IPCFS: Chapter 73 Part 2

Half a month later, the full script of The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty was delivered into Ji Li’s hands.

Ji Li stayed at home and spent three or four days to finish reading the script content of 50 episodes. Most of the worries accumulated in his heart had dissipated.

The main plotline was more gripping than the character biography.

It was said that a high quality script was the core soul of a movie and television work and Ji Li deeply believed this.

Under the general environment of IP scripts in the movie and television industry, Shen Yanda could produce such high-quality original scripts. This showed how profound his screenwriting skills were.

Just then, there was the sound of the door opening.

Baozi came inside while carrying a lot of food. “Brother Ji, I have come! Sister Yu was worried that you would be too focused on reading the script at home that you would forget to eat, so she specially asked me to watch over you.”

After a long absence, Ji Li saw his little assistant and immediately smiled. “Was your paid vacation comfortable?”

The last movie was complete and Baozi had taken half a month of leave.

He had university friends who married abroad. Therefore, he ran over to attend the party and also wanted to travel for a few days.

Ji Li agreed very happily to this.

“Of course, it was comfortable.” Baozi felt refreshed as he placed the food he brought on the table one by one.

“Brother Ji, apart from the dry climate, the cultural scenery of the northwest was really good! I also brought you some souvenirs…”

Ji Li listened patiently to Baozi’s fragmented thoughts and leisurely ate his lunch.

Baozi sat down next to him. “Sister Yu asked me to tell you that the crew will have the finishing banquet the day after tomorrow. The driver, Uncle Chen, will come downstairs to pick you up. She has something else to do for the time being.”


Baozi had already finished eating before he came. He saw the script on the table and asked impatiently, “Brother Ji, can I read the new script?”

“Yes, you can take a look.” Ji Li trusted his assistant and wasn’t afraid that Baozi would talk about the script outside.

Baozi got his consent, picked up the script excitedly, and read through it.

Ji Li didn’t have a schedule this afternoon and wasn’t in a hurry to eat.

He ate slowly and methodically for a while. Suddenly, he heard Baozi say, “Brother Ji, this isn’t right.”

“What’s not right?” Ji Li looked up and saw that the other person was worried about the script.

“I’ve read through the script’s content for the male protagonist’s achievement in the exam. Isn’t there a plot event in the script where a young man spends money to buy an official position and is slapped in the face by He Linzhao?”

Ji Li remembered such a section and nodded. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. I just think that this plot is familiar?” Baozi said softly while looking a bit hesitant.

He remembered that this script was written by Shen Yanda and immediately withdrew his words. “It might be that I am confused. After all, the plot point of gaining fame in ancient examinations is quite common.”

Ji Li frowned and the thought of eating faded.

After another five or six minutes, Baozi took a disbelieving breath again. His eyes became even more worried as he read the script.

Ji Li’s heart froze and he asked directly, “Do you think the plot looks similar again?”

“…It isn’t similar, it is exactly the same. I’ve seen it in a novel before. Even the dialogue lines are very similar.”

However, the timing was still uncertain.

Baozi nervously gulped and was cautious.

Who was Shen Yanda?

The original master of the palace fighting theme in drama circles had his latest masterpiece similar to an online novel? If others said this, then he would definitely feel that it was nonsense.

Ji Li looked seriously as he told Baozi, “Baozi, you can’t talk nonsense.”

“Brother Ji, I know.” Baozi pursed his lips and asked again. “Have you signed a filming contract with the producer?”

“I haven’t signed the formal contract yet,” Ji Li replied.

He stared at the script in his hand, and the caution in his heart resurfaced.

He knew who Baozi was. The other person wouldn’t joke about this type of thing.

“Brother Ji?” Baozi was a bit apprehensive. Did he say too much or say the wrong thing?

Ji Li was silent for a long time before looking at Baozi. “Baozi, I have something for you to do.”


Two days later, the Sheng Linkai Hotel.

The moment that Ji Li entered the banquet hall, the waiting Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi took him over.

They hadn’t seen each other for a while, but they could chat on WeChat all day long and their relationship hadn’t weakened.

Ji Yunqi pretended to be dissatisfied. “Say, aren’t you too late? Yifei and I almost turned into stone statues at the door of the banquet hall.”

Yuan Yifei smiled as he handed the long prepared champagne to the young man. “Your hair is growing quite fast?”

“Don’t talk nonsense and get down to business.” Ji Yunqi glanced at Yuan Yifei and muttered in a low voice, “Ji Li, we have something important to discuss with you.”

Ji Li was confused. “What’s wrong?”

Yuan Yifei hooked an arm around the young man’s shoulder and spoke in a low voice, “Tonight, we will join forces and find a way to get Qin Yue drunk.”

Ji Yunqi stood on the side and nodded expectantly.

Qin Yue’s alcohol consumption was notoriously good, and he had never seen Qin Yue get drunk and lose his cool.

Just now, he had Yao Chuan had secretly made a bet.

If they could bring Qin Yue down tonight while still clearly standing, then Yao Chuan would have to give them a super big red envelope.

