IPCFS: Chapter 56 Part 1

At 10 o’clock the next day, Ji Li and Yu Fuya came to the headquarters of Yuexing Culture.

The headquarters of Yuexing Culture were located in the International Trade Building, starting from the 15th floor to the 22nd floor. The entire eight floors were their work areas.

Yuexing Culture had only been established for less than five years, but under the leadership of Qin Yue and Qi An, it had become the fastest growing movie and television economic integration company in the industry. The momentum was close to other established industry giants such as Jincheng and Chaoying.

It was the first time Ji Li visited Yuexing. He saw the large-scale working environment, and his eyes showed a rare admiration. “Qin Yue is really powerful.”

10 years after his debut, Qin Yue wasn’t only a legendary actor but also an unshakable mountain in the movie and television industry. The description in the book really wasn’t exaggerated.

Yu Fuya had talked to Qin Yue’s assistant on the phone early on. The moment the two of them entered the elevator, a guide helped press the button for the 22nd floor.

“Do you regret coming to Chaoying?” Yu Fuya teased. “If you had signed with Yuexing, you would probably have your pick of resources now.”

Chaoying was an old company, but Yu Fuya had to admit that their development speed in the past two years was far inferior to Yuexing.

“What is there to regret? I have Sister Yu as an agent, and President Tao and Chaoying treat me with care. I don’t know how many people are secretly jealous of me.”

Yu Fuya heard this and couldn’t help the corners of her mouth rising.

The elevator reached the designated floor.

Qin Yue’s business assistant Qiao An was already waiting at the elevator door. “Mr Ji, Ms Yu, President Qin, and the person in charge of the movie and television legal department are already waiting for you in the meeting room.”

Ji Li maintained a proper smile. “Please lead the way.”

“Of course.”

The three of them walked quickly to the meeting room. The moment Ji Li entered through the door, he met Qin Yue’s gaze.

Their gazes met in mid-air and reflected the joy in each other’s eyes.

“Good morning, Brother Yue.”

“Good morning.” Qin Yue invited them to take a seat, his tone relaxed. “The contract has been drawn up by the legal department. You can take a look and then sign it.”

As he spoke, the person in charge of the contract handed over the printed document.

Yu Fuya directly read the details of the contract. She scanned a line of text on the first page, and her eyes widened with surprise. “We are the male lead?”

Ji Li was stunned when he heard the words. “Brother Yue, isn’t Chen Xi a supporting male role?”

The movie had the banner of two male protagonists, but in fact, the portrayal of scenes was still divided into primary and secondary roles. There were the male protagonists Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei, and Ji Li originally thought he would be the third male lead at most.

How did he suddenly become the first?

“This is being called a double male protagonists movie, so how can you be a supporting role? The three of you are equal, but the names are in order. I have already negotiated with Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi, and I’m just waiting for your agreement.”

The order of the names was: Yuan Yifei, Ji Yunqi and Ji Li.

Qin Yue made this easy decision due to the modest mentality of the three actors who didn’t compete for the position.

Yuan Yifei was already top grade, and his debut time was long. His position was naturally larger than the latter two. This time, he played the villain male lead. If he was suppressed by the decent male lead, Ji Yunqi, there would probably be a bloody storm among the fans after the official announcement was made.

This wasn’t good for Yuan Yifei’s development and even Ji Yunqi, who just debuted, might be chased and torn apart by the former’s fans.

Therefore, Yuan Yifei was ranked first.

As for Ji Yunqi, the male protagonist, wasn’t there the saying that the C position was popular in the fan circle recently? The male protagonist of the movie was in the middle, and this wouldn’t cause many extreme discussions.

Yin Ning was Ji Yunqi’s agent, and she naturally had to take into account his future development. It was easy to be criticized by the world if he took the lead before even making his official debut.

Now this position wouldn’t steal Yuan Yifei’s momentum, but would still retain Ji Yunqi’s identity as the male protagonist. This was within her wishes, so she agreed very freely.

“Teacher Fang watched your audition yesterday and said that he wanted to add a few more scenes specifically for you,” Qin Yue added. “I hope you can agree to this order.”

This was the result of Qin Yue’s careful consideration, and it was actually good for everyone.

“Of course, I agree. This is a good thing that you took the initiative to send as producer.” Yu Fuya raised an eyebrow.

They were originally ready to sign for the third male lead. Now the first male lead dropped, and it was a complete surprise.

“Once the movie is released, you will have the opportunity to participate in the selection of Best Actor in the major movie awards ceremonies in the future,” Assistant Qiao An said quickly.

Qin Yue nodded imperceptibly.

This was also one of the reasons he thought about for the young man.

Ji Li looked at Qin Yue across from him and thanked him sincerely. “Thank you, Brother Yue.”

“Take a closer look at the other details of the contract. If you think there are any problems, then we’ll discuss them in detail. Qiao An, go and pour two cups of coffee.”

Qiao An took the order. “Yes, President Qin.”

Ji Li thought about the bitter taste of coffee and was about to refuse when he heard Qin Yue’s voice.

“Wait a minute.”

The man changed his words and gave instructions again. “I remember that there is a milk tea store downstairs from our company? Go and buy a cup of hot milk tea for Ji Li. He likes to drink sweet things.”


