IPCFS: Chapter 69 Part 1

The matter with the sasaeng fans and proxy photographers ended for the time being, and the crew finally entered a stable filming rhythm.

A month flew by in a flash.

Qin Yue and Yao Chuan saw that filming was going smoothly and finally put the long-prepared fan visit event on the agenda.

There was a strict screening before the crew selected 30 fans to receive the qualifications to enter the crew. The most enviable thing was that the round-trip airfare and hotel expenses for the fans who received the qualification would be fully covered by the crew.

Countless fans screamed and cheered the moment the news was released.

“Ahhh the sisters who are drawn are simply living koi!”

“You can see fresh Yuan Bao and fresh Ji Li. You can also see Ji Yunqi. There are three handsome guys!”

“The sister upstairs, have you forgotten something? The crew also has Brother Yue! He is the executive producer!”

“So don’t be a sasaeng fan. As long as you chase stars in a normal way, they will definitely meet us with the best appearance!”

“Hahaha, the sisters of the Ji family, hurry up and ready the Weibo of the wealthy spender boss. I’m going to die of laughter.”

Ji Li’s fans saw this comment and immediately wanted to watch the excitement. They switched their Weibo page.

Who could be the famous wealthy spender of the Ji family?

The original Weibo ID was ‘I Think Ji Li is Cute Every Day’, but now the Weibo ID was ‘I Want to Kiss and Make Ji Li Cry Every Day’.

In a case of all the fans being mother fans, the big shot’s love for Ji Li gradually ‘degenerated.’

It was worthy of the big shot who sat firmly in first place in the gold position for the Ji Li family. The big shot could be hungry for Ji Li’s body!

The nature of fan circles toward idols was inherently strange, and Ji Li’s fans could naturally accept the fan attributes of the big shot.

After all, the big shot not only had money, but also praised him every day.

At the end of every movie or drama, the big shot would publish a long essay on Ji Li’s acting skills, and it was full of praise!

The problem was that the boasting was very professional!

The technical terminology, the subtle breakdown… it made people want to co-author a small essay or re-watch the movie or drama!

Finally, it was actually forwarded by countless marketing accounts.

To a certain extent, it could be regarded as increasing Ji Li’s exposure and topicality.

At this time, Ji Li’s official fan support association had issued a support statement for the ‘visiting the cast on the set’ and the big shot had forwarded it with a sentence.

“Have fun, keep a proper distance from him, and don’t embarrass him.”

The big shot’s forward was very sincere, but the comments below were already filled with laughter.

-Hahahah did the big shot not draw a quota? Be dumbfounded now!

-The number of things that money can’t buy in this world has increased! It is Ji Li’s visiting quota!

-Help! I am vomiting from laughter. Big shot, are you sour? Are you a lemon?

-Hmph! Big shot, you probably didn’t expect that Feng Shui would change. You ignored me when I begged you to resell the perfume, but today I have received the qualification to visit the set. You can’t climb up! [Attachment-crew photo]

This fan’s comment naturally aroused the envy and hatred of other fans.

“Sisters, please live broadcast it!”

“No, I’m still outside the set. Once I enter the set and start the visit, the phones and SLRs of all fans will be confiscated in order to avoid things from leaking out.”

In addition, the crew required all visiting fans to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If images or other information leaked in the future, it would be investigated for responsibility according to the law.

The fans who were drawn this time were all real fans and naturally didn’t want to do anything that harmed the interests of their idol. Therefore, they obediently complied.

In the lounge, Ji Yunqi was pacing back and forth nervously.

It was the first time he was meeting his nominal fans, and he had to film the movie in front of them.

He hadn’t slept well since getting the news last night.

Yuan Yifei was sitting on a sofa and slowly peeling oranges. He looked at Ji Yunqi, who was scurrying around, with amusement. “Just treat the fans as staff members and film normally like before.”

“Today’s fight has been repeated more than a dozen times, and each time has been smoother and smoother. What are you afraid of?”

Ji Li finished putting on makeup and came back. He saw through Ji Yunqi’s demeanor instantly. “Are you still nervous?”

“There is no way. He has the body of a young master and the courage of a little girl.”

Yuan Yifei complained before throwing half of the peeled orange to Ji Li. “It seems quite sweet. You try it.”

“You have the courage of a little girl.” Ji Yunqi snatched the other half of the orange and stuffed it into his mouth.

Yuan Yifei had worked hard to peel it, but as a result, half of the orange was gone. He was so angry that he kicked Ji Yunqi off the sofa.

Ji Yunqi puffed out his cheeks and frowned. “What if I NG 40 or 50 times like before?”

This time, he wasn’t only afraid of disappointing himself and his companions. He was also afraid of disappointing the fans who had traveled thousands of kilometers.

Yuan Yifei gave Ji Li a look. Ji Li understood and sat on Ji Yunqi’s right side.

The two of them sat on the left and right of Ji Yunqi and encouraged him.

“Look at who you are acting against. The previous scenes have passed smoothly. What is so scary about this action scene?”

“Yunqi, relax. This type of large-scale martial arts scene is simpler than a separate literary scene.”

“If you really NG then Ji Li and I can lend you a shoulder at any time.”

Ji Yunqi glanced to the left and right, full of arrogance. “No need. I’m a real man and I’m not afraid of heaven or earth.”

Yuan Yifei and Ji Li looked at each other with smiling faces and didn’t speak.

A real man?

It wasn’t known who NGed 40 to 50 times before and almost cried at the end.

In addition, who was it who was so nervous that he couldn’t even eat half a bowl for lunch after hearing that the fans were going to visit the set?

