IPCFS: Chapter 60 Part 2

Ever since the evening, the phones of Yu Fuya and the team had been bombarded by various brands. All of them sent endorsement invitations without exception.

Among them, there were quarterly season spokesperson invitations from luxury brands.

Yu Fuya knew that Ji Li would be busy filming the movie, so she could only painfully refuse them one by one.

No, she still left a few famous big brands and planned to find time to chat with them. After all, it was difficult for Ji Li to accept endorsements right now, but this didn’t mean he couldn’t accept them in the future.

“Okay, everyone has worked hard today. Go back to your rooms to rest, and let Ji Li sleep early. He still has the opening ceremony of the movie at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, Sister Yu.”

Everyone packed up their things, said goodnight to Ji Li, and quickly left.

Ji Li simply took a shower and washed up before lying down on the bed.

Snow Cake jumped on the bed and meowed obediently at his feet.

Ji Li was worried about leaving the cat at a pet store, so every time he filmed for a long time, he had to work hard to bring Snow Cake to his side personally.

He was busy filming in the crew and couldn’t accompany Snow Cake 24 hours a day, but he had adopted Snow Cake. Therefore, he wouldn’t leave Snow Cake without the company of his family.

Ji Li looked through his Moments and found that Qin Yue had posted a new short video half an hour ago.

Major General, whom Ji Li hadn’t seen in a long time, was lying in a kennel and gnawing at a bone. The layout of the room seemed to be the crew’s hotel.

There were quite a few comments from insiders below. Yuan Yifei was the first one: Major General, you really take this precious dog with you wherever you go.

Qin Yue replied: He is a family member, so I naturally can’t leave him behind.

Ji Li saw this conversation and casually liked it. His heart was filled with a subtle pleasure.

It had to be said that he and Qin Yue had similarities when it came to certain ideas.

Ji Li was just thinking this when the man’s chat message popped up.

-Are you finished with your work?

Ji Li clicked on the chat interface and replied.

-Yes. Brother Yue, you’re not sleeping yet?

Qin Yue’s reply came quickly.

-I have been discussing the upcoming filming matters with Director Yao and the others. It hasn’t been long since we finished work. Things on the Internet have stopped, so you should rest early.

Ji Li scanned the second half of the text and slightly raised an eyebrow.

Could it be that when Brother Yue was busy with work, he also paid attention to public opinion on the Internet?

Ji Li exhaled softly and his lips curved up without him noticing. Before he could react, his fingertips had already typed out a sentence and sent it.

-Brother Yue, which floor do you live on?

The other person didn’t reply quickly this time. Ji Li stared at the quiet screen when he suddenly heard a muffled and short knock on the wall next to him.

It was very rhythmic.

During the crew’s training, Ji Li happened to have learned some simple Morse code. He almost instantly reacted. Someone was saying goodnight to him.

In an instant, Qin Yue sent a WeChat message: I live next door to you.

Next door?

Ji Li stared at these words and inexplicably felt they were a bit ambiguous.

In the small border city of Yuncheng, the hotel that the crew rented was already the best in the area.

The top floor was the floor for the director and the leading actors. Originally, the room next to him had been empty and unoccupied. Unexpectedly, the crew left it for Qin Yue?

According to the hotel’s room layout, weren’t the bedrooms of the two of them separated by only one wall?

Ji Li’s thoughts drifted slightly, but he was pulled back by Snow Cake’s soft cry.

He suddenly became interested and imitated the man’s actions just now, knocking on the wall and sending back a short message in Morse code.

-Brother Yue, good night.

There was a vibration from the phone. Qin Yue sent a voice message and sent the words ‘good night’ with a laugh.

The man’s voice was pleasant and low. It still gave the same numbing feeling as ever.

Ji Li couldn’t help tightening his grip on his phone. Then his mind returned and he threw it far away on the bed. He lay down and pulled up the quilt, sighing with a bit of annoyance.

The drama had been completed for so long. How could he still be stunned by Qin Yue’s good night?

It shouldn’t be affecting him this much? Could it be that he had recently taken the time to follow the drama, so he hadn’t completely let go of the role of Xie Yan in his heart?

Ji Li thought about it wildly, but he still couldn’t suppress his biological clock when it came time to sleep. As he was falling asleep, he admitted it in his mind in a trance.

Qin Yue’s voice was really good.

Yes, the person was also good-looking.


Due to the particularity of the movie’s theme, the crew would receive the support of the local government and public security during the filming period.

At 9 o’clock the next morning, the opening ceremony of the movie ‘Special Operations’ was arranged in the conference building of the city’s police bureau.

The particularity and solemnity of the venue meant that only some media reporters were invited. Fans and idle people weren’t allowed to enter.

However, Ji Li arrived at the scene and still saw the support prepared for him by fans in the surroundings.

The fans waved excitedly when they saw him, but they kept their mouths tightly shut and didn’t dare to shout.

