IPCFS: Chapter 59 Part 2

Qin Yue sat in his seat and secretly searched for Ji Li’s name on Weibo. Immediately, he found that someone was already deliberately stirring trouble.

They said that the purchased perfume previously smelled pungent and unpleasant, said that Ying forged their inspection certificate, said that the advertising video had elements of false marketing… it was all meant to deceive consumers.

Not only were there a set of fake statements, but there were even fake photos that were made to appear very ‘realistic.’

Baozi’s expression became serious after answering the phone. “Brother Li, Sister Yu told us to go back first after eating. There is a small matter to handle.”

Ji Li realized that something was wrong and responded in a low voice, “Okay.”

He looked at Qin Yue and heard the other person take the initiative to speak.

“You are busy, so you should go first. Your next focus should be on this movie and don’t be swayed by the outside world. If you need help, then just tell me.”

Qin Yue could probably guess the reason why Yu Fuya hurriedly called them.

“Yes, Brother Yue.”

“Thank you, Teacher Qin Yue.”


The two people quickly returned to the room and were immediately informed about the problem of the ‘rumor monger’ who was ‘splashing dirty water’ on the Internet.

Some staff members stared at the real-time data of the hot search reserve. “Someone is starting to increase the traffic for Brother Ji’s malicious topic.”

“The perfume advertisement was hugely popular when it went online. This was  too much for some people to tolerate. Their own broken things haven’t been dealt with, and they actually started to trouble us in a hurry at this time?”

Yu Fuya sneered disdainfully.

It was obvious who was secretly acting at this time.

“Contact the company to announce the withdrawal of the popularity of the topic. In addition, tell the fans in our official group to wait. If this black entry really goes on the hot search, suppress it as soon as possible. I’ll go and call Song Lan of Dream Media…”

Before Yu Fuya could finish speaking, Ji Li interrupted her from where he was sitting on the sofa. “Sister Yu, I don’t think that is necessary.”

“What is it?”

Ji Li raised the webpage in his hand. “The original designer Yun Jing accused Fenlan of plagiarizing on Weibo and the evidence is conclusive.”

This time, it wasn’t just the Fenlan brand but also the spokesperson Xu Ziming who couldn’t escape the investigation.

Everyone heard Ji Li’s words and entered Yun Jing’s Weibo. Just five minutes ago, the other person posted a Weibo with all the evidence.

@Yun and Jing: All the evidence has been sorted out and submitted for filing! The reason why the complete evidence was delayed was to see what type of face the brand would put on.

I didn’t expect that Mr @Xu Ziming, who was the spokesperson, would impatiently jump out?

Excuse me, do you know the truth of the matter?

Excuse me, do your fans know the truth of the matter?

The main master is posing as a righteous man while his fans insult others in the name of love. Do you really think this is okay?

For three days in a row, Xu Ziming’s fans have not only cursed me in tens of thousands of private messages but have even threatened my family with phone calls.

For the plagiarism on the brand side, I will sue!

I have taken screenshots of the stinky behavior of Xu Ziming’s fans and I will sue them all!


There were 12 photos below. In addition to the photos of the documents that were filed and sealed, there were also the manuscripts originally designed by Yun Jing and the chat of the Fenlan WeChat work group!

Yun Jing’s original precautions were done very well. She chose to take screenshots of all the core chat messages with Party A.

In addition, the original first edition design manuscript that she once sent to the person in charge for review still retained the original data and design concept.

There was too much evidence and it was too messy, so it did take some time to sort out.

In addition, there were three long photos that contained all the insults from Xu Ziming’s fans.

Photos of photoshopped mourning halls, photoshopped nudity photos, doxxed phone numbers of herself and her family, 24 hour telephone harassment calls and even mobile phone text messages that were full of vicious words.

The latest batch of insults was just an hour ago. The fans probably gained confidence after Xu Ziming and his team issued a statement, so their private messages became even more foul.

Scrolling down, almost all the messages were occupied by the word ‘die.’

Even the netizens passing by to eat melons felt shocked by all of this.

What hatred and grudge was there?

Cursing a young female designer before the ‘plagiarism’ matter was even finalized? Besides, the other person wasn’t trying to take advantage of the hype at all. She was the real victim!

-Tsk tsk, these fans are amazing. You should still show some restraint when protecting your idol, right?

-I feel sorry for this sister! The studio’s online store seems to have been forced to close due to malicious complaints from fans! The necklace looks so pretty!

-Xu Ziming’s operation is too disgusting. Ignoring the truth to protect the brand and guiding fans to curse at the victim? How much is your spokesperson contract worth?

-It is valuable. Doesn’t he want to use the sub-brand Fenlan to gain the favor of the Nocolan luxury brand? It is a pity that he didn’t look at his current status. How can the brand look at him?

-Excuse me, who is Xu Ziming? Before clicking into the hot search, I really didn’t know.

