IPCFS: Chapter 69 part 2

Chen Xi had taken a shortcut to avoid the large group of people and rushed over to notify Song Ran in advance.

Chen Xi had to let Song Ran leave as soon as possible while also finding a way to stop the innocent transporters from getting into an accident.

“I’ll cover you, so leave right away!”

Song Ran was taken aback and immediately realized the seriousness of the situation. “What about you?”

Chen Xi pushed him away and quickly found the right direction to slip away in. “There is no time. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Fortunately, the area of the transportation warehouse was large enough and there were various containers that could be used as cover. This gave them a bit of security and delayed the time for the other party to find them.

The moment the two of them bypassed a container, they collided head on with three people.

Coincidentally, they were all drug dealers under Shi Ye who were guarding the area.

The two groups of people met, and the atmosphere froze for a moment.

The three drug dealers on the opposite side didn’t realize that something was wrong. They just felt that Chen Xi’s face was familiar. “Doesn’t this person look familiar?”

Ji Yunqi lowered his head and tightened his grip on the gun behind him. Then he glanced at his companion in front of him.

Ji Li’s fingertips slowly tapped a Morse code.

-Separate and act.

Finally, he snapped his fingers.

Ji Yunqi turned to the left and ran quickly.

Ji Li made a move at the same time. He took two quick steps and jumped up, grabbing the iron rod of a container with his strong hand.

He used the strength of his upper body to support his body in mid-air and manly blue veins bulged on his arms.

The next second, he leaned back and kicked a drug dealer in the center of his body with both feet.

The latter was caught off guard and fell to the ground, completely fainting.

The series of actions took only three or four seconds of effort.

But for the fans watching in the distance, they were already in awe of such a Ji Li.

This movement was so difficult, but there was no hanging wire the entire time! He didn’t need the assistance of the staff to shoot it in sections!

Not only was it done in one go, but it was also done so beautifully!

The power of a boyfriend was always a great weapon to conquer the fan circle. It wasn’t just his own fans who would praise such a handsome and tough Ji Li. Even other fans couldn’t help praising him.

“Oh my god, your family’s Ji Li is really powerful!”

“No wonder why Yuan Bao said that he wanted to act against Ji Li. Who wouldn’t like such a powerful actor?”

The fans of the Ji family nodded like they were pounding garlic, and their faces were red with excitement.

Did you hear?

Our baby is so great that it is to the point that other fans are praising him! A Ji Li fan is proud!

They stared directly at Ji Li’s figure, and their eyes were reluctant to leave him.

Help, this mother fan can’t stand it anymore. My legs are so weak that I am going to become a girlfriend fan!

Wu wu wu, even if I can’t be a girlfriend fan, it is okay to exchange ourselves for him!

The filming continued.


The sound of gunfire rang out suddenly.

Chen Xi turned his head quickly when he heard the gunshot. There was a flash of panic in his sharp eyes before he quickly regained his composure.

Behind him, a drug dealer who was sneaking around and trying to kill him was shot and fell to the ground. He struggled for two seconds before passing out.

Song Ran, who had already fled, had returned. He quickly put away his gun and helped his friend drag the unconscious drug dealers to a corner of the container.

“Song Ran! Why did you come back?”

“If I didn’t come back, the person who would’ve fallen to the ground would be you.”

In just one month, Ji Yunqi’s speaking skills had grown rapidly. He spoke in a tone that sounded serious and dissatisfied, but there was actually the joy of rushing back in time and worrying about Chen Xi fighting alone.


A bullet hit the container beside them and caused sparks to fly.

The two people were forced to stop the conversation and quickly ducked down to avoid it.

The pace of this scene was fast, and the shot that Song Ran was forced to fire completely notified the first batch of drug dealers who arrived.

The enemy rushed toward the source of the sound and split into several different groups, surrounding them layer by layer.

The situation of the partners played by Ji Li and Ji Yunqi wasn’t good. They had to take the initiative to solve it in order to find a way out for themselves.

Guns were loud, so they fought with their bare hands.

Ji Yunqi said he was nervous, but his performance in the official filming was amazingly good.

He and Ji Li had a tacit understanding, and all the moves between the two of them and the group performers were well connected.

Even without the post-production, the excitement of this scene hit people head-on.

The fans who visited the set were addicted. If it wasn’t for Qin Yue telling them not to make noise in advance, their screams probably would’ve spread throughout the entire set!

Ji Mingyue proudly smiled when she heard the whispered discussions around her.

Her younger brother’s performance wasn’t bad. He didn’t delay the crew and didn’t disgrace their Ji family.

Yao Chuan watched the monitor and was very satisfied. “If I had known that the fan visit would’ve aroused their desire to perform, I would’ve arranged it a long time ago.”

Qin Yue’s lips curved up while his gaze was always fixed on the monitor. 

He watched the young man being thrown to the ground by a group actor in accordance with the requirements of the script, and a touch of reluctance appeared in his heart.

However, serious filming was what an actor should do. It was impossible for him to stop it due to his personal emotions.

The crew took a short break of 10 minutes before filming the next part.

Chen Xi and Song Ran were both physically strong and knocked down more than ten drug dealers who arrived.

At the same time, the door of the warehouse was blocked. Shi Ye, the drug lord behind the scenes, finally came out in person.

During the resistance just now, Song Ran was accidentally shot in the shoulder and would fall into a more dangerous situation if he continued to resist.

Ji Yunqi leaned against a container and breathed unevenly. He gripped his constantly bleeding shoulder and silently gritted his teeth.

