IPCFS: Chapter 56 Part 2

Yu Fuya was silent.

Artists and agents should strive to climb up and try to consolidate their position in the circle. She strove for better resources for Ji Li, but she wouldn’t put the cart before the horse and lose her original intention.

“We have been very proactive this week. We even asked for your consent the night before the casting auditions. As a result, your team put on airs and didn’t even exchange a few words before hanging up.”

There is no male lead, and we won’t make the appointment. I hope you can think it over and talk to us again.

The person in charge of the production team gave them a blank look and felt angry when he remembered this.

Qin Yue debuted as the male lead and won an award, yet in his second movie, he willingly played a supporting role to a veteran actor.

On the other hand, Bian Jin just got the nomination and never signed the contract due to the issue of position. Now he was still running over to question them?

It was enough to put on a pose in front of actors of the same age, but how dare he play under Qin Yue’s nose?

Bian Jin saw the rolled eyes of the person in charge and showed an angry expression. However, he had to suppress his emotions due to Qin Yue’s presence.

An Qi forced a smile and tried to speak. “President Qin, the popularity of our Bian Jin has climbed significantly since last year. This can guarantee the box office for his first movie after that.”

Qin Yue sneered. “The movie that I, Qin Yue, fancies, do I need you to guarantee the box office? Figure it out. It is my movies that make people popular. You are not the one who makes my movies popular.”


Bian Jin and An Qi were stunned into being speechless.

Ji Li heard the man’s tough tone and couldn’t help laughing. Brother Yue spoke in a really domineering manner. Sure enough, men with capital were the most attractive.

The stagnant atmosphere in the meeting room was broken by this laughter, and Bian Yu’s attention was distracted. He caught a glimpse of the actor’s contract on the table in front of the young man and guessed it almost immediately.

“Teacher Qin Yue, have you already signed the contract?”

Bian Jin’s face turned blue and white. He apparently took Ji Li’s laugh as a mockery of himself. Sourness and unwillingness emerged in his heart.

Who did he look for?

Was it Ji Li, who just gained a little popularity in the two months? Was this person worthy of taking away the role he wanted? Was this person worthy of sitting there and laughing at him?

Qin Yue noticed the look in this person’s eyes, and his tone completely cooled. “Your role is up to you. I advise you and your team not to have any crooked thoughts. Otherwise, I won’t worry about saving face for you any longer.”

An Qi heard the piercing chill of the man’s words, and his heart skipped a beat.

Looking at the entire entertainment industry, how many people dared to go against Qin Yue?

He wasn’t only an actor, but also a movie and television capitalist. If they really offended him, then it wouldn’t be good for Bian Jin’s future!

An Qi quickly apologized and hurried away with her own artist, who was already stiff.

The other person was right. This was their own doing and had nothing to do with anyone else. If they had signed the contract immediately, how could Ji Li pick up their mistake?

To this day, it was useless to regret it.


It was only after Bian Jin left that Ji Li stood up. “Brother Yue, the contract is almost done, so we should go.”

In fact, there was no need to rush.

This sentence popped into Qin Yue’s mind, but his regret didn’t show on his face. “Wait for me.”

He walked to his office, grabbed a stack of scripts, and handed it to the young man.

“Teacher Fang temporarily added some scenes. I’m afraid that the new script won’t be available until you go to Yuncheng, and the crew will get it after the basic training. I know you have always taken the role seriously, so take the previous version from me and use it first.”

Ji Li heard this and was overjoyed. “Thank you, Brother Yue.”

He liked to delve into characters with a paper script, and the new role was no exception.

He couldn’t get the full script in time today, so Ji Li was ready to privately urge the screenwriter to send him a copy to take a look.

The man’s script was delivered just right, and saved him a lot of trouble.

Qin Yue smiled slightly. “Ji Li, I’m looking forward to your performance.”

“Brother Yue, your choice won’t be wrong.” Ji Li’s eyes were bright and confident. He wouldn’t be perfunctory toward any role.

“Yes, I believe you.”


10 minutes later, Yu Fuya and Ji Li sat back in the car.

“Ji Li, you and Qin…” Yu Fuya automatically swallowed down the rest of her words.

Ji Li was still holding the cup of unfinished milk tea while his excited eyes were on the script.

Was it like this? Would he secretly fall in love without telling her?

Obviously not.

Her baby was too good. Mother isn’t at ease.

Mother has always been reassured when her baby concentrates on his career.

Ji Li broke free from the story of the script and asked, “Sister Yu, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Take your time reading the script when we get back to the company later. It isn’t good for your eyes to read while driving.” Yu Fuya changed her words.

“In addition, I will ask the team to pay attention to online public opinion in the near future.”

Ji Li met her gaze and understood her concern. “You are afraid that Bian Jin will deliberately blacken me on the Internet after losing his role?”

Yu Fuya started the car. “It isn’t impossible. It is always right for us to take precautions.”

Ji Li nodded silently.

He remembered Qin Yue’s warning in the office and always felt that this person wouldn’t be so stupid. Still, it was good for them to be wary of it.


Bian Jin was indeed not so stupid that he would dare to openly buy an article and go against Qin Yue.

However, Bian Jin’s fan circle still learned a piece of news.

The producer bullied Bian Jin, who had only debuted for two years, and deliberately suppressed the role he should have. So their brother retired from the originally scheduled movie role.