Next to them was the police bureau. They didn’t want to make too much noise and cause trouble for their baby.

Ji Li accepted their thoughts. He stood in place and bowed deeply. “Thank you, I will work hard.”

“Jiayou, we trust you.”

The fans showed joyful looks and warmly cheered for him. Ji Li saw this and quickly entered the hall of the opening ceremony.

All the procedures of the opening ceremony were already determined, and the actors just needed to follow the instructions from the staff.

The opening ceremony lasted for an hour and a half, and then the crew started filming the first scene without a break.

According to common sense, the first scene to be filmed should be relatively simple. This would allow the actors to easily film it in one go and create good luck for the crew.

As the core starring actor of the movie, Ji Yunqi naturally took on this task.

Ji Li had no filming schedule on the day of the start-up.

A few days ago, Yu Fuya had communicated with the crew and deliberately adjusted it for him. It was because the finale of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth would air tonight.

In addition, the much anticipated Xie Yan highlight scene would be officially shown tonight.

From the beginning of the airing of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth, the ratings had skyrocketed. In one and a half months, the ratings on the national network had reached 4%!

The drama crew was ambitious and wanted to take advantage of tonight’s finale to add more fire to the ratings.

Ji Li cooperated with the publicity of the drama crew and logged onto the live broadcast website at 7 o’clock. He opened a live broadcast along with the other leading actors such as Zhou Qingming.

He was the last to enter the live broadcast room. As a result, the barrage was blown up by the netizens in an instant.

If one wanted to talk about the most popular and fastest rising actor in popularity since the beginning of the year and called Ji Li second, no one would dare to be called first.

First of all, he relied on the role of Song Zhao in the movie to earn a wave of tears from the audience.

Immediately afterwards, he relied on Xie Yan in the drama to gain the love of many young drama fans.

During the airing period, the hot searches related to his character frequently appeared. Some movie and television websites said that Ji Li’s Xie Yan was the character that was the most faithfully adapted from the novel in recent years!

In the two episodes aired last weekend, Xie Yan didn’t have many scenes so this led to a decline in Ji Li’s Internet popularity.

However, some actors were destined to be ‘popular.’

Yesterday’s perfume commercial was amazing, and it fermented for a whole day, returning Ji Li to first place in the ‘New Actor Online Ranking.’

This morning, the movie crew turned on their phones and bought hot searches for all the leading actors in the movie, including Ji Li.

Zhou Qingming and the other starring actors saw that their screen was full of ‘Ji Li’ and had to admit it.

This popularity was so far beyond their reach that they couldn’t even feel envious.

After all, the hard work of the young man during filming was obvious to all. Presumably, after the finale in the two episodes tonight, Xie Yan played by Ji Li would gain a lot of tears and love.

The host found by the crew was very good and everyone chatted happily during the hour long live broadcast.

After the live broadcast ended, Ji Li turned on the drama’s online airing to watch it in real time and projected it onto the TV screen in the living room.

It wasn’t just the audience who was looking forward to the final scene. He was also looking forward to it.

The commercials were still showing on the TV.

Suddenly, there was a scratching sound outside the door, followed by a suppressed whine.

Ji Li was surprised for a few seconds before getting up to open the door.

As expected, Major General, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, was waiting at the door of his room. The dog tilted his head, happily pricked up his ears, and wagged his tail happily.

“Bark!” Major General called out to him.

Before Ji Li could respond, Snow Cake rushed out from where he was lying on the living room’s carpet.

The cat and dog looked at each other. Major General’s tail wagged even more happily and his two front paws started to step impatiently in place.

Ji Li turned his body to the side in an amused manner and tilted his head toward the dog. “Go in, but be well-behaved. You can’t bark.”

“Awoo!” Major General cleverly answered before running to Snow Cake’s side and sniffing him.

The moment Snow Cake was arched by Major General’s nose, he lay down on the ground and patted the dog’s head with his small paw. “Meow~”

Ji Li leaned against the door and watched their liveliness. Then he saw Qin Yue coming from around the corner.

He saw the young man’s figure instantly and approached quickly, asking casually, “Have you seen Major General? The dog ran away in the blink of an eye.”

“He was looking for Snow Cake.” Ji Li turned sideways and pointed to the cat and the dog who were having a happy time. “Brother Yue, is filming over?”

“Yes.” Qin Yue nodded.

Today was the start-up, and the filming arrangement wasn’t intensive. The scenes were simple, and the starring actor Ji Yunqi was relaxed.

The moment he finished speaking, the theme song of Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth came from the living room.

Qin Yue’s eyes shook slightly and he asked at the right time, “Watching the drama? I heard that tonight is the finale.”

Ji Li nodded.

He looked at the man in front of him, and a subtle thought surged in his heart. He asked without much thought, “Brother Yue, do you want to come in and watch the drama together?”

The moment the question came out, Ji Li heard Qin Yue’s answer.

It was as if it had been planned for a long time.


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