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IPCFS: Chapter 61 Part 1

In the room, Major General and Snow Cake were lying on the carpet in front of the sofa.

The dog and the cat huddled together, and the black and white fur seemed to match each other. The two of them had clearly only met a few times, but their relationship was too good. They were licking each other and having fun.

Qin Yue stared at Major General and Snow Cake, and there was a subtle flash of light in his eyes.

He had to say that some fate was really predestined.

“Brother Yue, do you want a beer?” Ji Li looked at the man sitting on the sofa while holding up the bottle in an embarrassed manner.

After accepting the role of ‘Chen Xi’, he temporarily quit the habit of having a late night snack in order to maintain his body fat and figure.

The refrigerator was empty. Even the two bottles of beer were left over from the staff’s meal last night.

“Yes, bring it,” Qin Yue answered with a smile.

Ji Li put down the beer and looked around at the surrounding tables. However, he didn’t find any bottle openers.

He was just about to go to look for it. Then the next second, his wrist was gently grabbed by the man. “Don’t look for it. Sit down. The TV drama is about to start.”

The man’s palm was very hot. The temperature seemed to pass directly along his veins to his limbs, causing heart palpitations.

Ji Li looked down at their hands that were touching and his voice was a bit strange. “But the beer hasn’t…”

Qin Yue let out a low laugh and pulled the young man to sit by his side. “Look.”

He pulled out an irregular triangular iron piece from his necklace. He held the sharp edge in one hand and easily cocked it against the bottle cap. His powerful wrist revealed momentary blue veins, and there was a faint masculine sexiness.

The next second, the pried open cap was accurately thrown into the trash can by Qin Yue.

Ji Li took the beer bottle slowly and said with a smile, “Brother Yue, you are really handsome.”

Opening the bottle cap was naturally a trivial matter, but Qin Yue was definitely the first person he knew who could make this ordinary action charming.

It was no wonder why Baozi said that in the entertainment industry’s gossip votes, Qin Yue could always be elected as the number one ‘target boyfriend.’ Based on this innate boyfriend power, how many people could refuse?

Qin Yue was taken aback by the sudden praise. Soon, the smile in his eyes couldn’t be suppressed.

He could only pretend to calmly touch the beer bottle with the young man and joked, “This necklace looks average, but it is very useful to open the bottle cap.”

Just in time, the theme song of the TV drama came to an end.

Ji Li took a sip of the beer, and his gaze returned to the TV screen as he started to concentrate. Qin Yue saw his side profile that was focused on chasing the drama and chose to be quiet to not disturb him.

The live broadcast room just now became a port for online synchronous drama watching, and many viewers chose to stay and watch.

After the live broadcast, Ji Li had immediately logged out of his account. This was an ordinary guest account, but he could still see the online barrage.

Ji Li always paid attention to the feedback of the audience, so he didn’t intend to close the pop-up window.

The previous episode stopped at the scene where Xie Yan was being surrounded by the male protagonist in the palace. Thus, the beginning of the episode was the climactic scene of the confrontation between the two sides.

Xie Yan’s true identity was recognized by the emperor, and the crimes where he sent his subordinates to commit murder and work with the enemy nation were exposed in front of everyone.

Under the pressure of the male protagonist Xuan Ming, Xie Yan finally admitted that he was responsible for the tragedy of the Xuan family.

“Xie Yan! Why did you do this?”

“Why? Because of hatred?” Xie Yan muttered before repeating in a tearful manner. “Because I feel hate!”

Once upon a time, he was close to the supreme throne and most importantly, close to the person he longed for.

Then in the end, he lost everything to conspiracy and betrayal. The incompetent emperor and the old, undead emperor dowager trampled on him like an ant all the time in the name of ‘imprisonment!’

Even that person regarded him as a dead thing and tried to kill him!

“How can you understand my pain when you are a young man who was born to be favored by thousands of people and regarded as a famous and decent man?” Xie Yan stared at him coldly and smiled indifferently.

“The first emperor forcibly married my mother and threw her into the cold palace within three months. I was born in the cold palace, and the person who gave birth to me died in the cold palace.”

“Have you ever been thrown into an ancient well for two days and two nights while hungry, sleepy and afraid? That year, I was four years old.”

