IPCFS: Chapter 62 Part 2


“Captain Lin, didn’t you say that we could form groups to compete freely?”

Ji Yunqi showed a confident and flamboyant smile and pointed to the young man directly opposite him. “I want to compete with Assistant Coach Chen Xi.”

There were gasps and discussions the moment these words came out.

Song Ran directly challenged Chen Xi?

This was too daring!

“Be quiet for me!” The captain reprimanded in a deep voice. It was only after the discussion subsided that he fixed his gaze on Song Ran. “Are you sure you want to choose Chen Xi?”

Song Ran raised his chin and replied bluntly, “What is there to be afraid of? If I win, will this assistant’s position be mine in the next class?”

Chen Xi finally raised his lowered gaze. He stared at the unfamiliar young man in front of him and responded with no fluctuations. “I am fine as long as Captain Lin agrees.”

Captain Lin’s gaze moved back and forth between the two people and he was secretly worried. This newly recruited police officer was too arrogant. It might not be a bad thing for him to encounter Chen Xi and feel frustrated.

He showed a look of insight when thinking of the results. “Okay, everyone will obey the order. Apart from Song Ran, the rest will divide into groups.”


The scene ended here.

Yao Chuan waved his hand. “It is over. Get ready. Don’t make a mistake in the next scene.”

This scene went smoothly and could be considered a good start to today’s filming.

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi looked at each other and returned to their rest area.

Ji Yunqi took the water cup handed to him by his assistant. His mood was a bit excited.

Everyone said that Ji Li was good at acting, but he and the other person had acted against each other once. According to the strict requirements of Director Yao and Brother Yue, it seemed he wasn’t much worse than Ji Li?

Ji Yunqi took a sip of water and confidently told Yin Ning, “Sister Yin Ning, it turns out that this movie isn’t difficult to film. I have a hunch that for the next scene, I can pass it within three attempts!”

Ever since receiving this role, Ji Yunqi had exhausted his mind on studying.

He had a thorough understanding of the script and memorized the lines. The official filming originally made him the most uneasy, but his actual situation in the past two days was good.

Yin Ning patted his proud little head and reminded him in a low voice, “Don’t talk big and just film well. If you behave well, everyone will remember it even if you don’t say it.”

She gestured to Ji Li, who was also drinking water, with her eyes. “He isn’t simple.”

Ji Yunqi snorted confidently. “I got it. Just watch.”

After a short three minute break, the crew started the second round of filming.

The ‘group performers’ stood in a circle, and the center of the circle contained the two protagonists who were about to compete.

The starting sounds were heard.

The lens focused on the window slowly moved down and framed the opposing Ji Yunqi and Ji Li on both sides of the lens.

According to the description in the script, Ji Yunqi walked forward while stretching his muscles. “Assistant Coach Chen, I won’t be polite.”

Ji Li suddenly raised his eyes, and there was a sharpness in his always indifferent eyes.

The momentum had increased by several degrees compared to the audition.

Ji Yunqi was stunned by this gaze. Before he could react, he heard Yao Chuan shouting, “Cut! Yunqi, your state is slow!”

Ji Yunqi was shocked. Then he found that the place where he suddenly stopped was still a big distance away from the fixed center of the filming.

“Director, I’m sorry.” He raised his hand.

“It’s okay. One more time.” Yao Chuan was still very tolerant of this small mistake.

Ji Yunqi retreated to the original filming position, silently closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Ji Li’s eyes flickered slightly when he saw the other person’s state. Then he heard Yao Chuan shouting to start.

Ji Yunqi concentrated on entering the acting state. He faced Ji Li’s gaze again and resisted it this time. Then according to the fighting posture in his memory, he took the initiative to wave his hand and strike.

Ji Li quickly clamped his wrist with the inside of the elbow and slammed down with his hand.

The latter’s sharp and clear force was so fast that he couldn’t react and surprised the real police officers who were group performers.

This actor’s fighting posture was good.

He thought that these actors all had fancy but impractical skills, but the action of this movie was strong enough.

The heartfelt admiration of everyone for Ji Li matched the admiration of the other police officers in the script for Chen Xi.

Meanwhile, Ji Yunqi failed to resist this sudden force and was immediately brought to the ground.

Ji Li let go of the defeated Ji Yunqi and looked at him condescendingly. “Your action was too straightforward, and your speed wasn’t good. You can’t win against me.”

The plot in the script stated that Chen Xi had the upper hand, so there was no problem according to common sense. However, Yao Chuan called out ‘cut’ again.

It was the second NG.

Yao Chuan looked at Ji Yunqi, who was obviously distracted and loose in the camera. He couldn’t help frowning. “Yunqi, what is going on with you? Who would just watch with wide eyes?”

The Song Ran described in the script was actually very smart.

The reason why he took the initiative to attack was to deliberately reveal a flaw and take the opportunity to test Chen Xi’s speed and strength.

Song Ran was indeed slightly shocked when he found that the opponent’s ability far exceeded expectations, but it was mostly the excitement of meeting a strong enemy.

However, Ji Yunqi only had wide eyes after being ‘beaten’ by Ji Li.

