IPCFS: Chapter 72 Part 2

Yuan Yifei stood at the entrance, took out a can of beer and handed it over to Qin Yue. “I really didn’t expect your big Buddha to be here. Forgive me.”

He paused when he said this and deliberately lowered his voice.

“Don’t worry, I guarantee that the drinking capacity of the Third Young Lady and I is reliable. Once we get drunk, you can do what you want to do and we won’t know.”

The moment he finished speaking, Ji Li’s urging voice was heard from inside. “Brother Yue, Yifei.”

“We’re coming right away,” Yuan Yifei answered.

Qin Yue took the beer from the other person’s hand. He opened it neatly and handsomely and walked in first.

The late night snacks that Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei brought were covering the round coffee table. The four of them sat together and ate and chatted in a lively manner.

Ji Yunqi was still a bit restrained when facing Qin Yue, but he let go completely after drinking to build up his courage.

After three or four bottles of beer, Ji Yunqi drunkenly hugged Ji Li without letting go. “Ji Li, Ji Li! I really like you!”

Ji Li was tightly hugged and couldn’t push this person away for a while. He had to complain, “What kind of alcohol capacity do you have?”

Qin Yue saw this scene and his eyes changed subtly.

Yuan Yifei deliberately didn’t control his alcohol consumption tonight, but he was more sober than Ji Yunqi at the moment. He just propped his arms up on the sofa and watched the good show in a drunken haze.

“Ji Li! The first time I saw you in the elevator! I thought you were super handsome!”

Ji Yunqi freed up one hand and put his fingertips together with a small gap between them. “But you are just a bit more handsome than me, burp!”

Ji Li pushed this person’s head back and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Thank you.”

“I-I was under a lot of pressure working with you in this movie…”

Ji Yunqi pursed his lips and his red cheeks showed a bit of cuteness. “But you acted really well! I like you!”

Ji Yunqi suddenly picked up the beer bottle on the coffee table and waved his hand. “Come on! Protect the world’s best baby!”

“Listen to me! Us young people! We must! Work hard for our career!”


The beer spilled out. He was caught off guard and poured a large amount on Qin Yue.


Qin Yue was dumbfounded.

The others fell silent.

Ji Yunqi belatedly came to his senses and burped in a panic. “Ji Li, Yuan Bao, I-I seem to be doomed.”

After speaking, he closed his eyes and fell down. It wasn’t known if he was pretending or if he was really drunk.

“Brother Yue, don’t mind Yunqi. He is just a stinky brat.”

Ji Li looked at Qin Yue. Then he broke free from Ji Yunqi’s restraint and got up. “Wait a minute. I’ll get you a dry towel.”

Qin Yue’s mind spun slightly and he nodded silently.

Ji Yunqi made it clear that he regarded Ji Li as a friend. There was a bit of a fanboy attribute, but he didn’t have any thoughts that he shouldn’t have.

Qin Yue wasn’t afraid that Ji Yunqi would pose any real threat, but the other person had hugged Ji Li a few times…

He saw it and it would be a lie to say that there wasn’t a sour taste in his heart.

Ji Li took out a clean towel from the bathroom. “Brother Yue, here.”

Qin Yue took the towel before suddenly grabbing Ji Li’s wrist. “Sit by my side, okay? There probably won’t be any room for you over there.”

Ji Li glanced at his original spot and found that Yuan Yifei wasn’t making a fuss at this time. He had fallen asleep quietly on the sofa.

As for Ji Yunqi, it took him only a while for him to fall asleep and completely cover the spot where Ji Li was originally sitting.

Ji Li sighed lightly and simply sat down next to Qin Yue.

He looked at the table that still had half the food left and opened a new bottle of beer for himself. “These two spoke well about wanting to celebrate with me but became drunk like this in less than an hour.”

Qin Yue took advantage of this opportunity and opened a bottle of beer. “I will accompany you.”

The sound of the bottles clinking together was very clear. The two people looked at each other and smiled in unison.

The two of them chatted slowly and a trace of imperceptible ambiguity filled the quiet night.

Time passed minute by minute.

It wasn’t known how long it took before Ji Li’s cheeks became faintly hot. He realized that he was drunk and stopped. “Brother Yue, it is late.”

As a star, he had to maintain a clear mind at all times so as to not make mistakes and get into trouble when drunk.

Qin Yue stopped at the right time. “Okay, I’ll find an assistant to drag these two away.”

Ji Li turned sideways and met the man’s focused eyes.

The distance between the two of them was extremely close, as if their breaths could touch. The warmth filled the tip of their hearts.

“…Brother Yue?”

Ji Li suspected that he was drunk or the other person was drunk.

Qin Yue didn’t speak. Then he suddenly tapped the attractive little mole on the bridge of the young man’s nose.

The slightly cool touch was fleeting and Ji Li was so shocked that even his breathing stopped.

Qin Yue easily understood this rare panic and gave a low laugh. “No wonder why so many people like your mole. It is very good-looking.”

It made people want to commit a crime.

Ji Li managed to regain his composure and barely managed to say, “Brother Yue, are you drunk?”