The moment these words came out, everyone present was stunned for a moment.

Qiao An’s eyes widened slightly. She felt like the sun had risen from the west. How could President Qin remember Ji Li’s preferences so clearly?

Still, as the assistant, she knew what to ask and what not to ask. “Yes, I’ll do it right away.”

Ji Li saw that his mind was guessed, and there was a faint hint of joy in his eyes. “Thank you, Brother Yue.”

During this period of time, he had been exercising his body and deliberately controlled his sweets intake under the supervision of his fitness trainer. However, he was good to take a sip. After all, who could refuse the temptation of milk tea?


Yu Fuya’s gaze wandered subtly between the two of them, but she didn’t say anything. She just continued to look at the content of the contract.

It took them half an hour to complete the signing of the actor’s filming contract.

Qin Yue was about to speak when he heard anxious noises outside. “The two of you, you can’t enter at will without an appointment. Eh, wait…”

The door of the meeting room was pushed open, and Bian Jin and his agent An Qi broke in.

Bian Jin saw the situation in the meeting room, and astonishment flashed in his eyes for a moment. Under Qin Yue’s unhappy gaze, the impulse and dissatisfaction in his heart became an embarrassment that he couldn’t advance or retreat from.

The agent An Qi quickly reacted and said calmly, “President Qin, please forgive our sudden visit. It is just that the matter of our previous contract hasn’t been negotiated, and the general manager of your company suddenly couldn’t be contacted.”

“We have considered it. The second or third male lead is fine. The movie itself is the most important thing. The reason we came to visit today is to apologize to the producer and then officially sign the contract according to the preliminary agreement.”

This completely brushed aside the previous matter of ‘getting stuck and not signing the contract.’

Ji Li and Yu Fuya looked at each other and chose to be silent.

They signed the contract and took away Bian Jin’s role, but there wasn’t an unfair competition. They won it through the normal audition process.

It was just that such a sudden encounter was a bit embarrassing.

Qin Yue got up and placed the milk tea on the table into the young man’s hand. “You drink this first, and don’t worry about trivial matters.”


Ji Li raised his eyes to meet this person’s gaze and instinctively took a sip of the milk tea.

Qin Yue had to smile at this inexplicably well-behaved appearance. Then he turned to face Bian Jin, his expression full of coldness. “First of all, trespassing on other people’s office areas is very impolite.”

“Secondly, I believe that the person in charge of the production team has already clearly expressed the matter to you? We have irreconcilable differences in the movie cooperation, and you had an attitude of perfunctory procrastination. Therefore, we decided to terminate the cooperation.”

Of course, they hadn’t signed a formal contract in the first place, so there was no breach of contract by either party.

“Thirdly, through the unanimous approval of the director, screenwriter, and others, we have found another actor whose image is more in line with the character of Chen Xi.”

Qin Yue spoke this long paragraph in a clear manner. Finally, he stared 

directly at Bian Jin and coldly gave an eviction order. “So please leave.”

Bian Jin’s face turned red, and there was a trace of unwillingness in his eyes. “Teacher Qin Yue, you, along with Director Yao, and the others, all recognized my acting skills. We have drawn up a preliminary contract and even…”

He paused and lowered his tone a bit, “Even the online marketing accounts have announced the casting results. Isn’t it bad to suddenly change like this? My side can back down when it comes to the position.”

This was the script that Qin Yue personally picked out and supervised. 8 to 9 times out of 10, it would be a popular hit.

Bian Jin also wanted this role to help his acting career take a step forward. Therefore, once he confidently gained the audition qualification, he started to secretly ‘start’ publicity early.

Then, after the audition was successful, in order to fight for a higher positioning, he deliberately had the company’s marketing accounts hype it up and used the water army to control the comments area.

“The producer’s casting is absolutely perfect.”

“I’m looking forward to Bian Jin.”

“Bian Jin’s movie and television resources are open!”

“Bian Jin and Yuan Yifei are cooperating, and they are also bringing a newcomer together. This combination is good.”

Statements such as this showed his importance as the ‘main actor.’

Bian Jin already regarded the role of Chen Xi as a sure thing. He hadn’t expected that Qin Yue would actually change the actor without even discussing it with his side?


Wasn’t there even a little bit of spirit to keep the contract?

Where would his reputation go if this matter spread out?

“You know better than me the one who gave this information to the marketing accounts. You also know better than me why the contract was dragged out and not signed.” Qin Yue sharply pierced his thoughts.

“Bian Jin, you want the nomination for Best Actor at two movie awards at your current age and this is indeed amazing. However, they are just nominations. There are many actors who are nominated every year. The self-esteem of you and your team rose too high.”

The man’s words were very cold and hard. They contained a strong aura that wasn’t angry or arrogant.

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BJ, go away and make your mimimi elsewhere.

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You didn’t sign the contract, so the role wasn’t yours yet

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Reply to  KisakiTsubasa

Also, all of these names are confusing me. Like Qin Yue, Qi An, An Qi and Qiao An? WTF author!

10 months ago

Didn’t discuss before changing the actor with him?? Bro you spent this whole time purposely not signing the contract, so what do they need to discuss with you? Also I find it hilarious that he was pushing so hard to get put as a “lead position” only for JL to get it with no effort.

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Outside: noises noises
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