Such an acting state obviously wasn’t up to par.

Ji Li looked at Ji Yunqi, who was still on the ground, and took the initiative to reach out and pull him up. “Relax. The official filming is tougher than what we practiced before and you might need to get used to it.”

It was easy to get injured when doing combat moves. Ji Li could only restrain his strength when they were training in the past.

In the actual filming, he had to do his best within a reasonable range in order to present the movie character.

Ji Li had more filming experience than Ji Yunqi and easily understood that the other person was affected by his transformation.

Nevertheless, he didn’t plan to relax his acting state.

This was disrespectful for the character and for the actor.

Ji Yunqi stood up with the help of Ji Li and felt faintly uncomfortable in his heart. “…I’m fine. Director Yao, I’m sorry. Let’s do another one.”

Qin Yue wasn’t in a hurry and just patted Yao Chuan’s shoulder. “There is still enough time. Let them find the feeling of getting into the scene and do another one.”

The crew got ready and filming started again.

Chen Xi threw Song Ran to the ground and planned to withdraw and leave, but he was unexpectedly counterattacked by the other person.

Ji Yunqi suddenly hooked his foot and stopped him, quickly knocking him down to the ground. Ji Yunqi was about to say his lines when Yao Chuan shouted ‘cut’ again!

Yao Chuan couldn’t sit still and directly picked up the loudspeaker to shout into it. “Yunqi, what’s wrong with you today? Your usual state isn’t there. You are using too much force!”

“Come and see. Just now, you used so much force that you made Ji Li ‘fly’ out of the camera!”

Ji Yunqi heard the director’s reprimand and moved away from Ji Li’s body a bit stiffly.

Ji Li consciously got up and rubbed his elbow that was violently hit when he landed.

To be honest, it hurt a bit.

After all, Ji Yunqi was a rookie actor, and it was normal for him to occasionally ‘act’ a bit too strong.

Qin Yue naturally saw Ji Li’s small movements and frowned imperceptibly.

The two leading actors walked to the monitor to watch the playback.

In the shot just now, Ji Li directly took Ji Li out of the filming frame and left only half of their bodies in the shot.

There was no doubt that it was a waste.

The wrong position, slow reaction, and excessive force. The three NGs in a row were all because of him.

‘Sister Yin Ning, I have a hunch that for the next scene, I can pass it within three attempts!”

He had just uttered such big words, and he was now ‘slapped’ in the face.

Ji Yunqi was so ashamed that his bursting self-confidence became a deflated ball.

He couldn’t understand it. He was able to film normally before. Why did things go wrong when he met Ji Li?

Yin Ning noticed Ji Yunqi’s state and took the initiative to step forward and make a suggestion. “Director, do you want to stop a bit? Let Xiao Qi adjust his state.”

She was Ji Yunqi’s agent and understood this kid better than anyone.

The other person was a rich young master who had never suffered any setbacks. He had gone to film with confidence and suffered three NGs in a row as a result. There would definitely be fluctuations in his heart.

“Continue to film directly. It isn’t good to drag it out for a long time.”

Before Yao Chuan could answer, Qin Yue spoke forcefully from the side.

Ji Yunqi heard this and the sense of pressure immediately doubled. He pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

Yao Chuan understood the deep meaning implied in Qin Yue’s words and decisively obeyed the other person’s meaning. “Everyone, get ready and continue filming.”

Ji Yunqi glanced at Ji Li and quietly walked back to the filming position.

Ji Li was left behind and his expression changed slightly. The next second, he heard Qin Yue tell him, “Ji Li, you act as usual. It is for his own good.”

Ji Li’s expression became firm again. “I know, I won’t go easy on him.”

Yao Chuan shook his head and sighed softly when he saw the two leading actors walking to the filming position. “I’m not worried about Ji Li, but in today’s scene, Ji Yunqi might have to suffer some hardships and setbacks just like his character in the movie.”

Fang Zhixing always recognized his friend’s good judgment and was a bit puzzled. “Why? I thought he was in good shape before.”

Yin Ning heard this and was also worried.

Qin Yue watched the two people entering the preparation state again and pointed out the truth. “Ji Yunqi’s sense of the scene is completely suppressed by Ji Li.”

Acting relied 30% on aura and 70% on experience.

No matter how talented a rookie actor was, it was easy for them to fall behind in front of experienced powerhouses.

If Chen Xi was played by a different actor, then perhaps Ji Yunqi wouldn’t find the scene so difficult.

However, his opponent was Ji Li who wasn’t just talented. He was also experienced and capable.

Fighting scenes weren’t like dialogue literary scenes. They could rely on the guidance of the opposing actor to introduce the scene, but more often than not, they needed to touch on the character’s feelings themselves.

In this scene, Ji Yunqi might have had a smooth time if Ji Li lowered some of his pressure and Qin Yue and Yao Chuan lowered their filming standards.

However, acting was the most important business where they couldn’t slack off. They could only go higher, not lower.

Qin Yue’s eyes were serious as he spoke. “It is only when there is pressure that there will be motivation. Whether he can find the right state or not depends on how capable he is.”

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