He had just finished speaking when Ji Yunqi let out a few vague, sleepy words.

“It was just a few bottles of beer. I’m not drunk.” Qin Yue saw that there were outsiders here and had to suppress his true thoughts.

He got up while pretending to be relaxed. “I’ll go find their assistants.”


Ji Li saw Qin Yue leave the room and touched the position of his heart where the violent heartbeat hadn’t subsided yet. He couldn’t help but sigh with relief.

In the future, he shouldn’t laugh at Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei for being light drinkers. He seemed to be quite drunk tonight.


A week later, Chaoying Culture.

Ji Li finished taking the daily promotional photos at company headquarters. He had just sat down on the sofa in the lounge when he saw Yu Fuya walking in on her high heels.

“Ji Li, are you done? Can you come with me to Old Tao’s office?”

Ji Li didn’t know the reason why. “President Tao’s office? What’s wrong?”

Yu Fuya approached and pulled the young man up. She examined his outfit.

“Okay, just wear this outfit. You look good and don’t need to specifically dress up .”

“Sister Yu, who do you want to see in such a hurry?”

“Screenwriter Shen Yanda.”

He was the number one character who had to be mentioned when it came to the theme of palace fighting in the drama industry.

TV series such as ‘Legend of the Marriage Moon’, ‘Exquisite Bones’, and ‘Fenglan’ that had been aired in previous years were all his original works.

From the start of airing to the end, the ratings rose step by step. In those years, they were all phenomenal TV dramas that were extremely popular.

These works not only won two Best Actress awards but also became the ladder for many artists to soar in their acting careers. This included the ‘Queen’ Weng Meini, who acted with Ji Li before.

Ji Li followed Yu Fuya into the elevator and finally understood the power of this person.

Yu Fuya looked at the young man and analyzed him seriously, “Ji Li, I understand that you want to enter the movie industry, but we must admit that the movie industry is harder to enter than the TV industry.”

The movie industry was full of competition. There were old veterans, and some big directors had their own customary actor lists that they preferred to work with. They didn’t easily use new actors.

That was the real problem.

Ji Li was currently only popular and had no actual results for the time being. He could get the male lead for ordinary quality movies, but it wasn’t easy to get a high quality movie script.

It was sometimes hard to produce even one or two high quality movies in a year such as Qin Yue’s Country and the World and Special Operations, let alone the fact that other actors were rushing to get roles.

Ji Li nodded and calmly accepted the reality. “I understand.”

“Old Tao just told me that Shen Yanda has a new TV drama script on hand, and he has been preparing it for four or five years. I heard that the roles of the other actors have been decided, but the male protagonist hasn’t been decided.”

Ji Li understood the deep meaning in her words. “Sister Yu, do you want me to fight for this script?”

“At the very least, you should get a short biography of the character first. It is always right to choose the best.” Yu Fuya looked at the floor number of the rising elevator and told the truth.

The quality of the words written by Screenwriter Shen Yanda shouldn’t be bad.

The elevator stopped on the designated floor.

Ji Li looked serious and followed Yu Fuya out.

He wanted to develop in the movie industry, but he valued a good movie script. Now an opportunity had arisen and he had to try and grasp it.

The two of them approached the door of the office, and the sound of conversation came from inside.

Yu Fuya pursed his lips and silently cheered for her artist. Then she knocked on the door and pushed open the door.

“Brother Da, long time no see.”

The middle-aged man sitting on the guest seat was slightly startled. Surprise quickly appeared on his face. “Fuya? I heard that you were taking a new person. I ended up seeing you today.”

Ji Li stood silently behind Yu Fuya and remained silent.

Shen Yanda and Yu Fuya finished exchanging greetings. Then he naturally noticed the young man behind her.

Yu Fuya sensed his gaze and took half a step away from Ji Li. “Brother Da, let me introduce you. This is my new actor and artist called Ji Li. Please take care of him.”

Ji Li bowed politely. “Hello, Mr Shen. I am Ji Li.”

Tao Mingyang exchanged looks with Yu Fuya. “Ji Li is an artist that our company is promoting. A drama he was in just finished airing two months ago, and his character has received a good response from the outside world.”

Shen Yanda paused for a moment and pushed up his glasses with a smile. “You two old partners are cooperating to recommend an actor to me.”

“Mr Shen’s reputation is very powerful. You are re-emerging after five years. What company doesn’t want its actors to get a share of the pie?”

Tao Mingyang’s words were frank and beautiful, and he invisibly lifted Shen Yanda to a certain height.

Shen Yanda pushed up his square glasses, and a trace of satisfaction flashed in his eyes.

“In fact, I don’t need your introduction. I actually know Ji Li, this young actor. I have seen him in Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth, and Xie Yan’s character was interpreted well.”

Yu Fuya’s eyes brightened slightly. Her years of experience as an agent made her aware of the hidden message in these words. “Brother Da, what do you mean by this…”

“To be honest, I came to your company this time to meet Ji Li in person.”

Shen Yanda’s gaze fell on Ji Li’s face with a faint sense of superior scrutiny.

“If it is appropriate, I would like to ask him to star in my new script.”

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