IPCFS: Chapter 75 Part 2

-Teacher Shen released his anger! I’m looking forward to his new work.

-Ji Li is really the first one to provoke Teacher Shenda into criticizing him openly. Chaoying and their artists must really be stupid, right? I can’t figure out why they rejected Teacher Shen’s script.

-I can assure you that there must be something hidden about this matter! It was definitely Ji Li who made some kind of trouble that Teacher Shen and the producer found unbearable.

-Fans, don’t whitewash him. Filming is hard? Don’t ordinary people work hard from 9 to 5? A preliminary contract has the meaning of joining the crew! There is no spirit of abiding by the contract.

-Disgusting breach of contract! No ethics!

In the comments area, the black fans, fans of other artists, and water army were mixed in. Shen Yanda’s Weibo post immediately became the main battlefield for criticizing Ji Li.

In addition, within half an hour of it being posted, many screenwriters in the industry came out one after another to like Shen Yanda’s accusatory post.

The netizens eating melons saw these likes and were immediately excited.

Oh my god, was Ji Li being boycotted by screenwriters? Could he still mix in the TV drama circle in the future?

The black fans seized the opportunity to jump madly, swearing and scolding.

The company, don’t whitewash this! It can’t be as simple as an ordinary resignation. Ji Li definitely violated some taboo in the movie and television industry. He deserves to be banned!

In addition, Ji Li is shortlisted by the China Television Awards for ‘Best Actor’ and Popular Actor’. We will join forces to speak out and ask the China Television Awards’ Organizing Committee to revoke Ji Li’s qualifications!

The enemy of an enemy was a friend.

In order to help their idol have one less competitor, the fans did everything they could.

Of course, the participation of stinky marketing accounts wasn’t missing. For the sake of popularity, they fabricated all types of false statements.

One said that Ji Li once scolded and made a staff member cry on set. His temper had always been bad.

Another said that ever since his debut, Ji Li had been supported by a financial backer and his backstage had always been very powerful.

There was no proof, but things came out one by one.

Under this one-sided vicious offensive, Ji Li’s Weibo was frantically besieged, and even Chaoying’s statement fell into the sinkhole.


Public opinion on the Internet was in an uproar the entire day, but the person involved, Ji Li didn’t even blink nervously.

After the meeting with the PR department, he returned home to eat, drink, and leisurely play with Snow Cake after taking a shower.

It wasn’t until he picked up his phone before falling asleep that Ji Li realized he had so many WeChat messages that the app was going to explode.

The first one was the small group of three.

The Number One Cool Brother: Ji Li, Ji Li! What is going on with your online public opinion?

The Number One Attack: What about you? Seeing that you have time to reply to messages, why did you offend Teacher Shen Yanda? If you need help, then just ask.

Ji Li faced the concerns and inquiries of his friends and directly made a voice call in the group.

Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei connected one after another.

Before Ji Li could open his mouth, the overwhelming inquiries of the two people were heard. They had the momentum of a thousand people.

Tsk, talking with them was exhausting.

Ji Li had to move the phone a bit further away. He waited until the questioning of his two friends stopped before explaining what happened between him and Shen Yanda.

Ji Yunqi couldn’t stand this type of behavior the most and immediately started scolding in the group. “This garbage person with a reputation! Isn’t this blatantly bullying honest people?”

Ji Li snorted and didn’t refute him.

Yuan Yifei asked, “So what are you going to do next?”

“No hurry. I will take this opportunity to rest.”

Ji Li paused and said with deep meaning, “Shen Yanda wants to take a knife to me, a young actor, so he should be prepared for the knife to stab back.”

“It is fine if you and the company have a solution,” Ji Yunqi said. “Don’t worry about public opinion on the Internet. In any case, black and red is still red.”

Yuan Yifei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard this. “You are a fool. Shut up if you don’t know how to comfort others.”

Ji Li was also amused. “Okay, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry.”

“Yes, it is good that you are fine.”

The three of them chatted briefly before hanging up the WeChat call.

The actors who had worked with Ji Li were well aware of his personality. They entered this complicated entertainment industry and obviously didn’t one-sidedly believe in public opinion. They rushed to ask him questions one after another.

Ji Li looked at the messages in his WeChat list and started to reply from top to bottom.

Of course, he didn’t talk about Shen Yanda and the script so as to not make trouble.

The list was pulled all the way to the end and Ji Li found Qin Yue’s message. The other person had sent an inquiry as soon as the incident occurred.

Ji Li hadn’t bothered to look at his phone all day and his Wechat was overwhelmed by other messages, so it was left to the end.

-Find me whenever you need me.

-I will always be on your side.

Ji Li stared at these two lines and felt the tip of his nose become sore for no reason.

