IPCFS: Chapter 80 Part 1

Ji Li looked at Qin Yue, who suddenly appeared in the restaurant’s private box, and was a bit stunned for a while.

Cameron stood up to greet him personally, covering the view of the two people. He hugged Qin Yue in a friendly manner and sighed. “Qin Yue, thank you for participating in my movie.”

“It is my honor to be part of your movie.” Qin Yue’s reply was also very polite.

Cameron brought him two steps closer and took the initiative to introduce him. “If nothing goes wrong, this person will be your Lu Yao.”

Your Lu Yao.

This title with a special meaning fell on Ji Li’s ears, making his heart feel hot.

Qin Yue smiled as he met Ji Li’s stunned eyes. “Thank you for finding me a partner. I am very satisfied.”

Lanlinta saw that Ji Li and Yu Fuya didn’t respond and came forward to give them a reminder. “Qin should be one of the most famous actors in China, right? The moment the character Wen Qiong appeared, my father wanted to find him to film the movie.”

“Qin refused several times. He only agreed half a month ago.”

She had seen the movie that Qin Yue acted in.

In the sci-fi movie, ‘The Cage’, which was co-produced in China and the United States four years ago, the male alien played by Qin Yue was mysterious and powerful.

He only appeared for less than half an hour, but he was extremely well received by Western audiences. He was rated as ‘the most attractive Chinese actor’ by Western traditional entertainment print media.

“Mr. Ji, perhaps you should stand up and say hello to Qin? Get acquainted?” Cameron suggested.

It was only then that Ji Li realized his mistake. The moment he was about to get up, he was pressed back into his seat by Qin Yue, who rushed over.

“Director Cameron, Miss Lanlinta, perhaps you don’t know, but I am very familiar with Ji Li.”

“Ms. Yu was also my agent when I first debuted.”

Fuya heard this and smiled smugly, but she inwardly regretted it in her heart.

Was it too late for her to refuse the script now? Based on Ji Li’s temperament of ‘entering’ the act, could he still resist Qin Yue’s subtle offensive after this movie was filmed?

Cameron and Lanlinta looked at each other, both a bit surprised. The latter took the initiative to speak up. “Sorry, it seems that our pre-preparations weren’t done properly.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Qin Yue looked at Ji Li and replied with deep meaning. “Doesn’t this mean that both of us have a destiny with this drama?”

Ji Li met his gaze and the surprise in his heart finally turned calm. In addition, there was an indescribable sense of joy.

In fact, he was originally a person who didn’t like to act with old acquaintances repeatedly. After all, it was easy for the audience to experience aesthetic fatigue. It wasn’t conducive to the long-term development of the actor himself.

Yet after the other actor became Qin Yue, he suddenly felt it wasn’t so difficult to accept.

Qin Yue’s plasticity as an actor was undoubtedly very strong. Ji Li had seen a video summary of his roles since his debut, and Qin Yue never made a mistake or overturned his role.

Therefore, even if he played Wen Qiong, Ji Li firmly believed that Cameron’s eye for picking people was perfect.

To put it more selfishly, rather than starring in a gay movie with an actor he didn’t know or didn’t know well, it was better to partner directly with Qin Yue.

After all, if he remembered correctly, there was a scene in the movie where Wen Qiong undressed and showed his figure…

Ji Li thought of this and subconsciously looked at Qin Yue’s abdomen.

Thinking of this, it seemed that he made money rather than losing it?

After all, Cameron was a director, and his seemingly gentle eyes hid sharpness. He immediately noticed the undercurrent between the two.

Ji Li’s gaze was directly imbued with the ‘ambiguous atmosphere of the two of them meeting in the bar for the first time.’


Cameron inwardly clapped on the spot.

Soon, the waiter delivered a series of meals that Cameron had ordered in advance.

“Everyone is here. Let’s eat and talk.”

Cameron snapped his fingers at the waiter in a faintly excited manner. “Take out the good wine I have stored here with you before. I will treat the two male protagonists in my heart.”

The waiter was a fan of Cameron.

Once she heard this, she quickly observed Qin Yue and Ji Li. She saw that they were two Chinese faces, and the sense of anticipation in her heart suddenly fell.

“Yes, Mr Cameron.”

The water quickly responded before turning to go to work.

It didn’t take long for the wine to be delivered.

The two protagonists had known each other for a long time. The crew had put in a lot of polite effort to save face, and the atmosphere was quite harmonious when they were eating and chatting.

“Director Cameron, can I get the full version of the script after signing the filming contract?” Ji Li couldn’t suppress the curiosity in his heart.

He really wanted to know what happened between Wen Qiong and Lu Yao after the car accident.

“The full script? Ji, I can only apologize to you first.” Cameron didn’t hide his intentions. “This movie focuses on emotional portrayal, and I plan to film according to the plot of the script.”

