IPCFS: Chapter 7

Qin Yue’s gaze fell on Ji Li and he realized that this person’s eyes were too clean, without the slightest bit of anger. Even the grievance just now seemed like an illusion, as if he was just seeking confirmation.


At this moment, Qin Yue was rarely silent. He had been worried about the newcomer’s acting skills. Even before the filming started, he couldn’t completely forget the idea of a ‘replacement.’

However, the other person’s actions just now were enough to show he was attached to the Song Zhao role. Moreover, the empathy effect in the scene just now wasn’t bad.

Qi An snorted imperceptibly and raised his legs to watch the show. Others might not know it but could he still be unclear?

Based on the acting skills in Ji Li’s assessment video, his friend must have a good impression of Ji Li. As long as the next rival scene between the two people could be stabilized, it didn’t matter if the casting director found a talented Zhou Qingming as a replacement. His friend would probably be reluctant to let go.

“Ji Li, we were initially afraid that you might not have enough acting experience and you wouldn’t be able to temporarily shape this role well. Therefore, we asked people to find alternative actors.” As the director, Zheng Anxing actively explained it before giving praise. “However, you just did a good job of acting.”

One after another, all the words were true.

“Qin Yue, don’t you think so?” Zheng Anxing threw the topic away.

Qin Yue nodded lightly. “I don’t intend to change you. It is just that for the quality of the movie, I don’t want any actors to fall behind.”

The moment he finished speaking, the sitting Ji Li suddenly smiled. “Yes, I understand.”

No one would be reassured when the originally planned talented actor was replaced by a newcomer. Finding alternative actors was a way to ensure the progress of the filming. If Ji Li was in Qin Yue’s position then he would choose the same method.

Now it seemed that Qin Yue should’ve acknowledged his performance. The other person was an actor on the level of a ‘god’ in the entertainment industry. After seeing the real person, Ji Li had been looking forward to the next rival scene.

 Ji Li moved his small stool to the other side of this person, his eyes flickering slightly. “Teacher Qin Yue, don’t worry. I will try my best to catch your acting skills. If I can’t do it, you can replace me at any time.”

Ji Li was confident but not arrogant. If the auras of the characters they played couldn’t blend with each other then he was willing to quit.

Qin Yue’s lips curved. “Okay.”

Zheng Anxing smiled. “We’ll see later if you two ‘brothers’ can do it.”

“Brother Qin, should you change into your costume first?” Qin Yue’s stylist checked the time with the field affairs staff and leaned close to ask. “It is your scene next.”

“Yes.” Qi got up and gave a signal to the director with his eyes. Then he followed the staff to leave quickly.

Zheng Anxing glanced at Ji Li who was well-behaved on his small stool and remembered the half a piece of bread that Ji Li hadn’t finished. “You’ve only eaten half the bread. Are you full?”

“I’m not full but it is enough.” Ji Li took out his script and flipped through it. “The dry food sent by the soldiers can’t fill my stomach. If I eat too much outside the scene now, I won’t feel like shooting later.”

Zheng Anxing heard the words and looked at the young man in a slightly serious manner. He originally wanted to take this opportunity to talk to Ji Li so that he wouldn’t fall behind Qin Yue too much when shooting later.

Now it seemed that he was worrying too much. Ji Li obviously had his own understanding and way to act out Song Zhao’s role. In that case, it was better to let him go and try it with Qin Yue. If it didn’t work, Zheng Anxing could also talk to him again.

Zheng Anxing thought about it before silently laughing. “Yes, act according to your own understanding.”

Just now, the casting director recognized Ji Li. He looked at the little beggar in front of him and scratched the back of his head.

Such a handsome newcomer was willing to look so ugly? In addition, listening to the director’s meaning, he had performed well in the group scene? Was this real or fake?


In less than 20 minutes, Qin Yue changed his clothes and walked back.

He was playing Song Yi, a famous general. In order to pursue the character’s sense of solemnity, the clothing team had put a lot of effort into the design.

The black copper armor pieces used for ‘defense’ over the uniform were full of weight. He had to carry at least 10 kilograms on his body.

However, Qin Yue didn’t seem to feel it and walked briskly to the shooting point. He took the reins from the staff and jumped onto the horse, neatly and handsomely.

The soldier’s uniform exuded a heavy luster in the sun and made Qin Yue’s facial features more profound. His eyebrows and eyes had a bit of fierceness to them that could only be achieved by ‘moving through the battlefield.’

Qin Yue sat steadily before bending down to touch the horse’s head in a comforting manner. The smile on his face suddenly diluted the sense of solemnity from his body.

Ji Li stared silently. He always felt that Song Yi had come out of the book.

Going into battle wearing golden armor, riding to a triumphant song—it probably looked like this.

Anyone who could reach the top of the entertainment industry was bound to have their own unique charm. Ji Li was someone who was used to seeing handsome men and beautiful women but when he saw Qin Yue, he still couldn’t help sighing.

This person was really handsome. This burst of male hormones coming from the body under the costume couldn’t be hidden. He didn’t know who would be so lucky in the future…

“Ji Li, come over to act.” The assistant director shouted.

“Yes, I’m coming!” Ji Li stuffed his script into his backpack and hurried past. He looked at Qin Yue on horseback and greeted this person with a smile. “Teacher Qin Yue.”

“Yes.” Qin Yue was businesslike. “Let’s start the scene.”

The next scene was simple.

Shortly after the advance troops delivered dry food to the refugee beggars, Song Yi arrived at the city with the army. In order to thank the general for his kind deeds, everyone spontaneously stood at the gate of the city and greeted him with thanks.

In the crowd, Song Zhao recognized his brother but the latter didn’t notice his existence for a while, leading the large army away.

