IPCFS: Chapter 61 Part 2

Ji Li stared into the eyes of ‘Xie Chenyuan’ in the freeze frame and couldn’t breathe. The audience was shouting, but he felt extremely distressed.

Ji Li was an outsider, but as a person immersed in the act, he clearly perceived it.

Xie Chenyuan had changed. Xie Yan’s death forced out another side of him that had been suppressed for many years.

The indifferent, cruel, and gloomy emperor.

The book fans said that Xie Chenyuan was one of the few lights in Xie Yan’s life. The latter’s love and hatred in his life were all caused by this person.

However, Ji Li believed that Xie Yan was also a calamity that Xie Chenyuan couldn’t avoid.

The 18 years of companionship between them and the 23 years of longing had never been in a single direction.

The one who died was liberated, but what about the one who remained in the world? From now on, Xie Chenyuan might have to live alone to the end of his life with self-blame, guilt, and pressure.

Ji Li raised his head and took a sip of beer. He couldn’t extinguish the unbearable suffocation that he felt from the beginning to end. He hesitated to speak but, his thoughts were a mess.

“Brother Yue, I…”

Suddenly, Qin Yue’s warm palm touched the side of his neck. “Ji Li, look at me.”

The man’s voice was gentle and contained an irresistible intensity.

Ji Li turned sideways to face Qin Yue’s deep eyes. The gloom and despair of the character in the drama couldn’t be seen. There was only the calm clarity and unique pampering that belonged to the man alone.

They looked at each other briefly, and Ji Li felt an indescribable and unexplainable sense of heaviness that made him willing to fall.

Qin Yue opened his mouth. “Do you see who I am?”

“I know.” Ji Li took a deep breath and clearly called him by name. “You are Qin Yue.”

“Yes, I’m not Xie Chenyuan, and you aren’t Xie Yan. The story of the two of them is coming to an end.”

Qin Yue imperceptibly approached the young man and spoke seriously.

“Ji Li, there is life in the act and life outside the act. There are more characters waiting for you in the future.”

“So, it is time to get out of the act. Be obedient.”

His uncomfortable emotions were smoothed by the man’s words.

Ji Li suddenly noticed the distance between them and their slightly ambiguous actions and his ears became hot.

He tilted his head and quickly bumped against the man’s beer bottle to cover it up. “I know. I was just too serious when watching the drama. Just wait a bit.”



Ji Li finished speaking and gulped down the beer again while feeling a bit worried in his heart.

What was going on?

Why was it suddenly so hot that even the beer couldn’t cool him down?

Ji Li thought inwardly while his gaze couldn’t help falling on Qin Yue, who was staring at him intently with a clear smile in his eyes.

Ji Li’s heart burned. He quickly picked up his phone and pretended to look at it, but he was soon attracted by the hot search topic.

There was still one episode left until the finale of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth, but there were already hot searches related to the drama.

#Xie Yan the villain who makes people cry the hardest#

#Xie Yan Xie Chenyuan#

The hot searches were in the middle rankings, but the real-time topic discussion had exploded.

-I’m working the night shift at the company and secretly watched the drama. Then I started crying breathlessly. My colleague looked at me like I was a fool. Wu wu wu, Xie Yan is too miserable! (I will take out this drama and wait for her to cry!)

-I am the male protagonist’s fan. The original author and screenwriter are too good at writing! I know that Xie Yan’s death is justified, but I still have pity! Teacher Qin Yue’s Xie Chenyuan is really handsome, but he is also a scumbag!

-Add another person who thinks that Xie Chenyuan is a scumbag! I’m going to cry to death. Why couldn’t he let go of the Xie family? Could he still watch Yan’er die? I have a sharp pain in my heart. Fortunately, tomorrow is the weekend. My eyes are so swollen from crying that I can’t see anyone.

-Is there no reversal for Yan’er’s death? Could it be that the royal uncle set up a plan and actually faked his death?

-Xie Chenyuan is living too calmly! He looks like a scumbag. I can only say that in his heart, the nation is greater than love, right? Teacher Qin Yue’s ancient costume is a must! If I was Xie Yan, I would go crazy for this type of person.

-There are actually people scolding Xie Chenyuan for being a scumbag? Do you think he has lived an easy life for all these years? He was in that position. If he wasn’t careful, then everything would be lost!

