IPCFS: Chapter 64 Part 2

Ji Li patted the seat next to him. “Let’s sit down and talk. I don’t mean to blame you for anything. You are acting for the first time, and your performance is already very good.”

“There were a lot of NGs yesterday, but it is actually very rare that you can avoid repeating the same mistakes that occurred previously every time you filmed the scene again.”

There was no need to talk about Yao Chuan and Qin Yue’s strict requirements for acting. If he had been replaced by another newcomer, they might have collapsed from the pressure early on.

Ji Yunqi hadn’t expected to be praised by Ji Li. His eyes lit up instantly, and he sat down in the spot designated by the other person.

Baozi took the initiative to open two food boxes and found that they were full of fried chicken nuggets. “Brother Ji, this…”

Ji Yunqi raised his chin triumphantly. “On-site assistant Ye said that you liked to eat fried chicken and drink Coke on the previous set. Therefore, I asked Hua Juan to buy it for you.”

Ji Li saw his good intentions and had no choice but to suppress the real situation regarding his recent fitness. He picked up the disposable gloves and gave an invitation. “Would you like to eat some?”

“I just…” Don’t eat fried food.

Before Ji Yunqi could finish his words, he decisively changed them. “Okay.”

Refusing to eat in front of someone else’s favorite food was disrespectful.

Ji Yunqi put on his gloves, picked up a piece, and asked with great anticipation, “Can I often discuss the script with you in the future, Brother Ji?”

These days, he had been completely impressed by Ji Li’s acting skills and the seed called ‘fanboy’ had officially taken root in his heart.


Ji Li was confused by the sudden name. “Yes, but you can just call me by name.”

“That won’t work. In my heart, people with skills are brothers.” Ji Yunqi gave an old-fashioned thumbs up.

He took a bite of the chicken and took the opportunity to call out a few more times. “Brother Ji, Brother Ji.”

Ji Li couldn’t stop him and had to change the topic. “Is the fried chicken delicious?”

“It is delicious.”

Ji Yunqi forgot all his true thoughts about fried chicken previously. He took a sip of Coke with satisfaction. “I love fried food.”


At 1 p.m, the police dormitory.

There was another scene between Ji Yunqi and Ji Li, but the plot was relatively simple.

The combat class finished and Song Ran took the initiative to find the leader of the police dormitories and asked to change his dormitory. He officially became Chen Xi’s roommate.

This scene was the scene where the two people met in the dormitory after becoming roommates.

Yao Chuan sat in front of the monitor and gave an order.

After the ‘torture’ experience yesterday morning, many staff members present were worried for Ji Yunqi. They are afraid he wouldn’t be able to catch Ji Li’s acting and would suffer countless NGs.

Soon, the knock on the door pulled their minds back to the drama.

Chen Xi, played by Ji Li, heard the knock on the dormitory door and changed his clothes. “Who is it?”

The person outside heard his voice and pushed open the door to enter.

Ji Yunqi was carrying a military bag and also had a simple luggage bag in his hand. There was a smile on his face. “Hello, I am your new roommate.”

The moment the words finished, he stepped forward on his own and placed his belongings on the empty bed. “It seems that this bed is mine.”

Ji Li watched his actions silently and coldly said, “I don’t need a roommate. You are a newcomer to the team and should’ve obtained a dormitory two days ago.”

He was used to being alone and didn’t want anyone to break his life routine.

Ji Yunqi was unpacking his things and snorted when he heard this. “I knew you would say this.”

He pretended to pat the dust off his pocket and took out the dormitory transfer order. “It was arranged by the superiors. If you aren’t convinced, then you can go talk to them.”

Ji Li looked at the approval that was in black and white. There was a slight ripple in his eyes that clearly said that Song Ran offered to change dormitories.

“Chen Xi, don’t worry. Yesterday, you shed tears in front of me…”

Ji Yunqi made a gesture of zipping his mouth, and there was a very vivid expression on his face. “God knows, the earth knows, and I know. I will never pass it on.”

Ji Li heard him mention yesterday’s incident and his face tensed for a moment. The tips of his ears showed a touch of shame. “What nonsense are you saying?”

“It is fine if you don’t want to admit it.” Song Ran changed his words and gave a clear look of ‘I understand, I understand that you are afraid of being ashamed.’

The staff members on the set saw this scene and smiled tacitly.

As the screenwriter, Fang Zhixing also showed an affirmative look.

No matter whether it was Ji Li or Ji Yunqi, the roles of the two were very good.

He had originally set it as ‘one hot and one cold’ when first writing these two characters.

After the fighting competition, Song Ran got to know a Chen Xi who was different from what outsiders said.

He knew that the other person had justice in his heart. Under the seemingly indifferent exterior, he was hotter than anyone else and also adhered to the mission of being a narcotics police officer.