“Have you ever had the feeling of drowning when kicked into an icy river by an eunuch in the dead of winter? That year, I was six years old.”

“Do you know the feeling when poison enters your throat and you want to dig out your internal organs with a knife? That was my 10th birthday.”

“Everything I have suffered came from one sentence from the mouth of that old b*tch, the Empress Dowager—”

“This sinful beast is just as cheap and desperate as his mother.”

Ji Li’s acting skills were very good, and the way he delivered his lines was even better.

The barrage already started to frantically fill the screen when Xie Yan narrated these past experiences with a numb expression and smiling tone.

-That f*king empress dowager! How is this old woman still alive?

-Wu wu wu, my Yan’er! Is my heart made of iron? Why do you keep abusing me?! What hatred and grudges are there?

-I know that Xie Yan is a villain, but I really can’t hate him. Thinking differently, I might’ve gone crazy like this if I were him.

-No, Xie Yan could’ve been a wise ruler in the first place! Blame the empress dowager, that old undead woman. In order for her son to become emperor, she obstructed his way and abruptly erased the only light in Xie Yan’s life!

-My tears are worthless. This is just the beginning, and the tissues I stocked up on previously are about to run out.

-Where is Royal Uncle?! Xie Chenyuan, do you really want to watch Yan’er die?!

The barrage was still going on while on the TV, the two sides had already started to fight. Every time there was a new wound on Xie Yan’s body, netizens would start another round of distressed screams.

Finally, Xie Yan hid in a secret passage that he accidentally discovered in the past.

He covered the fatal wound in his abdomen, and a faint anticipation appeared on his pale face.

This secret passage was told to him by Royal Uncle back then, and it hadn’t been sealed yet. Did this mean that Royal Uncle still had the slightest mercy for him?

Xie Yan forced himself to get up and walked toward the man’s bedroom step by step.

The later stage of the TV drama was carefully edited. At this time, the ‘betrayal’ confrontation scene during the battle for the throne was inserted in time and the theme song that belonged to Xie Yan finally played.

The plot on the screen jumped back and forth, connecting the five years in the past to the present time.

Xie Yan’s disbelief after being betrayed by his loved ones, and his discouragement when he threw away his armor to accept his fate. Now when he was dying, he was still persistently pursuing that person’s footsteps.

Royal Uncle, I won’t hate or complain about you any longer. Just let me see you again.

I am willing even if you want to kill me, a sinful villain, with your own hands.

The chorus of the protagonist’s song sounded at the climax. Combine this with Xie Yan’s inner, obsessive monologue, and it completely turned the barrage into a sea of tears.

-Wu wu wu, I really can’t stand it, I really can’t stand it!

-The screenwriter is killing people! For the first time, I want the TV series to be changed! Please give Yan’er a good ending! Even if he is imprisoned for a lifetime, Uncle Wang can personally watch over him!

-The devil can’t change it. This plot expansion is 10,000 times more lethal than the original novel!

-Why should I watch this super abusive drama on a happy Friday after getting off work?

-Xie Chenyuan, if you have the ability, then don’t come out! I’m mad, mad, mad! Looking at Teacher Qin Yue’s face, I am even angrier. Why do handsome guys torture each other?

-If Xie Yan has to die, I will trouble Xie Chenyuan to follow him and leave! Otherwise, I will pass through the screen and kill Royal Uncle! You can’t let Yan’er leave this world alone!


Qin Yue looked at the comments in the barrage. He shook his head slightly and sighed. Then he looked sideways at Ji Li.

The young man’s face was tense. His eyes were faintly red, and his hand was gripping the wine bottle very hard, as if he was completely caught in the plot.

Qin Yue thought of the collapse of the other person when he finished filming and suddenly felt uncomfortable. “…Ji Li?”

The clear sound of beer bottles colliding was like a shocking alarm bell that shook people’s minds.

Ji Li suddenly withdrew from the plot and looked at Qin Yue with slightly red eyes. “Brother Yue?”

Qin Yue pushed against the young man’s beer bottle, gentle with a hint of toughness. “Drink some alcohol slowly, and don’t get too caught up in it.”

Ji Li responded sullenly. It wasn’t until the cold beer went down that the haze of the character’s emotions in his heart was dispelled.

He sighed and wordlessly expressed the surprise and emotion that the drama brought him.

