IPCFS: Chapter 81 Part 2

In Iceland in October, the stores on the streets always closed very early and were deserted. Only the store signs were still emitting a faint light.

Lu Yao, played by Ji Li, wrapped himself in his coat. Before the patience in his eyes was exhausted, he finally found the bar that the hotel staff had mentioned.

There was deafening music the moment he entered, and there was a mixed smell unique to the bar.

There was the smell of alcohol, smoke, and ambiguous love between men and women.

Listening to the hotel staff, this was the largest bar in Iceland’s capital.

Every year during the long polar nights, three quarters of the city’s people would gather here. They danced on the dance floor, losing their ‘self’ to the sound of wind glasses clinking.

As for the remaining quarter, they hid under the covers and hugged their lover to survive.

In this city, extreme loneliness and extreme love co-existed.

The camera was Ji Li’s ‘eyes.’ It looked around before freezing on his face.

Ji Li felt the familiar atmosphere of the bar and a ridiculous, self-deprecating look overflowed from his eyes. It was just right—

He was such a boring person.

He came here to avoid his friends, but it was still a terrible birthday.

It was his birthday, but he didn’t dare to face the coldness of his hotel, so he pretended to tidy up.

In the blink of an eye, he entered such a ghostly place again.

Cameron sat quietly in front of the monitor, very satisfied with Ji Li’s current performance.

The character’s state was well controlled.

A staff member came up to greet him and read out his lines, “Hello Sir, you can directly grab a table. If you are alone, you can also go to the bar and order by yourself.”

Ji Li frowned. He was obviously dissatisfied with the waiter’s words, as if the staff member was looking down on him because he came alone.

He cast a casual gaze toward the bar. As a result, his gaze was fixed on one person.

The bar was quite deserted compared to the dance floor. A man was sitting quietly on the bar stool, his eyes on the alcohol menu. His eyebrows were lowered, as if he was hesitating about something.

Lu Yao noticed that the other person’s Adam’s apple moved slightly, which was very sexy with male hormones.

The other person’s clothes were a bit gray and old, but the long legs wrapped in suit trousers directly poked at Lu Yao’s aesthetics.

Ji Li touched the ring on his middle finger and turned it twice without a trace. The displeasure on his face disappeared. “Yes, I’m alone and I won’t be grabbing a table.”

Then he walked quickly toward his goal.


The first scene wasn’t difficult. Ji Li was focused on filming and completed it smoothly.

Everyone took a short rest and filming of the second scene began.

“Sir, are you ready to order yet? If you can’t order anything, we have ordinary beer here.” The bartender paused before adding sarcastically, “The cheapest type.”

Who was this man?

He looked at the man’s extraordinary temperament, but it turned out that after five or six minutes, he couldn’t order decent alcohol. Could it be that he came here just to grab a seat?

Wen Qiong, played by Qin Yue, looked up at the bartender in an expressionless manner while his fingers on the menu tightened for a moment.

This shot was captured and passed through the monitor to Director Cameron.

A hint of praise appeared in Cameron’s eyes.

Qin Yue was worthy of being known as the best actor in China. This subtle control completely controlled the character’s inner emotions.

It had to be known that Wen Qiong used to be a member of the upper class. He was both an adored noble son and a respected artist.

As a result, now he couldn’t even order a decent cocktail and was reduced to the point where a bartender could make fun of him at will.

However, this remaining self-esteem didn’t allow him to bow his head and admit defeat.

“Does your bar have a set time to serve ordinary drinks? Will you drive out your customers?” He questioned.

The bartender’s face changed, and he was about to speak badly.

“I want a cup of Long Island Iced Tea. I will invite this gentleman to drink it.” Ji Li approached and his blatant eyes wandered over the man’s body.

From his position, the bartender was used to watching countless love tricks, and he naturally understood what this glass of alcohol represented.

He gleefully glanced at Qin Yue and snorted. “Yes, Sir. I am happy to serve you.”

Wen Qiong frowned at the young man who suddenly appeared. “You want to invite me to drink?”

“Of course.” Ji Li’s elbow rested on the bar and he cocked his head with interest. “Can’t I?”

Looking at the man from a closer distance, he wanted to rip off the man’s clothes even more.

It seemed that his birthday wasn’t so bad.

Ji Li’s eyes were full of a desire to explore and he moved closer. “Sir, you are alone, and I am also alone. Why don’t we be companions tonight?”

This pure and most seductive beauty said words that made people blush and increase their heartbeat.

Such a sense of contrast made people want to nod uncontrollably in agreement.

“Oh my god, where did Director Cameron find this cutie? I seem to be hooked by him.”

“Da*n! Is he a 0? Can I pursue him?”

The staff members discussed this in low voices. In foreign countries, they never shied away from expressing enthusiasm for the opposite sex or the same sex.

Cameron heard these comments and stared intently at Qin Yue on the monitor.

These bystanders had already felt such an attraction, let alone Qin Yue, who was facing the temptation directly.

Filming didn’t stop.

Wen Qiong silently received the information transmitted by the other person, and there were waves in his originally clear eyes.

He hated this type of conversation the most, but in a foreign country, this man exchanged a glass of alcohol for him to regain the slightest bit of dignity in front of the bartender.

However, exchanging a glass of wine for a night of love with a stranger?

Sorry, he didn’t want to.

The bartender put the prepared Long Island Iced Tea on the table of the bar.