The news spread very vaguely, but it was enough for fans to know the latest situation of Bian Jin. The official fan group felt distressed for Bian Jin.

“Sh*t producer, what is the matter? Why are you bullying our brother like this?”

“How many young actors have been nominated for Best Actor at two awards ceremonies? This garbage crew isn’t a human being. I wish for its box office to fall to the streets.”

“Sisters, you can talk about it behind closed doors in our own fan base, but don’t spread it outside lest someone take the opportunity to blacken our brother.” There were staff wearing cover identities to guide the rhythm.

“I heard that the producer of this movie is Qin Yue? Why doesn’t this old man die? Isn’t it just a few Best Actor awards? What is so remarkable? Give Brother Jin a few more years, and he will definitely surpass Qin Yue!”

“Hehe, I wish for him to be hit by a car when he goes out.”

“Attention upstairs, don’t say these types of words in the group. I will withdraw the messages first.”

The group owner on the surface immediately jumped out and said. In fact, they were part of Bian Jin’s work team.

It was enough to guide the fans, but it wouldn’t be good for them for the fans to scold and curse Qin Yue.

Another ordinary fan said, “I will buy two more of Brother Jin’s endorsement products. I will definitely let the producers see the commercial value of Brother Jin and understand that it is their loss!”

The moment these words came out, it aroused the agreement of many fans.

Within a week, the sales amount of Bian Jin’s magazine was more than double compared to the previous magazine sales.

Bian Jin leaned against a sofa and rubbed the newly acquired script while looking at the data report on his phone with satisfaction.

It had to be said that the proper fan abuse was beneficial.

There was a marketing account that spread gossip of his resignation from the role, but this was quickly controlled by his team with money, and it didn’t cause any turmoil at all. On the contrary, many passersby believed it to be trust and felt it was undeserving on his behalf.

The entertainment industry was so big, and there were so many people in the circle. How could Qin Yue stare at this little flaw and not let him go?

First male lead? Wanting to be on equal footing with Yuan Yifei?


It wasn’t uncommon!

If he wanted to, then he would be the only male lead!

Even without the script of Special Operations, there were other excellent male lead scripts looking for him.

The new movie script had been found. Based on the lesson learned, they decided things very quickly this time and planned to officially sign the contract tomorrow.

All in all, he earned a profit in this wave.

Just then, a staff member of his team walked in quickly with a tablet. “Brother Jin, Special Operations has just announced the cast. Yuan Yifei, Ji Yunqi and Ji Li are all the male leads!”

Bian Jin heard this and felt shocked.

He immediately checked the content of the webpage and found that the poster was very simple and beautiful.

It was an all-black background with close ups on half of the three characters’ faces. The words ‘Special Operations’ were written in big letters uniformly on the right, while the character names corresponding to the three people were below.

The movie’s official Weibo clearly stated that the leading actors were: Yuan Yifei, Ji Yunqi and Ji Li.

“How can it be equal?” Bian Jin couldn’t believe it, and a bit of anxiety rose in his heart.

Before he could realize where this worry came from, the staff member handed him another breaking news post.

“Look at this.”

“A staff member of the producer team anonymously broke the news, saying that you valued your position and had no intention of studying the role. You deliberately caused things to become stuck at the filming contract and didn’t sign in. There are also chat records with our team.”

There were many voice messages that clearly mentioned Bian Jin’s name. The arrogance of the latter’s team could clearly be heard from the tone.

Bian Jin’s face was ashen and he quickly reacted.

How could an ordinary staff member get the chat history of the team? This was clearly Qin Yue behind it!

There were already nearly a thousand comments.

-Another cancerous person? Fans, don’t come to whitewash him. The time and date are clear. Is it possible that the producer is trying to take advantage of your popularity? This is Qin Yue and Yuexing Culture under him. Can they do it?

-No, wasn’t it rumored that the crew deliberately suppressed Bian Jin’s movie position, and the latter resigned because he couldn’t stand it?

-Friends upstairs, do you believe the nonsense of Bian Jin’s team? How did the crew deliberately suppress it? Why does today’s movie announcement have three people as the male lead and one is called Ji Yunqi? He is a newcomer who hasn’t even debuted!

-That’s right, the crew treats newcomers and actors equally. Will they deliberately suppress someone? To put it the other way around, it is obviously Bian Jin who is toxic!

-Isn’t this a slap in the face? He obviously lost his role, but he used this accident to abuse his fans. His fans are the really pitiful ones. They were played by their own idol.


The marketing account that released the news was taking the black and red route, and the netizens gathered below were also the most vicious ones.

At this moment, every comment seemed to directly pierce Bian Jin’s heart.

“What about the team members? Are they all rubbish? Hurry up and contact this person to delete the Weibo post! Let the water army control the evaluation!” Bian Jin yelled in an out of control manner.

The moment he finished speaking, An Qi hurriedly walked in with other staff members. “Don’t worry, we have contacted the company’s PR team to deal with this issue, but it hasn’t been working for a while.”

The other side also had a water army to lead the rhythm. Combine this with the ironclad evidence of the official announcement, and they were at a disadvantage.

“As of now, we can only push it to Ji Li and say he went through the back door to grab the role.”

Just as she was talking, a staff member exclaimed, “Oh my god! How did screenshots of the messages from our fan base leak?”

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