“Is there a secret passage?” Chen Xi asked.

“Yes, there is an item conveyor belt in Area D4. I tried it before, and it can fit our size.”

Ji Yunqi waved the gun that was already empty and took a breath. “L-Let’s go together.”


Ji Li heard the movement outside, and his eyes flickered for a moment. Then he quickly made a decision. “My duty is to cover your evacuation. You go first, and I’ll break through later!”

He wasn’t the only undercover agent in the drug den. There were other people who could provide new trading information to the organization.

Meanwhile, Song Ran was the only police officer who had the intelligence of the entire drug transportation channel. He had to leave safely and alive!

He was the most secret pawn of the police, and he couldn’t be exposed to the drug dealers.

Before participating in this mission, the final mission arranged to him by his superiors was to ensure Song Ran’s safe return, even if it meant dying.

Song Ran understood his meaning almost instantly. “Chen Xi, are you crazy?”

They had forced Shi Ye to this point. If Chen Xi went back, then it would be complete death!

Ji Li forcefully pulled him toward Area D. “Shut up! Don’t forget what your identity is? Song Ran, you said it. For the sake of the people, you will never admit defeat!”

Footsteps were approaching and they had no choice.

Ji Yunqi’s eyes turned red. He hugged Ji Li hard, suppressing his emotions while stubbornly admonishing the other person, “Wait for me and don’t die.”

Ji Li stretched out his hand into the air but finally failed to touch the other person.

In the past, he had watched his comrades rush to their death. Now his position had changed, and it turned out that he had such a decisive and desolate state of mind.

“Song Ran, please take good care of yourself.”

It was the critical moment.

Song Ran entered the conveyor belt to leave while Chen Xi had to come forward, using his exposed identity to try and delay Shi Ye and the others.


Yuan Yifei finally made his debut under the anticipation of the fans.

For the role of Shi Ye, he had deliberately grown his hair. His long hair was tied into a ponytail at the back of his head.

Some strands of hair hung smoothly around his stern face, showing a messy beauty.

His dark blue silk shirt was open and revealed his sexy collarbone. If one looked down, they could see some ‘fake tattoos’ that gave him a wild and sharp beauty.

“A nosebleed is about to come out! Even if Yuan Bao is a drug lord, he is the most tempting and beautiful drug lord!”

The Yuan fans covered their noses while feeling that they were about to get a nosebleed.

This time, it was the turn of the fans of the other two to agree.

If the villain looks good, our three views will change to five fans. This sentence was a joke, but it was really too appropriate.

Yuan Yifei stood opposite Ji Li and prepared to start filming.

The former greeted the fans with a smile one second. Then the next second, he heard the sound of filming starting and seemed to be a completely different person.

The warm look on Yuan Yifei’s face completely dissipated and killing intent appeared in his gloomy eyes. It was completely terrifying.

Shi Ye took out a pistol and shot at Chen Xi’s calf with no warning. “You hid deeply enough.”

The blood pack in Ji Li’s pants exploded in time. He gritted his teeth and fell to his knees with a plop.

The fans were stunned.

The Yuan fans were lamenting their idol’s beauty and acting skills, while the Ji fans were feeling sorry for their baby’s knees while admiring his dedication.

There was always a difference between filming on the set and watching it on cinema screens.

Many times, a shot that seemed understated required the actors to endure a lot of pain.

The moment this short shot finished, Yao Chuan called out to stop it in time.

A staff member came forward and took the stunned fans out of the filming location.

After all, it was only one of the special benefits of the fans that everyone could enjoy.

The real scene still had to be seen in theaters. The fans weren’t satisfied, but they obediently cooperated.

The moment the fans left, the crew continued filming the next scene and even went back to do close-ups of previous scenes.

It wasn’t until 6 o’clock that the day’s filming was officially over.

The three leading actors had no time to take off their makeup and rest. They followed the guidance of the staff members and went to the venue of the fan meeting.

The moment they reached the narrow backstage area of the fan meeting venue, they smelled a tempting fragrance coming from the lobby.

Ji Yunqi’s hunger and taste buds were triggered by the scent and he involuntarily gulped. “What is this? Why is it so fragrant?”

Ji Li also noticed the fragrance and made a guess. “Is it food prepared by the fans for support?”

Yao Chuan knew the truth and came up to them with a smile. “Isn’t it fragrant? The theme of tonight’s fan meeting is very special, and I heard that Qin Yue specially arranged it.”

“Brother Yue asked someone to arrange it?”

Ji Li was curious and instinctively turned sideways to look for the man. Then he suddenly crashed into a warm body.

“Be careful, don’t fall.” A familiar voice rang in his ears.

It wasn’t known when Qin Yue came forward and got extremely close to him.

Ji Li’s waist was suddenly supported by someone, and it caused his heart to skip a beat.

Yuan Yifei saw the ambiguous posture of the two people and smiled silently.

However, he was also curious about the theme of the fan meeting. “Qin Yue, what did you ask the staff to do?”

Ji Li took the opportunity to escape the man’s embrace. He pretended to be calm as he covered his lips, but his red ears betrayed his true emotions.

Qin Yue’s lips curved as he met Ji Li’s eyes again.

“Filming is hard work, and you should take it easy after the work is over. Tonight, you can eat and chat with the fans at the same time. You don’t have to be too restrained.”

Ji Li suddenly realized and his eyes brightened. “… Is hotpot prepared in the hall?”

Qin Yue nodded and added meaning, “It is the nine grids hot pot. You love to eat it, right?”

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