Song Ran regarded Chen Xi as the target to surpass and even identified him as a fellow kindred spirit. He was looking forward to the day when he could fight side by side with the other person.

Chen Xi looked indifferent on the surface, but he was actually surprised and moved by Song Ran’s recognition and intimacy.

The filming continued.

Ji Li picked up the clothes on one side and quickly walked out. “Do whatever you want. I’m going to the combat room.”

Ji Yunqi heard this and immediately came to his senses. “Wait for me. I’ll go with you and we will fight two more times!”

After speaking, he left his luggage and followed the other person out.


“Cut! This one is fine. It has passed,” Yao Chuan called out loudly.

Qin Yue lowered his head slightly and agreed with the decision. “Let’s transfer to the combat training room and prepare for the next scene.”

This scene wasn’t difficult and Ji Li and Ji Yunqi were in top form throughout the process. It naturally went smoothly.

“Thank you, Director.”

Ji Li approached and watched the clip that was just filmed. Then he confirmed that there were no problems and said, “Director Yao, Brother Yue, there is still some time before the next scene starts. I will go downstairs and run two laps to prepare.”

“Run laps? Why?” Ji Yunqi approached him and asked.

“The next scene to film is the rest scene after your fight. He is preparing the character’s physical condition.”

Qin Yue understood and took the initiative to explain.

There was a long period of physical exertion, and the characters in the play must be in a ‘tired’ and ‘sweating’ state.

These external performances could be expressed through acting and makeup, but according to Ji Li’s nature, he would definitely try his best to naturally achieve these details to the extreme.

Ji Li met Qin Yue’s eyes and smiled affirmatively. “Yes, it is like what Brother Yue said.”

Ji Yunqi had an epiphany and quickly followed. “Then, I’ll go too!”

“Okay,” Ji Li replied.

The two of them reached a consensus and went downstairs together.

Yao Chuan looked at the two leading actors walking away and laughed heartily.

“Unexpectedly, Yunqi became Ji Li’s fanboy in just one day. This kid is following behind others and is learning very well.”

Once the figures of the two people disappeared, Qin Yue retracted his gaze and his eyes were a bit complicated.

On the surface, the actors had a good relationship and were willing to learn from each other. This was a good thing for the entire movie. As the movie investor and producer, he was happy to see it.

On the other hand, from a selfish perspective, Ji Li’s personal charm was too great. There was no actor who worked with him who wasn’t impressed by him.

Qin Yue thought about this and inexplicably felt a bit urgent.

If this was one-sided worship and admiration and Ji Li one day filmed a serious emotional drama… would he fall in love with the actor in the drama due to empathy with the character?

Yao Chuan interrupted his musings. “Qin Yue, what are you thinking about? Let’s go.”

Qin Yue put away the deep meaning in his eyes and responded calmly.


The rest of the scenes went smoothly.

Song Ran followed him into the combat room and pestered Chen Xi several times. The latter went from being rigid and indifferent to being willing to teach fighting skills.

Song Ran’s progress was rapid, and the result of the fights between the two of them changed from a one-sided suppression to the point where they could be considered equals.

They were exhausted to the extreme and the two people chose to rest in place.

The cameraman was directly in front of them.

Chen Xi sat on the ground and supported his body with his hands.

Song Ran was completely lying flat on the ground, gasping. “Cool! How about it, I’m quite talented, right?”

Ji Li was silent and didn’t answer, but a warm smile appeared on his face.

Yes, it had been a long time since he had such a hearty competition. It seemed that even the heavy pressure accumulated in his heart had been relieved a lot due to the fights.

According to the description in the script, Ji Yunqi looked at him sideways. However, he felt confused when looking at Ji Li.

The young man wore a black vest and had smooth muscle lines. His exposed skin was delicate and dripping with sweat.

He raised his chin slightly, and his small Adam’s apple moved slightly with his gasps. It made people want to gulp wildly for no reason.

The most extreme thing was his face.

The thin lips opened slightly and the slightly raised smile diluted the cold hardness of his facial features, instantly making him come alive.

A drop of sweat slipped onto the ‘little scar’ on his brow bone like a god-sent kiss.

At this moment, Ji Li was sitting under the top window and the afterglow of the setting sun was behind him.

He faced the darkness and turned his back to the light.

It was as if his existence was the only thing left in the entire world.

A second camera was filming Ji Li from Ji Yunqi’s perspective.

At this moment, everyone stared intently at this picture and found it hard to detach from Ji Li’s fatal attraction.

So sexy!

It was a type of high-class, unspeakable sexiness.

There was the sound of gasps and amazement from the surroundings. Qin Yue stared at the scene on the monitor and his eyes sank. His entire body unknowingly tensed.

In the next second, he heard Ji Yunqi’s obvious praise.

“Ji Li, you are so good-looking.”

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