-Don’t scold Royal Uncle. You can go and read Royal Uncle’s monologue written by the original author. It is even more abusive.

-Sigh, Xie Chenyuan did his best to plan for Yan’er. Unfortunately, he missed it and ended up missing it forever.

-Here comes a crying drama fan. I am asking the original CP fans to recommend me some fanfiction. It is best to abuse Royal Uncle fiercely before Yan’er gets a HE!

There was a lot of crying on the Internet due to Xie Yan’s death. Some netizens even started arguing over the issue of whether or not ‘Royal Uncle is a scumbag.’

Ji Li looked at the joy, anger, or sorrow of the netizens and handed it to Qin Yue with relish. “Brother Yue, some netizens are saying that you finally played a scumbag.”

As actors, they had to properly accept the audience’s view on the characters.

Qin Yue took the opportunity to place his shoulder against the other person’s shoulder and leaned in to take a closer look. “You acted very well. Everyone feels miserable for Xie Yan, and they are all angry for him.”

In fact, Qin Yue also didn’t like Xie Chenyuan’s way of doing things. He bore all the burdens between the two of them while also holding onto the one he loved.

Never regret it after the fact.

Ji Li nodded. Once he came to his senses, he found that the distance between the two of them suddenly narrowed. It was as if he could still smell the other person.

He instinctively tensed up. Then he heard Qin Yue ask, “Should we take a photo together and post it on Weibo?”

“Weibo? That isn’t okay.” Ji Li was stunned for two seconds before shaking his head in embarrassment. “Brother Yue, I’m afraid that someone will say that I’m taking advantage of your popularity.”

“No, you’ve been more popular than me recently.” Qin Yue teased.

He dug out his phone and made an excuse for the photo. “It is the last episode. It is just another wave of publicity for the characters.”

Qin Yue’s Xie Chenyuan didn’t have many opportunities to appear. Apart from the Weibo post of Ji Li that he forwarded at the beginning, he hadn’t seriously promoted this drama.

Ji Li was stunned and puzzled. “Brother Yue, didn’t you say that I should get out of the act?”


Qin Yue was stuck for a moment before quickly and calmly answering, “So you will be publicizing Xie Yan in the name of Ji Li.”

He held up his phone as he spoke.

Ji Li felt that Qin Yue was right and didn’t resist taking a photo together. He simply smiled slightly at the camera.


The appearance of both of them was resilient, and they could use a casual shot.

The last episode of the drama had already started to air. Qin Yue glanced at Ji Li, whose attention had returned to the drama.

He silently edited the Weibo message and simply sent it. Then he put down his phone to accompany the young man to continue watching the drama.

The empress dowager was full of crimes and died in the end. She traded her life for a chance for her son, the emperor, to live. Xie Chenyuan put the latter under house arrest and single-handedly assisted the 6th son of the former emperor to ascend to the throne.

Not long after the new emperor ascended the throne, Xie Chenyuan chose to leave the palace and ‘live in seclusion.’

Above the city gate, the new emperor watched the man ride away alone and his heart was filled with regrets that couldn’t be dispersed.

“Royal Uncle, why help me ascend the throne? You obviously have the ability to take it yourself…”

“It is because Yan’er remembered your goodness back then.”

-Among my many brothers, only Sixth Brother treated me well. He never looked down on me due to my birth. No matter whether it is true or false, I remember this respect.

-Yes, Royal Uncle will also remember it for you.

“Royal Uncle, where are you going next?”

“I will take Yan’er’s ashes and walk around. In this whole world, there is always a place for us to go.”


The drama returned to the main plotline of the male and female protagonists. Ji Li’s attention shifted from the drama. He was just about to talk to Qin Yue when the doorbell rang.

It was in a slightly urgent manner.

Ji Li got up and answered the door, only to find that it was Yu Fuya who rushed over. The other person hadn’t even removed her facial mask.

“Sister Yu, it is so late. Why are you still…”

“Be obedient.” Yu Fuya patted him on the shoulder with a smile. Then she walked in and saw Qin Yue. She immediately ripped off the mask and threw it into the trash can in the corner. “Hey, Qin Yue is here.”

Qin Yue looked at Yu Fuya, who had turned on the ‘baby protection mode’ and showed a smile that both of them understood. “Sister Yu, good evening.”

Yu Fuya had just seen the other person’s Weibo and rushed over immediately. Her observation ability developed after many years allowed her to understand Qin Yue’s true thoughts in an instant.

