IPCFS: Chapter 66 Part 2

Ji Li heard the sound of the door closing next door and slumped on the sofa with Snow Cake.

He smoothed the cat’s fur while also calming down his unexplained heart palpitations.

“Baby Cake, what do you think of Qin Yue?” Ji Li whispered casually.

He always felt that his feelings toward Qin Yue were strange recently? There was an indescribable feeling of chest palpitations as long as he made eye contact with the other person.

Snow Cake heard his name and raised his head curiously. Then he quickly licked the back of his master’s hand.

Ji Li naturally wasn’t stupid enough to wait for a cat’s answer. He sighed slightly and came to a realization by himself.

Thinking about it, he and Qin Yue had cooperated too many times.

From Song Zhao, who died for his brother, and Xie Yan, who loved and hated him, Ji Li had acted against Qin Yue twice and they were praised by fans.

In the later two movies, Qin Yue was just the investor and producer, but the two of them couldn’t avoid meeting on set.

If there was a meeting, then there would be contact. If there was contact, then communication was indispensable.

It was no wonder why there were always people who said it was taboo for two actors to film together for a long time.

After all, they spent a long time together. It wasn’t easy to distinguish between the inside and outside of the act and might also cause a subtle illusion.

It was just like he was now.

Qin Yue was too good. It was too easy for people who came into contact with him to admire him.

In addition, Ji Li already somewhat admired him.

Ji Li shook his head and left these unrealistic thoughts behind.

His popularity and career were on the rise, but there were no decent male lead works yet.

In terms of the movie or television awards, it was even more of a blank state.

In this case, he couldn’t indulge himself in enjoying things that had nothing to do with his career.

“Make myself excellent first. Then I can find an equally good partner in the future, right, Baby Cake?”

“Meow~” Snow Cake raised his little head and answered.

Ji Li couldn’t help rubbing his nose before regaining his original calmness. “Okay, you play by yourself first. I will take a shower before going to sleep.”

After tomorrow’s location transition, the next filming schedule would be the main plot. He had the qualifications to play a leading role, and he must not act badly.


The transition scenes were concentrated in the small town on the border of Yuncheng.

The crew had identified various locations as early as two months ago in order to give the most realistic effect to the future audience.

The next scene was at a remote, old factory.

The police received intelligence that the drug lord Shi Ye would send someone to meet the buyer here. In fact, this drug dealer had already been completely controlled by the police.

In addition, the police would take advantage of this opportunity to carry out a ‘set-up’ arrest.

They would ‘mistakenly’ kill this subordinate drug dealer and then let Chen Xi enter the enemy camp as the drug dealer’s bodyguard brother.

This was the first scene involving a gunfight and explosions, so the crew saved the main scene for the afternoon. Some small scenes outside were currently being filmed.

It wasn’t time for Ji Li to film, so he was sitting in the lounge and studying the script.

There was a knock on the door. It was Yuan Yifei.

“Ji Li, let’s take a look at the scene in advance.”

Ji Li replied without thinking, “Okay.”

The description in the script stated that the drug lord Shi Ye didn’t send subordinates but came by himself in disguise.

Therefore, the first meeting between him and Chen Xi was at this time.

Due to the needs of the plot, the filming schedule of the two people was very full today. Once filming started, there was no possibility of stopping and resting.

It was necessary to practice the script right now.

The two of them exchanged lines for more than 20 minutes before seeing Ji Yunqi rush into the lounge and close the door.

Yuan Yifei took the initiative to make room for Ji Yunqi. He saw Ji Yunqi’s tearful face and asked with a smile, “What’s wrong with you now?”

Ji Yunqi drank a glass of water and said cautiously, “I’m sure I must’ve offended Teacher Qin Yue. Today he said something very strange to me!”

Ji Li and Yuan Yifei were intrigued due to him and asked in unison, “What did he say?”

“He said that if I have an opinion during filming, I should raise them at the time rather than after filming…”

Ji Yunqi paused and relayed them without moving, “Like an unreasonable puppy.”

He was puzzled and looked doubtfully at the other two. “Tell me, isn’t Teacher Qin Yue’s words a personal attack?”

Ji Li chuckled as soon as he heard this.

He relayed the events of the night before to Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei.

“It is clear that you are the one who took advantage of your drunkenness to pretend to be fierce and yelled at Qin Yue.”

At this point, don’t blame the other person for describing him as an ‘unreasonable puppy.’


The other person fell into an awkward silence, and his cheeks quickly turned red.


He pointed and shouted at Qin Yue and barked at the other person like a dog?

It was over!

This was completely offending Teacher Qin Yue! Did he, the male protagonist, have a way to live? There was still more than half of the movie left!

On the side, Yuan Yifei laughed vigorously and complained, “You are so stupid. You actually laughed like a dog after being drunk? Your alcohol tolerance is too bad.”

Ji Li saw Yuan Yifei’s gesture, and his lips curved meaningfully. Then he took out his mobile phone video.

“No, you aren’t much better.”

The moment he finished speaking, the drunken argument between the two crying and howling people came from the video.

Within 10 seconds, Yuan Yifei couldn’t laugh at all.

He came out to muddle things and sooner or later, he would receive payback.

This time, it was Ji Yunqi’s turn to laugh and fall on the sofa.

He snatched the phone and admired with relish the remarks of the fierce 1 who was drunk, as if the other person wasn’t drunk himself.

Yuan Yifei coughed in embarrassment. Then he picked up the soft pillow on the side and threw it over. “Shut up and turn it off for me!”