“Forget it. You will get drunk as long as you drink three glasses. I won’t fool around with that.” Ji Li vetoed it without even thinking about it.

This bet had the bold and capitalized word ‘Lost’ stuck on it.

Ji Yunqi patted him on the shoulder. “Aren’t you my brother? Hasn’t Teacher Qin Yue brought me enough ‘destruction’ in the last few months of filming? Just help me out with him.”

He had just finished speaking when a familiar voice was heard from behind them. “What are you three talking about at the door?”

Ji Yunqi habitually stood upright and immediately became a taciturn person.

“Nothing.” Yuan Yifei covered his lips and gave Ji Li a look that said, ‘If you are my brother, help me take the money.’

Then he looked at Qin Yue, who came suddenly, and showed a fake smile. “I’ll go in first. You guys talk.”

Ji Yunqi saw this and also ran away quickly.

Was this it?

In addition, teaming up to get Qin Yue drunk?

Who gave them the courage to bet with Yao Chuan?

Ji Li watched his friends slip away in a dumbfounded manner. Then he had no choice but to turn around and greet the man behind him.

“Brother Yue, long time no see.”

“It has been 26 days. I really haven’t seen you in a long time.” Qin Yue’s lips curved up.

It was obviously a tone with little fluctuations, but it was like a violent wind hitting his heart.

Ji Li’s throat instinctively tensed when he heard the specific number. “Brother Yue, shall we go in?”


They walked side by side and Qin Yue took the initiative to say, “Have you found a suitable script?”

“I found a script for a drama, but it hasn’t been completely finalized yet.” Ji Li briefly mentioned.

Qin Yue nodded and didn’t ask any further questions about the young man’s undetermined work.

The two of them walked to the main table and were unanimously welcomed by Yao Chuan and the others.

As the director, Yao Chuan took the initiative to take to the stage and delivered a simple speech at the finishing banquet. “I am here to thank all the main creators and behind the scenes personnel for their hard work over the past four months.”

“This is my first step into the movie industry and also a fresh start.”

“I don’t ask for much. I just hope that when the movie is released, we can all gather here and have another celebration banquet!”

A staff member shouted, “Reach 10 billion! I hope the box office is a big hit!”


“Good luck at the box office!”

The cries repeated one after another and immediately ignited the warm atmosphere of the finale banquet.

Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi exchanged looks and took the opportunity to encourage Qin Yue, who was at the same time.

“Qin Yue, you are the movie’s producer. It isn’t appropriate for you not to drink today, right? Let us have a drink with you!”

Qin Yue’s eyes swept over them with the sharpness of an insight that could see through everything. “Drink with me?”

Ji Yunqi was immediately intimidated by his gaze and threw the topic to his friend. “Yes, Ji Li, what do you think?”

Ji Li received this gaze requesting help and was forced to raise his glass. He took the lead in saying, “Brother Yue, thank you for giving me an opportunity to appear in the movie.”


Qin Yue was stunned before clinking glasses together with a smile.

Once the toasting started, it was hard to stop.

Qin Yue, who had always been restrained, was willing to cooperate today. He almost never refused anyone and drank glass after glass.

It was after three rounds of wine and five flavors of food.

Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi fell down together. Yao Chuan, who was red-faced and drunk, laughed happily from the side. “The amount of alcohol these two guys can handle is so miserable, and they still want to get red envelopes from me?”

Qin Yue gave a low laugh. In a rare situation, his voice was filled with a bit of drunkenness. He rubbed his pained temples and didn’t say anything.

Ji Li noticed his strangeness and was a bit worried. “Brother Yue, are you okay? Do you want your assistant to send you back first?”

“I’m fine.”

Qin Yue looked over, and his always clear eyes were drunk. “You continue to chat with everyone. There is a rest room next to the banquet hall. I will go there and lie down for a while first.”

Ji Li watched him enter the rest room in the side hall and frowned. He looked around and called out, “Baozi.”

Baozi was chatting happily with the staff at the same table. He heard the shout and immediately turned his head. “Brother Ji, what’s wrong?”

“Have you seen Qin Yue’s assistant?”

“No. Brother Xiao Yang doesn’t seem to have come?” Baozi replied casually.

He didn’t come?

Qin Yue was an actor and his assistant didn’t come. If something happened while he was drunk…

Ji Li felt a bit regretful when he thought of this possibility. He shouldn’t have followed Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei to fool around.

Ji Li couldn’t sit still any longer. He went to the hotel waiter and quickly asked for a glass of warm water and hangover medicine. Then he followed Qin Yue to the rest room in the side hall.

He knocked on the door. “Brother Yue, can I come in?”

There was no response from inside.

Ji Li hesitated for a moment. Then he simply pushed open the door and entered. Unexpectedly, his wrists were grabbed the moment he entered.

The cup fell onto the carpet.


The door to the lounge slammed shut.

Before Ji Li could react, he was forcefully but gently pressed against the door.

There was the unique smell that belonged to Qin Yue, mixed with a bit of alcohol. Even so, it wasn’t offensive.

Qin Yue pressed against his ear, breath warm and urgent. The touch of numbness filled Ji Li’s heart.

“You delivered it yourself.”

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