He was obviously going against plagiarism and stood up for himself, his team, and his fans. In the end, he was sued first by the villains and became an existence that was criticized by thousands of people.

Even if Ji Li was used to the bloody and dirty methods in the entertainment industry, how could he not feel wronged when encountering such a bad event? It would definitely be a lie.

The grievances buried deep in his heart were brought out by the man’s simple sentences.

Ji Li gasped slightly and secretly laughed at himself for being a bit hypocritical.

He quickly typed a line to Qin Yue, explaining the real reason for the public criticism.

In less than 10 seconds, a voice call popped up.

Ji Li was taken aback but his body reacted faster than his brain.

By the time he reacted, the voice call was already connected.

“You didn’t reply all afternoon, so I had to ask President Tao about it. Ji Li, are you okay?”

The last words were filled with an unspeakable gentleness and obvious worry, making people instinctively want to rely on him.

“I’m fine. It is just that netizens are saying I”m going to be banned by the TV circle. If there is no place for me in the movie circle, then I will probably really be finished.”

Ji Li smiled and pretended to joke with no concerns.

There was a moment of silence for a moment on the other end of the call. “With me, you will always have a foothold in the movie industry.”

They were obviously arrogant words, but they seemed extremely domineering and confident when coming from this man’s mouth.

“You are suitable to shine on the big screen. It doesn’t matter if the TV circle doesn’t want you.”

Ji Li gave a low laugh, and the haze in his heart disappeared at the man’s simple words of comfort.

He relaxed and fell back lazily on his bed. “The feeling of being affirmed by the movie emperor is quite good.”

The ending tone was soft and contained a bit of sleepiness that wasn’t obvious.

Nevertheless, Qin Yue detected his subtle exhaustion. “It is okay, you go to bed early.”


“Good night.”

The low-pitched good night made him feel as numb as ever.

Ji Li hung up and calmed down his heartbeat for a while. Then he opened Weibo again.

Thousands of abusive comments poured into his sight, so vicious that it made people feel numb.

If other celebrities encountered this type of thing, most of them would choose to withdraw from the Internet and remain silent, so that public opinion would naturally die down and they could continue their activities.

However, Ji Li did the opposite. He quickly typed out a new Weibo post and sent it.

“I’m not afraid of the shadows. From the day I became an actor, I still have a clear conscience about all my choices.”

It had to be known that late nights on the weekends were always the peak traffic times.

Ji Li expressed these words at this juncture and was basically fighting against Shen Yanda. The comments area was suddenly torn apart.

-Ji Li, we believe in you unconditionally!

-The entertainment industry is indeed a big mess. In less than a year, you have become a person who acts arrogantly like He Ling! I have removed my fan statue. Ji Li, I am disappointed in you!

-Baby, don’t check Weibo and don’t read comments and private messages. Actors should have the right to choose a script. You are right!

-Even the male lead in Teacher Shen Yanda’s drama can’t satisfy you? Your heart is higher than the sky. I want to see what good resources you have in the future!

-What is the use of good acting skills? You are garbage if your character and virtues aren’t good! Don’t say that the TV industry should boycott you. Even the movie industry should boycott someone with high vision and low ability like you!


The statement calling for the movie industry to ‘unanimously boycott Ji Li had just risen to the top when it was slapped in the face!

Big stars in the movie industry like Qin Yue, Yuan Yifei, Zheng Anxing, Wang Zhang, and other young industry members like Feng Cheng, Wei Lai, and Ji Yunqi spontaneously went online to like the young man’s latest Weibo post.

Director Yao Chuan, who stood with one foot in the TV drama circle and one foot in the movie circle, simply commented under it: Don’t be afraid. In the future, Director Yao’s drama will always leave a place for you!

The screenwriter Fang Zhixing also left a positive message: A script tailored for you is already being created. I look forward to us working together in the future.

The people who stood up to support Ji Li either had status or popularity. It was even more of a deterrent than the behind the scenes screenwriters led by Shen Yanda.

The netizens who ate melons online were quickly dumbfounded.

What was going on here?

If Ji Li’s character and ethics had problems, then would he get the support of these bigshots and friends in the circle?

In addition, the PR department of Chaoying Culture was online 24 hours a day and maintained a fighting state for three consecutive days.

They took screenshots as soon as they saw the marketing accounts that were excessively abusive to Ji Li and deliberately fabricated false information. Then they issued a lawyer’s letter of warning every hour, asking the bloggers to delete the posts and apologize.

This type of baby-protecting rhythm and efficiency was unprecedented for an entertainment company!

These straightforward methods didn’t seem like ‘I did something wrong and have a ghost in my heart.’

What was going on?

Could it be that this melon still had a reversal?

Just as netizens were speculating wildly, the annual China Television Awards arrived as scheduled.

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