IPCFS: Chapter 60 Part 1

Soon after the news of Ying’s Perfume winning an award came out, the Ji Group and Chaoying Culture joined forces to put this event on the hot search.

Ji Li’s fans were happy enough to soar to the sky and vigorously increased the Weibo topic and spread reports of the perfume award on various social media platforms.

As a result, more netizens and passersby noticed this.

-F*k? The Perfume of the Times competition? Ying is too awesome!

-Perfume lovers are really stunned. Let me teach you a bit about this. Almost all of the famous brands that can be reported right now were selected from this competition’s standard. The competition is very strict, and no Chinese perfume has ever won an award before!

-A brand certified by the official media? Surely the craftsmanship is fine?

-I saw a hot search topic from before that was saying that Ying’s Perfume is the product of a small third-rate workshop? It also said that a person’s face will become rotten when the perfume is used. What happened to this topic?

It was only then that Ji Li’s fans stood up and clarified the screenshots that they had already sorted out. They sent them to the questioning remarks while their tone was very modest and polite.

“I’m sorry to bother you. The bad rumors about the perfume were deliberately made up. You can read the clarification post!”

Netizens who ate melons had a lot of spare time. They saw the polite clarification of Ji Li’s fans and were naturally willing to click on the clarification post.

As a result, they saw it and immediately laughed.

The previous black hot search topic about Ying’s Perfume had an extremely low reading volume, and it was obviously bought by people with money.

In the screenshot of the hot search comments, there were either newly created Weibo accounts or fans of Xu Ziming who changed their name and surname. In addition, even the information of the perfume brand was mistaken. It was all randomly made up black material.

Oh, did they think netizens were brainless?

More than that, the real consumers commented on and clarified things for Ying’s Perfume.

The famous classical dance scholar Liu Qiuping: Congratulations to Ying’s Perfume for winning the award. Ever since the beginning of the perfume’s development, I have received samples from the brand. The smell is very sweet, and the fragrance time is long. It is a real classical scent that belongs to China.

The professor of the national style at a well-known university: I am sincerely happy to hear that Ying’s Perfume has won the award. As a research and development guide for the appearance of the perfume bottle, I know that Ying has worked hard not only on the perfume itself but also the packaging. I hope that every domestic enterprise can do the same and make our Chinese products good quality!

The guqin artist Teacher Meng Hui, a master craftsman in the traditional porcelain bottle industry, a classical music researcher…

These seemingly inconspicuous names were actually bigshots from all walks of life.

They stood up one after another and proved the ‘good quality’ of Ying’s Perfume.

The netizens never stopped eating melons. They marveled at the awesome identities of these masters while silently affirming the corporate status of Ying’s Perfume.

The four hot search topics ranged from ‘Ji Li’s beautiful ancient style’, ‘Ying’s Perfume won an international award’, ‘Xu Ziming’s endorsement statement’, and ‘Fenlan’s product design plagiarism’, showing a completely different style.

You know, the entertainment industry was a place where there were always contrasts.

-Are people’s vision and luck really different? They were both from Dream Media, but Ji Li’s style and endorsement vision are much stronger than the other person.

-Don’t talk about the real master, even the quality of the fans is very different. I am a pure passerby and I prefer Ji Li and his fans.

-Ji Li’s ancient perfume video is really beautiful! Xu Ziming’s endorsement advertisement is very ordinary.

Xu Ziming’s fans, who had been fighting and making enemies left and right for months, finally lost at this moment.

His jewelry endorsement was tainted with the plagiarism scandal and he was terminated by the main brand! Meanwhile, the endorsement of his opponent won an award and glory for the country. He was named and praised by the official media!

There was such a huge gap that they had to admit defeat.

Many of Xu Ziming’s fans recovered their sanity after the slap to their faces and they deleted their previous ‘brainless’ remarks.

After the incident, Xu Ziming and his team hid like turtles. The ‘slap in the face’ statement was still hung on their Weibo homepages, making them feel embarrassed enough to grab at the ground with their toes.

It was really shameful.

Forget it, they recognized it and would slip to Ji Li’s house.

From the young man’s debut to the present, his career had become more stable and every step he took was steady.

He was willing to play a supporting role and also willing to be a villain. He could even play the third male lead.

He might’ve encountered several black hot searches but he had never been overturned. Not only that, he could always rely on strength to strike back and slap people in the faces. His popularity was rising higher and higher!

Since they were chasing stars, why not chase the most powerful person in the age group?

Being a fan of Ji Li was like the Garden of Eden for career fans!

At 7 o’clock in the evening, a news broadcast program reported that Ying’s Perfume won an international award. In addition, the online official media simultaneously issued an interview report with Ying Jingyuan, the general manager of Ying’s Perfume.

In the news, the inspection standards of Ying’s Perfume were displayed, and their newly invested production workshop was also in line with the international inspection standards.

In the interview with the camera, Ying Jingyuan took the initiative to mention the embarrassing situation when he was looking for a spokesperson and also expressed his gratitude to the current spokesperson Ji Li.

It was the young man who took the initiative to sit down and listen to him when he was previously met with cold eyes and ridicule.

The other person’s popularity was on the rise at the time, and he obviously had the opportunity to endorse better and more famous brands, but he chose them.

Ji Li supported national style and domestic brands, which greatly touched Ying Jingyuan.

At the same time, it made the audience watching the TV feel a strong favorability toward Ji Li.

Chinese people had patriotic blood in their bones. They usually said that domestic brands were scammers and bought inferior products out of their own feelings, but they actually hoped that their domestic brands could make good products and go international.