Ji Yunqi threw it back. “No, who was laughing so hard just now? It seems that both of us are the same.”

Ji Li let them make a fuss and lowered his head to read the script.

Knock knock.

There was a knock at the door. “Ji Li, can I come in?”

Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei looked at each other for a second before reaching an agreement in an instant.

This video couldn’t be circulated.

They hurriedly turned off the video on the phone and sat back down on the couch in a serious manner.

Qin Yue and the staff members opened the door and entered. They saw Ji Li seriously reading the script while the other two were holding the script together.

It could be said that how serious Ji Li acted was how false the appearance of Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei was.

A smile appeared on Ji Li’s face, and he took the initiative to attract attention. “Brother Yue, are we going to start filming?”

“No, the filming has to be delayed for a while. I came to tell you to stay in the lounge and don’t go out. Wait for the crew’s notice.”

Qin Yue replied before glancing at Yuan Yifei. “You too.”

Yuan Yifei’s seriousness had already returned. “Why postpone it? Weren’t all the scenes this morning filmed smoothly?”

“The schedule of the crew was leaked out. The outside is now full of proxy photographers and sasaeng fans.” The set assistant who followed Qin Yue frowned and explained. (Sasaeng fans= https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sasaeng_fan)

“Just now, someone directly sneaked onto the top beam of the high part of the set. Fortunately, they were found in time or it would’ve been a big mess.”

Most of the scenes from before were concentrated in the police station. Due to the particularity of the filming site, not many proxy photographers and sasaeng fans dared to sneak in.

Now the crew had changed its regular filming location and they started to follow.

Today’s scenes involved a gunfight and explosion. What if these pervasive proxy photographers and sasaeng fans were hiding in that corner?

If something happened to one of them, then the crew would be blamed. Not only would they have to carry the blame for no reason, but it would also delay the filming process.

Ji Li heard this and his heart skipped a beat.

“Your popularity is on the rise, and Yifei’s popularity has remained stable. The appearance of these unrelated personnel was also expected by the crew.”

Qin Yue saw Ji Li’s uneasiness and took the initiative to comfort him. “We have already seized this time to send people to check and clear the scene. We can film as usual later.”

The reason why Ji Li and the others were told to stay in the lounge at ease was out of fear that a  ‘fish that slipped through the net’ would make unnecessary contact with them.

Yuan Yifei’s expression darkened. This wasn’t the first time he encountered the sasaeng fans and the proxy photographers.

Previously, he and the studio had made several statements but weren’t able to stop this situation. Therefore, he felt irritated when he heard about this.

The sasaeng fans didn’t deserve to be called fans at all.

In order to take photos of actors and exchange them for money with fans, some proxy photographers did everything they could and even openly scolded the crew.

Qin Yue showed a rare sternness. “You guys can stay here at ease. I’ll go out to check the situation.”



The crew delayed things for nearly an hour before confirming that there were no unrelated people around the set.

The security facilities of the crew were quite appropriate. Combine this with the tacit understanding between the actors and the entire content was filmed in four hours.

Ji Li took a brief rest and planned to take a car back to the hotel.

As a result, he and the team had just appeared in the parking lot when those proxy photographers and sasaeng fans rushed up. There was a sudden uproar.

Baozi quickly opened the big black umbrella, blocking Ji Li’s face and body tightly.

Ji Li had filmed for a long time and he was really tired. He didn’t have the energy to deal with these sasaeng fans and proxy photographers with a smile. He was escorted by Baozi and the staff and quickly got into the car.

Before the car door closed, he heard a proxy photographer outside cursing.

“F*k you, what are we going to shoot like this? What type of rubbish are you? I wish you a lifetime of being muddled! Go to hell!”

These proxy photographers had waited a whole day but couldn’t take any decent photos. This wasted their time in vain.

Now there was no place to vent the anger so one directly scolded Ji Li himself.

Ji Li’s eyes sank.

Yu Fuya quickly closed the car door and blocked these unwarranted curses.

There was no need to reason with garbage.

The sasaeng fans crowding the car heard the scolding of the proxy photographers and immediately became unhappy. They quarreled and made even more noise. “What did you say? Why are you scolding us? Crazy.”

Baozi was a bit worried. “Sister Yu, this…”

The two sides seemed to be arguing. There wouldn’t be an accident, right?

“Don’t worry and drive away,” Yu Fuya decisively told the driver in the front seat.

For this type of thing, the more they managed it, the more chaotic it would become.

Ji Li knew that this situation was difficult to stop, so he shook his head and closed his eyes to rest.

If he didn’t see it, then it was clean.

The driver’s skills were good. He carefully drove out of range of everyone before increasing his speed and leaving.

Today’s filming set was more than an hour away from the hotel on a mountain road.

It was getting dark.

Apart from the driver, Ji Li and the others fell asleep among the bumps.

It wasn’t known how long they slept before they heard the driver say, “Ms Yu, Mr Ji, there is a car following behind us.”

He slowed down and the other party’s speed also slowed. Then, as soon as he increased his speed, the other person immediately followed suit.

Something clearly seemed wrong.

Ji Li opened his eyes and the tiredness on his face immediately dissipated. Baozi glanced over with the help of the faint car headlights.

The car in the rear was full of girls. The one in the front row was even holding up her mobile phone and the words ‘Ji Li, I love you’ were written on the screen.

Baozi reacted immediately and was worried. “Brother Ji, this seems to be a car full of sasaeng fans. What do they want to do?”

The moment he finished speaking, the car in the back accelerated and slammed toward them.

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