There was a knock on the door and the crew member urged them, “Three teachers, the set is almost ready. Director Yao and Brother Yue called you over to prepare for filming.’

“Yes, we are coming.”

The three of them weren’t sloppy when it came to business. Ji Li stuffed the remaining orange into Ji Yunqi’s mouth and encouraged him with a smile. “Third Young Lady, jiayou.”

“Ji Li, don’t call me that!”


The fighting scene to be filmed today could be regarded as the turning point of the movie.

The first two small deals to test the waters for the new drug either had the transaction temporarily changed, or the police were waiting to arrest them.

The drug lord played by Yuan Yifei realized the existence of an inner traitor and deliberately set up a situation so that the entire drug den mistakenly thought he wanted to capture the undercover agent hidden on the ‘transportation line.’

Chen Xi also thought this way, but he didn’t know that there was a game in the middle.

Shi Ye assembled a large group of people to go to the transportation warehouse. The moment Chen Xi discovered this, he made a desperate move and sounded the alarm for Song Ran to ‘leave.’

As a result, the two sides engaged in a contest of force and firepower.

Song Ran managed to escape, but Chen Xi fell into the hands of Shi Ye and the other drug dealers.


Today’s filming location was set in a large indoor transportation warehouse. The three of them had just entered the set when they heard a burst of cheers from above.

Ji Li instinctively looked up and realized that the fans who came to visit the set had been arranged by the crew to stay on the compartment between the two floors.

Such an arrangement didn’t affect the flat filming screen and allowed fans to watch without any hindrances.

It killed two birds with one stone.

Ji Li was the first one to react and greeted the fans. “Long time no see, I am Ji Li.”

Yuan Yifei also greeted them with a smile.

“Ji Li baby, jiayou!”

“Yuanbao is so handsome! Yuan Bao, jiayou!’

“Hello everyone, I am Ji Yunqi.” Ji Yunqi waited until the cheers of the fans subsided before slowly opening his mouth.

He thought about the cold personality that the company set up for him as an ‘aristocratic young master’ and had to finish this sentence with a straight face.

Perhaps it was because he was born with the arrogant aura of a young master, but he looked cool and handsome.

Before the fans could recover from sighs about how handsome he was, they heard a loud cheer. “Third Young Lady, Sister loves you!”


Ji Yunqi looked over and found that it was his sister who had come.

Ji Mingyue had got a short, clean haircut some time ago and she was currently wearing a hat in a low-key manner. However, her family members were always familiar with her.

A famous screenwriter was now mixed in among the fans and holding high a sign that said ‘The coolest person in the universe, Ji Yunqi.’

It was too exaggerated, too exaggerated.

What shame, what shame!

Ji Yunqi’s ears burned red in an instant, and he wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide in.

Second Sister, did you come here to purposely mess things up?

Why is it Third Young Lady? Why are you taking the lead in turning your own brother into something silly?

Ji Yunqi was still filming his first work, but Chaoying was very careful about his planning.

They released a video diary a week, a daily photo every two weeks, and occasionally mixed in a video interview. The exposure was very sufficient.

What was the entertainment industry?

A person could have fans if they looked standard enough and had enough characteristics.

Therefore, Ji Yunqi might not have as many fans as the other two leading actors, but the ten fan spots for this visit were still full.

The rest of the fans immediately recovered and cheered after hearing Ji Mingyue’s shout.

“Third Young Lady, jiayou!”

“Third Young Lady is the most handsome and cutest!”

Ji Yunqi didn’t deliberately hide his family background, but he also didn’t use his background as marketing capital.

Around a week ago, Ji Mingyue posted a photo of Ji Yunqi when he was a child on Weibo. He was dressed up as a female doll.

Therefore, Third Young Master Ji was changed to Third Young Lady Ji in the mouths of fans.

Everyone had joked about it when this matter reached the crew.

Ji Li and Yuan Yifei looked at each other and restrained the smiles on their faces.

It could be said that the naive attributes between idols and fans could infect each other.

Ji Yunqi and his fans were too cute.

It seemed that the title of Third Young Lady was confirmed.

Ji Yunqi’s neck turned red with embarrassment, and his previous tension had long disappeared.

The three of them greeted the fans before going to the filming location to prepare. There would be a fan meeting in the evening, so there was no need to rush to communicate and interact with the fans.

In order to save the fans from waiting, the positions of this scene were rehearsed in advance, and even the audition part was prepared early.

At this time, Ji Li, the other leading others, the supporting actors, and the group actors briefly practiced before standing in the filming location.

Qin Yue took Yao Chuan’s loudspeaker and instructed the fans who were full of expectations. “During the filming, it is forbidden to scream and cheer in case you disturb the normal filming.”

“Please consciously abide by this, thank you.”

The man’s voice was originally good, but after being rendered through the loudspeaker, it had a tingly, low mellow feeling that made people involuntarily listen.

Ji Li’s thoughts wandered for a moment before he was suddenly awakened by the cry of ‘Action.’

Filming had begun.

Ji Yunqi was fully concentrating and entered the filming state.

Song Ran lowered his body and directly pulled Ji Li to the side of the container with a serious look on his face.

“Why are you here? What happened?”

“You have to leave immediately. Shi Ye is suspicious, and there will definitely be changes in the subsequent third, large-scale transaction. Don’t startle the organization.”

Ji Li’s eyes were sharp as he removed his gun and threw it to the other person. “The people led by Shi Ye are coming over immediately, and I’m afraid that there won’t be anyone living remaining in this transportation warehouse.”

Shi Ye’s means were too ruthless. He would rather kill 100 by mistake than to let one person go.

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