Qin Yue stared at the unruly smile on the other person’s face, and his slender fingers pushed the glass back as he refused, “This cocktail is too expensive. I can’t drink it.”

The atmosphere suddenly froze.

The camera moved to the middle of the two of them. The eyes of the two people were facing each other in opposite manners. One was experiencing the exploration of an advance, while the other was experiencing the pulling back of a retreat.

The pulling sensation created an extremely strong tension.

The emotions transmitted between the characters formed undercurrents that quietly wrapped the two of them together.

It wasn’t so much the freezing of the atmosphere, but that the encounter between the two people brought about a barrier that outsiders couldn’t break into.


Cameron was greatly encouraged and glad that he hadn’t decided to replace them with two foreign actors.

The moment the protagonists changed, the feeling presented by the two of them would change accordingly.

He could almost conclude that only Ji Li and Qin Yue could perform such a Lu Yao and Wen Qiong.

Ji Li didn’t look away from Qin Yue as he asked the bartender, “Is this cocktail expensive?”

“Sir, it is eight dollars.”

Ji Li raised his eyebrow slightly and pushed the rejected cocktail back again, tapping on the bar. “Give me one more drink. I want to have a good drink with this gentleman.”

The bartender nodded and started working again.

Qin Yue frowned and his tone wasn’t very good. “This gentleman, I have already made it clear that I can’t afford to drink this glass of alcohol of yours.”

Ji Li suddenly moved closer. His fingers restlessly traced the side of the man’s lips before falling to his Adam’s apple and hooking his collar. “It is just a drink. What do you think I will do to you?”

The places that his fingers touched were full of heat.

Qin Yue could barely control the impulse in his heart and he wanted to grab the hand that ignited the fire.

His eyes narrowed slightly. The next second, he left the script and did it.

The palm that was softer than he imagined was suddenly held by Qin Yue. The palms of the two people touched, and heat rose instead of dropping.

In Ji Li’s impression, this was the first scene where Qin Yue changed the script at his own will?

There was a moment of panic in Ji Li’s eyes, but he quickly calmed down. Lu Yao wanted to pull back his hand, but the strength of the other person was completely beyond his expectations.

Ji Li looked up and immediately changed the tone of his original line. “It is my birthday today, and I am just inviting a stranger to share a drink and chat. If you think this won’t work, I’ll go find someone else.”

He went from an attack to a panicked retreat.

Another cup of Long Island Iced Tea was delivered.

Qin Yue’s lips curved up ambiguously. He let go of the other person’s hand and raised the glass. “Okay, thank you for the alcohol.”

The offensive of the two sides was switched, the advancing side and retreating side were reversed. The se*ual tension became even stronger.


Cameron yelled to announce the end of the scene.

On the basis of the original script, Qin Yue changed some of the character’s state. Everyone thought Cameron would say ‘one’ more, but the other person said something different.

“The scene is over!”

In fact, Cameron liked the reaction of the two people just now.

Wen Qiong was like the cup of Long Island Iced Tea. He had a strong flavor lurking deep in his heart. Therefore, he would rather be beaten to death by reality than admit defeat and be soft.

Even in this situation, he was still an ambusher waiting to control the situation.

Meanwhile, Lu Yao was the opposite.

Everything he showed on the outside was just his protective color. He was a scarred beast at heart who didn’t allow anyone to trespass within the boundaries he had set.

Therefore, Wen Qiong’s sudden ‘attack’ made him panic.

Ji Li’s fleeting panic showed another hidden side of Lu Yao, and there was a faint cuteness.

When they first met, the two people detected a slight difference in the other person’s exterior.

Such a change didn’t show any ‘collapse’ in the script, but it seemed to make the characters appear more real and vivid.

From the perspective of a professional director, Cameron had no doubt that this scene undoubtedly received a full score of points.

“Qin and Ji, the tacit understanding between the two of you makes it seem like this isn’t the first time you have cooperated?”

“We have briefly cooperated twice in China,” Qin Yue replied while walking up to him.

Ji Li followed closely, wanting to review his filming as always. “Director, can I watch the playback?”

“No problem.”


Baozi stared at the two people, who were seriously reviewing the scene, and couldn’t help saying to Yu Fuya beside him, “Sister Yu, I think Brother Ji’s role is so interesting.”

Lu Yao’s sense of active attack had never appeared in Ji Li’s previous roles, and there was an indescribable desire all over his body.

It was really missing hehehe.

“…If things go on like this, Teacher Qin Yue won’t really fall in love with Brother Ji, right?” Baozi gulped and muttered softly.

The moment these words came out, Yu Fuya rewarded him with a hit on the head.

This stinky boy, he should know what could be said and what couldn’t be said!

In love?

If things continue like this, your Brother Ji will almost certainly be eaten by the other person!

Baozi hid to the side. It just so happened that the scene coordinator handed over the filming schedule. “Ms. Yu, this is the new schedule for tomorrow. Please give it to Ji for confirmation later.”


The movie would be filmed according to the timeline in the script, so all schedules were sent a day in advance.

They didn’t need to make all schedules in advance like other crews and repeatedly review them to avoid mistakes. This could save them a lot of trouble.

Yu Fuya casually glanced at the schedule but the smile on her face froze.

On tomorrow’s schedule sheet that was in all English, there was a line that was brightly written.

Approximate time: 10 o’clock.

Established scene: Wen Qiong’s accommodation.

Scene: Lu Yao kisses Wen Qiong.

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