IPCFS: Chapter 58 Part 2

Ji Li didn’t know what they were thinking as he turned to warn Yu Fuya.

“Sister Yu, you have to contact the person in charge of Ying’s Perfume and ask them to issue a reminder so that no criminals can take advantage of this opportunity to cheat people.”

The production of perfume required a certain amount of production time, but it wasn’t to the extent where the perfume would be unavailable once it sold out.

There was really no need to buy the overly premium second-hand perfumes. It was better to avoid fraudulent purchases in case it affected the reputation of the perfume brand and spokesperson.

Yu Fuya naturally knew the harm from this and nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll contact them now.”

Ji Li logged into his Weibo and belatedly reposted the video of the perfume advertisement.

In addition, he commented on his Weibo: Please buy rationally according to your own level of consumption. The perfume will be shipped later. Beware of being deceived at high prices.

The fans who had been excited all morning immediately responded in a frenzied manner in the comments.

-Brother, I was waiting for you! The perfume advertisement is so beautiful!

-Wu wu wu, rest assured. Our eyes are bright, and we won’t be deceived! Perfume isn’t expensive. We can all afford it!

-I am a black fan who has directly entered the pit. I thoroughly recognize my own heart. Sorry, Ji Li. From now on, I will definitely be the first to praise you!

-I saw Ji Li with cut hair before. I couldn’t accept it for a while and wanted to get out of the pit. Now I have been kicked back to the bottom of the pit by the advertisement! This man is so good!

-Ji Li! Protect yourself! There are too many hungry wolves hungry for your body now! Mom is worried!

-The collector’s edition perfume gift box has been shipped and should be received tomorrow! It is good luck! Good fortune!

Ji Li saw the comments under his Weibo post and couldn’t help but smile.

The advertisement he starred in could single handedly drive product sales. This was a type of recognition of him by the public.

Soon, Yu Fuya came back in from outside and got straight to the point.

“I have just spoken to the person in charge of the brand side. They are deliberately using a ‘hunger marketing’ strategy, but a new batch of perfumes will be released for limited pre-sale at 9 p.m.”

“In addition, the preview of the Tanrui Pavilion perfume will also be released tonight.”

The brand side intended to strike while the iron was hot and arouse the interest of the consumer group.

This way, they could not only maintain the existing popularity but also drive long-term consumption.

Baozi rubbed his hands together excitedly. “Good good good! I hope that Brother Ji’s second advertisement will be released directly!

He had long heard that the perfume Tanrui Pavilion had a theme of a wine party and dance banquet! Brother Ji was dressed in long, white clothes and his eyes were covered with red ribbons.

Help! He found it tempting just thinking about it!

It was no wonder why both men and women wanted Brother Ji. Who didn’t want such a superb person?

Ji Li saw Baozi’s enthusiastic eyes and couldn’t help tapping his forehead. “What are you thinking? Accompany me to the restaurant on the 5th floor for some afternoon tea.”

Breakfast and lunch were eaten together. Physical training consumed a lot of energy, so Ji Li was already a bit hungry at this time.

However, he remembered the blatant way the staff members stared at him before. He planned to have Baozi accompany him so he could pull out Baozi to block them at the critical moment.

Apart from the staff members, the crew’s hotel didn’t have any outside fans.

Yu Fuya didn’t have anything to worry about so she nodded. “Yes, go with Baozi. Ji Li, eat more. Filming starts tomorrow, and it will be hard work again.”

Ji Li nodded and went to the 5th floor restaurant.

It was as he expected. The staff members he met in the elevator were watching him enthusiastically.

Some girls even came up to Ji Li to ask him if he could help them buy the perfume.

Fortunately, Baozi had already learned the ‘prevarication trick’ after following Yu Fuya for a while, and he easily blocked these requests.

The elevator stopped on the 5th floor.

Ji Li entered the hotel’s restaurant and saw a long-lost but familiar figure. “…Brother Yue?”

Qin Yue immediately became distracted and focused on the young man.

After a month of training with the crew, Ji Li’s ‘police air’ had become more prominent, and his facial features looked much colder.

It was obviously the same person, but he was completely different from the little goblin in the advertisement who seduced people.

It was just that the smile in these eyes were clear and were no different from the past.

During this brief moment of thought, Ji Li had already walked up to him. “Brother Yue, when did you arrive?”

Qin Yue replied, “Not long. I didn’t eat much on the plane, so I came to the restaurant to eat.”

Tomorrow was the day when filming officially started. As the movie’s producer, he had to take time out of his busy schedule to visit.

Of course, this was voluntary.

“Brother Ji, what do you want to eat? I’ll get you some.” Baozi opened his mouth at the right time.

Ji Li saw the untouched and appetizing seafood noodles on Qin Yue’s table and answered in a straightforward manner, “Help me get the same seafood noodles as Brother Yue and put in more shrimp!”

A brief smile crossed Qin Yue’s eyes when he heard this.

The two of them sat down face to face.

“Brother Yue, what have you been busy with all this time? Will you be in a hurry to leave the crew this time?”

Qin Yue didn’t move his chopsticks for the time being and focused on talking to the other person. “I have a movie to prepare for filming in the second half of the year, and I have been busy communicating with foreign movie crews recently.”

“I am the executive producer of Special Operations, so I naturally have to be here for the next period of time.”

