IPCFS: Chapter 55 Part 2

Yuan Yifei immediately felt this, and his heart was filled with a long-lost desire to win.

Ferocity emerged on his face. He quickly grabbed the young man’s trembling wrist and reflexively suppressed the other person to the ground. “I can see that you really don’t want to live!”

Yuan Yifei raised his fist. The moment it was about to fall, Qin Yue’s voice unexpectedly stopped him. “Stop, this is okay.”


Yuan Yifei was stunned for a moment. Then he let go of the young man and slumped to the ground. He clutched his twitching temples and sighed.

He had debuted for seven or eight years and could be called an experienced powerhouse. As a result, a simple audition today actually forced him into the criminal’s feelings to this extent?

If it wasn’t for Qin Yue calling for him to stop, then he might’ve really beaten up the other person with how immersed he was in the scene.

Ji Li was still lying on the ground. He covered his face and gasped softly.

He had consumed a lot of energy for this five minute audition.

As the ‘male lead’, Ji Yunqi was completely stunned. His eyes were as wide as copper bells and completely fixed on the bodies of Ji Li and Yuan Yifei.

Help! What type of acting monsters were these two?

Once the official filming started, he wouldn’t be crushed, right? Should he resign now to save himself some face?

No, real men should never compromise or admit defeat!

Ji Yunqi drew a small theater in his mind of him asking questions and answering the questions himself. Meanwhile, Qin Yue had already stood up.

He moved to Ji Li’s side, crouched down, and asked warmly, “Are you okay? Did you bump into anything?”

“I’m fine,” Ji Li replied hoarsely.

He didn’t refuse the man’s kindness and accepted his help to get back up.

On the side, Yuan Yifei saw the interaction between the two of them. He pouted and brushed off his body.

Ji Li recovered from his emotions and immediately asked, “I didn’t hurt you just now, did I?”

“It is fine, you acted very well.” Yuan Yifei sincerely praised him.

He looked at Qin Yue, who had absolute casting rights, and asked in a straightforward manner, “Now you don’t have to do any more casting auditions, right?”

Qin Yue silently confirmed that Ji Li was unharmed. Then he shifted his gaze to Yao Chuan and Fang Zhixing and threw the topic to them. “What do the director and screenwriter think?”

Yao Chuan held up Ji Li’s actor profile and agreed. “What nonsense! Chen Xi is right in front of us, yet you are still asking us what we think?”

Fang Zhixing smiled and nodded.

As the original screenwriter, he was very satisfied with the casting of the script.

Ji Li felt a bit of joy in his heart and turned his expectant gaze to Qin Yue. “…Brother Yue?”

This man was the biggest investor in the movie and the producer. His voice was the greatest.

“You are finally willing to call me that again?” Qin Yue’s lips curved up. He involuntarily rubbed Ji Li’s head, and his heart gradually softened.

No matter whether it was out of consideration for the role or his own selfishness, he couldn’t refuse it.

“Tomorrow at 10 o’clock, ask Sister Yu to bring you to Yuexing to sign the contract. Before the official filming, the actors have to undergo a month-long group training. For the sake of the filming, your other schedules might need to be put aside.”

Ji Li received an affirmative answer and showed a bright smile. “No problem.”

Ji Yunqi took the initiative to pick up Ji Li’s coat and come over. “Ji Li, put on your coat first. Don’t catch a cold.”

“Thank you.”

“Teacher Qin Yue, I think that Brother Yuan and Ji Li’s acting skills are better than mine. In terms of the movie position, I am actually a rookie actor, and I can completely be ranked behind them.” Ji Yunqi took the initiative to suggest.

He didn’t care about the role position at all. For an actor, good acting was the right thing to do. He just needed to make the role outstanding, and the audience would see it with their eyes and remember it in their hearts.

In any case, the movie being successful would be considered the actual result. He didn’t know what Bian Jin was calculating.

Ji Li heard this and cocked his head in confusion. “I don’t care about the position. The place where Chen Xi’s role should be is the position I will take.”

The so-called position should exist for the role, not the selfishness of the actor.

Yuan Yifei had already whistled and shrugged indifferently.

He was playing an absolute villain for the first time and saw Special Operations as his transformation opportunity. He wanted to play this role more than he called about his position.

Yao Chuan laughed heartily. “That’s right. Let Bian Jin take his ‘position’ cancer to other crews. I didn’t plan to use him, even if it wasn’t Qin Yue’s opinion.”

Qin Yue smiled and replied indifferently, “The three of you are responsible for acting well. The producer team will communicate the rest with your agency.”


“Okay, Teacher Qin Yue.”


Yu Fuya and Baozi were waiting in the outside hall and worrying over Ji Li in the audition.

Baozi stared at the closed door, and his round face was about to wrinkle up. “Sister Yu, why is it taking Brother Ji so long to come out? There shouldn’t be an accident, right?”

“What are you talking about? Qin Yue and Director Yao are old acquaintances. What can happen?” Yu Fuya patted his head, but she didn’t look relaxed.

“I’m just worried. It has only been a short time since he got the character biography. If he doesn’t understand the role thoroughly, then he might suffer a loss in the audition.”

