IPCFS: Chapter 67 Part 1

Medicine had just been applied to the abrasion on Ji Li’s arm when Qin Yue rushed to the hospital.

The disinfectant in the room hadn’t completely dissipated, and the smell made people feel irritated for no reason.

Qin Yue’s expression sank and he walked to the young man’s side. “Are you okay?”

Ji Li shook his head and his tired look dissipated a lot due to the other person’s concern. “I’m fine, but the driver hurt his foot and Baozi’s head is wounded.”

It happened suddenly.

Ji Li was concerned about the driver and Baozi’s injuries and had to go to the hospital.

He was the least injured and the last to be given medicine. He had just finished treating the wound when Qin Yue and the others arrived.

Ji Li was in a good mood and joked, “It just so happens that I acted in an ‘injured’ explosion scene today, and this injury on my arm won’t affect it. The next scene will be filmed normally.”

“What? Your situation is the most important thing, and we’ll talk about filming later.” Seeing his free and easy appearance, Qin Yue felt a burst of heartache and self-blame again.

It was his fault that he didn’t do a good job, so that the young man wasn’t safe on the way back from work.

Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi got the news and also hurried over.

Half an hour ago, Yuan Yifei had just arrived at the hotel when Ji Yunqi told him about the incident. The two of them weren’t at ease, so they secretly asked the staff members to prepare a car and slipped out the side door of the hotel.

“F*k, how did you get followed by a car of sasaeng fans?”

Yu Fuya thought of the situation just now and was so angry that she couldn’t calm down. “They are sasaeng fans. How can there be any reason to speak of?”

She had looked after so many artists and also encountered many cases of sasaeng fans waiting and following cars. However, the girls she met this time were really crazy in a jaw-dropping manner.

There were five girls in the car and they were all sasaeng fans.

It wasn’t clear whether the car belonged to them or was hired, but it was clear that they rushed up on purpose in an attempt to force their car to stop.

It was early in the morning so the driver was vigilant. He stepped on the accelerator in time and avoided a catastrophe.

As a result, this group of sasaeng fans didn’t die. They suddenly accelerated parallel with them on the mountain road and lowered the window to shout.

“Brother, we have no malicious intentions. We just want to see you.”

“Brother, we have a gift for you.”

They all wore masks and hats to cover most of their faces, but the crazy ‘love’ in their eyes could still be seen. It was creepy.

Then they overtook in front of the business car and suddenly slammed on the brakes to force the car to stop.

The driver of the crew immediately stepped on the brakes but still couldn’t avoid it in time and crashed into the car. Due to the inertia, the group of people in the car suddenly arched forward and bumped into something.

The driver was so angry that he rolled down the window and cursed.

This was a mountain road!

If they were careless, then they might’ve crashed down the road!

It would be completely harmful to others if a major accident really happened!

This group of sasaeng fans obviously realized the seriousness of the matter. They actually stepped on the accelerator and drove away without hesitation.

The driver of the drama crew had a foot injury and could only watch this group of girls sneak away while feeling extremely annoyed.

Ji Li and the others calmed down a bit. They saw that there was no village in front of the mountain road and no stores, so they were forced to take photos to collect evidence. They contacted the vehicle insurance company and rushed to the hospital.

Baozi’s forehead already had a gauze bandage stuck to it. He thought about what happened tonight and couldn’t stop being afraid. “Teacher Qin Yue, Sister Yu, how should we handle this matter properly?”

In the past, he only heard about the vicious behavior of the ‘sasaeng fans’. He hadn’t expected to encounter such crazy behavior tonight.

As a top actor, Yuan Yifei had experienced these bad things in the past.

The sasaeng fans not only waited at the crew and hotel. They not only followed the cars, but even planted bugs in the car and the staff’s accompanying items.

The behaviors were just as bad as they were.

“We have no way to control the behavior of sasaeng fans. At most, we can make a statement strictly prohibiting it.” Yuan Yifei mentioned the conventional solution.

However, what was the use?

It would only make the rational star chasing fans worry and insult the sasaeng fans.

Moreover, there would be fans who scolded the sasaeng fans and the crew and studio at the same time. They thought the crew and studio were incapable and couldn’t protect the artist well…

In this way, it intensified the contradiction between the artist’s official team and the fans.

The most frustrating thing was that these ‘culprits’ in the center of the storm were fearless. They weren’t afraid of the abuse of the fans and the accusations of the team. They could rationalize it in various ways.

“You are just jealous that I can get close to Brother!”

“My brother’s team specially mentioned us. This means he remembers us!”

To be honest, this strange brain circuit wasn’t at all understandable to normal people.

However, if the company and artist were tougher than these sasaeng fans, they would stop being fans and retaliate. They would spread the words and deeds that the artist had done in private. If there was no real material to destroy the artist’s image, they would deliberately make up black materials.

Many of the artists’ unwarranted black topics were originally derived from the malice of the sasaeng fans.

It was thankless, and a whole lot of trouble for nothing.

In this circle, the matter of sasaeng fans were repeatedly prohibited.

In many cases, it wasn’t that the companies and artist’s studios didn’t want to manage it, but that they couldn’t manage it!

Qin Yue’s expression was very ugly. “Have you written down the license plate number?”

“Teacher Qin Yue, I have noted it down here.” Baozi quickly took out his phone but still shook his head in difficulty.