What good evening!

I know you are thinking about my family!

Yu Fuya looked him up and down with sharp eyes. It was only after confirming that her baby hadn’t been bullied that she felt slightly reassured.

“I’m just passing by to take a look. Remember to rest early. There is a shooting schedule tomorrow morning.”

She glared at Qin Yue when she finished speaking. The moment of rushing this person away was obvious. Qin Yue smiled and didn’t speak.

Ji Li came back a step late and didn’t see their eye exchange. He just nodded calmly. “Yes, I’ve finished watching Xie Yan’s scene and will get ready to sleep.”

Qin Yue naturally wouldn’t do something impulsive that was out of line at this time. “It is quite late. Go to sleep.”

The reason why he came here was to create an opportunity to be alone with the young man. In addition, he was afraid that Ji Li would be depressed and deliberately accompanied him to watch the drama.

Qin Yue got up and walked to the entrance of the room under Yu Fuya’s vigilant gaze. “Major General, it’s time to go.”

Major General looked up at him and then at Snow Cake. Then he deliberately lowered his dog ears and pretended that he didn’t hear anything.

Yu Fuya snorted. “The dog can stay, but the person should go.”

Ji Li saw that Snow Cake had been rolled into a ball by Major General and smiled helplessly. “Brother Yue, Major General can sleep here tonight. I see that Snow Cake likes him very much.”

Major General heard this and immediately raised his head proudly. He snorted at his master and his tail shook rapidly.


Qin Yue was dumbfounded.

After so many years, this was the first time that he felt this dog deserved a beating.

Once Yu Fuya and Qin Yue had left, Ji Li washed up and lay on the bed. He opened Weibo and sent the new message that Qin Yue had sent half an hour ago.

“I’ve already asked Yan’er to make amends. Everyone should put away their tears.”

The accompanying picture was a photo of the two of them, and the comments area below immediately exploded!

-Brother Yue! I was waiting for you to post on Weibo! Royal Uncle Xie Chenyuan is too handsome! I call for Teacher Qin Yue!

-I could hold back from crying when watching the drama, but I couldn’t bear it after seeing this photo! Thank you Brother Yue and Ji Li for bringing us two such wonderful characters.

-Thank you Brother Yue for making up for the regrets of our fans and book fans! I can finally smile a bit.

-Brother Yue is a real man! I am convinced. A fresh Ji Li! I can do it!

Among them, Yuan Yifei’s comment was sent to the hot comment section by fans. “Did the two of you actually drink in the room behind my back?”

Ji Li thought about it before replying to him in a roundabout manner, “It is left over from the staff. It is all gone [laughs].”

Not long after this message was sent, Qin Yue directly replied to him. “Rest early, good night.”

At the same time, there was the familiar knocking sound on the wall. It was simple and still meant ‘good night.’

Ji Li couldn’t help letting out a low laugh. Then he responded childishly before peacefully falling asleep.


At midnight, more new fans poured into the Weibo group ‘Chinese Rose is real.’

Tonight, this group of star chasing girls were abused by the double Xie CP in the drama. Then they were sweetened by Qin Yue and Ji Li in reality.

@Group owner-Staking a Claim on Oneself is Cute: Group photo, group photo! Brother Yue rarely takes the initiative to send a group photo! These two are too well-matched! Why are they so cute? I feel like Ji Li is going to lean into Brother Yue’s arms! Brother Yue didn’t reply to Yuan Bao, but he replied to Ji Li as soon as possible!”

“Ahhh I’m going crazy! I am dizzy, but I won’t forget to give a reminder. You can only chat in the group and can’t take it outside of here. Don’t cause trouble for the main masters!”

The screen was filled with lively responses.

“Ahhhh why are Ji Li’s eyes red? Did he cry because he was bullied by Brother Yue? Hehehe, so cute!”

“There are only two people drinking in the room. You can do anything after drinking. Hehehe, do it for me!”

“The sister upstairs is an old expert in s*x at first glance. It is approved!”

“Thanks for the invitation. I’m the bed in the room. I’m already shaking.”

“Hahaha, is this the legendary midnight show? Exciting, exciting, exciting!”

“Let’s go back to business. Can Brother Yue do it this time?”

“Yes! If he doesn’t do it, then I’ll go!”

“Let’s form a group! We’ll go together!”

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