Unexpectedly, half a year had passed and he still felt worried and sad for the role of Xie Yan. As the plot progressed with each step, his heart was as tense as the ordinary audience members.

In particular, the section in front of the bedroom doors.

As Xie Yan’s actor, it wasn’t until this moment that Ji Li suddenly realized the audience’s perspective.

It turned out that Xie Chenyuan in the hall had lost his composure the moment he heard the footsteps.

Xie Yan questioned it in a heart-wrenching manner at the door while Xie Chenyuan in the hall felt uncomfortable as well.

The latter’s fingertips were cut by the strings and blood fell down the strings, just like his heart at this moment.

In private, the pain was unstoppable. In public, there was nothing he could do.

In the end, Xie Yan died. Before he died, he got to see his royal uncle’s face for the last time as he wished. Unfortunately, he never heard the ‘Yan’er’ from the other person’s mouth again.

The online audience fell into a state of crying.

Many people never expected that they followed a drama by themselves but would be tortured to pieces by the titular ‘villain’ to death, crying to death for him.

However, the broadcast of the drama hadn’t ended yet. Everyone was rubbing their eyes with tissues for Xie Yan while gritting their teeth and waiting for the final outcome of the empress dowager.

Xie Chenyuan and the male and female protagonists rushed to find the truth of that year. The warm moments of the two people getting along in the past and the memories released at this moment became a sharper weapon that made people cry.

He handed over the evidence of the crimes committed by the empress dowager’s family over the years. Their crimes weren’t at all inferior to the dead Xie Yan.

It was just that Xie Chenyuan secretly suppressed it so the nation didn’t experience too much turmoil.

The male and female protagonists hesitated again and again before finally deciding to withdraw from this royal chaos. It was left to be handled by Xie Chenyuan, the regent who won the hearts of the people.

The latter used the power accumulated over the years and approached the empress dowager’s palace, detaining all those in her faction.

The empress dowager was terrified. Once she was in danger, she thought of using the emperor’s edict as a life-saving talisman.

It was a pity that the current Xie Chenyuan had lost the weakness of ‘Xie Yan’ and he had no worries at all. The team of secret guards and the secret edict before the emperor’s death could no longer post a threat to Yan’er.

He only hated that he thought he could control everything, but in the end, he only hurt Yan’er’s heart and ruined his life!

Dead people couldn’t be resurrected.

Then, the only Xie family that he held onto over the years must not be destroyed at the hands of this mother and son!

Xie Chenyuan first had the useless little emperor captured. Then he brought a fake edict to depose him from the throne and threatened the empress dowager so she committed suicide by taking poison.

Everything was so tough that it was impossible to resist.

“Don’t drink it? Then I’ll kill your precious emperor and son in front of you.”

“After you watch him die, I’ll have people add his blood and force you to drink the poison.”

The young emperor was so frightened that he couldn’t help kneeling down in front of Xie Chenyuan and begging for mercy. “Royal Uncle! I am your nephew. Please let me and my mother go!”

“I never wanted to be the emperor. I can give the position to you!”

“Please, let us go!”

Xie Chenyuan kicked him away, eyes so cold that they were terrifying. “Back then when your mother used all types of means to poison Yan’er, did you ever think that he was your brother and a prince in name?”

Qin Yue’s acting skills had reached a terrifying point.

A simple two or three lines showed the madness in the character’s heart to the fullest.

Seeing the embarrassment of the emperor and the empress dowager, there was a burst of screams on the barrage.

God knew how many sins this mother and son committed in secret!

The assassins secretly sent to assassinate Xie Yan were all sent by the emperor. The mother and son were ruthless. The son also wasn’t a good person!

Now that death was imminent, he wanted to separate himself from his crimes?

Bah, there was no way!

The climax of the episode stopped here.

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I’d like to casually remind people: when you’re watching a movie or television show and you really hate a character because you are invested in the story and find their actions in the plot to be deeply objectionable, it means that they are a spectacular actor or actress and they have successfully conveyed their role to the audience. Try not to transpose those feelings onto the actor themselves. They don’t deserve the hate, instead they deserve high praise for managing to effect you so deeply. Take Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter franchise. She’s pretty much unanimously loathed because the character was written well and the actress is extremely talented.