IPCFS: Chapter 65 Part 1


Ji Li’s eyes froze for a moment when he heard this sudden praise.

However, the director didn’t call for them to stop. He showed his professionalism as an actor and continued the scene as usual.

Ji Li narrowed his eyes imperceptibly and a faint look of shame appeared. “What are you saying? I’m a big man. How can you say I look good?”

Ji Yunqi had already realized his mistake and his neck instantly turned red. Then as soon as Ji Li’s reaction came out, he understood that he must still be ‘in the act’ right now.

“Is it embarrassing to praise you?”

“Get lost.”

“Yo, your temper is quite big. I can see that the biggest misunderstanding of you in the team is that you are a withdrawn and mute person.”

Ji Yunqi smiled and collapsed on the ground again.

The two of them exchanged a few words before finally hearing Yao Chuan call out the belated, “Cut!”

Ji Yunqi changed from his leisurely state in the scene and hurriedly got up from the ground, apologizing loudly, “Director, Teacher Qin Yue, I know I was wrong!”

Yao Chuan saw his humble appearance and roared while smiling, “Ji Yunqi! This kid, you call out ‘Ji Li’ and say that he is so good-looking when acting? You are afraid that the others won’t know you are Ji Li’s fanboy, right?”

“Come here! I’ll call up the replay just now, and you can see what you just looked like.”

If Ji Li hadn’t continued to act according to the role, then Ji Yunqi would definitely be scolded right now.

“Director, why do you have to execute me in public?”

Ji Yunqi was so ashamed that he wanted to hide in a hole in the ground. He couldn’t help shirking responsibility. “I just couldn’t help it and blurted it out… it is a fact that Ji Li looks good.”

The laughter held back on the set finally burst out.

What type of treasure-level fool was Young Master Ji? It was a pity for comedians not to invite him!

There were so many face cons in the entertainment industry, but Young Master Ji must be the purest one.

If he praised someone, he praised them for being ‘good-looking.’ Then he added a sentence of ‘it is a fact that he looks good’ after the compliment.

Still, he was right. Ji Li just now was so sexy that it was easy for any individual to lose control!

Ji Li covered his face. There was nothing he could do about this living treasure Ji Yunqi. He stood up and walked forward quickly, taking the initiative to suggest, “Director Yao, Brother Yue, shall we do it again?”

“In fact, you played quite well just now, and there was the taste of Song Ran and Chen Xi,” the screenwriter Fang Zhixing opened his mouth.

Yao Chuan glanced at Qin Yue and threw the question to him. “Qin Yue, what do you think?”

“Teacher Fang thinks it is okay, then we will keep that part just now. However, you need to film another part according to the original script content and it will be decided in post-editing.” Qin Yue gave his opinion.

His deep eyes fell on Ji Yunqi’s body and there was a smile that didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes. “Ji Yunqi, don’t think about anything else and rest well.”

The simple sentence instantly aroused Ji Yunqi’s tension.

It was probably due to his professionalism as a ‘police officer’, but he instinctively straightened his posture and shouted loudly, “Yes, Teacher Qin Yue!”


The scene was silent for three seconds before the laughter that erupted almost broke the roof.

What was going on with the young master this season? He had the handsome face of a noble young master but proved that he had a genetic talent for comedy with his strength?

Yin Ning and Hua Juan covered their foreheads, unable to look over at him directly.

What should they do?

How could they follow the arrogant and cool personality set by the company after this? Simply change career paths and take the set of a comedy star.

Ji Yunqi was surrounded by everyone’s laughter and wanted to speak for a while, but eventually gave up struggling.

Forget it.

In any case, he had lost his face in the past two days.

There was a brief break of five minutes before the crew started filming the scene again.

Fortunately, Ji Yunqi didn’t contribute any jokes this time and the filming was completed smoothly.

The rest of the scenes were all exterior scenes.

The team organized extended field training. The male protagonist Song Ran took the initiative to patrol while everyone was resting and accidentally found a seriously injured man at the bottom of a valley.

The other person had a lot of exposed wounds, and most importantly, his arms were full of large and small needle holes.

Song Ran recognized it instantly. The other person was an addict.

He immediately reported the incident to Captain Lin. Due to humanitarian reasons, they called the medical team to rescue the unidentified man.

Fortunately, the rescue was timely and a life was saved.

The other person woke up and confessed a shocking secret to them. Shi Ye, the largest drug lord in Southeast Asia, actually started to move again after being quiet for nearly three years.

The other person had developed a new type of drug and the quantity was very large. He would probably find a buyer and sell all of it in the next three months.

The seriously injured man and his companions mistakenly overheard the drunken talk of Shi Ye’s subordinates and they were miserably ‘drugged.’ The former knew it would be no good if they were caught, so he fought desperately and took the initiative to jump down the valley.

The man was found by Song Ran and his life was saved, but his other companions may not have been so lucky.

The secret that the man told them coincided with the information communicated by their spy in the drug den.

The superiors attached great importance to this matter. They repeatedly discussed it before finally sending Chen Xi, a ‘sharp weapon’ that had been polished for nearly three years. They asked him to infiltrate the base camp of the drug lord Shi Ye in the fastest time with a new identity.

The person outside who was partnered with him was Song Ran.


The crew completed the above scenes in four days and had a full day off the next day. The day after, they would go to the border town to start filming the main plot.

Ji Li sat in the lounge and carefully studied the script after that.

Suddenly, Ji Yunqi finished his scenes and walked in with a gray face. He unceremoniously collapsed on the sofa opposite Ji Li. “Ji Li, I’m dying of exhaustion.”