In order to save time and financial resources, many crews would gather the plots with the same scene together to film.

For example, if the scene of a bar appeared repeatedly in the script, then the crew would directly concentrate on filming them all.

Yet listening to what Cameron was saying now, the filming of this movie would be completely based on the plot development of the script? In other words, it would be filmed in the normal chronological order.

“So, I will send the final script to the two of you separately.”

In fact, Cameron’s philosophy as a director was somewhat similar to Ji Li’s philosophy as an actor.

The actor was the character itself.

If an actor wanted to act well, then he had to become the character himself.

In his opinion, Ji Li must have been feeling very itchy right now about the script.

At this moment, Ji Li was like Lu Yao who had just suffered a car accident. Lu Yao didn’t know what would happen in the future.

“Mr. Ji, don’t worry. The content of the follow-up script is guaranteed.” Lanlinta glanced at her father and seriously assured them, “We won’t ruin our reputation as a director.”

Ji Li saw that Cameron was determined to engage them in suspense. There was no way to get the follow-up script, so he could only temporarily suppress the curiosity in his heart.

He sighed very shallowly and comforted himself.

Forget it.

In any case, he had accepted the script. In just three months, he would be able to know the real ending.

Qin Yue observed Ji Li’s expression. He knew that Ji Li was uncomfortable with the plot and simply changed the topic. “Where are you and Sister Yu staying?”

Ji Li replied, “We’re staying at the nearby Shengde Hotel.”

“Then shall I take you around for a stroll after dinner and help you digest your food?” Qin Yue suggested in order to take advantage of the situation.

In an instant, Yu Fuya glared at him with ‘killing intent.’

Before she could refuse, Cameron answered with a smile, “Ji, isn’t this your first time coming to this city? I can let Qin take you out for a stroll.”

“There is a scene in the script where the two protagonists walk hand in hand. You can gather your emotions early.” Cameron was the director and everything started from the original intention of the characters.

He believed that as long as an actor accepted his script, he should be ready to become the ‘character’ at any time.

Treat the work task like a serious exercise.

It was naturally impossible for Yu Fuya to veto Qin Yue’s proposal in front of Director Cameron. She could only hold back her depressed breath and wait for the answer from her own artist.

Ji Li faintly noticed that Cameron’s views on acting and the character were the same as his own and couldn’t help smiling.

He looked at Qin Yue and responded to Qin Yue without thinking, “Okay.”

The moment these words came out, they extinguished the only remaining small flame in Yu Fuya’s heart.

It was enough.

Her baby was tricked away.

Or perhaps he took the initiative to follow the person.

The curve of Qin Yue’s lips increased even more. “Sister Yu, do you need us to send you back to the hotel first?”

“No need, I’m familiar with this area.” Yu Fuya stared at Ji Li uneasily before secretly giving Qin Yue a warning look.

Bring him back to me intact!

Yu Fuya knew very well in her heart that Ji Li was just an artist under her.

In regards to things like dating, she had no right to interfere unless he was with a real scoundrel who wasn’t serious.

Taking a few steps back, Qin Yue was much more reliable than ordinary men.

Next, the two of them had to cooperate in filming, so she couldn’t be too forceful.

Qin Yue let out a low laugh, which was regarded as acquiescence.

“By the way, I have one more thing to explain to you. This movie will be filmed in secrecy, and there are no plans to release it in China at first. Therefore, I hope that the two of you won’t disclose too much information on social media for the time being.”

“Of course, rest assured.”

Qin Yue and Ji Li replied in unison. The tacit understanding between them was so good that they seemed like one person.

Cameron saw this scene and laughed again. “The two of you are really a fated pair.”

It wasn’t known if this was referring to the characters in the movie or to themselves.

Ji Li felt a bit subtle and refrained himself from looking at Qin Yue.

It took another 30 minutes for the dinner to come to an end.

Once Cameron and the others left, Qin Yue took Ji Li and walked around the nearby area.

The night wind at the end of September blew in his face and gave him a slight chill.

However, it dissipated the heat after drinking, and Ji Li felt more comfortable. “It is better to be abroad. We don’t have to worry about being recognized.”

If he was in China, then he wouldn’t be able to go around casually, let alone walk on the street with an actor on Qin Yue’s level.

There were still barriers in the entertainment industries of different countries. Most Chinese stars were unfamiliar faces to foreigners.

Of course, this meant it was never easy to go abroad and become an international movie star.

“Brother Yue, why did you accept this movie?”

“A movie I was originally planning was postponed. It is conservatively estimated that there will be a gap of over four months. Director Cameron happened to invite me over again…”

Qin Yue paused for a few seconds before saying truthfully, “It is due to the director, the crew, and the script itself.”

