IPCFS: Chapter 66 Part 1

Tomorrow was a rest day for the transition, and there was no filming. The group ate until almost midnight before dispersing.

Yuan Yifei had a small drinking capacity and was a mess. He was the first to lose. In the beginning, Ji Yunqi was laughing at him but became drunk later on.

The hotel and place to eat weren’t far away. It was only three to five minutes apart.

On the way back, the two of them didn’t let the agent, assistant, and others get close. They had to put their shoulders together while walking.

Before the scenes in the movie had even been performed, the two people’s crosstalk started outside the movie.

“Tell me, I’m such a fierce 1… burp… how can I be tied to a CP with others and I’m even the one below?”

“Fierce 1? Why not fierce 2?” Ji Yunqi gestured at him foolishly.

Yuan Yifei slapped his hand away. “Get lost. You are a fool and don’t understand anything.”

“You… why are you still cursing me?” Ji Yunqi pursed his mouth and warned viciously, “Be careful with me. I will tell my older brother when I go back!”

Ji Li stared at the two wobbly people in front of him and recorded the whole process with a camera, his eyes full of interest.

He would be sure to let them take a good look when they woke up tomorrow.

It was no wonder that these two people could become friends who talked about everything in the original novel.

For things like this drunk talk, if they weren’t friends covering up for each other, then these ‘drunk black materials’ would be terrible.

Ji Li was thinking this when his arm was suddenly pulled hard.

At the same time, a speeding car whizzed past him.

“Are you alright? Pay attention when you’re walking.” Qin Yue protected him with a bit of worry in his eyes.

The familiar smell filled the tip of his nose and caused his heart to beat slightly faster.

Ji Li slowed down for half a beat while feeling that alcohol was the cause. He withdrew from the other person’s range of protection a bit uncomfortably. “I’m fine. Thank you, Brother Yue.”

Before Qin Yue could say anything, he heard Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei arguing as they walked in front of them.

The two of them were startled by the speeding car at the same time and fell to the ground unsteadily. Then they started accusing each other.

The assistants on both sides really couldn’t stand it. They showed each other an ‘apologetic’ smile and struggled to pull back their own artists.

They arrived at the hotel and Yuan Yifei was the first to be taken back to his room.

After entering the elevator, Ji Yunqi inexplicably squatted down in a corner of the elevator and refused to go. The assistant Hua Juan struggled and failed to pull him out of the corner.

Ji Li and Qin Yue were afraid that he would get stuck in the elevator and have an emergency. They were just about to go to help when they heard the sound of footsteps in the outside corridor.

In just two or three seconds, a low and cold voice was heard. “I’ll come.”

Hua Juan glanced sideways and immediately recognized the person. “President Ji, why are you here?”

Ji Yunzheng had no intention of answering. He just looked at the figure in the corner of the elevator and warmth appeared in his always cold eyes. “Xiao Qi.”


Ji Yunqi slowly raised his eyes. He spent three or four seconds to confirm Ji Yunzheng’s existence before he suddenly got up and rushed into the other person’s arms.


Ji Yunzheng saw that he was strange and reached out to hold him. “Have you been drinking again?”

“A little bit.” Ji Yunqi gestured with his fingers and looked like a child who had done something wrong.

He took Ji Yunzheng’s hand again and showed a silly smile. “What about Second Sister? Is she here too?”

“No, I came to Yuncheng to inspect an investment project, and I took an extra half a day to see you.”

Ji Yunzheng originally planned to come visit the set and surprise his brother.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he arrived here, he learned that Ji Yunqi went to participate in a birthday party. He was afraid that going to the party would embarrass his brother, so he waited at the door of his room.

Ji Yunzheng glanced at Hua Juan. This person immediately understood and directly left.

President Ji was personally taking care of the Third Young Master and there was nothing more for him to do.

Ji Li and Qin Yue looked at each other but were interrupted before they could talk.

Ji Yunqi used his hands and feet to hang onto Ji Yunzheng’s body with a whimper. Then he cried in an aggrieved manner. “Brother, I haven’t dared to tell you yet. In my first rivalry scene, I NGed 40 or 50 times…”

“So shameful, burp!”

“There is also someone in the crew deliberately targeting me! I have many bruises on my body recently…” Ji Yunqi asked Ji Yunzheng to support his waist. “It hurts everywhere.”

Sure enough, Ji Yunzheng heard the words ‘targeting’ and his face tensed. “Who is targeting you?”

Ji Yunqi withdrew from him and stretched out a finger to Ji Li. Then in the blink of an eye, he swiped his finger to the right. “Teacher Qin Yue! Him! He is fierce to me!”

“Brother, hurry up and help me be fierce back. Bark!”


Qin Yue, who got involved for no reason, saw this finger and was dumbfounded.

Ji Yunzheng was obviously speechless due to his foolish brother.

Fierce was fierce, but why was there a dog barking?

Ji Li glanced back and forth between the two silent men and couldn’t hold back his smile.

Ji Yunqi, this thoughtless person, dared to accuse Qin Yue, the movie producer, thanks to the support of his older brother?

Let’s see how he would react when he sobered up.