They had been getting along with each other for the past few days, and there was the tacit understanding of the characters in the movie, so the two of them were now very familiar with each other.

Ji Yunqi originally called out ‘Brother Ji, Brother Ji’ but was dragged away by Yin Ning and scolded.

‘Ji Li is the same age as you and is a few days younger than you based on the company’s profile. If you call him this all day, won’t you disturb him?’

The moment Ji Yunqi heard this, he had to start calling Ji Li by name.

Ji Li raised his eyes and asked, “Why are you so downcast? Did filming not go well just now?”

Ji Yunqi sighed and said quietly, “Why do I feel like Teacher Qin Yue is particularly strict with me? In yesterday’s fight scene, I was caught by him several times and NGed. Even Director Yao Chuan said that he was too strict.”

The final filming effect ended up surprisingly good, but Ji Yunqi woke up this morning and felt like his arm was almost useless.

“Every time we play against each other, Teacher Qin Yue is always gentle with you. Then, as soon as it is my turn, he is unusually strict.”

Ji Yunqi stopped talking. He always felt that he would start crying if he said too much.

“Ji Li, did I offend Teacher Qin Yue somehow?”

Ji Yunqi was puzzled. In the past three or four days, he hadn’t dared to look directly in the other person’s eyes.

The producer Qin Yue was an even more terrifying existence than Director Yao Chuan.

Ji Li heard Ji Yunqi’s complaint and unknowingly clenched the hand holding the script.

He was silent for a few seconds before smiling and comforting the other person. “Brother Yue isn’t that type of person. He is demanding of you based on high standards and this shows he must have strong expectations for you.”


“Of course.”

The two of them were talking when there was a knock on the door.

Yuan Yifei leaned against the door. He was obviously dressed casually, but this couldn’t hold back the cold beauty and charm in his bones. “You’re not busy, right? Can I come in?”

“Of course.” Ji Li invited him inside. “Why aren’t you resting at the hotel today?”

The other person’s identity in the movie was a ‘drug lord’ and his major scenes were all concentrated in the back. His filming schedule in the past few days was relatively relaxed for Yuan Yifei.

There also hadn’t been a rivalry scene between the three of them.

Yuan Yifei looked at Ji Li and got down to business. “Let me tell you something. We are celebrating Qin Yue’s birthday tomorrow night.”

The latter met his gaze and was stunned for a moment. “Brother Yue’s birthday?”

“Yes, he doesn’t like to engage in these small celebrations, but he is in the crew this year and the opportunity is rare. Director Yao and I are his old friends and we have to help him be lively.”

“By the way, Qi An has already booked a hotel for the dinner party. He will be here tomorrow.”

Yuan Yifei made a ‘shh’ gesture. “Don’t tell him yet.”

Ji Yunqi remembered Qin Yue’s strict appearance when supervising the filming and backed away a bit. “It is better to forget me, you guys go. I’m afraid that I will do something wrong tomorrow and Teacher Qin Yue will smash a cake into my face.”

He imagined this scene while speaking.

“What nonsense are you saying?” Yuan Yifei placed an arm around his shoulders and smiled with intrigue. “Don’t panic. You haven’t offended Qin Yue recently, right?”

Ji Yunqi removed the arm and raised his hand in a righteous manner. “I swear to the heavens and earth, I am a good actor and never said bad things about the producer behind his back.”

Yuan Yifei shook his head silently.

Sure enough, this person was a fool. He still hadn’t understood what was going on.

You follow Ji Li every day. How can you not ‘offend’ him?

Strictly speaking, you are just Ji Li’s fanboy and have no other thoughts, but people who don’t know this will think you are pursuing Ji Li.

“Okay, let’s go tomorrow.”

Yuan Yifei already made a final decision and didn’t give them a chance to refuse, especially Ji Li.

“There is no need for birthday presents or anything else. Qin Yue doesn’t lack anything. We just need to celebrate his birthday and congratulate him on being a ‘modern day Tang dynasty monk’ for another year.” (TL: slang for someone who isn’t close to women)

Ji Li heard these words and couldn’t help smiling.

“Modern day Tang dynasty monk?” Ji Yunqi’s gossip nature rose and he approached Yuan Yifei to ask, “What? Teacher Qin Yue is so old and he has never been in a relationship?”

“Isn’t it okay for Qin Yue to be clean?” Yuan Yifei joked back for his friend. “You talk as if you have been in one?”

“I don’t. Do you have a partner? What type of relationship…” Ji Yunqi wasn’t convinced and threw the topic to the young man of the same age.

“We are now at the age of focusing on our careers, right Ji Li?”

The peak state of a career fan wasn’t just to engage in a career themselves but also to keep an eye on their idol’s career.

Yuan Yifei was the first to interrupt. “What is so bad about falling in love? Wait until your career is stable and you meet the right person. Otherwise, it will be a pity if you miss it.”

Taking a step back, even if he didn’t fall in love, couldn’t he watch others fall in love? It was rare to be unhappy when eating the sweet candy of other people’s CPs.

Ji Li saw that both of them were about to start debating and immediately spoke.

“It is both good. How did the topic shift to this? What time is dinner tomorrow night? We will go there.”

Yuan Yifei made a gesture of tapping on his phone. “You will be notified in the WeChat group once the time comes.”

The three protagonists had a WeChat group called ‘Police Catching the Thief.’

Ji Yunqi was the one who picked such a chuunibyou group name. He and Ji Li were police officers in the movie and Yuan Yifei was the ‘drug dealer’ thief.

“Okay, let’s talk about the specifics tomorrow,” The two people answered.

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