Qin Yue had never been sloppy in doing things, and he had strong leadership ideas.

No matter whether it was as an actor or producer, he was never perfunctory about any detail of the movies he valued.

In addition, Ji Li was in this crew. In addition to the filming work, he could use this opportunity to increase the intimacy between them.

Ji Li’s eyes swayed slightly, revealing faint approval and appreciation.

The producer was the person with the most power in the entire crew, but in many cases, they gave the director the right to manage the crew.

They were like a ‘hands-off shopkeeper’ who only came to the crew occasionally.

A responsible producer like Qin Yue was actually rare.

As the two of them were chatting, Baozi brought back the seafood noodles. “Brother Ji, here you go.”

Ji Li saw only three small shrimp in his bowl and showed a depressed look. “What about the shrimp?”

“The chef of the restaurant said that we came too late today and there is basically no fresh shrimp left. There are still a lot of dead shrimp, but I’m afraid you will get a bad stomach eating it. Therefore, I got you more scallops and crab meat.”

Qin Yue silently moved his chopsticks to put seven or eight large shrimp from his noodles into a small bowl. Then he handed it to the young man. “I’ll give these to you.”

Ji Li was overjoyed by these shrimp. Then he suppressed it and asked, “Brother Yue, don’t you eat shrimp?”

“I’m allergic to shrimp,” Qin Yue casually explained. “You want to eat it, so I’ll give them to you. This way, they won’t be wasted.”

“Then I’ll accept the shrimp.” Ji Li’s eyes lit up and he childishly poured all the shrimp into his bowl, eating it in large mouthfuls.

Qin Yue saw that this person was having a good time eating, and a faint smile appeared on his face. He felt that his appetite had increased a lot.

Baozi sat beside Ji Li, and his eyes moved back and forth between the two of them. He always felt that something was wrong.

Was this right?

If he remembered correctly, the chef clearly stated that the remaining shrimp was requested by the previous customer.

Why was it that Teacher Qin Yue was now allergic to shrimp?

Baozi couldn’t think of a reason, so he shut up and looked at Weibo.

Ji Li’s advertising video was so good that even without the fans’ efforts to increase the data, the passersby and netizens who watched the advertising video became a ‘water army.’

People voluntarily forwarded, praised and liked it, and the entire hot search became Ji Li’s ‘bewitchment’ scene.

The popularity of the advertisement continued to climb, and it couldn’t be withdrawn for a while.

In the official fan group, Ji Li’s fans were chatting in a lively manner.

“I hope that the brand side will spread Ji Li’s advertisement offline as soon as possible so that more people can see our baby’s beauty!”

“That’s right! Hurry up! In fact, there are many people who don’t use Weibo.”

“Offline publicity should be given +1. If the brand side doesn’t do it, can our fans spend money to help support the advertisement?”

“I think so. There are many offline consumer groups! I think it isn’t only us young people. Even my mother’s generation will definitely like Ji Li very much!”

Suddenly, someone reposted a Weibo into the group while shouting.

“F*k! Hurry and take a look at this wealthy fan! They actually booked the advertising screens of the largest business and trade centers in Shanghai and Beijing! For 24 hours a day for a week, it will be broadcasting Baby Ji Li’s perfume advertisement!”

Seeing these words, Baozi seemed to see the lavish consumption of this fan and immediately clicked on the bigshot’s Weibo.

It was the wealthy fan called ‘I Think Ji Li is Cute Every Day.’ After the perfume battle, this person had become a recognized big fan in Ji Li’s fan circle.

Even official staff members like Baozi secretly followed the account with a side account.

It was as the fan said. The bigshot was very cold but still uploaded two electronic signing contracts. It showed the signing promotion content for the advertising video.

The advertising expenses of 150,000 yuan a day were spent this easily.

There were already a bunch of people ‘kneeling’ under the post to worship it.

Just as they were discussing whether to spontaneously promote it offline, the bigshot completed their wealthy support of Ji Li first.

It was said that the love of fans for stars couldn’t be summed up by money.

Even so, the fans had to 100% admit that Ji Li was this bigshot’s true love. Otherwise, who would be willing to spend so much energy and money?!

-Wu wu wu, this bigshot is so awesome when it comes to spending money. Their identity in real life must not be low, right? Will there be a chance to meet Ji Li in the future?

-If this bigshot wants to steal the baby, mortals like us can’t beat them. We are willing to admit defeat.

Baozi glimpsed these two comments, and a sense of crisis rose in his heart.

He couldn’t hold back and showed this Weibo to Ji Li. “Brother Ji, I think you have to be careful. Look at this wealthy fan called ‘I Think Ji Li is Cute Every Day.’”

“Maybe it is an industry boss lurking around you, or a boss looking for an opportunity to get close to you in the future!”

“This person spent money so ruthlessly, it is clear they are greedy for your body!”


Ji Li was stunned by these blunt words. Even the always calm Qin Yue subtly stopped moving his chopsticks.

“What nonsense are you saying? You should pay attention to your words when speaking outside.” Ji Li stopped him in a muffled voice.

He glanced at the man opposite him, and his cheeks faintly became hot.

Baozi realized his words were too direct and smiled in embarrassment at Qin Yue. This was considered to have ended the topic.

He continued to look at Weibo on his mobile phone. Suddenly, he found a brand new, derogatory hot search topic and his gaze instantly froze.

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