IPCFS: Chapter 65 Part 2

The next evening.

Qin Yue sat in a private box of the hotel and looked helplessly at Yao Chuan who took the initiative to pour wine for him. “Director Yao, you don’t need to be so polite. I can do it by myself.”

“Hey, this is different. Today, you are the most important person,” Yao Chuan told him.

He took the initiative to pour a cup for Fang Zhixing. “I have known you for so many years, and it is rare to meet with you on your birthday.”

“Say, you are already at this age. I can understand that you were busy with your career in previous years. Now that you have a successful career, shouldn’t you look for a partner?”

Qin Yue picked up the wine glass and shook it casually. “Yes.”

Fang Zhixing originally thought that Yao Chuan was too fond of worrying about idle matters. As a result, he heard Qin Yue’s answer, and his eyes immediately widened in shock.

He asked curiously, “Seeing you like this, do you already have a partner?”

“No, it is just someone I care about.” Qin Yue was honest again, but he didn’t completely expose his answer.

Fang Zhixing and Yao Chuan exchanged looks. Before they could ask more questions, the door of the box was pushed open.

Ji Li pushed in a delicate, double-layered cake while Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi followed like protectors on his left and right. Even Qi An, who had been far away in Shanghai, suddenly appeared.

There were many crew members outside with colorful confetti cannons in their hands. They cheered vigorously, “Happy birthday, Teacher Qin Yue!”

“Producer Qin, happy birthday.”

Qin Yue was stunned for a moment until Ji Li pushed the cake to him. “Brother Yue, happy birthday.”

The young man’s smiling voice softened his heart and Qin Yue unexpectedly had the urge to embrace him.

“How is the surprise? You didn’t expect it, right?” Yuan Yifei asked while raising his eyebrow subtly at his friend.

The birthday celebration was agreed upon and Yuan Yifei casually made up a reason to let Ji Li personally push this birthday cake.

“I didn’t expect there to be such a big battle.” Qin Yue’s lips curved and he stared at the group of people outside. “The entire crew is here?”

“Don’t worry, I asked the hotel to reserve a private room.” Qi An shouted toward the people outside. “Today, everyone is free to eat. Everything will be paid by our Yuexing.”

Qin Yue naturally didn’t care about this small amount of money and agreed.

The crew scattered to the other boxes. Only the brother in charge of the crew’s official Weibo ran over conscientiously.

“Teacher Qin Yue, do you want to take a photo together? Later, I will upload it to Weibo to give fans a sense of participation.”

During filming, some materials should be released regularly to drive the enthusiasm of fans.

“This cake was ordered by the fan support club, so photos should be taken.”

Qin Yue was someone who didn’t love to celebrate his birthday. The fans who knew this wouldn’t make too much of a fuss, but the birthday cake couldn’t be avoided.

Fans prepared a cake every year and placed the new character played by Qin Yue as the cake topper.

This year, there were two character figures. One was Song Yi and the other was Xie Chenyuan.

Qin Yue thought about how these two characters were related to Ji Li and smiled. “Okay.”

Yao Chuan took the initiative to get up. “Come here. Qin Yue will stand in the middle and we will be next to him.”

Ji Li thought of his status and was about to move to the outside, but Qin Yue grabbed his wrist.

Ji Li was startled.

Before he could react, Qin Yue pulled him over with gentle strength, his tone very casual, “Where are you going? Just stand next to me.”

“Brother Yue, you should let Yifei stand beside you.”

Yuan Yifei didn’t come forward when he heard this. He just leaned against Ji Li’s left side. “You stand here. I really have to be separated from Qin Yue.”

“What’s wrong? Are the two of you avoiding suspicion?” Fang Zhixing was puzzled.

“Aren’t we? I’m afraid that if I get too close to him, someone will stumble into the CP pit by mistake again.”

Yuan Yifei implied something with his words and his gaze nonchalantly moved to the right. “Qin Yue, what do you think?”

Qin Yue smiled and remained silent. His eyes just fell on the face of a certain confused little person who had half a foot into the pit.

Ji Li covered his lips and didn’t say a word. He tried his best to reduce his sense of existence in this matter.

The Full Moon CP fan group was too strong. Didn’t he stray into it for a few minutes? He already knew his mistake and corrected it. Why were they still talking about it after so long?

However, there seemed to be no pink bubbles now when he looked at Brother Yue and Yuan Jifei.

Sure enough, a fake CP filter harmed people.

Ji Yunqi was hearing about this for the first time. “You and Teacher Qin Yue still have CP fans?”

“Of course, but I have nothing to do with him.”

Yuan Yifei had recently reflected deeply on the matter. He had been tied to Qin Yue for a long time as a CP. This could easily affect his fierce temperament and cause the outside world to misunderstand.

“Okay.” Qin Yue noticed that Ji Li’s ears were turning red and took the initiative to change the topic. “Let’s take the photo.”

Finish shooting the pictures early so they could eat early.

Everyone stood in their positions and the staff member took a few photos before they took their seats again.

The staff member selected the most suitable group photo and Qin Yue’s work photo that had been prepared earlier. Then he posted it on the movie’s official Weibo.

Qin Yue’s fans had long been waiting under this big Weibo page. They saw the latest group photo and poured into the official Weibo to leave messages.

-Brother Yue, happy birthday!