She heard that Bian Jin’s performance during the audition was good, but he was stuck on the issue of position.

If Ji Li couldn’t break into the hearts of Yao Chuan and the others with a ‘full score’ audition, then this role would probably still be up for grabs.

This time it was Baozi’s turn to comfort her. “Sister Yu, I’m not worried about Brother Ji’s acting skills. If he didn’t understand the role, then how could he have asked for a change of appearance yesterday afternoon?”

Yu Fuya sighed sadly when she thought of this.

Yes, Ji Li’s hairstyle had been changed. Wouldn’t he lose a lot if he wasn’t selected this time?

If this was another crew, Yu Fuya would definitely use his eloquence and connections to directly let Ji Li enter without an audition.

However, Qin Yue invested in and produced the movie Special Operations. She really couldn’t rely on her personal connections to directly enter through the back door.

She was just thinking this when the door of the inner room opened.

Ji Li walked out calmly. Baozi quickly got up and ran over. “Brother Ji! Is the audition over? Was the director satisfied with your performance?”

Yu Fuya followed and asked calmly, “What is the result?”

Ji Li returned his actor’s profile to Baozi and exhaled heavily. “We can go to Yuexing tomorrow to discuss the actor’s filming contract.”

“—Yes! I knew that Brother Ji would be okay.” Baozi jumped high in the air with joy and almost fell directly on Ji Li.

Yu Fuya was afraid that Ji Li wouldn’t be able to control his balance and would fall, so she quickly pulled Baozi away.

She didn’t hold back and rubbed the head of her baby artist twice. “You really never make me worry.”

The moment she finished speaking, Qin Yue and the others came out of the room after they finished packing up.

The group gathered together and greeted each other. Ji Li had to go shoot his daily publicity photos, so he quickly left with Yu Fuya.

The old friends Yao Chuan and Fang Zhixing had an appointment for a drinking party and left together.

Five minutes later, Yuan Yifei watched Ji Yunqi leaving with his agent and couldn’t help smiling. “I’m really looking forward to the next filming session. I’ll have to study my script when I go back.”

Ji Yunqi was a gifted actor. He just entered the entertainment industry and had a great enthusiasm for everything that easily infected those around him.

Ji Li was chosen for the other character, and Yuan Yifei finally found his long-lost enthusiasm for filming. Once filming officially started, he would never let Ji Li have a chance to overwhelm him.

“Your state just now was forced out by him.” Qin Yue glanced at him and spoke honestly. “Soon, you will know that your decision to accept this movie wasn’t wrong.”

“I never felt that it was wrong. I just needed to convince my team,” Yuan Yifei answered jokingly.

The villainous drug lord was a setting that didn’t conform to Yuan Yifei’s roles in the past. So when he first proposed to take this role, it was unanimously opposed by his agency team.

The process was full of ups and downs, but he finally persuaded them successfully.

“I want to ask you something.” Something came to Yuan Yifei’s mind, and he pushed up his glasses unkindly.

“During the audition just now, you deliberately called cut at that time right? I didn’t see you shouting to stop when Ji Li hit me back. As a result, you were afraid that I would hurt the other person with a punch?”

The audition was actually very short, but no one called for them to stop and tacitly let them continue. Then it was called later and happened to be stopped at that point in time.

Qin Yue slightly raised an eyebrow. “It is good that you know.”


Yuan Yifei almost laughed angrily, and a subtle feeling rose in his heart. “Are you serious about him?”

He had known Qin Yue for so many years and almost regarded the other person as a monk. Unexpectedly, he could see Qin Yue thinking about another person.

Qin Yue didn’t refute it, but mentioned something else. “Don’t mention it, he was about to fall into our fake CP.”

Yuan Yifei couldn’t help shaking his head and shifting the blame. “Don’t blame me for this matter. I am a fierce 1. Who wants to be tied up with you in a CP?”

Qin Yue heard Yuan Yifei’s positioning of himself, and something subtly appeared in his eyes.

Just then, there was a call. It was Yuan Yifei’s agent who came to pick him up.

Yuan Yifei patted his friend on the shoulder and assured him with a confident face, “Don’t worry, I will say good things about you in front of Ji Li once we enter the crew.”

“Save it. You can just act well,” Qin Yue told him. He didn’t want Ji Li to have pressure outside of filming.

Yuan Yifei chuckled and didn’t say anything else.

The elevator headed to the underground parking lot, and the two of them returned to their cars.


At 4 o’clock in the morning, the lounge of Tomorrow Company.

Bian Jin leaned back against the sofa and held a cup of coffee in his hand. Outside the glass door, his agent was on the phone to negotiate with the producer.

They deliberately delayed with the producer for so long because of the matter of position. Now the time was almost up, and it could be settled.

If he was set as the second male lead, then his reputation and status could be raised again in the crew in the future.

Bian Jin was just thinking this when the agent walked in with a serious face.

Bian Jin noticed that something was wrong and his eyes froze. “What’s wrong?”

“Yuexing said that since we haven’t signed a formal contract, the temporary initial filming agreement will be nullified.” The agent An Qi’s tone was anxious.

“What does this mean?”

Under his questioning, An Qi told the key truth, “They said that they have found a more suitable actor.”

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