IPCFS: Chapter 70 Part 1

Qin Yue, Ji Li and the others made some preparations before coming up to the stage one by one after being called by  the fan meeting host.

It was different from the fully confidential visit during the day. The fan meeting event in the evening had an synchronous online live broadcast.

In addition to the 30 fans who were qualified to visit the set, the rest of the fans and the netizens could watch the online live broadcast of the fan meeting.

The fans cheered the moment the main creators appeared in the front hall.

There were crazy screams offline and a crazy barrage online.

-Ahhhh I saw the fresh Ji Li. I heard from the little sister who went to visit the set that our baby performed very well today. Mom is so proud! I can’t wait to see you on screen at the movie theater.

-Help me! Brother Yue in a black shirt can kill me. This is a mature boyfriend’s force!

-I have seen the fixed makeup photos a long time ago, but the moving Yuan Bao looks even better.

-Third Young Lady, jiayou! Our Third Young Lady must make an appearance!

-Let’s make an online bet. Who will Brother Yue sit next to? [Vote for Yuan Bao/Ji Li/ Third Young Lady]

The modern day netizens were all ‘gamblers’. The moment this voting barrage appeared, it immediately aroused popular support.

There was no doubt that the two camps secretly fighting were the CP fans of ‘Chinese Rose’ and ‘Full Moon.’

Qin Yue’s fans weren’t satisfied with such a CP-like vote, but it was a public live broadcast website after all. They couldn’t complain or scold people, so they could only turn a blind eye to the vote.

Forget it, who made their Brother Yue the recognized ‘good boyfriend’ candidate in the entertainment industry?

Over the years, the public fan circles had secretly imagined things and created countless CPs. There were also female stars and male stars.

Among them, the most famous CP of Brother Yue and Yuan Bao had recently shown the tendency to collapse.

As for the newly formed CP with Ji Li, it would naturally fade the moment the cooperation between the two people ended.

It had been so many years and they had never seen Brother Yue actually have a scandal with anyone.

The other party was a proper ‘iceberg’ in terms of romance in the entertainment industry. No one could melt him.

The host paid attention to the barrage on the mobile phone. He deliberately let the main creators stand and introduce themselves while he saw that the number of votes broke through thousands in a short period of time. Then he invited Qin Yue and the others to sit at will.

He told them to sit at will, but there were actually some subtleties to how they sat.

Yao Chuan was the director and he naturally sat on the far left.

Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei met each other’s eyes. They knew each other well. Since they had decided to ‘kill’ the CP, they had to ‘kill’ it completely.

Therefore, the two of them were separated from each other. One sat on the left and the other one the right. The two positions in the middle were reserved for Ji Li and Ji Yunqi.

The Full Moon CPs who saw this scene were simply heartbroken.

What type of human suffering was this?

Were Brother Yue and Yuan Bao in a cold war? Otherwise, how could there be no sugar at all during this period of time?

Fang Yue, who had defected to the Chinese Rose CP some time ago, saw this scene and the regret of her previous CP dismantling was instantly replaced by greater and stronger expectations.

She held up her phone and bowed to the sky, chanting in an unspeakably devout manner.

“Please, please! Ji Li must sit next to Brother Yue!”

“This believer is willing to never fall in love for the rest of my life in exchange for my CP having the chance to be in the same frame!”

The moment she finished speaking, she saw Ji Yunqi seize the center position, leaving the position by Qin Yue’s side to Ji Li.

Fang Yue was so happy that she laughed in a silly manner while there were screams of ‘ahhhh’ on the barrage on her phone.

The passersby were confused by the sudden cheering, but the people who understood must have been sisters!

It was because the live broadcast had just started, and their CP had already given them candy!

How many CP materials could be created from the two people being in the same frame for the whole live broadcast?

Thinking about it made them feel like jumping into the sky.

Ji Yunqi was completely unaware of the situation in the barrage at the moment, let alone that he had been pulled to the absolute height of a ‘benefactor’ in the hearts of the Chinese Rose CP fans.

In fact, his reason for choosing the central location was simple.

There were only two positions left. How could he dare to sit next to Teacher Qin Yue?

Otherwise, this fan meeting would be full of fear, and he definitely wouldn’t be able to eat hotpot tonight.

In order to face the fans, the crew deliberately found a semi-curved table, and the current positions were Yao Chuan, Yuan Yifei, Ji Yunqi, Ji Li and Qin Yue.

The three leading actors sat in the middle while the two bosses of the crew sat on the far left and right. The positions were unexpectedly arranged very appropriately.

The staff members came on stage and took the initiative to lift the lid of the hotpot on the table. The boiling aroma spread throughout the hall, and the live broadcast camera specially gave a close up.

The online netizens shouted ‘I’m hungry’ and took out their snacks. They planned to watch the live broadcast while eating with the main creators.

At least they couldn’t smell the food through the screen. Meanwhile, the offline fans felt tormented by the aroma that filled the hall!

Who came up with the theme of the fan meeting? Hurry up and name yourself? We promise not to hit you?