A movie star like him couldn’t settle for any movie at random to move up in this profit-seeking entertainment industry.

Ji Li nodded calmly when he heard the words.

If he met an excellent movie director and strong production team in a suitable gap period, this choice would be natural.

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1 year ago

Thank you for the chapter ❤️

1 year ago

He got news that the director wanted to get Ji Li to play the male lead and refused to allow anyone else to play his romantic counterpart.

1 year ago
Reply to  mndless

More accurately, it is fate. Qin Yue planning to retire so maybe that is why he rejected this script before. He thought, there is no need to touch international market if there is no ambition. JI Li ignited his acting passion again and grown so rapidly that it fascinated him. I think Qin Yue had forgotten this script and was reminded only when they find him once again this time. And it is easy to think who his partner will be (taking into acc Ji Li’s popularity lately and the friendship of Adolphe and Cameron) and that is just another plus point for him. I doubt Cameron or Adolphe are people that will share on the news of uncertain cooperation, so the fact that he isn’t surprise to see Ji Li is his respect and affirmation that Ji Li had grown this strong (either his acting, popularity or his physical beauty), deserving the invitation. It won’t leave my mind that the fact I am reading this story is because Qin Yue changed his original career plan after meeting Ji Li. That is fate and what follows, what else can it be? Still is fate then.

1 month ago
Reply to  mndless

I think it’s both… it was mentioned earlier that he has a problem with the crew international investor something… this role might have been offered again to him and was informed that MC is in talks of being cast, he finally agreed. with their tacit understanding ML knew MC would get this job they both movie emperors so their taste is similar. plus he got inspired by MC and didn’t want to retire without trying other things and it’s also an opportunity two birds in one stone. It’s also a bit annoying cause ML is sticking with MC always but it kinda look like that because there’s time jump.

1 year ago

»Fuya heard this and smiled smugly..« Yu Fuya

It always feels so strange when they write about foreigners and those foreigners just use the last name to address someone. No Mr. or Ms., just the name xD We use Mr./Ms. or just the first name, at least where I live. Yup, strange xDD

Thx for the ch ٩( >ヮ<)۶

1 year ago

Is it really due to the director, the crew, and the script itself, or is it because you heard that the director intended to make Ji Li as the protagonist?

9 months ago

I think people needs to cut Qin Yue some slacks. Yes, he could be annoying due to him following Ji Li around to win him over, but don’t forget that he’s an actor too. He didn’t rely on his face and consistently kept a low profile, only producing great movies to the point he’s very well-respected in China’s showbiz. He’s also a producer who put emphasis in great scripts and acting abilities. In other words, he’s very passionate when it comes to making movies. When he first saw Ji Li’s training video, Ji Li was already a good looking young man, but he didn’t bat an eyelash. Ji Li first caught his attention because he was a great actor. Then he discovered Ji Li also has the same perspectives when it comes to acting so he likes him more. I feel like Qin Yue is a demisexual who falls for personality first, then only the sexual aspect attracts him as well. His forthcoming side in letting Ji Li know his intention is also something I quite like, since Ji Li now know how to handle his advances since he knew Qin Yue is positively interested in him. I find it strange that whenever a reader starts disliking a character, that character’s entire personality that the author has created earlier diminished into nothing. They can only look at that character as a point of hate. Qin Yue’s personality, background, life principles and outlook becomes nothing. Somehow certain readers only see him as that ML who’s chasing after a piece of a*s. He’s so pitiful 😂😂

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Yue-gege talks like it wasn’t AT ALL because Ji Li accepted this role~🤭🤷🏼‍♀️

1 month ago

I feel like a lot of you forget that Qin Yue has been in the industry for 10+ years. He has his own entertainment company and invests/produces a lot of works. How many good works are gonna be out there in a year? Of course, if Qin Yue has the vision for good works, as stated for his character, he’s gonna be involved in all of them.

Qin Yue was so successful that he was just gonna retire since there wasn’t anything more. But Ji Li showed up.

Qin Yue knows the entire industry. Everyone knows him. They look for Qin Yue to work together, and Qin Yue will try because of good relations. Ji Li is just talented enough to always be there.

Qin Yue has never once forcefully given Ji Li a role. He just jumps around him a lot. What do you want a 32/33 year old man to do? This is probably his first love. He so mad and sour because he can’t openly pursue Ji Li without causing trouble.

And he’s not forcing Ji Li to fall in love with him through this role. Ji Li already likes him but he just doesn’t know it. Qin Yue knows that Ji Li cares about him too. And he’s very confident that he can catch Ji Li. Qin Yue doesn’t want Ji Li to act in a love story with a third party because of his immersive acting. But also, who wants to see their crush act out those scenes with someone else?

Ya’ll having issues with his character but his character is justified with his character setting. Blame the author for the ML setting. 😂