IPCFS: Chapter 80 Part 2

Qin Yue asked, “What about you?”

“I heard Sister Yu say that I was recommended by Director Adolphe. She helped me gain an audition opportunity after getting the contact information of the directing team.”

Ji Li thought of the experience tonight and felt a bit strange. “I thought the audition would be a tough battle. I didn’t expect that Director Cameron’s casting method would be so unique, let alone…”

There was a glimmer of light in his eyes as he looked at Qin Yue.

The advertising lights from above scattered and covered Qin Yue’s superior figure.

There seemed to be a hint of ‘deep love’ in the man’s focused eyes. This was enough to make people feel moved.

“I didn’t expect it to be you again.” Ji Li sighed.

Ever since his debut, three movies, one drama, one commercial, and one promotional film…

Among the many works that involved ‘emotion’, he and Qin Yue had only two brief intersections.

However, it could be remembered in people’s hearts every time.

It didn’t matter whether it was Song Zhao, who was simple and innocent until death, or Xie Yan, who loved and hated too much. When it came to acting, it seemed that he and Qin Yue were entangled for two lifetimes.

Now they were about to enter new roles and would have new emotional entanglements.

Qin Yue paused before asking, “Is it bad?”

“It is very good.” Ji Li stopped moving and replied without the slightest resistance or hesitation, “I have long wanted to film a whole movie with you.”

This idea took root in his heart from the moment he saw the Awakening.

It quietly germinated and bloomed quietly.

“Qin Yue, here’s to a happy cooperation.”

Qin Yue’s tense heart suddenly relaxed. He leaned in slightly and brought the distance between the two of them extremely close. He let out an unprecedented smile.

“Me too. Happy cooperation.”

Ji Li was taken aback by the magnified handsome face and instinctively took half a step back.

He didn’t have time to care about his red ears and said casually, “…It is a bit cold.”

It was clearly hot.

“Come with me. We will head back to the hotel where you are staying.”

Qin Yue tried his best to suppress his smile and said in a serious manner, “It is a bit cold. Don’t get a fever.”


Ji Li was stunned. He always felt that the second half of his words weren’t quite right.

He coughed twice and pretended to calmly walk forward. Yet before he could take two steps, his wrist was suddenly grabbed by Qin Yue.

Ji Li looked down. His wrist was slender and was now circled by the other person’s broad palm.

It had a tight strength while containing the warmth of the palm.

“Brother Yue?” Ji Li was confused.

“Don’t go the wrong way. It is over here.” Qin Yue ‘turned’ the young man, who had almost gone the wrong way, and led him down a side path.

Ji Li hadn’t expected to be confused again and couldn’t speak for a while.

However, he soon learned to behave and followed Qin Yue wherever this person went.

He was a bit helpless with directions in a foreign country, so he didn’t take the initiative to make a fool of himself.

“You will be going abroad for a while to film. What will you do with Snow Cake?”

Ji Li couldn’t help frowning. This was indeed a problem.

In the past, he could take Snow Cake with him when filming in China.

Now he was going abroad. He was afraid a kitten like Snow Cake wouldn’t be able to bear a long flight. It wasn’t good if there was a stress reaction on the flight.

“I can find a reliable employee in the company to help or find a responsible pet boarding place…”

Ji Li spoke while still a bit hesitant.

He was just thinking about this when he heard Qi Yue ask, “Do you want me to leave him with Major General? We can leave them with Qi An to take care of them.”

Qi An was his nominal agent, but he was also in charge of Lixing Culture. Previously when Qin Yue went abroad for filming, the company and Major General were generally entrusted to him.

“Is that okay?” Ji Li’s eyes lit up.

He could trust both Qi An and Major General, a person and a dog.

“Of course. In any case, Major General and Snow Cake get along well.” Qin Yue looked at Ji Li and added with a smile, “Don’t worry, Major General will take care of Snow Cake.”

Ji Li remembered the appearance of Major General every time he came to Snow Cake and chuckled, “Okay.”


Qin Yue took Ji Li back to the Shengde Hotel and confirmed that the other person arrived in his room safely before turning around and leaving.

He had a fixed residence here that was more than 20 minutes away from the hotel.

Qin Yue had drunk some wine at the table, so he didn’t go back to the parking lot of the restaurant. He casually stopped a taxi to go home.

Not long after getting into the car, there was a vibration from his phone. It was a voice call from Qi An.


“I’m guessing that you’ve already met Director Cameron at this point, right?” Qi An paused before tentatively bringing up the main topic. “Is the other actor Ji Li?”

Qin Yue couldn’t help smiling when he heard the young man’s name. “It is him.”

Qi An hummed and teased, “It is finally worth your time-consuming arrangements. You used such a roundabout manner to send the script to him.”

Qin Yue acquiesced to this statement, although it was a bit exaggerated.