-The two necklaces can’t be called somewhat similar. They are exactly the same. @Fenlan @ Xu Ziming @ Nocolan Brand, come out and apologize!

There were words like ‘plagiarism’ that the public hated, so the post’s hot search position rose rapidly.

This matter didn’t only stay in the fan circle. It also spread to other industries and attracted countless people to speak out.

There was a designer who ‘felt compassion for someone with the same illness’ and came forward to prove that the Galaxy bracelet series last quarter was also plagiarized from a set of her designs through such means!

Her repeated complaints were suppressed by the other party’s forces, and she could finally only let it go.

She had no financial resources. As a result, the plagiarized design of the sub-brand was favored and praised by the main brand, Nocolan.

One stone caused a thousand waves.

The sub-brand Fenlang was just established recently, but it couldn’t hold up against the popularity of Nocolan as a luxury brand!

In the past, people often scolded that their domestic brands weren’t promising and were either inferior or plagiarized.

Now a foreign company copied and plagiarized the works of their Chinese designers. As a result, Xu Ziming, who was Chinese, actually took the lead in protecting such a brand?


Just rotten money!

The position of the hot search was rising faster, and the boycott of the netizens was rising. Xu Ziming and the brand’s Weibo had been occupied by bad comments.

Half an hour later, the official website of the Nocolan brand released a statement.

“As a century old brand, we at Nocolan have always respected the efforts and interests of original designers and have never done anything that violates the bottom line of morality! The so-called ‘sub-brand Fenlan’ was only granted the right to the brand’s name for three years after their initial examination.”

“After hearing complaints from netizens and receiving feedback from the investigation, the headquarters of the Nocolan Group have confirmed that Fenlan has violated the original contract requirements. The brand’s reputation has been seriously affected, so we have decided to terminate the cooperation immediately. The details of the contract termination will be announced on the official website.”

“From now on, the Fenlan brand and its spokesperson Mr Xu Ziming will have no relationship with our main brand, Nocolan. We would like to express our deepest apologies for the damage that Ms. Yun Jing suffered. Out of humanitarian concern, we are willing to offer some compensation in private.”

“We welcome all consumers to monitor the above matters.”

The moment this statement was made, the melon eating netizens immediately understood.

The statement forwarded by Xu Ziming in the afternoon seemed even more like a joke. He slapped himself in the face!

Nocolan was an internationally renowned brand, but he was the spokesperson for Fenlan. To put it bluntly, Fenlan was a small domestic brand.

Nocolan had nothing to do with this incident, but Fenlan and Xu Ziming were inseparable! The brand was responsible for plagiarism while he and his fans were responsible for inciting online violence.

Jointly suing with Nocolan? Sorry, the other party didn’t even recognize the spokesperson of the sub-brand at all and even broke off their cooperative relationship with Fenlan!

Wasn’t every word in the statement a slap to the face? There was no one else to blame in this wave of reversals!

-Hahaha, if Xu Ziming had stayed quiet, then this matter would have had nothing to do with him. As a result, Xu Ziming, his team and his fans were too clever. Now they must feel that their faces hurt?

-If you want me to say it, then I’ll say it! Xu Ziming just acted in a small costume drama last year and his fans think he is a top actor? Tearing at this male star or scaring the cooperative team, who gave him such a big face?

-Be honest! There are many good-looking and powerful stars in the entertainment industry, but I have never seen such a master and fans.

The netizens all mocked the resulting outcome, but there were still fans who refused to give up. They stood up and tried to change the topic.

-Disgusting, a group of rabble who will only follow the trends and shout. Has the final result come out? Can’t plagiarism evidence be forged? I don’t know if you are being led by someone with a black heart!

-I unconditionally believe in Ming Ming! The means of that family are too dirty. The small workshop perfume endorsed by that family rots people’s faces, but he is trying to divert attention and firepower!

-@Ji Li @Ying’s Perfume, there are three issues. Rotting people’s faces, false sales, and deceiving consumers. Come out and explain this!

It was a pity that they had been calling out for so long, but none of Ji Li’s fans commented or argued against them.

It was because staff members had already given instructions in Ji Li’s fan group.

No matter how Xu Ziming’s matter turned out, watch quietly and don’t argue for Ji Li.

Never give the opponent an opportunity to grab onto something!

Just as Xu Ziming’s fans and Ji Li’s black fans were clamoring wildly, a piece of shocking good news was released that fiercely slapped their faces.

-Ying’s Perfume won the crown in the French ‘Perfume of the Times’ competition!

-This is the first award-winning Chinese brand fragrance since the establishment of the competition! Its significance is extraordinary and can’t be underestimated!

China’s CCTV, which had an absolute position, immediately posted an article praising Ying’s Perfume on its official website. It also took the initiative to attach Ji Li’s national style advertising video at the end.

Many high status official media Weibo accounts forwarded it with the same comment:

The fragrance of the country, the beauty of the people of the country!

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