Yes, they could be found by the license plate number.

So what? How to deal with it?

Brother Ji’s star identity was here. If someone in this group of sasaeng fans had an extreme personality and did something, he would be the one ‘taking the blame’ and suffering in the end.

Yu Fuya obviously also considered this matter. “Ji Li, do you think this way yourself?”

Ji Yunqi was anxious and spoke first. “What else can he think? Tonight’s matter must not be indulged! Is it possible to tolerate sasaeng fans waiting around like this every day to secretly take photos and follow the car to harass him every day?”

As a newcomer who just debuted, Ji Yunqi currently didn’t have many fans and there were no sasaeng fans. However, he saw the situation of his two friends tonight.

Not only was Ji Li injured due to them following his car, but Yuan Yifei even encountered crazy fans when he returned to the hotel. They forcibly squeezed into the hotel elevator that Yuan Yifei was taking and said they were also staying in this hotel.

The filming of the movie had just begun, and they would need to stay on the set for a long time.

Who could stand it for a long time?

Qin Yue’s eyes were calm and he spoke decisively. “The statement that should be issued still needs to be issued. No matter how much deterrence power it has, at least it can give some warnings to fans who have this type of mind but haven’t chased you to the scene yet.”

Yu Fuya nodded. “I’ve already asked people to prepare a statement, and I”m just waiting for you as the producer to agree. Later, the two official Weibos will send it together and the influence will be greater.”

Ji Li had been silent for a long time. Now he sighed and his voice was light but resolute. “Sister Yu, let’s call the police to deal with it and file a case of hit and run. They should get the punishment they deserve.”

Everyone showed a look of surprise when they heard Ji Li’s words.

As an agent, Qi An naturally understood what this meant. “Ji Li, do you want to think about it? Once a case is reported to the police in the direction of a hit and run, it is likely that these girls will be detained.”

“It isn’t wrong from your perspective, but once this matter gets out, the group of sasaeng fans won’t think you are right for doing so.”

They would just feel that Ji Li was ruthless and cruel. The sasaeng fans were inherently crazy and their hatred was even crazier. It made them an even more terrifying existence than the black fans.

If he offended this group of people and provoked them to attack him in groups, perhaps Ji Li would encounter even more terrifying threats in the future.

This was also one of the reasons why many artist teams didn’t dare to be strict with the sasaeng fans.

“Tolerating this group of sasaeng fans is the greatest harm.” Ji Li’s expression was firm and he didn’t waver in the slightest.

“We are individuals first and an actor and star chaser second.”

The law didn’t tolerate mercy, and those who did something wrong should be punished.

Ji Li was very grateful for the love of all fans, but this didn’t mean he needed to tolerate the excessive attention of some of them, as well as the harm caused by this excessive attention.

It was thanks to the driver’s excellent skills and timely reaction that they were lucky enough to avoid a disaster tonight. Other inexperienced rookies would’ve crashed hard and the aftermath would be even more serious.

They were joking with the lives of both sides!

“Ever since my debut, apart from filming and work, I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary in private. I’m not afraid of their unwarranted black material.’

“I chose this industry. I made this decision, so I have to be able to afford what happens next.”

They could chase the car wildly right now. Then what if they tried to sneak indoors in the future?

The madness of the sasaeng fans was endless, so Ji Li had to show the right attitude and build a wall of resistance for himself and the people around him.

Qin Yue looked at Ji Li and agreed. “The crazy sasaeng fans are a minority after all. If this matter is seriously dealt with by the police, then the deterrent power will definitely be stronger than ordinary statements.”

Ji Yunqi nodded hurriedly while his worship of Ji Li in his heart rose by another level.

The young man didn’t hide from anything he encountered.

He was grateful to his fans for their liking and willing to give them better works, but he could protest any overstepping behavior in a timely manner and wouldn’t tolerate it.

Yuan Yifei smiled and sighed. He had to accept it. “I should really learn from you in terms of attitude toward the sasaeng fans.”

He and his team worried too much about the future, so they invisibly ‘condoned’ the sasaeng fans.

“Baozi, give me the license plate number. I will find a way to deal with these sasaeng fans and proxy photographers.”

As Qin Yue mentioned business, he stared at the scratch on Ji Li’s arm and said seriously, “I definitely won’t let tonight’s matter happen a second time.”

Ji Li met Qin Yue’s eyes and somehow felt the warmth of being ‘cherished.’

The pressure brought by the sasaeng fans in his heart was swept away. He instinctively believed that the other person would handle everything so that he could film with the crew with peace of mind.

In just the few seconds when they looked at each other, the eyes of the two people seemed able to pull out a thread of silk.

Yu Fuya coughed and interrupted the two of them looking at each other.

She stepped forward and stopped in front of her own artist. “Qin Yue, I will have the employees of Chaoying cooperate with the crew. Ji Li is an artist under Chaoying, and the company is obliged to protect everything about him.”


Qi An took out his mobile phone and walked back from outside. “I arranged a car. Based on his injuries, Ji Li shouldn’t need to stay in the hospital. The three actors should return to the hotel to rest.”

The hospital was crowded, and it was impossible to prevent others from entering. It wouldn’t be safe if they were found by other sasaeng fans and proxy photographers.

“Yes, let’s go.”

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