’, the doorbell rang. It was as if Qin Yue had been waiting at the door of the room earlier.


Ji Li poured the remaining warm water into his mouth and quickly walked to open the door.

As for Yu Fuya’s instructions before leaving, he had long forgotten them due to his wild thoughts.

The door opened.

Qin Yue changed his original outfit, and the black velvet nightgown made his abstinent feeling a bit heavier.

Ji Li almost couldn’t hold back and turned to avoid eye contact with Qin Yue. “Brother Yue, I was reading the script.”

Qin Yue entered and closed the door.

The anti-theft chain hanging on the door shook twice with the force of the door closing and made a slight collision sound.

Ji Li paused and some strange pictures uncontrollably appeared in his mind.

Qin Yue saw his red ears and neck and slightly smiled. “Why are your ears and neck so red?”

“I just took a shower and was about to read the script.” Ji Li rationally added, “It is hot.”

Then he took the lead in sitting on the sofa in the room.

Qin Yue looked around and slowly followed him.

The sofa wasn’t too narrow, and there was a bit of distance between them. Even so, Ji Li inexplicably felt that he could feel the breath of the other person.

It was so hot it made people want to get closer.

Qin Yue turned over the schedule he brought with him. “There seems to be a kiss scene tomorrow night. You will be kissing me.”

A smile appeared in his eyes when he said this.


Ji Li really couldn’t hold back now, and his face instantly became hot.

What was going on?

It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen kissing scenes before in the past. He hadn’t felt anything when he first read the script.

How did he change to the point that his mood fluctuated like this after he started filming with Qin Yue?

Ji Li couldn’t answer the question. “Brother Yue, didn’t you want to discuss tomorrow’s scene?”

“What I am discussing with you now is the content of the script and the schedule.” Qin Yue didn’t hesitate to get closer. “Did they teach kiss scenes when you were in the movie and television training class?”

Ji Li looked at his smiling face and immediately understood that the other person was teasing him.

“Qin Yue!”

“Yes, I am listening.”

Ji Li saw the close Qin Yue and involuntarily looked down. He caught a glimpse of the other person’s thick lips.

It seemed quite suitable for kissing.

Ji Li was taken aback by his own thoughts. He quickly picked up the script and flipped through it. “Let’s act it out seriously.”

Qin Yue gave a low laugh and moved closer.

He straightened Ji Li’s messy script and turned to the correct page number. “Be serious. It is this one.”


Ji Li was at a loss for words and glanced at him again.

His eyes were clear and bright, and there seemed to be a trace of intimate banter.

Qin Yue smiled and widened the distance between the two of them, putting on a serious posture. “Okay, I won’t tease you any longer. Let’s start.”

His gaze left the script, and he stared at the other person. He never stopped smiling from the beginning to end.

Ji Li quickly adjusted his emotions and entered the character’s state.

Qin Yue naturally didn’t joke around about this type of thing and started to cooperate with a serious expression.

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