Ying’s Perfume had now emerged in the international perfume industry. Affirming the brand meant also affirming Ji Li, a spokesperson with long-term vision who supported domestic products with his actions.

The news network had a large audience of young and middle-aged people. After the program was aired, Ying’s Perfume and Ji Li received a wave of great exposure and their popularity greatly improved.

-Where can I buy the perfume? My mother watched the news broadcast and told me to buy her a bottle!

-Ahhhhh the official news! I’m so excited! Thank you to the brand side and Mr Ying. Our fans are also happy that you chose Ji Li to cooperate with!

-I’m excited as well. Ji Li is the artist I have always been optimistic about. After watching the news tonight, my father finally praised me for having a good eye when chasing stars hahaha.

-Are all of Ying’s Perfumes sold out now? What did I miss? The packaging is so beautiful. I am curious about the smell!

Ji Li stroked Snow Cake with one hand while reading Weibo on his mobile phone with his other hand. His mood had improved a lot.

Baozi and the other staff members had been busy all afternoon so they were sitting in the living room and having a late dinner.

Yu Fuya just had a phone call with the person in charge of the brand.

In fact, the perfume black material on the hot search this afternoon was just Xu Ziming’s fans pouring dirty water on the surface. In secret, it was the framing of competitors in the perfume industry.

However, the timely appearance of the award and the official media made the latter immediately stop thinking of ‘framing’ them and go into hiding.

The shot hits the bird that pokes its head out.

Therefore, Xu Ziming and his fans, who were on the surface, naturally became the main targets of ridicule on the Internet.

Now Ying’s Perfume had the Ji Group as their backer. Based on Ji Yunzheng’s tough style in the business world, he definitely wouldn’t let go of the one acting behind the scenes.

However, Ji Li didn’t mix in with the business world, so there was naturally no need to pay attention to the open and dark battles in the business world.

He was the perfume’s spokesperson and just needed to do his spokesperson duties. That was enough.

It was 8 o’clock, the peak period for online traffic.

Ying’s Perfume released a link for a new round of presales for their two perfumes.

For a time, a large number of netizens squeezed into the official sales website and actually caused the server to crash! The webpage was stuck horribly by traffic.

The programmer in charge of the official website cried and posted on Weibo: Don’t hit me, I’m fixing it! It is really being fixed!

The netizens waited patiently for 10 minutes and finally managed to rush in to take a look.

Very good, the presales sold out once again!

The current presales order volume was lined up for three months. In order to avoid netizens waiting a long time, the brand had to arrange for the product to be removed from the shelves again.

-F*k! Isn’t it just a bottle of perfume? I don’t usually rob men from you. It is just perfume, but you women are still robbing me. Hateful!

-This Ji Li fan is crying in the toilet. For other people, the ones robbing the endorsement product are their own star chasing sisters. Meanwhile, it is the people of the whole country robbing our family’s endorsement product!

-Those who have grabbed the perfume presales, you are an alive koi. Please, who grabbed more? Can you transfer me a bottle?

-At this time, I have to post the treasured gift box I grabbed over a month ago! It is already received! The packaging is stunning at first glance. There is also a handwritten blessing from the baby and the handwriting is super beautiful! Best of all, the perfume smells so good. It isn’t too strong and sweet, but the fragrance time is super long. [Long picture attached].

This ‘showing off wealth’ Weibo post immediately got a lot of envy, jealousy and hatred.

More people ran to Ji Li and the brand’s Weibo pages to leave messages, asking for additional benefits and compensation for their heartbreak.

Originally, everyone was just joking. They didn’t expect that the brand side would say that they would spoil the fans. They posted a short video that was only 15 seconds long and said that forwarding it would give them the opportunity to participate in the draw. 10 netizens would be chosen to receive a perfume.

The netizens who were online quickly forwarded it and opened the short video excitedly. The result was a scream in unison.

Oh my god! It was actually the advertising trailer for another perfume, Tanrui Pavilion.

In the video, Ji Li wore a thin white short and black skinny jeans. The simpler the outfit, the more they wanted to glimpse the beautiful silhouette under the garment.

At the dance party where the guests were in full costume, the young man looked like a beautiful god who suddenly broke in.

Under the splendid lighting of the banquet hall, his natural and delicate facial features burst out with a striking impact.

Suddenly, a red streamer slowly fell from up high and happened to cover the young man’s eyes. Someone tied the streamer from behind and led him to the center of the banquet hall.

The lights around him went out and only a dim spotlight fell on him.

The bright red streamer became the most eye-catching color in the pure darkness and gave the ‘lonely’ youth a sense of helplessness, making people want to rush into the screen to hug him!

The sound of the double bass was suddenly heard.

Just as everyone wanted to keep watching, the trailer video came to an end.

-Isn’t this excessive? I just finished taking off my pants and you let me see this? What about the full video? Give it to me ahhhhhh!

-F*k! Ji Li is a great beauty! I can say this 10,000 more times. Wu wu wu, why does he look so good? Every look pokes at my aesthetics. That’s right, I also think the little beggar Song Zhao is cute and lovely.

-Is this a benefit? Surely, this must be torture? It is going to be a sleepless night!

-Director Adolphe is so good! Ji Li is amazing! I’m not okay, but it is okay!

-I couldn’t grab the goose pear perfume, so I bought the Tanrui Pavilion one. I originally felt a little unhappy, but now I have completely made a profit!

-Ji Li baby, stop for a moment! Your repeated shocks are about to stun your mother. What type of immortal baby did I become a fan of?


The netizens and fans cried under the impact of his beauty and Ji Li’s natural hot search never stopped.

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