Ji Li hid the smile and quickly helped explain. “President Ji, it is Yunqi’s first time acting, and Brother Yue’s requirements are relatively strict. An NG is a regular situation when filming a movie.”

“He has been working hard for many days. Now that he has seen you after becoming drunk, he probably couldn’t help losing his temper.”

“I know.”

Ji Yunzheng met the gaze of the other person and nodded slightly. “Mr Qin, I’m sorry.”

“Xiao Qi has been spoiled by our family since childhood, and his temperament is inevitably a bit arrogant. I ask you to forgive him a bit more occasionally.”

Qin Yue naturally wouldn’t care about a drunk young man and just nodded to pass over the matter.

Ji Yunqi was already drunk and couldn’t figure out north from south.

At this time, he hung on Ji Yunzheng’s body like a koala and refused to come down.

Ji Yunzheng was forced to drag his body with one hand, and his simple luggage in the other hand.

“What about the key card?”

“I-In my pocket. Brother, I’m so sleepy and a bit thirsty.”

“Yes, I’ll take you back to sleep.”

“Brother, why do you have two heads now? No, three of them…”


The door of the room closed and blocked Ji Yunqi’s nonsensical drunken words.

Ji Li came back to his senses and took a breath in amazement. “I only heard about it before, but now I have confirmed with my own eyes that this Young Master Ji is a real brother con.”

He had two completely different attitudes when treating outsiders and treating his younger brother. The double standard was very obvious.

Ji Li was originally an only child. He had been working in the entertainment industry for many years and rose from the bottom to the top. Every time he encountered troubles, he could only handle it by himself.

He felt somewhat envious of Ji Yunqi, the young master who could act like a baby after being wronged.

“Brother Yue, do you have any siblings?” Ji Li asked casually.

He heard from Baozi that the other person seldom revealed his family affairs after his debut, and his family background was mysterious.

“I have a brother who is five years older and he is my half brother. My mother is my father’s second wife and they have been living abroad all these years,” Qin Yue explained simply.

The Qin family had some capital abroad.

Elder Qin was still alive and had always been partial to his eldest grandson. He entrusted all the important family affairs to the latter and always looked down on the second wife his son married. Therefore, he wasn’t very optimistic about Qin Yue, his little grandson.

Qin Yue wasn’t controlled by him and was equally happy.

Back then, he entered the entertainment industry after completing his studies.

Ji Li hadn’t expected to get such a detailed answer when he asked casually. He couldn’t recover for a while.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you take the initiative to ask me?” Qin Yue’s lips curved.

Ji Li’s mind returned and answered the question. “Uncle and Aunt must be very good-looking.”

The man must’ve inherited the excellent genes of his parents in order to look so outstanding.

Qin Yue was amused by him. He was about to speak when he heard a low cat’s meowing from the room.

“Snow Cake is guarding the door. It seems that he knows I am back.” Ji Li remembered his cat and approached quickly, opening the door of his room.

The door cracked open.

Snow Cake ran out and climbed up his leg.

Ji Li hurriedly grabbed him and gently soothed him. “Be obedient.”


Qin Yue originally wanted to chat with Ji Li but knew that the timing was wrong when he saw this scene.

He made up his mind and took the initiative to say, “It is quite late. You should sleep early.”

Ji Li responded positively in a low voice.

He watched the man pass by him when a subtle impulse rose in his heart. “Qin Yue.”

The man heard the sound and glanced sideways.

Ji Li hadn’t expected to call out the other person’s name like this. He barely calmed down his slightly shaky mind and said seriously, “Happy birthday.”

The clear eyes carried the warmest light that involuntarily made people sink into them.


Qin Yue’s hand on the doorknob instinctively tightened, and there was an irrepressible impulse in his eyes.

He quickly walked back to Ji Li’s door, instantly shortening the distance between the two of them.

Ji Li faced the pressure of the man’s sudden approach and instinctively took half a step back, his back resting on the cold wall. His body and mind were hot and flustered.

He suspected that it was the belated effect of the alcohol. Why else would simple eye contact make him dizzy?

Ji Li’s gaze was a bit evasive as he gave a reminder, “Brother Yue, I’m going to sleep. There will be a five or six hour drive tomorrow.”

Qin Yue noticed this person’s subtle state and smiled with satisfaction. “Yes, I know.”

In Ji Li’s arms, Snow Cake whined at Qin Yue who was too close. It broke this ambiguous atmosphere in time.

Qin Yue couldn’t help rubbing Ji Li’s head. The hair that was cut in a short manner felt good. “Ji Li, thank you for your birthday blessing. I received it.”

“Brother Yue, good night.”

Ji Li squeezed Snow Cake and slipped back to his room.

Qin Yue looked at the closed door and slowly relaxed his tense body as he smiled helplessly.

He had always known that Ji Li would focus on his career right now based on his age and personality.

Therefore, he had restrained his feelings until now and never gave the other person the slightest pressure.

Of course, he didn’t mind speeding up the attack if Ji Li was opening up under his warm water immersion.

Qin Yue had the patience to wait, and he also had the confidence to catch the other person.

He wanted more than just this year’s birthday blessings.

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