He had received a movie invitation from Director Cameron a long time ago. He thought about Yuexing’s next filming project and declined several times due to the schedule.

Some time ago, the movie project that was originally scheduled to start in the second half of the year had some problems and needed to be postponed. It happened that Cameron’s team invited him again.

Once Qin Yue received the script, he thought deeply for a long time before deciding to accept the invitation.

He overheard that the other protagonist of the movie was undecided, and uncontrollable thoughts filled his mind.

Qin Yue admitted that at that moment, his heart was filled with a selfish desire, and he wanted to have more intersections with Ji Li.

Therefore, Qin Yue found an opportunity to chat with Adolphe about the recent situation. He mentioned that Cameron was preparing a new movie.

The latter were excellent leaders in their respective industries and had a friendship with each other.

Qin Yue used Adolphe to let Cameron know about the actor Ji Li while also letting Yu Fuya know about the script…

Everything was logical.

Qin Yue had liked the tension and redemption between the two protagonists when he first read the script of ‘Long Island Iced Tea.’

He didn’t explicitly say who his partner had to be, but he had a big gamble in his heart.

He bet that Ji Li would have the same desire to interpret it that he did after reading this script. No matter whether it was in acting or love, what Qin Yue pursued his entire life was a suitable soul.

Qin Yue secretly handed over the choice of fate to Ji Li.

During this period of time, he didn’t deliberately inquire about the other person’s itinerary. He first signed a filming contract with Cameron and quietly waited for the appearance of the other leading actor.

Tonight, Qin Yue felt his heart beating like a war drum when he pushed open the door of the private box. Fortunately, he won the beginning of the bet.

As he expected, Ji Li liked the story of Wen Qiong and Lu Yao.

Qi An spoke and interrupted his contemplation. “Qin Yue?”


“Have you considered the possibility that Ji Li might still be indifferent to your feelings after the movie has finished filming? Or perhaps he will feel he is too immersed in the act and deliberately avoid you?”

The question from the phone entered his ears, a bit sharp and hurtful.

Then Qi An soon put on a patch. “Of course, no one doubts your charm, but you can never tell when it comes to feelings.”

“I understand.”

Qin Yue watched the rapidly receding light and shadows outside the car window. He already had an idea in his heart.

From the beginning, he never planned to force things. If what Ji Li gave him in the end was the most powerless answer, then at least the two of them had followed the characters in the movie.

“I’ve known you for so many years. Either you don’t fall or you fall too deeply,” Qi An said.

Qin Yue didn’t deny it and murmured, “Okay, it is late over here. I will hang up first.”

“Qi An, take care of the company’s affairs and find me again if there is anything.”



The movie preparations directed by Cameron started early in the morning.

The speed of matters abroad had always been fast. The two protagonists were decided, so the crew set the filming time to be 20 days later.

Due to the signing of the confidentiality agreement, Chaoying claimed that Ji Li was still on vacation.

Fans felt it was difficult, but they still respected Ji Li’s choice.

However, during this period of time, Ji Li’s frequency of posting on Weibo was unprecedentedly active. Fans were happy to see this and unanimously supported him on his vacation.

Once their baby was busy with filming, he didn’t care about Weibo at all. Therefore, it was great to see fresh selfies and him sharing something interesting every day.

During this period of time, in addition to posting on Weibo, Ji Li and Qin Yue acted out the script through video calls.

They were going to act and film together, so this private exchange was more logical.

Cameron’s movie would be shot in a purely foreign language environment. Fortunately, both of them were excellent, and there were no obstacles when they communicated lines in a foreign language.

It took time to process a visa, so Ji Li didn’t arrive in Iceland until the day before filming.

In October, the capital city of Reykjavik had a soft brightness. Twilight connected the ground and the sky, giving people an indescribable sense of magnificence.

Ji Li rested for half a day before heading directly to the filming site.

Cameron had rented a small local bar, and the environment inside was particularly warm and atmospheric.

The extras were all casual drinkers. Foreigners were always open. They heard they might be included in movie footage for free and immediately agreed happily.

Cameron was directing the filming equipment when he saw Ji Li’s figure and quickly walked over to greet him. “Ji, I officially welcome you to join our movie.”

“Thank you, Director Cameron. I will work hard,” Ji Li replied with a smile.

Cameron continued, “Qin came a bit earlier than you and is now putting on makeup. You can also go and get ready.”

“It is the first day and we aren’t in a hurry. We will take some single and double makeup photos first so that you can find the correct feelings. We are ready to film at any time once you feel ready.”

Ji Li nodded and expressed his understanding.

The conversation between the two of them had just ended when there were exclamations from the box behind the bar. There were also ambiguous or appreciative whistles.

Ji Li immediately looked toward the source of the cheers. The moment he saw Qin Yue’s new look, his eyes lit up.

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