-Brother Yue, eat more! I can’t see you starring in the movie this time, but I’m looking forward to the work that you produce @Qin Yue.

The birthday Weibo post was occupied by the blessings of fans, but some CP fans couldn’t sit still in private.

Fang Yue was a big fan of the Full Moon CP. She usually edited videos and drew fan pictures, so she won the attention and love of many CP fans.

However, in the past two months, she discovered that Qin Yue’s interaction with Yuan Yifei was basically zero, both online and offline. They were even separated by Ji Li in the birthday photo.

She almost cried in the toilet as a Full Moon CP fan.

She stared at this Weibo group photo and fell into deep thought. Then her WeChat sister sent her a message.

-Did you see the group photo? There is still a gap between Brother Yue and Yuanbao. Recently, the sugar of Full Moon is so small, and the number of daily new fans in the Chinese Rose CP super talk has exceeded ours.

Fang Yue saw these words and immediately became angry. “They have only acted in two works together. How can they be close to our family? What is the name of the super talk? I’ll take a look with my side account.”

The sister answered the question.

“The name of the normal sugar super talk is ‘Chinese Rose Husbands’ and there is a super talk called ‘Jiqin CP’ for the adult content. The homophone means passion. Go!!”

Fang Yue was stunned for a moment when she saw these exclamation marks.

Then she quickly took out her brand new Weibo side account and rushed to the Chinese Rose CP.

She wanted to see what was so good about this CP that it could compare to their Full Moon CP.

As a result, Fang Yue was dumbfounded the moment she entered the super talk.

There were all types of fan works, video clips and CP pictures. Even the newly released birthday photo was supplemented by the crazy brains of this group and there were tens of thousands of words written about it.

“They are the newlyweds who are entertaining friends and guests. Thank you, Chinese Rose. I ship it!”

Fang Yue dismissed this and clicked into a collection of videos with the thought of watching fake sugar. As a result, she sensed that something was wrong in less than 30 seconds.

In this live broadcast show, Brother Yue smiled at Ji Li too many times, right? Wasn’t this dark gaze too much?

In the official behind the scenes video of the finale of the drama, Ji Li was too involved in the scene and actually hid in Brother Yue’s arms to cry? The point was that Brother Yue actually comforted Ji Li personally?

Wasn’t this tone like coaxing a little lover?

The latest sugar point was two days ago. Some fans found that Brother Yue’s dog Major General was actually taken out the door by Ji Li’s assistant!

The video finished playing and the phone briefly went black.

Fang Yue saw her face that was smiling like a fool on the mobile phone’s screen and stiffened.

Then she broke the jar and ran to the other CP super talk to engage in the adult works.

She wouldn’t have known if she didn’t look at the content, but as a result, she wanted to shout ‘f*k’ when she saw them.

-The two fell in love due to the drama. In front of everyone in the crew, they act as senior and junior and are very polite. Behind closed doors, they are bed partners who kiss deeply all night.

-Ji Li fell into the act too deeply and couldn’t extricate himself. Brother Yue used force to help him.

These gaudy, yellow plot settings and extremely spicy text descriptions with an R-18 rating caused everyone who saw it to blush!

Fang Yue read a few articles in a row. Then she clicked back to her WeChat interface with her mind filled with yellow waste.

She took a deep breath and typed a line: Sister, I think I’m going to rebel. Brother Yue and Ji Li are so sweet, they are really sweet.

Fang Yue waited anxiously for her sister’s trial and questioning. Unexpectedly, the other person sent her countless videos and links to fan works.

She said excitedly, “You finally defected into the pit. In fact, I have been shipping them in secret. These links are all sweet sugar. Hurry up and see them.”

“We aren’t the only CP fans who have rebelled against Full Moon. Once you enter the pit, you will find that there are sisters who used to ship the Full Moon candy together!”


D*mn, had this person been acting all this time? Was she the last one to enter the pit?

Fang Yue clicked on the link sent by her sister without saying a word and officially defected to the Chinese Rose CP pit.


As the Chinese Rose CP fans were having fun, Qin Yue and the others were still having dinner at the hotel.

Everyone was already familiar with each other, and there was no need to pretend to be polite.

Qi An tasted a piece of crystal shrimp and praised it again and again. Then he passed the dish to Qin Yue and the others. “Taste it? This dish is very good.”

By coincidence, the dish happened to stop in front of Ji Li. He had always been interested in seafood so he took a piece. “It is quite fresh and delicious, but Brother Yue shouldn’t be able to eat it, right?”


Qin Yue’s chopsticks that were preparing to pick up the food suddenly stopped.

Qi An felt strange. “He can’t eat it? Why?”

“Isn’t Brother Yue allergic to shrimp?” Ji Li glanced at Qin Yue beside him and his lips curled up in a smile. “Last time, we ate seafood noodles and he gave me all the fresh shrimp.”

He didn’t realize that as the other person’s agent and friend, Qi An was the one who knew Qin Yue’s eating habits best.

Qin Yue quietly took a sip of red wine and nodded slightly.

Qi An saw his friend’s pretend calm expression and immediately understood. He snorted imperceptibly and couldn’t help but secretly complain in his heart.

Good man! It has only been a few days since I saw you, right?

The actor chased a person and made quite a lot of minor problems.

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