This scene mainly depended on Ji Li’s reaction. As for Qin Yue, he just needed to move through the scene on horseback.

After walking through the scene, Zheng Anxing shouted, “Is everything okay? If there are no problems, get ready to start shooting.”

Everyone walked back to their designated positions. Then they heard the director shouting, “Action.”


The beggar hiding at the gate of the city ran back and shouted, “It is the Yang Yi Army! The army is coming!”

The moment the beggars and refugees heard this, they rushed to both sides of the street. The sound of galloping horses was heard and the man in the lead directly jumped straight over the defensive fence of the gate before tightening the reins of his horse.

The handsome, black horse raised its feet and let out a long and loud sound. It was subdued by the man on its back and stopped steadily.

The assistant director saw the footage captured on the monitor and clenched his fists excitedly. “Okay! As expected of Brother Qin!”

This technique could almost catch up with a professional horse trainer. This difficulty of leading a horse didn’t require a substitute at all.

The group actors were impressed by Qin Yue’s cool and heroic posture. Their eyes were full of light and someone shouted, “General! It is General Song Yi!”

The crowd reached with cheers and shouts. Soon, soldiers rushed to block them and cleared the main road for the rear army to pass.

Ji Li was pushed by the crowd to the front. He raised his eyes filled with curiosity and admiration.

Qin Yue appeared in front of him on horseback. As he looked up, he could see the man’s superior jaw as Qin Yue said, “Pay attention. Don’t hurt ordinary people.”


The uniform response inspired the people around them but Ji Li’s eyes trembled fiercely. He stared at the man’s side profile incredulously. He even rushed out of the crowd to the front left. He stood up desperately and raised his head, wishing to see the other side’s face clearly.

He was so eager that his neck turned red but his mouth seemed mute. He couldn’t utter a word for a long time.

“Don’t go over there!” The soldier in front of him stopped him.

Qin Yue on horseback looked around silently before suddenly meeting a gaze.

—It was too eager. It was incomparably pure but a thousand words were hidden in it. The second he met those eyes, even the cheers of the other people slowed down.

Their eyes met and the other person’s eyes became hotter again. Qin Yue instinctively gripped his reins before shifting his gaze away and leaving.

The camera slowly advanced as Ji Li stared at the departing back, his eyes red.


“Cut! Passed!” Zheng Anxing shouted with excitement in his heart. “Qin Yue, Ji Li, you come here.”

He asked his assistant to pull up the replay and waited for the two actors to come back with a smile.

Ji Li thought his acting state just now was good and he had a relaxed smile on his face. In contrast, Qin Yue’s face was indifferent and there was no extra expression.

Zheng Anxing clicked on the replay and his smile deepened. It wasn’t until the scene where the two of them looked at each other that he quickly pressed the pause button. “Just based on this visual screen, the two of you can absolutely handle it. In particular, Qin Yue. Why didn’t you tell me in advance that you were going to change the details of the script?”

The script clearly said it was just a fleeting glance but Qin Yue’s eyes lingered on Ji Li for three seconds.

In this way, the ‘specialty’ that distinguished brothers from others would come out but it wouldn’t be too exaggerated. After all, Song Yi was a decisive general and he wouldn’t pay too much attention to a beggar on the side of the road.

Qin Yue’s face tensed up. “It’s good if you think it is okay. Let the staff hand up the meal and we will continue shooting after eating.”

Then he turned and walked toward his RV. The onlooker Qi An immediately noticed the emotion of his friend and asked the director, “Old Zheng, this scene will only be shot once? Qin Yue doesn’t seem satisfied?”

Zheng Anxing stared at Qin Yue who was walking away and then on the frozen image on the monitor before suddenly smiling. “Of course, there is no problem at all. If he wasn’t satisfied then he would’ve asked for a retake.”

Ji Li couldn’t help sighing with relief. After all, the focus of this scene was him.

“Logistics, hand out the meal. We will try to shoot the scenes in the afternoon on time,” Zheng Anxing ordered into the intercom.

“Director Zheng, if it is okay then I will find a place to rest first,” Ji Li said. He still had a night scene today and couldn’t leave the crew for the time being.

“Yes, go.” Zheng Anxing was very satisfied with his performance. “Get an extra lunch box at noon and eat until you’re full.”

Ji Li smiled and walked away with his backpack.


The fourth film and television base mainly had the scenes of the ‘border town and wasteland.’ In order to improve the progress, the crew naturally concentrated those scenes and filmed them together.

The protagonist of the scenes in the afternoon were all Qin Yue and it went like this: Song Yi led his troops to a camp 10 miles away from the border city with his troops, deploying various matters in advance.

He hurried to finish the filming and didn’t delay the crew’s dinner.

Qin Yue was eating in the RV. Major General sat at his feet and stared at the meat bones on the table.

The moment Qi An entered the car, he saw the dog who was so greedy that he was almost dripping saliva. Qi An took out a bone from the cupboard and threw it. Major General took it flexibly, hid to the side and bit it.

Qi An asked, “There is still another scene later. Is it okay?”

“It’s fine.”

Qin Yue had a very easy time in the afternoon scenes. The one he was going to film later was the scene of ‘the Song brothers recognizing each other.’ This was one of the important scenes in this side plot.

Qin Yue remembered Ji Li who was going to act with him and his movements unknowingly paused.

Before he could speak, Qi An on the side laughed. “By the way, I just saw Ji Li on the way here. Guess what he is doing?”

Qin Yue looked at his friend.

Qi An told him, “He is helping the props team to ‘move bricks.’ He is really working hard.”

Qin Yue’s eyebrows slightly narrowed together and he inexplicably felt a bit amused. “What is an actor doing helping the props team?”


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