As a result, they heard the host say, “I heard that this hotpot party was specially prepared by Teacher Qin Yue?”

“I feel that the people in our crew like to eat hotpot very much, and it is very hard after filming. Therefore, everyone can relax and eat and drink.”

Qin Yue nodded and answered politely.

The fans in the audience nodded frantically in agreement.

Yes, if Brother Yue came up with it, then they really didn’t dare to fight.

The three leading actors had worked hard in filming today. If they had to go hungry while meeting and communicating with fans, then everyone would be reluctant to participate.

Qin Yue glanced at Ji Li out of the corner of his eyes.

From the beginning, Ji Li’s eyes were fixed on the hotpot, and he would occasionally lick his lips cutely. He obviously couldn’t hold back his passion for food.

Qin Yue’s lips curved and he calmly added another sentence. “I used to check Weibo late at night, and I saw Ji Li eating it with others.”


Ji Li obviously froze for half a beat when he heard this. His always clear mind was stimulated by the aroma of the hotpot and his mind crashed for a brief moment.

He had eaten with others? Who?

It wasn’t just Ji Li himself. Many of Ji Li’s fans on the screen couldn’t react. Fortunately, a mother fan with outstanding memory came forward.

“It was when Baby Ji Li was filming Time Lobbyist. He ate the nine grid hotpot with Feng Cheng and Wei Lai.”

Fang Yue, who had just entered the pit, saw this barrage and suddenly realized.

The next second, she saw someone in the CP Weibo group of ‘Chinese Rose is Real’ shout excitedly.

“Sisters! It is a big candy!”

“As we all know, Brother Yue doesn’t like to go on Weibo. He can stay away from Weibo for a month or two if he isn’t in a promotional period. As a result, isn’t it surprising that he actually checked Weibo late at night?”

“Not only did he check Weibo, but he remembered this matter firmly in his heart. After more than half a year, he brought up the old event again. Didn’t you see that even the baby was confused?”

“Moreover, he deliberately mentioned ‘eating with others’. Go back and listen to his tone carefully. Isn’t he jealous?”

“To sum it up, I have every reason to suspect that this hotpot meal was specially arranged by Brother Yue for Baby Ji Li’s sake!”

Fang Yue saw this long sugar analysis and was enlightened.

She jumped up from the bed and exclaimed, “Good man!”

She hadn’t expected Teacher Qin Yue to be such a person!

Regardless of whether it was hard or not, she had sugar to bow to!

In a short period of time, Ji Yunqi had already put food into the hotpot soup. He cut the beef with a knife and put it in directly.

Sure enough, he was the young master of a wealthy family. He was rich and powerful and a carnivore with no pretensions at all.

Yuan Yifei was just about to complain when he saw Qin Yue get up and pour a bowl of fresh shrimp into it.

It couldn’t be more obvious who it was for.

Ji Li stared at the man’s movements and his eyes were shining.

“Wait a while. First, eat some cold dishes to fill your stomach.”


Yuan Yifei’s temples twitched as he heard the whispered communication between the two of them.

He thought it was just a warm hotpot dinner. Unexpectedly, Qin Yue used his power for personal gain to chase after the young man?

Heh, so scheming.

Yuan Yifei was forced to take the initiative to be in charge of the ‘communication’ content of the fan meeting with Yao Chuan beside him.

It was a fan meeting, but it was actually an opportunity for each fan to meet their idol.

The filming of the movie would last three months, and the crew strictly prohibited proxy photographers and spoilers. It would be really difficult for the fans to see their ‘fresh’ actors.

Therefore, the process of this hotpot dinner was very easy. The main creators ate and chatted while each fan stared at the person they wanted to see. No one delayed anyone.

Among them, the most lively ones were the Chinese Rose CP group. They stared with piercing eyes and reported each sugar point in real time.

-Brother Yue gave all the shrimp to Ji Li! Brother Yue took the initiative to open a drink for Ji Li! Brother Yue and Ji Li are speaking!

-Brother Yue, aren’t you eating hotpot? What is going on with you serving dishes to Ji Li? You are full when looking at Ji Li, right?

-Wrong! He is hungry looking at Ji Li! He will go back at night and clean him up!

-Sister upstairs, won’t you say a bit more? My phone has been upgraded to 5G and it can handle it!


The hotpot dinner ended amidst the friendly atmosphere of the fans.

The ‘tool man’ host came up again. “Creators, shall we take a photo together?”

The dedicated photographer for the crew came up as he was speaking.

Qin Yue’s eyes flickered slightly. He was about to reach out to wrap an arm around Ji Li’s shoulders but Ji Yunqi got there first.

Ji Yunqi kindly pulled Ji Li toward him while he didn’t forget to pull Yuan Yifei to his left with his other hand.

He hugged a person on the left and right and completely looked like a winner in life with his happy smile.


Qin Yue’s outstretched hand froze for a moment before he had to lower it silently. It was just that his eyes were deeper when he looked at Ji Yunqi.


The group photo was taken.

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